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#2 from this prompt list: “You love me as if I deserve you.”

Suzy’s always been a bit of a light sleeper. She feels Dan’s weight shift off the mattress next to her, and her eyelids flutter open. On her other side, Arin is still out cold. She waits a few seconds, the sound of Dan’s feet padding gently to the bathroom drifting over to her, and then she carefully extricates herself from the sheets and follows him.

When she enters the bathroom, Dan is bracing himself against the sink, the thin fabric of his t-shirt stretched out over his shoulders as he leans forward. His head hangs low and she can see him breathing a little faster than normal.

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Meeko is very interesting to watch in such close quarters.

He likes to slink around.  He also has wanted to do the bottom-most interaction with just about everyone in this venue.  Kind of a playful chase thing…. EXCEPT

When most sims go to pet him, he refuses.

I did say “most sims”.  IIRC, Jun was the only one right out of the gate who was able to pat Meeko’s head.

You.  Stop.  :|

Not fandom related at all, but guess who is semi-formal ready! It isn’t until next Friday, but I’m so happy that I look so good ❤️ @clumsydweeb @love-doesnt-discriminate @psychedemigod @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens @elizabethschxyler @hamilficsfordays (I know some of us haven’t talked but ily all and wanted you to see how handsome I can be)

one-soul-two-brothers’ ultimate fic recs: j2 au edition (part II)

Sooo…I’ve been reading more au fics. I just…this fandom has so many talented writers, and some of the stories I’ve read are so fucking inventive and unique, it blows my mind. So yeah…I still like non-au more, but it’s no longer exclusively what I’ll read.

Also, all these fics have happy endings. Obviously. Always and forever. I will never recommend a fic on my ultimate recs lists if it doesn’t have a happy ending.



title: The Gloaming
rating: explicit
word count: 67k
relationship: first time
summary: Jared always knew he would one day experience a gloaming and find his soulmate. No one told him, and in fact, no one else in his family that he knew of had ever glommed; but he just knew, and he was willing to wait, despite all the offers thrown his way and all the well-meaning advice by friends and family; Jared waited. After all the tragedy Jensen had endured recently, he was now content to live a simple life taking care of his family and working a job that he loved. He sure never thought he’d ever find love again, let alone a true love; if one were to believe in Gloamings, which Jensen never really did until it happened to him. Jared and Jensen - strangers from seemingly different worlds decide to give love a chance. But will outside forces and unforeseen enemies drive them apart or bring them together forever? They only have 60 days to consummate or the Gloaming will Fade… and they will both lose out on what could possibly be a love for the ages.
anna’s notes: I actually made a post here about how angry in love I was with this fic after reading it for the first time. So yeah. Go read it. Now.

title: The Padapanda’s Courtship
rating: explicit
word count: 5400
relationship: first time
summary: As a werepanda, Jared has been in the dating system forever. His species is practically extinct, and he’s given up on finding the one only to run into him in the supermarket.
anna’s notes: I can’t fucking get enough of this story! It’s just…ah. Jared’s so adorable and awkward when they first meet. And Jensen seems cool and collected but you find out that he totally was not. Gah. It’s just SO FUCKING CUTE. And it has three sequels!

title: Three Long Mountains and a Wood
rating: explicit
word count: 105k
relationship: first time
summary: Alpha Jensen was satisfied with his life. He ran a business with his fellow Navy buddy and lived in a part of the country that offered him almost everything he needed to be content. Almost. And then, one day, an unmated omega and his daughter walked into Jensen’s pub.
anna’s notes: Yes, it’s an a/b/o, but go read it regardless. It’s fucking fantastic. Also, just fyi, there’s only implied mpreg in this (when Jared is talking about his past). So yeah. Go on, git!

