This week at NPR, we’ve been taking a deep dive into colorshow animals make them, how people see them and how they organize our lives. And in the midst of the color frenzy, I came upon a delightful collection of color quotes from Goethe’s Theory of Colours. Give ‘em a read, and if they leave you wanting more, check out this weird little color lesson we put together.

On yellow …

“In its highest purity it always carries with it the nature of brightness, and has a serene, gay, softly exciting character.” 

On blue …

“This colour has a peculiar and almost indescribable effect on the eye. As a hue it is powerful — but it is on the negative side, and in its highest purity is, as it were, a stimulating negation. Its appearance, then, is a kind of contradiction between excitement and repose.”

On red …

“The effect of this colour is as peculiar as its nature. It conveys an impression of gravity and dignity, and at the same time of grace and attractiveness.”

On green …

“The eye experiences a distinctly grateful impression from this colour. If the two elementary colours are mixed in perfect equality so that neither predominates, the eye and the mind repose on the result of this junction as upon a simple colour. The beholder has neither the wish nor the power to imagine a state beyond it.”


Quotes via Brain Pickings
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You and I had a story that could easily be made into lyrics. We had the kind of love everyone dreams they could have. I truly felt like you were the one, but life got in the way. We were left standing there starring at each other as the ground spilt between us. We both stood on opposite sides, a smile lining our lips, but tears in our eyes. We had a good run, but neither of us really wanted it to end..
—  Late Night Thoughts

“Well I think for Amethyst…they started pretty early in showing her depth.  Not only does she like to crack jokes and be kind of a funny person and find humor in a lot of things.  I also like how they’re showing her kinda darker side, her more vulnerable side, so I hope that they continue to develop those layers.”

- Michaela Dietz (Amethyst’s VA) (source)

A quick sketch turned opaque watercolor speedpaint I did of Amethyst.  

I was thinking about how although she always appears confident, she also has the habit of hiding her eyes and Gem, and I think that says something.  I was reminded of the quote above (though I couldn’t quite recall it so I had to go back and listen).

Amethyst is an interesting and complex character and I don’t think enough people understand that.  I’m looking forward to more episodes that continue to explore this.

I wonder what happens,
When I finally let you in, 
To take all of me and run,
Or to tread here through thick and thin.

I have my eye out,
For a new kind of medicine.
Try to eliminate the self-doubt,
Take’ you on as my prescription.

But what if the side effects,
Are too much to take?

What if you get me high,
Only to watch me break?

—  Belle Jar
I saw you today. With her.
She seems really kind, but I’m sure you already know that. She’s beautiful too; I found myself admiring her long, wavy hair and golden-brown eyes.
You looked good.
I saw the way she made you laugh– how your eyes crinkled up around the outer edges like they always have. How the right side of your lip curls up a little higher than your left when you do that cute laugh-smile. I have to wonder if she notices those things about you.
I close my eyes, and almost outline your smile.
It had been a while since I’d last seen you that happy; It’s good to see you happy. I’m happy for you.
Give me a man with a little fight in him, a man who calls me on my bullshit. (But who also kind of likes my bullshit.) And yet: Don’t land me in one of those relationships where we’re always pecking at each other, disguising insults as jokes, rolling our eyes and ‘playfully’ scrapping in front of our friends, hoping to lure them to our side of an argument they could not care less about. Those awful if only relationships: This marriage would be great if only… and you sense the if only list is a lot longer than either of them realises.

So I know I am right not to settle, but it doesn’t make me feel better as my friends pair off and I stay home on Friday night with a bottle of wine and make myself an extravagant meal and tell myself, This is perfect, as if I’m the one dating me. As I go to endless rounds of parties and bar nights, perfumed and sprayed and hopeful, rotating myself around the room like some dubious dessert. I go on dates with men who are nice and good-looking and smart – perfect-on-paper men who make me feel like I’m in a foreign land, trying to explain myself, trying to make myself known. Because isn’t that the point of every relationship: to be known by someone else, to be understood? He gets me. She gets me. Isn’t that the simple magic phrase?
—  GIllian Flynn, Gone Girl

LWD & SKOP CHALLENGE » day 5 | Connor and Rose’s day

     Our lifetimes of combatting one another seemed to flip over like a spinning coin that fell to one side.
     His lips an inch from mine, he whispered something, not a quote. Not in French. Connor Cobalt murmured, “What’s inside this feeling that screams at me?” His eyes spoke of battles and wins and years positioned right across from me. “Devotion.” He neared. “Fealty.”
     His lips touched mine. Our very first kiss. My rigid body stayed erect, but I heated like a thousand burning stars. He deepened the kiss, in control so I wouldn’t have to think.
     I was thinking.
     I thought about how my mind sparked and blistered. I thought about how his hands commanded the moment as much as his lips. I thought about how he held me like I’d always been in his possession, as he’d always been in mine.

