I wonder what happens,
When I finally let you in, 
To take all of me and run,
Or to tread here through thick and thin.

I have my eye out,
For a new kind of medicine.
Try to eliminate the self-doubt,
Take’ you on as my prescription.

But what if the side effects,
Are too much to take?

What if you get me high,
Only to watch me break?

—  Belle Jar

Disneyland (1)

Fig 1&2: Princess Ariel

Fig 3: First souvenir

Fig 4: Princess Aurora

Fig 5, 6, &7: In line for the Matterhorn! We discovered when we got to the park that Adelaide is now 42" tall – which is kind of amazing considering she was only 36" or 37" last year and around 40" in June when we went to that carnival – and could ride everything! You can see how excited she was by the side eye she’s giving the coaster, anticipating her turn rather than looking at the camera. There’s no Matterhorn at Disney World and none of us had ever been to Disneyland before (including the LA sister) so it was a first for us all. It was my favorite of the day. Adelaide liked it too, but that was the only thrill ride she liked. She did not enjoy the plunge on Splash Mountain or ANY of Thunder Mountain, so she decided she didn’t want to try Space Mountain. She also resorted to asking repeatedly whether or not whatever we were in line for was a roller coaster or “went down” like Splash Mountain and were we SURE about that. So minor trauma. Whoops.

Fig 8, 9, &10: Winnie the Pooh characters. We were the last people to get through the line before they went on a break (“phew” plus evil laughter). The Eeyore picture is terrible of me, but it’s a super cute photo of Adelaide and sometimes moms have to take one for the team.

here’s my 20 followers you wanna know better thing (I was tagged by @frallerina tysm)
1. How tall are you? I am 5'4" and a half
2. I have short brown hair and at this point it’s kind of a wavy bob typa thing with side shaves
3. what colour are your eyes? Hazel
4. Do you wear glasses? No
5. Do you have braces? No but I used to
6. Fashion type? mostly black tights and black tees but I also wear crop tops and jeans if I have to
7. Any freckles/moles/beauty marks? I have a few freckles on my arms and face including three freckles in a triangle shape on the outer corner of my eye like ice cube
8. When were you born? October 1st
9. How old are you? 14 my 15th bday is in just over a month ayee
10. Where do you live? Canada but that doesn’t make me any less British
11. Siblings? 1 older bro
12. Do you go to school? Ye
13. What kind of student? I don’t talk v much, good at French, awful at math
14. Fave tv show? I don’t watch TV much anymore but the x files was good
15. Fave pass time? Listening to music, vidya games, drawing
16. Dream job? Psychologist
17. Would you like to get married? Not particularly
18. Do you want kids? Also not really
19. Girly girl or tomboy? Neither… I’m me :))
20. Like shopping? Yes
21. What countries have you visited? France, England, Wales, Canada, the states and.. that’s all
22. Worst nightmare? I had a dream my mom was trying to kill me once
23. Have any enemies? Yes but he doesn’t know it :)
24. Do you have an s/o? No :^)
25. If not do you want one? NO at least not a guy
26. Are you open about ur feelings? Not really:(
27. What’s your family like? very,,, British
28. Would you date someone your family disapproved of? My family definitely wouldn’t approve of me dating a girl now would they
29. Pet peeves? When I’m TRYING to TALK to someone and they are ON THEY PHONES!! Ugh
30. Do you believe in astrology? Not really but I still find it cool
This was fun I tag @ellesanimalhaven @fallouchboy @nookway @moongf @tinystumps and whoever wants to do it!!

I was tagged by @26bottlemen, thank youuuu!

Rules:Answer the questions and tag 20 people.

How tall are you? 5'10"
What color and style is your hair? Brown, straight, long with side bangs

What color are your eyes? green/blue

Do you wear glasses? nope

Do you have braces? I used to years ago

What is your fashion sense? I have no idea either. I go for what’s comfy and practical for the weather. I love stripes tho!!

Do you have any siblings? a younger sister

What kind of student are/were you? high school 4.0 uni either 3.8 or 3.9 idk

What are your favorite subjects? French and history

What are your favorite TV shows? Peaky Blinders, Black Books, Wakfu, That 70s show, Seinfeld, Downton Abbey, and Selfridge

Favorite books? The Percy Jackson books (me too!!) the hungers games, and the shantytown kid

Favorite Pastime? Listening to music, tumblr, cuddling/playing with my doggies, and chilling with my friends late at night

What is your dream job? I just want tot travel the world/ live in another country and speak French. I think it’d be cool to have my own travel show lol but I think my goal is to be a professor at uni

Do you want to get married? idk maybe if i can find the right person

Do you want to have kids and how many? idk that depends on what life throws at me. I don’t really see myself as a mom tho

How many countries have you visited? only 2 for now, hopefully a 3rd is coming next spring, stay tuned lol

What is the scariest dream you ever had? I used to get a lot when I lived in my old house that was 1000000% haunted, but the scariest ones are usually people trying to find me and kill me or people that kidnap me. Nightmares about my dogs also terrify me

Do you have any enemies? I don’t think so

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend right now? lmaoooooooooooo no

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