“Vhenan,” he says, a plea, a prayer.

“That is not my name.” The barest whisper of a breath, weighted with sadness and all that she had lost. So much. Too much. “My name,” she begs – but she never begs. Asks, takes, stoic ice and quiet command, demanding respect without a word. She just was – but she never begs.

“My name,” she says again, and it is the sound of a broken beast, howling the loss of its spirit. Wrenching. Horrifying. Devastating.

He cannot say it. To force it past his lips would be to admit she was real, this was real, and how could he -

She was some wayward imagining of a lonely soul that cried for comfort. A symbol. She was never real to him – except she was and how -

She was depth and memory, feeling and living and real but she wasn’t, but she was and how desperately he wanted things to be different.

He was only a wolf, lost and wandering the roads of time, of mistakes and curses and what if I had done it differently? Alone, always alone – a choice.

And she?

She was the moon. Oh how she drew him with only a glance, a light and friend on the darkest roads he walked – illumination on his wearied soul. A guide, clarity, wisdom, his, but not.

“Vhenan,” he chokes – she is not real. This is not real.

“That is not my name.” But it is.

“It is what you are.” So real. It changes everything.

“But it is not my name.”

But it can’t.


STEP 1. Press “play” to listen the song. While listening, read and imagine what is written in step 2.

STEP 2. Magnus’ bedroom. Red bed sheets, covering Magnus’ large bed. The light is slowly fading from the sky, it’s almost evening. Magnus is laying on his side, wearing just a pair of pants, looking at front of him, his expression wild and wondering at the same time. Alec is just there, besides him, in front of him. Laying on the bed too, in the same state of undress.

Slowly, Alec’s hand caress Magnus’ cheek, his neck, his shoulder. Magnus trembles and murmurs Alec’s name, almost as a whisper. Alec grasps Magnus’ waist suddenly and pulls him against himself. Their naked chests touching, pressing against each other, and Alec kisses Magnus, rough, wild. Magnus kisses back almost desesperately, grinding against Alec.

Alec leaves Magnus’ lips and starts kissing his neck, his chest. Magnus’ hands go to Alec’s head, touching his hair, lightly pulling. Alec starts kissing Magnus’ abs and Magnus moans, he pulls Alec again to kiss his lips, his neck, nipping at his neck rune. Alec moans, grinding against Magnus too, fast, rough.

Suddenly, Magnus is on top of Alec, his legs around his waist, panting. He smiles at him, Alec’s cheeks flushed and hot. Magnus goes to kiss Alec again, his hands caressing his chest, while Alec’s hands travel to the beginning of Magnus’ pants.

We got to see Alec’s hand under the front of Magnus’ pants and Magnus moaning, his head falling against Alec’s chest. Magnus’ starts grinding against Alec again, with purpose, they both moaning loudly.

Very slowly, with their moanings still audible, the image starts fading.

Tag Game

Rules: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or as little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gifsets, whatever.

I was tagged by the lovely Kate @accidental-rambler and I’ll tag @modernbookfae @ships-and-saints and @squaddreamcourt 

I actually try not to start writing too many things at the same time or else I know I won’t finish a lot of them but I have a 5 page long word document of ideas of fics I want to write so it’s a struggle lol. I’ll only mention the fics I have actually started writing

1. ACOSAP - I won’t mention which characters’/ships’ edits I’m working on or that will take the fun out of the guessing game but I’ve got the next 3 (potentially 4) edits planned out

2. Lumberjack! Cassian - the monster Nessian spanking/camping sex with a dash of Lumberjack! Cass added into the mix that sprouted from this crazy conversation Sarah and I had and it’s only one of the many lumberjack cass edits, fanart etc that were made after that ridiculous post took off.

3. ACOTAR Politics Modern Day AU - a monster multi-chapter project that I’m EXTREMELY excited about and it’s one of those I-just-have-to-write-this-and-get-it-out-of-my-head-fics and I’ve actually told no one except for Sarah and Luiza about this. It’s a modern AU where Rhysand is Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the inner circle are all part of his cabinet (Mor is Secretary of State for the Home Department, Cass is Secretary of State for Defense, Az is Director General of MI5, Amren is Secretary of State for Justice) and all the other High Lords are different presidents/prime ministers from around the world (Tamlin - the US, Helion - France, Kallias - Canada, Tarquin - Australia etc). Feyre is a young journalist who keeps undermining Rhys and asking him tricky questions in press conferences and then she gets a private interview and they may or may not bang in his office in 10 Downing Street. It’s a secret relationship type thing and it’s my baby and I’m so excited for this project you have no idea. Idk if people would actually want to read something like this but I just need to write it!

4. Amren/Elain one shot - Amren is a tough tattooed biker chic who finds sweet flower child Elain - who’s a student who works part time at the flower shop near Amren’s tattoo parlour - extremely irresistible and the whole thing is basically Amren eating Elain out in the back of the flower shop (classy as usual i know)

Disclaimer: It will take me a while to finish these I’m sorry I know and I’ll may start writing other things (like a continuation to Koev Halev or the Nessian Illyrian Sunbathing fic or many others) so sooooooorry just putting this out there


I was tagged to describe myself in 9 photos that are already on my phone/computer/gadget by the wonderful @lagren0uille! This was a really fun challenge, and I think the photos I found describe me pretty well! All of these photos were taken by me. I shall tag @effyeah-artandfilm, @existential-celestial, @sonador-reveur, @cactiverse, @blatantlyfantastic, @bottled-library, @saliandfamily, @shesingsinthemorning-, and @the-octagon-trap :) Have fun, you guys!