Then there was Nico di Angelo. Dang, that kid gave Leo the freaky-deakies. He sat back in his leather aviator jacket, his black T-shirt and jeans, that wicked silver skull ring on his finger, and the Stygian sword at his side. His tufts of black hair struck up in curls like baby bat wings. His eyes were sad and kind of empty, as if he’d stared into the depths of Tartarus—which he had.

I made another one but this time for valdangelo. Artist credit in the quote!

We’re not allowed to be scared. If we point out attacks in France, attacks in MENA, rising right-wing rhetoric, then we need to calm down. It isn’t the thirties any more, after all- all that kind of thing’s over. And goyim quote Never Again and are so smug, so confident if they were around back then they’d be on the right side of history, and close their eyes to everything that’s happening around them.

Give me a man with a little fight in him, a man who calls me on my bullshit. (But who also kind of likes my bullshit). And yet: don’t land me on one of those relationships where we’re always pecking at each other, disguising insults as jokes, rolling our eyes and “playfully” scrapping in front of our friends, hoping to lure them to our side of an argument they could not care less about. Those awful “if only” relationships: “this marriage would be great if only…” and you sense the “if only” list is a lot longer than either of them realizes.
—  Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Speech time!

Obviously, I started this blog to get attention. I thought pairing Doctor Who with Futurama quotes would be hilarious, and the more people I could reach with that idea the better. I’m the kind of egomaniac who loves keeping an eye on how many notes individual posts get, and then basing my entire self-worth on that fickle number. It’s how I roll.

But. There is no way in earth, in THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, I could have predicted how many notes a Kamelion shitpost would get. A friend I was sharing the cake with was like, “yeah, it’s kind of aesthetic, I can see that side of tumblr latching on to it” and I was like “hwaah?” because when making the post all I saw was the shittiest, least loved, most obscure televised Doctor Who companion ever making dumb robot jokes in Bender’s voice. I laughed for a while, posted it, it got a pleasant number of notes, and after a few months it died. End of story. And then, AN ENTIRE YEAR after originally posted, it picked up again. Out of nowhere. Out of the (TARDIS) blue. And then it picked up a lot.

I really don’t deserve this. Like. At all. I can’t stress how much none of this was under any of my control, and yet I’m the one buying a tumblr post anniversary cake like it’s my fucking birthday. This blog is for my small tumblr fandom, because Classic Who is where I’ve found my friends and family, its where I feel most accepted. I’m so glad two (TWO!) tumblr celebrities deemed it worthy of a reblog, skyrocketing the notes up by 20k overnight multiple times. I’m so glad more people got to see it, that in the future what might identify Classic Who as Classic Who, what might become a signature mascot, is this prop robot that doesn’t fucking work and in my very educated opinion is legitimately cursed. I’m so glad this post did so well, partially because of my egomania and partially because I’m glad I inadvertently made something that so many people have enjoyed, even for half a second.

But what’s super important, and what I’m most glad about, is that Doctor Who fans (seemingly) enjoy the blog, and continue to follow the blog, even though I update once every millennia. Thank you. Thank you so much. This cake is, symbolically, for all of you. 

But, not symbolically, it’s all mine, and it’s really freakin’ delicious.

On another occasion, George heard that it was the birthday of Dot Mitchell, then the landlady at The Row Barge, his local public house [in Henley-on-Thames]. He called her to one side and, teasingly, told her to hold out her hand and close her eyes. Then, he dropped three perfect, impossibly valuable rubies into her hand. ‘Have a nice birthday,’ he told her.
—  Eric Idle on George Harrison

    Truth be told, it rattled Sage to be here among other kinds. More so when said teens were nearly at each other’s throats. The sudden presence of her siblings coming to rest against the wall on either side of her had her finally relaxing since the first time she walked into this hallway.  "Animals. All of them.“ She said, words intended for their ears only.  A snicker and a snort was their reply. She needed nothing more to understand that they agreed. Eyes sweeping along the hallway, the blonde cursed under her breath, wondering not for the first time why they had to be there in the first place. Then her eyes landed on her. "I’ll be right back.” She said distractedly, already leaving her siblings behind without waiting for any form of acknowledgment.

    Like a guided missile, she went after her target. Sidling up to the brunette, Sage smiled, “Hey,” Her gaze roamed along the length of their body and she couldn’t deny that she really approved of what she saw. This girl was hot, hotter still now that she had a closer look. “I’m Sage.” Her gaze lingered on the brunette’s lips and she, unconsciously, licked her own while pondering how long it would take her before she could taste those lips.  "You know, it’s a little crowded around here.“ Finally, Sage’s eyes traveled upward to catch on hers while she moved in closer, "Maybe we can go somewhere and get to know one another,”

He was like most people, you know. He had different sides to him. George was a character, and he was a very charismatic and special person. He was kind and had an incredible sense of humor, a very funny guy. He had what we call a wicked sense of humor. He was quite naughty. He’d make you laugh. He was like a naughty school boy with a glint in his eye. That was George.
—  Gary Moore on George Harrison