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This was a lot of fun to do! I love dark blues with gold, it’s a match made in designer heaven (who would want any other kind of heaven?). It reminds me a little of porcelain vases with gold lining. How pretty! I need to water down the gold ink next time I use it for lettering, it’s quite thick right now. It’s water-based so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue :)

Illustrations: Watercolours, watercolour pencils and gold ink

Lettering: Gold ink - brush lettering


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 I’ve read a lot of stuff about Will not feeling the same way as Hanni feels about him and Will loving his family more than he loves Hannibal and to be completely honest, I disagree. And I’m going to show you why.

Okay first. The hand on the glass. I don’t even know what to say about this scene wow. It’s like Will is reaching for him, but he can’t touch him. He’s putting his hand there like “ignore what I’m saying please just focus on my hand” because really, Will, you’re not fooling anyone with the It’s not good to see you talk. His head’s kind of tilted to the side, too, as he watches Hannibal. He then blinks a couple of times (I’m sure you’re not meant to blink that much) and it’s so sweet because he sighs. Can you see it? He sighs.  His shoulders sag and his head straightens and his eyes show such a profound sadness and longing. His hands pressed hard against that glass. Like, really hard. To me, it’s like he’s reaching out. He’s getting as close to Hannibal as he can get. And then he leaves. I love this scene so much wow. OH one more thing, before I forget. I thought Will was very shady about his family. You know, he’s never said that he loves them. I would. He was like “I enjoy my life there”. That’s the only reason you want to go back? Because you enjoy it? I mean fucking hell you marry someone and look after their child because you love them and you’ve never once said it William.

Number 2! Now, I’m using a single gif as a representation of the whole “running away with my ex boyfriend” thing. So they’ve just been attacked, dead police officers everywhere. Hannibal is cool as you like, shoving corpses out of the car like ‘move please’. Will’s standing there, and you can see him thinking. Hannibal pulls up next to him (to make it easier for Will to get in aw that is so sweet but we’re not talking about Hanni cos his love is obvious). Then Will has a choice. Yes, a choice. One: refuse to get in the car with Hannibal, wait for the police to come, etc. But that never really was a choice with Will, was it? Not after the last time (2x13). Two: run away with Hannibal like he wanted to do all along. 

So he gets in the car, and they’re standing on the cliffside. *There is literally no reason for them to be standing at the cliff. Will looks over, as if seeing how far down it is. Why would he do that if it wasn’t important?* Hannibal says something about Abigail & Mariam. Will stares at him. I love it when Will stares at him. We see it a lot, nowadays. He watches him. And then he realises he’s watching him and looks away. As per usual. But this time it’s secluded, private, no ones watching. Will still feels a little guilty, though. It seems he has become a sinammon roll. Sorry, off topic. I just love Will.

Cut to inside the house. Hannibal hands Will a drink, both of them in suits like a date, and Will’s still keeping his guard up. He tells Hannibal that he is going to watch him die. And for a while, I actually believe him. So anyway, they talk for a bit, Hannibal shields Will from a gun shot you know, the usual. Hannibal’s bleeding on the floor. Will takes a sip from his drink. And you know, I really thought Will was just going to leave him there. Francis goes on and on and sets up the camera and Will is still just standing still. Then Hannibal looks at him. A few times, actually. And Will looks back. Another choice for Will Graham. One: Leave Hannibal bleeding on the floor like he’s been saying he would do the whole dam episode. Or, two: help. And you know, when Will went for his weapon, I honestly felt so much better. Will could never let Hannibal die like that. Ever. And he said he would. All along, he was like I want Hanni dead he betrayed me and even though he is in love with me I couldn’t care less. But it was a lie. He couldn’t let Hannibal die, even though he was so insistent that he could. How many more things has Will said about Hannibal, then, that wasn’t true? Practically everything in the episode. I wasn’t glad to see you, I’m going to watch you die, Goodbye. He’s so guilty about his feelings that he denies them. (well, there was one time when he didn’t: do you ache for him?)

Then they fight, as murder husbands, and wow they communicate so well together. it’s perfect. Honestly, at first I wanted Will to have a lovely, normal life like he deserves, and I still do, but fighting with Hannibal was where he really was himself. And when it’s all over, it’s all finished, Hannibal helps Will up. Now the Will Graham he was pretending to be (let’s kill him Jack idgaf) wouldn’t take his hand to help him up. But, you know, they just fought together. it’s a big step in their relationship. He pulls him up and Will doesn’t distance himself.

He’s given in to Hannibal.

