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Picture Perfect - Part 1

This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s SPN Movie Night Challenge! I picked the romantic comedy, Picture Perfect

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Count: 2,089

Summary: The reader tries to convince Dean to be her fake fiance, so she can impress her boss and get a promotion. 

“Ok, everybody! Anyone have any questions? Comments? Concerns?” Your boss yells loudly at the end of your office meeting. “If you do, keep them to yourselves! It’s Friday so I don’t care!”

Your boss Tim jumps up and loosens his tie as he starts singing Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake around the conference room.

Your boss has always been a bit on the eccentric side. Almost like a version of Michael Scott, except dealing with it in real life is not that entertaining.

“Tim. Do you have a minute?” You ask trying to get his attention.

“I want to talk about my promotion.”

“What promotion, Y/N?” Tim says looking confused.


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wow ok thanks for looking into my soul

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and we have this week’s episode of “kay cries about werewolves”!!! (ignore the title ok, it’s in beta.) i’m kinda bummed i had to put it out so late but there were technical difficulties. also, mental ones. basically every kind of difficulty. but when you’re going through hell, keep going!! and this week was a special kind of hell, i assure you.

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i’m kind of at this in between point where i cut out all the toxic people from my life but now i’m not really important to anyone and i guess it’s ok but it also kinda just bums me out

wanna play spot the difference?
  • maya: i dont know what i would have done if you got hurt
  • lucas: *got thrown off massive ass bull, cloud of dust rises*
  • maya:
  • --
  • riley: *does some shitty cartwheels and her bum is kinda sore*
  • maya: oh honey you did great it's ok lemme support you lemme walk you home with my arm supporting your body i love you

itsqueermrmarvin  asked:

I'm envisioning an episode where Pearl and Amethyst are hanging out and Amethyst is trying to cheer Pearl up or something and they start dancing together and they accidentally form Opal, and they stay fused for at least a few days because they're really liking being together, and Opal occasionally pauses to let them come to agreements on things, and Garnet and Steven are both really amazed how well they're doing together now, and the whole episode is basically just Opal doing stuff, until

something eventually causes Opal to unfuse, and Amethyst is kinda bummed about it, but Pearl tells her it’s ok and they can still keep working on it because she really likes being fused with her too.

dude… oh my god though… i mean… that episode probably wont happen any time soon, but… if things keep going the way they are, yeah that could be a thing… i would cry so fucking hard

i mean, as it stands now i can see opal already being the type of fusion that would love to stick around, but the problem is that amethyst and pearl fall apart way too easily. so.