kinda a failure

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I've had a rough day and kinda feel like a failure. Any advice?

I’m sorry :(

I always try to get anything I’ve been avoiding out of the way and go to sleep early. Have a super productive morning and make tomorrow better.

Best of luck, Hakim 👍🏻

at 4pm today i will know if my contract at work is renewed or not. if not i have 2 weeks to find another job in my industry after 2 failures. kinda feel like throwing up ngl


Finished making this little guy last night, and was my first attempt at this dragon necklace pattern (which was purchased from, with some minor alterations). Took about 7 hours, start to finish, and I think he came out really well! I am very pleased, and I am excited to try more variation ideas and color combos next!

I wanna say this was purely revenge but I’ve wanted to do this for a while. Opportunely just presented itself >__>

dbz characters positive post

because all characters in the show have something good to offer 

goku: literally the purest cinnamon roll in the world. always ready to sacrifice his life for those he loves. and he loves pretty much everyone. refers to himself as “daddy” when talking to his son. always believes there’s something good in everyone, no matter how cruel people continuously proven they can be. is always smiling. is a bathroom singer. stayed in other world because he truly believed he was the reason for causing earth so much trouble. dumb as fuck but also can be disturbingly smart sometimes? how does that man even work. doodles on his grocery list. 

chichi: most dedicated mother you will always know. comprehensive and supportive wife. married an alien man, with needs and priorities so different from hers but still managed to not only understand goku’s needs but also fully support him even when she couldn’t understand his motivations. raised a child alone and would do it again. is a skilled fighter and trained her youngest son. determined woman who loves her family above everything. literally the most loving human being on earth but dude don’t mess with her. 

vegeta: where do I even fucking start. best character development of all times. fucked up a billion times but made up for it in the end. learned how to love, and do you have any idea how hard that can be for someone who grew up without even knowing the concept of love? most obstinate person you will ever heard of. fought and defeated his strongest enemy: himself. never gives up no matter what, truly an inspiration to everyone else. has no chill whatsoever but makes visible effort to control his temper for the sake of his family and friends (speaking exclusively about Super here). “mondo cool™”. also has a great ass.

bulma: literally a fucking goddess. there’s no limit for her intelligence and she knows how brilliant she is. has no time for anyone’s bullshit and will fucking run over anyone who stands in her way. slapped a fucking god of destruction in the face and would probably do it again. raised a kid alone. wholeheartedly forgave vegeta for all his bullshit and dude, that’s truly something else. fashionable bitch no matter in what situation. kinda fearless and reckless. party like a queen.

 gohan: are you fucking serious that kid is the most sympathetic person to ever exist in this world and the next. loves and respects everyone. a passionate scientist, dedicated to everything he does but ready to sacrifice it all for his family. doesn’t like to kill or fight (despite of his saiyan blood) but will fucking slaughter anyone who touches his loved ones. has no fashion sense whatsoever. embarrassing as fuck. a fucking dork 24/7. his first instinct is to protect everyone around him.

krillin: i mean his main goal in life was to find someone to love? and dude when he finally met his person he was literally ready to die for her. ridiculously loyal to his friends, would die for goku without even thinking about it. faces his fears no matter how scared he is and he’s been scared to death in many situations in his life. most loving father ever.

yamcha: he’s precious. best baseball player you’ll ever know. knows his limitations but spare no efforts to protect his friends. overcame his fear of girls and dated the most beautiful woman of all times. holds no grudge against vegeta who literally murdered him and then proceeded to kinda steal his girlfriend. one of the strongest humans on earth. also fine as fuck.

piccolo: dude is a cinnamon roll. died to protect his former enemy’s son. literally took care of gohan for the rest of his life and would die for him at any given moment. has a thing for children and it’s honestly adorable. best babysitter you’ll ever find. not only one of the strongest, but possibly the wisest. grew up alone and only knowing hate and ended up learning how to love. and i mean it wasn’t even that hard for him? unlike some other assholes who needed 20 years to feel any kind of affection (i’m not saying any names) love was kinda easy for piccolo. it just happened. he was programmed to love and he easily gave up on fighting it.

satan: yup, I know what you’re thinking but listen. he’s a good guy. ultimately he saved everyone. he even faced buu at some point and punched the dude in the face. say what you want but he has some serious guts. he’s a loving father and grandfather who genuinely takes care of his family. offered to give Goku the reward money for defeating buu. also let’s not forget how he was the one who almost saved earth by simply befriending buu. and as much as it wasn’t sincere in the beginning satan eventually started to actually like and protect someone who had potential to effortlessly kill him. he begs for buu’s life and takes responsibility for any damage buu might cause in the future. also he’s a dog person and that’s adorable.

mirai trunks: the mother friend. cares for everyone, loves everyone, will die for everyone without even giving it a second thought. kinda afraid of failure but overcomes it every single time. survived through so many horrors and destruction but still believed and fought for a better future. always finds a way, never loses hope and faith. grew up without his father but never really gave up on vegeta, no matter how much of a dick he learned his father could be sometimes. in fact, never gave up on anyone, ever? let’s face it, one of the strongest characters of the entire franchise. is never afraid to restart and rebuild.

frieza: “you’re certainly on the ball today, Captain Ginyu. If you were a dog, I’d scratch your belly. If you were a cat, I’d give you warm milk until you started to purr. But since you’re neither of these, I’ll just say thanks for a job well done.”

as I said, they all have something to offer and I’m particularly grateful for frieza’s contribution. 

