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A Brit living in Germany reacts to Charlottesville and explains very well how the situation in Charlottesville/the USA could possibly compared to the Weimar Republic in the late 20s.


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Absolute garbage doodle but whatever… sweet @gerame / @aph-blimpy asked me to post it so I am going to do that! I had a pretty shitty week but this AU of them having a little kid is still the cutest shit ever. And handsome-but-awkward-dad Ludwig gives me life! He just can’t take compliments without blushing and Al is having a good time!

Kingdom- Chapter Seven

Gajeel has had the dream about dying for the blue haired girl for as long as he can remember. Which is weird, since he’s never met anyone with blue hair in his life.

Levy has always loved myths and legends. So much so, in fact, that she was currently getting her master’s in mythological studies.

What neither of them realized was that they were living a legend all their own.

AKA the one with a knight, a princess, and a curse that keeps bringing them together just to pull them apart.

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Aghhh. I’m so sorryyyyy. It always sucks when an episode airs and you can’t watch it yet. You saying that is giving me flashbacks to 12.21. It was terrible because that was the episode where Eileen died, and just. adslkfjalsdkjf 

So yeah. 

Also, I missed the last ten/fifteen minutes because I had to go downstairs because parents, and I’m just like… WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END????

yes. i’m gonna keep mentioning that i missed the last part. because i’m really bitter. i’m so sorry. lmao

I’ve never played, seen a single game play or even watched any of the Overwatch animated shorts but I just love Reaper so much

We’re Starting At The End [ch.2]

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, The Walking Dead, or anything else you may recognize.

A/N: Hey, guys! Here’s chapter 2! It gets a bit sad, so keep that in mind. Also, remember that I’m thinking of 15 or 20 chapters for this story. Don’t forget to come by my ask and tell me what you think! And thank you to seawedebrain for being a hella rad beta.


It’s not long before reality finally does crash down around them.

The moment they pull up outside of the abandoned mall, Percy gets a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. He hesitates before opening the car door and following Annabeth to the building.

Just before she opens a door, he grabs her by the shoulders and says, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this, Annabeth. Let’s just keep going.”

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On the possibility of Rumplestiltskin being Regina’s father — (x)

 “When [Bobby and I] work together, there’s a little element of wonder: ‘Is he my father?’, 'Is she my daughter?’. We both kind of play with it — it’s not ever present in every single scene — but there’s a hint of it underneath, for both of us.”