Hunk: hey dude can I see your phone for a sec??

Lance: sure just one sec (begins furiously tapping away at his screen)

Lance: (three minutes later) okay dude here you go

Hunk: thanks my little pistachio. What were you doing, anyway? Were you deleting a bunch of pics or-

Hunk: … dude.

Lance: yeah boi?

Hunk: did you just just favorite like two hundred of your selfies??

Lance: it was actually two hundred and thirteen

So this was my second photo op this weekend. And right before the picture I got my autograph. well I was supposed to go to the wizard world in chicago and I still had his birthday card. So I gave him the card and a book as a present. The book was an autobiography from the astronaut Mike Massimino. I was nervous to give him the gift because I had never given a celebrity a gift before. When I went up for the autograph He said he loves books and thank you. I then showed him the tattoo I could a few months ago that is the a captain america shield mixed with the winter soldier star on my shoulder. He said that it was super cool and thank you for being a fan. I was so nervous. 

While I was waiting in line for the photo op this woman next to me was complaining about some of Sebastian’s fan saying how she doesn’t understand why people give him gifts and stuff. Because he’s not going to remember you got them later and he probably throws them all away. Well now I was starting to second guess myself. Because like why did I give him a book. I even wrote an inscription inside, it was my favorite quote. I started to think it was dumb. I thought I shouldn’t have done anything. I shouldn’t have asked all my friends to sign his birthday card. 

So while second guessing myself and getting nervous for another picture I walked up and I asked him if we could be dancing and then you dip me. And right before the photo he said you gave me the book. I’m excited to read it. And I started laughing because I thought I was going to start crying. And then he said you have a nice laugh. Have a good day. And then I got another hug because I was starting to cry. It was such an amazing experience and I’m actually glad I gave him the present. 


Pro basketball star Derek Hale of the Hollywood Knights has been hinting for months about finding someone special, and the cat is finally out of the bag. In our exclusive interview Derek spoke only the highest of praise for Stiles Stilinski, and somehow turned all topics back to him. The baseball lover seems rather star-struck for the young man. Stilinski is an up and coming photographer/ videographer who seems to be at the beginning of a successful career. The two were spotted together on a yacht in LA earlier this week - the couples first public appearance. If the pictures are anything to go by, these two look beyond happy together.