(Essentially, India can’t listen to anything but talk radio while cooking without Bendy’s “dance opportunity” senses tingling and charming her away from her task, effectively causing her to burn whatever she’s cooking. …But she never holds it against him. -HG)

First Kiss Head Canon

It happens right after Ryan and his girlfriend are back “off” again, and Shane is still navigating the waters of “single life”.

They go to the theater to watch the last showing of some lame horror movie that’s about to end it’s run. They know what they’re getting into, but it’s honestly better than being alone. And, neither of them have anyone else they’d rather spend these dark, heartbreaking, waking hours with.

There’s no one in the auditorium, which is great; they can make fun of the movie out loud as if they were in Shane’s living room.

But, just as the laughter, born from their first joke, fades out, they look at one another as if they’re truly seeing each other for the first time. Their shared affection is so evident, it’s impossible to ignore.

Attempting to escape the lure of their gazes would be like attempting to escape gravity. Slowly, haltingly, they lean forwards, lips parting and eyes closing.

The moment their mouths meet, Shane and Ryan feel adrenaline rush through their veins. Though the kiss is soft, gentle, they shake, equally nervous and exhilarated.

When they pull apart, there’s only a single moment of hesitation before they kiss once more. They kiss, and kiss, and kiss, until the movie ends. When Ryan drops Shane off, Shane invites Ryan to stay the night, so they kiss some more.

Shane learns that Ryan likes hands on the curve of his lower back. Ryan learns that Shane likes tiny nips to his bottom lip.

They fall asleep just as the sun rises, while Paranormal Acitivy plays in the background. They’ll talk about what this means later.

With a short, annoyed sounding sigh, Uhura slides down on the available bar stool next to Jim. She reaches out over the bar, grabbing the bottle of Andorian ale, and she takes a swig right from the bottle. “Are you trying to go blind?” Jim asks, “because there are more effective ways.” “You sound like your boyfriend,” Uhura points out. Jim huffs. “He’s not– what’s the matter with you? Spock being his usual, overly dramatic self?” Another sigh, and Uhura leans against the bar, elbow on the steady surface, her chin resting in the palm of her hand. “I love him,” she says, “but sometimes I want to strangle that illogical piece of-” “Hey,” Jim interrupts. He reaches out over the bar as well; grabbing a glass and actual Whiskey, and he pours Uhura a glass with the same grace and skill as a college freshman (- so, none). A messy, slightly too full a glass sits in front of her, and Jim briefly pats her shoulder. “Talk to me.”

Jim visits Uhura in her quarters on a quiet evening. Well, quiet in her quarters. The bar was awfully full and with all curious and nosy ensigns (Jim loves them all), there’s no way they can get their gossip on. “Chekov’s dating ensign Viegs from engineering,” Uhura tells Jim, who sits down on the couch next to her. “Wow, Chekov’s dating someone else? What else is new,” Jim laughs, handing Uhura a bottle of wine. He’s not a fan, usually, but there’s something sweet about this alien wine that makes him instantly tipsy, and that’s become a thing between the two of them. “Okay, how ‘bout this? A little birdie told me that Scotty’s been sleeping down in engineering.” “What?” Jim asks, “but I just gave him and Bones their own rooms!” “I know, right? So why would he sleep down in engineering?” Uhura asks, taking a sip from her wine, “I’m thinking either he’s lonely and the sounds of the engines are soothing. Or…” “Or he’s turned his quarters into a whiskey distillery!” Jim says. “Yes!” Uhura agrees with a laugh, before adding: “Hey, so how’s things going between you and the doctor?” “Good?” Jim replies, a little apprehensive. “You ask him out yet?” “God, no,” Jim says, “for the last time, I’m not into Bones like that.”

“I knew it,” Uhura replies when Jim sits down next to her in one of the leisure rooms. “Knew what?” Jim asks. “You and Bones. You are into him,” she says, and Jim frowns. “How did you even-?” “I overheard two ensigns mentioning you visited Bones’ quarters at night. Another one apparently noticed you sneaking out early morning.” I– fine, yeah, I spent the night,” Jim says, “fucking hell, Uhura. You are on top of everything.” “That’s my job,” Uhura replies, “and also, not everything. I’m not on top of you, I’m letting Bones take care of that.” “Oh my God,” Jim laughs, “why are we friends?”

“I wonder what Spock and Bones are talking about when they’re spending the evening together,” Uhura says, and Jim frowns. “Science, some yelling at each other for being wrong, research, more yelling, they’re probably praising you, rightfully so, and trashing me - also rightfully so.” “You know them too well,” Uhura replies.

Jim has been pacing in front of Uhura for a while now. “What were you thinking?” he asked. “It was the most logical thing-” Uhura starts, but Jim flinches. “Don’t you turn ‘Spock’ on me. I need you on this ship, Uhura. If anyone should make sacrificial decisions, it’s me. Not you. Please,” he says, “not you." “You were a little preoccupied fighting off those damn aliens,” Uhura counters, “what was I supposed to do, just wait while you get your ass kicked and the rest of the crew potentially harmed? No, Jim, I made the logical decision to go and save all of us. Including you,” she says, crossing her arms, and Jim is silent for a few seconds. “If you’d gotten yourself hurt-” he warns, and Uhura scoffs. “The safety of one should not outweigh the safety of many.” “Ugh, you sound way too much like Spock,” Jim replies, sitting down next to her, and he takes the bottle of bourbon she hands him. “Jim,” he says, “I’m fine, okay? I didn’t get hurt. You don’t need to worry, though admittedly, it’s cute when you do.” “You’re family,” Jim replies, putting the rim of the bottle to his lips, and he takes a swig, “course I’m gonna worry ‘bout you.”

When I feel angsty I sometimes like to think of Harry resenting being brought back to his Full Self. 

He was happy in his little room. He could draw, read and dream of becoming a lepidopterist. 

Suddenly his simplicity is filled with memories of the blood and regret. He remembers all the deaths that he caused in that church, remembers how angry he was even before the chip took hold. At Eggsy. Over the fucking dog test. He remembers how deep his love runs for Eggsy at the mere sight of him, too. 

But the world around him kept going as he remained suspended in time. Eggsy is as unreachable as ever. His house his gone, Kingsman is gone. As is half his eyesight and most of his dignity. 

“Why did you bring me back?” he pleads to no one but the Eggsy in his mind. So easy to find this all to be some kid of hell.

I’m starting to really dislike Dean. The things he said to Jack, last night’s episode.. the way he treats him.

Since the beginning, between the two brothers my favourite has always been Sam. I didn’t despise Dean and I liked him a little bit, like.. I laughed at his jokes, etc..

I hated him when he disrespected women in the first seasons, and being a feminist AND a woman myself, I really didn’t enjoyed all those things said.

And now, that there’s Jack, a Nephilim who decided to CHOSE his father, because FAMILY DON’T END WITH BLOOD, is verbally abused by Dean Winchester, the human his DAD rebelled for and sacrificed everything.

I just can’t wait for Castiel to come back and defend his son.

(also, you go Sammy!!)