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When you walk around,
trying to not make a sound.
Watching all these faces passing by,
you wanna stop and talk, but you’re to shy.
Simple smiles and haunting eyes,
people are watching you in disguise.
The stuff nightmares are about,
voices screaming these things out loud.
Tonight the sky is falling down,
let’s run away, out of this town.
On our way to paradise,
watching all these faces passing by,
you wanna stop and talk, but you’re too shy.
And when you wake up again you ask yourself, why? 


On the possibility of Rumplestiltskin being Regina’s father — (x)

 “When [Bobby and I] work together, there’s a little element of wonder: ‘Is he my father?’, 'Is she my daughter?’. We both kind of play with it — it’s not ever present in every single scene — but there’s a hint of it underneath, for both of us.”

@anditsxsorrows || Rebekah && Klaus.

It was rather foolish, and there was a bloody reason she didn’t discuss it with her siblings for they would have voted against it. It didn’t work before, trying to reason with Marcel. But she believed his intentions were never to hurt her, so she had to try. And for one was to distract Marcel, she might be the only one able to do such a thing and getting away without a scratch. She wasn’t entirely sure which of her words reached him. But here she was, at the old Mikaelson mansion, where he supposedly held Nik. Trust was a big word, and surely after what Marcel has done to her family she couldn’t say she did. But if there was even a slight chance Nik was here, she had to see him. No words were exchanged as she followed him down the stairs, perhaps he thought he owed her this much. Any thoughts of Marcel’s reason to give in to her commands were ripped off her mind at the sight of her brother, chained, and with a look in his eyes she could tell he was utterly shattered. A darkness could be found within that she hadn’t seen in a while. ‘’Nik–’’ she breaths, but it rather felt like she was suffocating at the sight of her brother like this. As Marcel opened the gate, she pushed past him to get to Nik, the sight of the circle however stopped her just in time. She had no intentions in being stuck with him. That wouldn’t help anyone.  

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