He lost. From the beginning, I knew Will was going to lose. And as he’s my favourite, I was secretly hoping he wouldn’t. But he did, sadly. He couldn’t fight with himself anymore. And the “blood really does look black in the moonlight” was kind of just a confirmation of that. He’s not bothered that he just killed someone. He’s more concerned about the blood,.

Hannibal, of course, is ecstatic. He’s gotten what he wants. Will’s in the palm of his hand at last. All those years of waiting and loving and hoping and being super angry had paid off. That’s why he’s so happy when he says “This is all I ever wanted for you, Will. For us.” Will’s breathing hard because he was stabbed like 50 times. 

Then he changes. He becomes what Hannibal wanted him to be. He was so in love with him that he changed himself. He’d been changing all along, of course, it was a gradual thing. But he’s finally accepted everything. No more hiding. No more pretending. No more ‘I don’t care about Hannibal’ no more ‘I’m the good guy’. Just…

It’s beautiful.

What’s beautiful, Will? The fact you just killed, or that you killed with the one person who mattered? And Hannibal? Well he’s positively crying with happiness. Look at them both. Finally accepting their fate. Hannibal accepting that he’s never going to get rid of his ‘compassion’ and Will finally realising that he would never get away from Hannibal and he didn’t really want to. Wow. 

Which brings me to three! Oh, this is spectacular this scene, raw emotion everywhere. Hannibal’s grasping onto Will to keep him standing. Hannibal ducks his head AS IF TO KISS HIM YOU CANNOT TELL ME HANNNIBAL WASN’T GOING TO KISS HIM and Will - who never starts the hugs, who always just stands while Hannibal embraces him, and we never know if he likes this affection or not - is too weak to keep his head up (Hannibal realises this and stops trying to kiss him) and nuzzles his head into Hannibal’s chest. He holds Hannibal’s shoulder and he rests his head on him and he looks so content and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  Will couldn’t get any closer to Hannibal if he tried. I don’t hug my friends like that. It’s pure love. And Hannibal (who, by now, is practically purring) realises this. His back arches with pleasure and then (after gif three) he puts his head towards Will again.

Will is in love with Hannibal. He’s just very good at hiding it.

Then they jump off the cliff. Yes, Will initiates it. He puts his arm around Hannibal and pulls him over the edge. Hannibal lets him; he would’ve been too heavy for Will to pull over on his own, especially with Will’s injuries.But there are a number of reasons why I don’t think they’re dead. 1: Will finally got what he wanted (a part of me will always want to (run away with him)). He’s content with himself. I’m sorry, but the Will I know and love wouldn’t kill himself, and Hannibal. Okay, that’s a lie. Maybe he would, but not when he’s finally got what he wanted, not when he’s finding his fate “beautiful”. 2: Hannibal didn’t want to die, either. I’m glad you chose living. He wouldn’t let himself die when Will’s finally giving him some love and affection and they’re finally fighting together. He still hasn’t got revenge on Alana. And jumping off a cliff isn’t looking after Will. He always keeps his promises. 3: They left the camera rolling. Jack would catch up eventually. It’s all awfully shady to me. *4: Will looked over the edge of the cliff to see how far down it was. 5: Bedelia couldn’t chop her own bloody leg off she’s not an idiot (though she is a bit mental).

All in all, it was a very Hannigram-y end to the series. Loved it.

Anon love is such a nice thing. Like people genuinely think that of you and they wouldn’t be lying because if it’s anonymous it’s not like they’ll get anything out of it, which tends to be most people’s motives for compliments these days. To those that compliment people on anon: you are genuinely nice people with good souls and I hope you are enjoying your life and have clear skin because you’re such great people and deserve the world.

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don't you ever say you're not successful u run a tumblr blog that us weebs love that is extremely successful (okay but seriously you'll do fine you're really funny and you'll meet new awesome friends!)

That’s actually?? Really inspiring?! Thank you so much!

Classes went really well today, and I really think I’m going to like it there. Thanks to everyone who sent encouragement! It really means a lot to me ♥


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not a question: while watching the season finale, the scene where will says "it's beautiful", i thought they were going to kiss and felt scared so much, that i had to stop watching and weep myself out. i wanted them to kiss and felt afraid of this scene and... i'm still full of emotions.

My crack answer is that if Hannibal’s mouth wasn’t still full of Francis bits, Will totes would have kissed him. 

I do think Will thought about it. 

I think he realized if he did kiss Hannibal, he wouldn’t be able to go through with throwing them off the cliff.