introducing: Markus, Ricardo (Rico), Jade, and Hiromi

probably gonna do a bio sheet or some more character studies of these kiddos sometime in the future, but this is all I’ve got for now. (also lil sidenote - Hiromi is Agender)

I hate it when people say “I don’t dislike Johnlock because I’m homophobic and/or heteronormative. I’m not. I just don’t see it happening.”

I don’t blame them, exactly. You can’t help seeing the world the way you do sometimes. Goodness knows I was extremely heteronormative for much of my life, and I still struggle with it sometimes.

But I do hate it. Because I don’t get judged for shipping straight couples, so why do I get judged for shipping a gay one?

I hate it when I say “I ship [Johnlock]” to my brother and he shakes his head like it’s something strange. 

I hate it that I can discuss Delena vs Stelena in The Vampire Diaries fandom, two very straight ships - and not have someone tell me my preferred ship is “weird” or “totally completely not gonna happen.”

I hate that even my friends who do ship Johnlock don’t believe it could possibly happen because “Moffat wouldn’t do that

I hate that my ship is seen as “queer fetishization.” Really, millions of people have read Fifty Shades of Grey. Let’s ignore my hangups about that series for now. That couple just so happens to be straight, and having kinky sex. Is that now straight fetishization? No, it’s straight up sex. Fetishes galore, yes, but it doesn’t have to do with the sexuality of the characters. All the years I spent reading “straight smut”: I didn’t read that cause the characters were straight, I read it and enjoyed it because I liked the characters together. Why does it suddenly become “fetishization” because it’s two men?

I hate that a group of people harmlessly enjoying themselves are being called out, hated on, and insulted. Called “delusional,” “stupid,” “batshit insane." It’s easy to think people are crazy on the internet when all you see it the superficial veneer they allow you to, especially when they’re passionately disagreeing with you. But calm down and remember that we’re all people. We’re all just trying to have fun. 

These are known as double standards. They exist everywhere, and they fuck with people’s happiness. And what this means is that the LGTBQIA community has a long way to go before we’re fully accepted (like that wasn’t obvious!) It also means that we should do our best to know our prejudices and keep them in mind. (Because everyone has prejudices. Everyone makes judgements. What we have to do is do our best to move beyond them.)

And you know what? Call me optimistic, call me delusional, but I have faith that the creators of the show know this (how could they not?). And they’re trying to change that and make people more aware. ”Softly, softly“ as the brilliant loudest-subtext-in-television has put it. And I, for one, am excited to see where this goes. 

TL;DR: Let’s be nicer to each other. 

[PLS BEAR WITH ME, this is an OC drabble so you can ignore this POST IM SORRY, so yeah little drabble under the cut to go with this drawing, TL;DR: Jack is the one that finds Daniel in the abandoned Talon laboratory]

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@heteromcgee thank u so much for the kind words and for asking abt my children!!!! and for being so patient <3 <3

i have Too Many ocs so here’s a quick info thing for my most developed ones (recommend full view bc u have to zoom way out to fit abbie and Teeny Tiny Tabris into the same lineup lmao)

aaah tagged by the lovely tcongdraws / sleepy-ayano to do a 10 minute sketch !! i love these things so THANK YOUUU ~ ( ˘ ³˘)♥

oboro…is the only person I can draw without a ref LOL (i can do takumi too!!) so I picked miss smug princess ~ (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)
no time to color or write neatly lolol i also forgot what naginatas looked like


love interests from the dating sim ‘ok but why’

Ahhhh made a sagesona based of my main persona I use for things

Her name is Céline and shes a bit self centered. She acts like she’s very talented in many things when she’s actually crap at it and pretty much anything that’s not singing or dancing.  She can actually be pleasant to be around if you can stand her long enough to get to know her. 

Will maybe eventually get around to other things about her