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MT: "Maren long time no speak. Did I say speak? I meant see but that works too." Anyway she gives a serious expression while she was in though before easing into a smile. "Ah yes,that was one of the reasons I came here.Hey how are you and you're magic doing?"

Maren: H-hey! I, uhh… it hasn’t been going much at all, I-I’m kinda a b-big failure at t-that, so… y-yeah… I-I’m really s-sorry, I… (her voice trails off, tears shining in her eyes).

REQUEST 104 ~ couple tag (Short)

A/N: I am very sorry this is so short but i just didn’t know where to go with this request…

“Ready y/n?” Dan asked as he set down the items he was holding. 

“Yep, let’s do this then.” Dan swiftly reached forward and pressed record. 

“Hello internet, today i am joined by a very special guest, Y/n!” He introduced. I gave a small wave and a smile. “Hi.” 

“So like the majority of couples that post their lives online, we decided to join in on the couple tag.” 

I nodded, “That’s right! So Daniel what are the rules?” 

“Ok the rules are we have to answer questions about each other but the catch is if one of us get one wrong then the other gets to pour a food item of their choice on the other.” He smiled mischievously to the camera. 

I picked a few of the foods to show and then set them back down.  

“Let’s start.” I said.


A few minutes Dan and I were both covered in a mush of food. My stomach was hurting after laughing so much, i was pretty sure Dan was the same. As he closed out the video, i began to clean myself up with a towel, struggling at the parts that had dried. 

“Well i’ll say that was kinda of a failure.” Dan smiled as he grabbed his own towel. 

“Yep, how did we both get so many questions wrong?” 

“I don’t know, i think it’s because of how hard we made the questions. I mean, me asking you what my parents dogs birthday was maybe a bit of a stretch.” He laughed. 

I nodded in agreement and put the towel down. “I enjoyed making that video though.” 

“I enjoyed that video as well, now how about me and you go have a shower because i don’t know about you but all this food is starting to smell now.” He stood and pulled me up with him. 

“Yes, let’s go shower.” 

A/N: Fuck, that was so shit :\ 

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Harry and Mike Stamford didn't come to the wedding bc of the same reason. John married the wrong person. Probably they hated Mary, too.

Imagine being Mike Stamford.

Originally posted by abitnotgood

Playing cupid for two lonely people. Being sure as fuck that they are gonna end up together. But things don’t go as planned. One of those two fakes his death and the other one marries a woman. It kinda feels like a personal failure. if I was mike ,I wouldn’t attend John’s wedding either. Because it was not with Sherlock.

Now imagine being Harry Watson.(Picture unavailable. Completely Mofftisss’ fault. I wanted to see Harry in the show)

Seeing your little brother literally going gay for a dude in his blog (Harry read the blog regularly) and then marrying a woman. I am sure Harry was hella disappointed too.

I wonder if Sherlock’s list of the people from John’s family who hated Mary had Harry’s name in it.

27/100 days of productivity // 17.05.16

I realised today that I have a lot of stuff with flamingos on it so I just had to take a picture! Even though the colours don’t match that well :/

The truth is I procrastinated the whole weekend but now I’m back on track thanks to this wonderful community! I do kinda feel like a failure though regarding the challenge… However I’m trying my best and if any of you have tips on how to avoid procrastinating please tell me!

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i don't entirely get what affective empathy is. I tried looking it up but it's kinda confusing. Failure to read social cues, emotional ones specifically? Not getting that other people don't feel the same stuff you do? You seem to understand it more so would you mind explaining, please?

I tried to answer this question once upon a time, let me copy paste it for you:

Cognitive empathy is the ability to read and comprehend people’s emotions from their body language, facial expressions, etc. It’s the ability to look at the non-verbal cues in a persons behavior and get to the conclusion that said person is sad or angry or shy or excited and then act accordingly.

Affective empathy is the ability to be emotionally affected by other people’s emotional state. That could mean feeling happy for you friend when she’s achieved something she has worked for in a long while or feeling sad and guilty when you discover that you’ve said or done something that hurt someone else deeply. 

People often mix them up or simply talk about “empathy” but it’s important to differ between them since it’s possible and not uncommon to have trouble with either affective or cognitive empathy and not the other. 

For example, it’s entirely possible to have trouble with cognitive empathy and have lots of affective empathy - you might seem like you lack affective empathy because you have trouble reading and comprehending people’s emotions and therefor have trouble relating to them. You might not feel anything and seem cold or uncaring because you haven’t noticed that you made your friend angry, but when you understand it you may feel remorse and guilt to a far higher degree than most people will.

It’s also possible to have lots of cognitive empathy but lack affective empathy. You might be able to intellectually comprehend that someone is feeling so and so, but even though you understand it on an intellectual level and know how to react in the socially appropriate way, you may never be emotionally affected by said persons emotional state. You might know that you hurt someone deeply and be able to read the nuances of their emotions on their face, but it won’t start any emotional response in yourself because you lack affective empathy.

Lucifer 2x06 starters

“You can’t rush perfection”

“Everywhere I go someone gets hurt”

“Where’s the justice in that?”

“I need you to take this seriously”

“You’re gonna pay for what you’ve done"

“There is no way you can help me right now”

“Soy latte, extra foam”

“You were just a kid back then”

“If you’re watching this, it means I’m dead”

“I have nothing to say to you”

“I’ve dealt with filthy, screaming humans before"

“I thought it was a sexual metaphor”

“So, no I feel like a failure”


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