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I was just scrolling through your beautiful art and all your amazing answers and I just, jaw dropped because you’re a sydneysider? I just, I live in Sydney and I think I have just found my new favourite artist! You’re perfect! I was also wondering, do you have any tips on how to draw big beautiful ladies? (Also also, where the heckie do you buy your mechanical pencils with them fancy leads? My soul needs it like halloweenies need candy) again, you’re perfect, and keep up the amazing work!

Hey! I am indeed a Sydneysider, although I relocated to the U.S. about four years ago. I miss Sydney like crazy, it’s a great old town (and in answer to your last question, I used to buy my coloured 2mm leads at Art on King in Newtown. They’ll happily order them in for you if they don’t have them in stock).

And I’ve had a couple of questions about drawing big beautiful ladies, so there  are a few not-terribly-well-organised thoughts on the subject under the cut (keep in mind that I’m by no means an expert, and the anatomy in my drawings is more than a little exaggerated).

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destiel. 32


32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

I’ve seen you burn demons to dust with a gentle touch of your fingers, blink of an eye, they’re gone.

I’ve seen you hold an intense staring contest with a horse, giving it as much effort and focus as you would a life-or-death task, both of you trapped in it, exchanging the secrets of the universe it seemed from the outside, blink of an eye, they lost, you smirked like a smug bastard.

I’ve seen you obliterate a full room of monsters, all bright fury, I closed my eyes, they were gone.

I’ve seen you comfort that kid we almost didn’t save, keeping him safely wrapped in your arms, “estás bien, ahora estás seguro. Tranquilo, ya te tengo, no voy a dejar que te pase nada”, whispering reassurances he could understand, protecting him like you would the most precious thing, blink of an eye, I felt a pang of longing, it hurt, I wished it were gone.

I’ve seen you wield your blade like a scorpion would its sting, a snake would its fang, a tiger would its claw, an extension of your body, the reflection of the light in your swift silver movements the last vision of many enemies, blink of an eye, they were gone.

I’ve seen you smile like an idiot at a cup of coffee, your eyes lighting up at the bitter taste in your tongue, even with the aftertaste of molecules, still love to indulge when you can, a soft sweetness painted over your features when I prepare it for you, drinking slowly, blink of an eye, it wasn’t gone, taking your time to savour it.

I’ve seen you carve yourself open, bleeding yourself out for me, faced a room full of angels, flashing lights, blink of an eye, you were all gone.

I’ve seen you looking at me accross the room, looking at me from a few steps away, looking at me as you stop right in front of me, adoration and warmth pooled in your eyes as you raise a hand to my cheek, as I look back at you, as you cup the back of my neck and bring our lips together, our whole selves too, I close my eyes as you deepen your kiss, as you make yourself at home in the deepest nooks of my soul, I keep my eyes closed with my forehead against yours, I am so far gone for you.

I’ve seen you swallowing the thousand suns of burning damned souls, being broken by their fire, unravelled into a shadow of yourself, smiting anyone unfortunate enough to cross your path, dissolving into a monster, you looked at me with empty eyes in bloody sockets, it wasn’t you, blink of an eye, you were so far gone I didn’t know where to find you.

You are vast, you are a giant, a cosmic enigma I can’t even begin to fathom, you are sempiternal and yet constantly evolving, you are light and you are shadow and you are none of those, you contain infinite multitudes of selves in yourself, you are my friend, my love, my enemy, my pillar, my support, an otherworldly universe out of my reach and yet reaching out to me.

I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.


So i finally remembered to upload the video that is 4% animation and 96% thingies for a total of 100% trash ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if the Lothal Imperials had tumblrs
  • maketh tua: photosets of decently-priced high quality makeup and really handy girltips mostly involving how to get away with murder
  • agent kallus: once-a-month propaganda posts about the prodigious, honorable life of an imperial officer; a facial hair care sideblog; a total of two followers
  • valen rudor: random cute puppy videos and flying/spacecraft/pilot puns that really aren't funny
  • grint: foodblog
  • aresko: hasn't even signed up
  • the inquisitor: "there's nothing here"

The Ministry official responsible for processing Sirius Black when he was brought into custody couldn’t get him him to stop screaming, so he cast a strong silencing charm on him. Everyone else was out celebrating the fall of he-who-must-not-be-named and yet here he was, stuck working in the wrong department today because they were short on staff and stuck processing a screaming delinquent who played for the losing side.

He didn’t tell anyone about the charm, he forgot. 

Sirius Black was silent and highly aggressively during his time in the holding cell at the Ministry. 

Two days after been brought in, the anger apparently drained from him and he spent most of his time in the corner. Sometimes he cried but mostly he just stared numbly at the wall and ignored all meals brought to him. 

One day after that, and they finished interrogating the werewolf Black was known to associate with, regarding his potential involvement in the whole affair. There were a lot of rumours about the Potters not trusting this werewolf prior to their death, but ultimately the creature had brokenly volunteered to be questioned under the influence of veritaserum and they had been forced to release him. His request to see Black was denied.

Barty Crouch came to deliver the news that he would be called to hear the verdict of his case when it was voted on the following day, watched him mouth the word yes when asked if he understood. Cursing, Barty Crouch had damned whoever had silenced the man out loud, growled at the guard because honestly how could you not notice? 

By the time the charm was lifted, Sirius was silent of his own volition. Had a medical consultant been called for an examination, as they should have when a new prisoner was being held for sentencing in the Ministry, they might have noted that Sirius Black was having an acute stress reaction, or in laymans terms, was in shock. They might have recommended postponing sentencing, pointing out that his obvious detachment to the situation would hinder the trial. 

As it was, they were too busy to follow procedure. By the time Sirius was taken to hear the verdict on his future the procedure purely for show, his future already decided. There were too many death eaters to process, and no one could be bothered to ask the man with a stack of evidence a mile high against him what had actually happened.

Any point Sirius might have been able to shout something to make someone think there might be an alternate side to the story, he had been silenced. By the time the charm was lifted, he had fallen into shock and was detached and mute. 

Sirius Black said nothing when he was sentenced to life’s imprisonment in Azkaban without trial for the murder of Peter Pettigrew,12 muggles and for passing information to Voldemort that lead to the murder of James and Lily Potter and the attempted murder of their infant son.