Lux is a robot that was a scrapped mascot design that has long since gone bankrupt. A roboticist salvaged the blueprints to keep as a pet-project to make it into a fully functioning robot. He was so successful the robot somehow developed its own AI. However instead of a super intelligent thing to fear, Lux is more like a 12 year old kid…who has the ability to absorb and discharge any kind of energy. He defaults to electricity but he can do this with magic too. Huh. Kind of like Gestalt.

chibisailorjupiter  asked:

New to your blog. Are ouroboros your cos? if so is there a character info sheet?

hello !! welcome to my blog !!

yep ouroboros is my oc though! :’) they don’t have an official sheet (which i should really get to making considering they’ve been around for like… seven years now OTL) but you can read a bit about them under the cut!

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Haven’t posted good art in so long!!! I’ve been getting slower since, I def need to catch and draw/improve faster!!!

Anyways, decided to draw the (bratty) loli that I gave my voice to :^)) I consider her kind of my child like my ocs just bc I voice acted her hHaa

She fits in perfectly too bc she’s crazy as well |,,D

But anyways, please check out @pocketmirror-project !!!! I had the pleasure of VAing and beta testing for them and now the game is released (sniffs) so proud m an

Another one for OC-tober: the Love Interest™ 

Hinnor is one of Faramir’s grandkids. She has a canonical brother named Barahir, who according to Tolkien penned the Tale of Aragorn and Arwen. She’s a Captain of the Ithilien Rangers, and is most like her grandfather.

She’s also kind of like… one of my favorite ocs, ever. It’s a shame I only ever do messy sketches of her.