kinda adore both of them in this ep

I don’t necessarily understand The Flash’s PTB’s thinking. The story is about Barry Allen. Check. Everyone’s on board with that.

At the two-show panel today, there was one woman. Problematic, for a few reasons. All of which will undoubtedly be covered many times. And GB is called on it and makes an apology/explanation (which doesn’t make a lot of sense in itself, but I’m sure that will be discussed in depth many a time, too). And, unless I’m mistaken and it wasn’t a quote from GB but a summarization by the interviewer, he says something about how it is especially his bad because so many people are interested in Felicity and Caitlin.

Fair enough. I’m interested in Felicity, in that, “I expect to get into Arrow and anticipate loving her” way. And I’m interested in Caitlin and what’s coming up for Snowstorm and Killer Frost.

But am I the only one who kinda feels like…where the hell is Iris?

I keep seeing these things and it’s like…okay, on the one hand, it made sense for CP to not be at the crossover panel because she wasn’t in both shows.

Except she’s the leading lady, guys. You know? And she rarely seems to get mentioned in the ep descriptions which…I know they don’t do, so that’s not really on them. But, still. She’s the leading lady.

It’s like on the one hand, they adore her. They have to have seen the reaction to episode 9 and the photos from this week. They have to see the presence on social media. They have to see how Westallen has killed in polls lately.

But, on the other hand, they don’t think people are interested in her story?

Newsflash, guys. I’m interested in everyone’s story in the show - from Barry to Eddie. Am I more interested in some than others? Sure.

But you know who you should really stop shafting? Your leading lady. Because, yes, people are interested in HER story - both independently of Barry and with Barry. Shockingly, people are interested in your leading lady; not just your supporting cast.

I’m just…baffled by the two behaviors, so at odds with each other. Baffled! Am I missing a lot of interviews and panels and this was more of an outlier than it seems to be? Or are they just not putting their mouths where their money is? (I know it’s usually the other way around. This seems more appropriate.)