My favorite out of context quotes I’ve heard from people at school:

“I’m not lonely, you hoe, I’ve got my kazoo and that’s all I need” (he actually did have a kazoo)

“Do you like feet?”

“Stop being gay with my brother, that’s not okay”

“I’m not boss, I’m daddy”

“Prostitutes on a train”

“The amount of times hooker has been said in this class period is concerning”

“The early bird doesn’t get the cookie”


“I can kill you with a slice of pizza”

“It’s just making me hump you, I’m sorry”

“Whales are weirdos, man”

“Is spongebob real?”

“You need to stop calling me dad, people are going to think something kinky is going on”

“My son..forehead shinier than my life though..I love him, but”

“I’m scared, dog”

“Is it too late to give up and become a stripper?”

A few little things about episode three I wanted to point out

Okay, so first of all and the thing that’s probably the most important is Semi’s line right here:

Now, I don’t speak Japanese so please don’t take my word for this, but given his personality and what he says later on I’m pretty certain the line as it was in the scanlation is probably more correct:

External image

Pretty big difference! (You also get a glimpse of that fact that Semi is actually pretty beefy, so you’re welcome for that).

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interesting opening for volume 4

i like the song. it wasnt as intense like the last volume. i still have to get used to the new animation tho but it had some neat stuff

one thing i did like about the opening was at the start when the colors all showed where the individual girls of rwby were located on the map. that was a nice visual

Chapter 98

So, is Furuta ALSO being hailed as the One-Eyed King?
Could there be two separate kings with different camps of supporters?
Because if so, Donato and Uta seem to recognize Furuta as their true king.

Ishida has paralleled Kaneki and Furuta on many occasions.
Same age, similar appearance, both half ghouls using Rize’s Kagune, both fighting on the ghoul and human sides, and now, apparently competing for the empty throne.

Honestly, I would love to see a fight between the King of Clowns and King Kaneki.

I’m probably totally wrong though. I tend to misread things.

I’ve made a 100 ton delete button for tabletop stompy robots.

It’s a 100 ton ‘Mech with TSM and a Supercharger, so with the XL400 engine, it can run 10 hexes, which means you can initiate a charging attack from 10 hexes, potentially dealing 90 damage to whoever you hit.

Now if that wasn’t enough (which it obviously isn’t, because you can do more damage), you can combine a few special pilot skills from the Campaign Operations book to make a very large delete button, provided that you have the right equipment.

For equipment on here, it’s pretty much anything you want, except you have to have hand actuators on both arms and a Lance and ER-PPC in one of those arms. (And enough heat generating weapons to ensure TSM is active.)

Lances deal 20 damage on a 100 ton ‘Mech, which is doubled if TSM is active. ER-PPCs deal 15 damage regardless of ’Mech tonnage.

So the skills we’ll throw on this pilot are:
 -Melee Specialist, which makes it easier to hit with physical attacks, and adds 1 damage on a successful attack.

 -Melee Master, which makes you able to make two physical attacks, including charge and then physical strikes.

 -Fist Fire, which lets you fire one weapon on the arm you struck with and delivers damage to the same location.

 -Zweihander, which lets you make a physical attack with both arms, dealing 1 damage for every 10 tons of the ’Mech, or 2 for every 10 tons with TSM active.

So you charge from 10 hexes, dealing 90 damage, you then use Zweihander to make an attack with both arms, with TSM active this comes out to 60 damage from the lance, plus the 1 from Melee Specialist, so 61.

Then you use Fist Fire to fire the ER-PPC, dealing 15 damage to the same spot.

So in total, you’re dealing 90 from the charge, 61 from the lance and 15 from the ER-PPC, for a total of 166 damage to the enemy ’Mech.

Keep hearin people say I don’t like anyone so I got bored and drew a list in between my animes

This is @agentarickale. Hes a fukkin idiot

I talked to @assistant-brown like once but he seems nice

@foundations-dr-welsh is hot. Real jelly

@caffeinateddecaf is chill and fun ta be round

@doctorharl actually does his damn job and does it well. Plus he gives me candy. I fuckin love candy my dudes

@rue13the13day is my bestie shes such a babe i miss her


if anyone asks, this is why im going to hell

warning for some p. heavy abuse and stuff

So I just watched the hamilton documentary on PBS and I was completely blown away, as I am every time I read or hear anything about hamilton, the person or the muscial. Seeing Lin-Manuel Miranda’s process as he wrote hamilton and seeing how much it affected him really touched me. I’m not a bastard orphan immigrant with the odds stacked against me, I’m a white kid from Connecticut, but his story touched me nonetheless. What I am is a queer mentally ill teenager who has big dreams of making a difference in the world for people like me, and for people who have it worse off than me, and Hamilton’s story has really inspired me. I’m having a lot of trouble articulating what exactly his story means to me, but I just kinda wanted to thank @linmanuel for introducing me and so many other kids like me to hamilton’s story. I know he’s never gonna see this but I live in hope, and also my need for Attention and Validation compels me to try. Hamilton means the world to me and its existence has brought me so much joy over the last couple months. thanks for making it all the way through this probably disjointed rant (tbh prolly no one did)

amkaoherios  asked:

Fic suggestion: The Hunt: Jack arrests Widow Maker, and is returning to base when he's shot down. Landing in a forest with no comms, he must survive being hunted by a vicious force: Ana. Who is definitely nonplussed at her daughter joining Overwatch

Jack: Ana plz I didn’t ask Fareeha to join she did it herself can u stop shooting me

Ana: No

I mean its an interesting idea, tho I can’t see a motivation for ana to go after 76 just because pharah joined ow. maybe if the plot was more of a talon affiliated jack n widow are on their way back, and ana is pissed? (more of a ‘my daughter wanted to join OW because of u n gabe n me and now two of the 3 are asshole terrorists wtf)