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In that interview where they say that lance will hit on anything that moves they never specify that he only flirts with girls??? Like, they talk about him flirting more as they meet new aliens and races but they don't limit it to girls [eyes emoji]

“as you’ll learn throughout the series, Lance will hit on nearly anything that moves”

aka they might as well of confirmed him as bi/pan and/or his sexuality being explored because they didn’t say anything about “anything” being just females 👀

pairing that with the other interview where the show producers said how the show “can explore areas that may be considered controversial for standard cartoon series on major broadcasters, including sexuality.”

plus @underlytrashy pointed out with this post that this drawing

done by Lauren Montgomery who’s the co-show runner of VLD, could possibly be a clue for Lance being LGBT. Keith’s holding the “race” sign, Hunk has a hand on Keith’s shoulder and is helping hold the sign with his other hand (Keith learned that he’s part of the Galra race and Hunk was the first person we see on screen talking to Keith about it and like, being supportive of him), there’s Pidge and Allura holding the “gender” sign, Allura has her arms around Pidge and is leaning into her almost as if she’s hugging her (Pidge hid her actual gender identity so she could sneak into the Garrison, Allura later was the first to try and interact with Pidge on the topic when she learned Pidge was a girl because they have something in common as they are both ladies), so it could be possible that since Lance is holding the LGBT sign with both hands and Shiro has a hand on his shoulder and is helping hold the sign, maybe Lance is gonna come to terms with him being bisexual/pansexual/etc and Shiro might be the one he interacts with first on the subject and will be the one supporting him about it first? 

or it could be just an equality positivity drawing with no deeper meaning about the characters’ story arcs in the show that Lauren did during the election, which is totally fine! i just find it interesting she had Keith holding the race sign, and Pidge holding the gender sign and those signs coincidentally having a relation to their character arcs while having Lance hold the LGBT sign… 👀

there is also the fact that there was an entire episode where the team was on a planet that’s color scheme was all bisexual flag pride colors and rainbows 

(coincidentally the episode where 1. Pidge comes out as a girl to the team (a clear metaphor for being trans which doesn’t actually have anything to do with bisexuality however it’s part of the LGBT community), 2. Keith is shown to be visibly and audibly impatient to get Lance out of the healing pod, 3. him being upset by Lance not remembering the Bonding Moment™ (”we had a bonding moment! i cradled you in my arms!”), 4. Keith appearing to be salty upon seeing Lance flirt with Allura and Nyma), and 5. Keith rescuing Lance’s lion, playfully flirting with teasing him at the end of the episode and flying off to go unchain Lance  

So i mean, i’m not saying it wwwwiiiiiiilllllllll turn out to be true, but i honestly would not be surprised if Lance had an arc where he discovers himself/comes to terms with being bi. 

i mean, i would be surprised (’cause sadly we can’t know for sure if this’ll happen), but like, i’d be able to say that i totally saw it coming.

The other day, I was thinking about neutrality and value and I was explaining my thoughts to my boyfriend since we like to have philosophical discussions. I was talking about how neutrality is truly an illusion because we can’t reach it with all of our different perceptions. I was thinking about Libra when I said this because Libra is known for its neutrality, and the concept of neutrality being an illusion really goes well with my thought that Venus represents an abstract ideal, which is tied to Neptune being a higher octave of Venus.

Then my boyfriend goes, “Equality has no value.” I got intrigued and I asked him why. I am then told that if there are two objects of equal value, there really is no value because there is no impact from either side. The impact from each side is equal so therefore, nothing happens. It’s like having a tie between two people… Nothing really happens.

He proved this mathematically by showing the graph of the absolute value of 1/x because he’s a math nerd.

The graph looked like this:

Now, if you look at this graph, you are looking at two extreme ends, trying to reach a balanced middle. A balanced conclusion. But the two lines will never meet in the middle because there is no value possible to meet in the middle.

Libra is the only inanimate object in the zodiac. There is no life represented in Libra because it is an unreachable ideal that people strive to reach. Meanwhile, Aries, its sister sign, is often represented as the birth of a new baby, the birth of new life.

Libra doesn’t just represent neutrality. It represents balance, beauty, justice, love, and fairness. All of the following things that Libra represents are not tangible because it is subjective. We all have different ideas of what balance, beauty, justice, love, and fairness is. Ironically, what drives us to try to to unite to a conclusion is the arguments and conflicts we have to understand where we’re coming from. Of course, we will never really and truly understand each other due to the fact that we are all completely new beings, but the fact that conflict, something that is strongly represented in Aries, is needed to seek a better understanding of items such as balance, beauty, and other things Libra represents.

Aries needs Libra and Libra needs Aries.

Being alive is so weird??
The ability to understand where we fit in the universe??????
The fact we live mediocre lives because of constitutions we founded to control people.
The fact that people die and then you never can put them back together just right in your head

No see, this is why I love Perc’ahlia so much, why they work so well together. Because they’re both fucked up and broken, but they both are each other’s redemption. They both are able to talk to each other about their doubts, their fears, their insecurities, and hold tight to each other and move forward. 

And then they have fun together and have bath-based shenanigans, The Full Scrooge McDuck, the Courage being all gone, etc. 

They’re such a fun pair. Angst and joy all wrapped up in one pairing. 

I finally made some cacti stuff and it was fun : D