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I know it’s not a super big deal but I saw some people trying to say these were pics of Kaistal and some trying to disprove it. I don’t like lies or drama about Jongin no matter how big or small so I’m just going to set it straight.

I don’t know who the girl in the bottom left is and kinda feel bad for reposting it, but the girl in the top left and right side is a fan who took a picture with him while he was in LA back in May 2015. Some may remember fans making a big deal about him being upset at the airport because it was supposed to be a vacation with his family, and their were alot of rude fans at the airport when he shouldn’t have even known he was there. Jongin is very private especially when it comes to his family and the only reason people knew was because of sasaengs thats why he was upset, NOT because he was trying to hide something. But these are some of the pics he personally agreed to at the time because fans who were polite asked him for a selca. [read their comments] One of the fans mentioned he couldn’t understand her English at all and she had to ask him in Korean. (Another reason he may have came off as “rude” to the international fans at the time.) Here are some others along with the original in the first pic.

Okay so, I’m not sure if this AU would have Galra Keith or not, but if if did, ooooh boy, shit would happen. 

The parasite, which Lance refers to as Freeloader before it is properly nicknamed as Fee by Hunk, has extreme PTSD. Fee’s whole life has been agonizing from being experimented on by the Galra and it’s mostly known only pain and fear.

So when everyone gets back together and Keith is kinda like, yeah btw, I may be half Galra, and promptly shifts form, Fee goes nuts. Terrified of Galra, Fee makes Lance shift immediately (much to everyone’s shock and confusion) and basically overwhelms his mind with panic, making it difficult for Lance to understand what the hell is going on and causing him to act irrationally.

Fee’s PTSD is really bad in the beginning too with other things, such as the pic with it freaking out about the food goop. Again, Fee can’t talk but Lance certainly knows what it’s trying to convey when it’s feelings are strong enough. 

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Or or what if he is covering for Eddie? I mean yeah it seems a bit unlikely since he didn't cover for muñoz but maybe since Eddie is his only child hood friend that he has left (that we know of) he doesn't want to lose him so he's trying to protect him???? Idk it's late and I'm am thinking far to deep into this

I can definitely get into that, I would LOVE if they brought Eddie back. 

Idk I keep thinking what could be career threatening yet also no-no-can’t-tell-Liv status? I don’t think it would be anything that’s just embarrassing you know, like sexual exploits or preferences or a bad prom pic idfk, because I mean Rafael just don’t give’a fuck about that kinda stuff. Hell he got threatened and he gives up an address, I don’t feel like it’d be easy to intimidate him.

All I can really think of are a) family-something that has to do with his father (it’s a dark way to go with it but maybe he knows / covered up / defended what happened to his father), or b) If they go to emulate the Ashley Madison hack scandal (which we know SVU loooves to snag at real-media-stories), maybe Rafael was/is in a relationship with a married someone? Either a married man or woman who’s important in status etc (yelina? thus making alex quite the angry panda and ready to ruin his political prospects, throw him under the bus for giving him warning and heads up about his case, say they conspired together) that would put their/his career in jeopardy… or c) he’s not actually qualified for his position somehow… either a menial “didn’t get enough / the right credits” “didn’t complete this or that course” or a larger-scale “legit not qualified” “committed fraud w/ his qualifications” etc… 

The whole show Rafael is a lonely lil’ ranger who loves his mami and wants to be a judge… soomething in that regard is gonna have to go wrong- but I really don’t think it would be something that would make the viewers hate him. Like, not something so scandalous that we can’t stomach him as a character and he wouldn’t still be the hard-hitting-beloved-and-revered ADA… Unless Barba really is done on the show, which he is the longest running ADA so far so I’d hate for it to happen but it wouldn’t be shocking idk… gah.

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Here’s another pic. I’ll do the translation, but both my Mandarin and English kinda suck so if anyone has a better one just tell me.

@SunnieSH: Okay, this pic seems more normal… It’s not that the phone (camera) had a bad resolution, it’s just that this guy wanted to take pics on a dark street cuz there was a Christmas tree left there…… Besides eating and saving password, I also showed him Mr Iron Mans weibo, he posted things on it everyday! Seb blushed and bent his head, and then smiled again saying, I promise I’ll update it everyday from new year. I said: Nah you won't……

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My photo op with Misha.. It’s not what I wanted but this was easier for him so it’s alright. I still kinda like it (it takes a while for me to like pics of me) but in the end I would say it’s good. His eyes though… they were just empty and he looked so exhausted. After I left the room I started crying because it was just to much to see him like this. I feel so bad for him. I’m glad he’s in his room right now and I hope he’s alright.