title: Baby Steps
rating: explicit
word count: 48k
relationship: first time
summary: Jared’s a cop in a small Texas town. He comes from a well known and wealthy family but wants to make it on his own when he can. He knows if he has a weakness it’s his soft heart…a soft heart that takes a hit when he finally meets his new neighbors. Jensen came from money but when he refused his family’s demands to give up his child he was kicked out and disowned. Now on his own with a six-month old baby he struggles to survive in a new town with very little money, no help and he just lost his job.When the two men meet one night the attraction is plain but Jared can see that Jensen’s past has left him scared and also wary so it’s with baby steps he begins to help this young father to heal & also to learn that he isn’t like those who’d hurt him…until a piece of his past returns to possibly cost them everything.
anna’s notes: Okay so this is just implied mpreg, not like active mpreg (Jensen already had the baby at the start of this story), in case you don’t really like that, then you can definitely still read this story. AND YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD. 

best MPREG

title: Precipice
rating: explicit
word count: 95k
relationship: first time
summary: Jensen Ackles had a lot of things: a crappy job, a stutter that came with its fair share of ridicule, a hurtful past. So it wasn’t surprising when what he didn’t have was someone who loved and valued him and a relationship that went along with it. Aside from his best friend Chris, he is alone in trying to figure out his place in the world. When he meets Jared, Jensen wants so badly to believe that life’s finally giving him a break. But one curveball after another is thrown at him. An unplanned pregnancy turns his life upside down. So much so that Jensen finds himself at the precipice of a decision to take matters in his own hands.
anna’s notes: Fuck I love this SO MUCH. I would have put it in the “I love this so much I want to scream” section, but the mpreg is a huge part of the story. So yeah, I think I’ve read it like 3 times in the last two weeks lol. I need a life. Or…I just need more to this verse, please? Thank you.

title: World Goes ‘Round by Misunderstanding
rating: explicit
word count: 17k
relationship: first time
summary: Jensen and Jared love each other, but neither of them knows that. Jensen goes into heat and seeks out Jared, who gives in to what’s he’s ashamed of wanting. Jared calls Jensen’s parents who make a deal with Jared that they don’t see fit to inform Jensen of, and matters only get worse when Jensen finds out he’s pregnant and runs away from home to keep his baby.
anna’s notes: This is super hot then kinda heartbreaking then really satisfying and happy.


title: Man In the Water
rating: explicit
word count: 17k
relationship: first time
summary: From the spnkink_meme Prompt: “Jared has taken to waking up really early in the morning so that he can get a prime spot - every morning he spies on Jensen who swims/baths in the lake in forest. Jared thinks that Jensen is beautiful, but he, Jared, is too shy to talk to him. Jared has taken to leaving little tokens for Jensen to find - a carving, flowers, a fluffy towel - anything he can think of to get Jensen to smile.”
anna’s notes: Eeeeeee kill me now. Also, it has four sequels.

best FLUFF

title: Blush and Bashful
rating: explicit
word count: 2900
relationship: first time
summary: Jensen’s new favorite hobby is making the bookstore clerk blush.
anna’s notes: I wanna cry it’s so cute.

title: What You’ve Got is Gold
rating: explicit
word count: 13k
relationship: first time
summary: Working as a lifeguard at the Dallas Aquatic Center, Jared deals with obnoxious kids, tends to scrapes and bruises, gets plenty of exercise hauling equipment in and out every day, and rescues world champion swimmers from drowning. Yeah, not even Jared saw that last one coming.


title: You’re the Dream of a Lifetime
rating: explicit
word count: 24k
relationship: first time
summary: Jared is married to an extremely abusive man. One night, his husband discovers Jared’s intention to leave him – and the unthinkable happens. Jared wakes up in a hospital with no memory of who he is, his past or how his battered and severely abused body got that way. He meets Jensen Ackles – and together they try and rebuild Jared’s life – until…

title: Election Day
rating: teen
word count: 8300
relationship: established
summary: Jensen’s running for President with the deck already stacked against him. He’s come out as gay while serving in Congress, his Vice President is a colorful Misha & his family has disowned him over his choice of partners. But that’s not the worst of it…On Election Day when he should be focused on winning Jared ends up shot after stepping in front of a killer’s gun to save some school children. Election Day is important but to Jensen nothing is more important to him than Jared and he doesn’t care who knows it or if he loses so long as he can be with him. It’s Jensen who winds up surprised in the end.
anna’s notes: Oh my god this is just…this is so so sooo good.

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