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On the possibility of Rumplestiltskin being Regina’s father — (x)

 “When [Bobby and I] work together, there’s a little element of wonder: ‘Is he my father?’, 'Is she my daughter?’. We both kind of play with it — it’s not ever present in every single scene — but there’s a hint of it underneath, for both of us.”

I haven’t seen a lot of posts yet that have depicted what this shit looks like right now, but when I say “Ferguson is on fire”, I don’t mean it’s trending, I mean there are literally several buildings that are burning to the ground and more of them starting as we speak. 

softsucculents  asked:

Hi, I recently posted a piece of your work without source or permission. I am extremely sorry, and will delete it immediately. I originally saw an unsourced reposting of a Russian version of your reverse pet-stuck karkat and jade. Out of boredom I translated it and posted it to Tumblr. I did not realize my fault at the time, but have since been alerted to it. Sorry. Quantum

Wow, thank you so much :))) I wasn’t even aware of this but I’m glad that you let me know. We need more people like you on tumblr.

Thank you to really awesome people in this fandom who keep on top of print articles, e-articles, entertainment talk, and everything else. The fact checkers, the positive vibes squad, and everybody who contributes to making sure we’re on our game during this super hectic and exciting time. 

genuinelybelieve diggingandfluff theirstoryofevents bulletproofhalo sundy and SO MANY OTHERS I would tag if I wasn’t mobile, as I usually am lately. I’ve been so busy but I’ve been meaning to make a post like this for a few days. 

If you’d like to reblog it and tag somebody awesome in it that you see contributing to fandom in a positive way, PLEASE DO SO.

These lovely humans have had their work cut out for them lately, and they do this solely to provide us with good information. You’re all wonderful.


I’m actually super proud of how this turned out so I’m gonna post it on my main blog

I think this would have been a pretty cool ending for Portal 2 too