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I’ve never thought I’d love that much a character but here it is!! Luke Triton!! I usually hate kids in stories (because they’re useless and make stupid desicions that puts the hero in serious danger) but it’s not at all Luke’s case. He’s so smart and helps Layton in many times but also keeping his child part. Just… GREAT.



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okay guys we have got to talk about calling Percy “the sea prince” it’s cropping up a lot in fanfiction and I think it was done to kind of match Nico’s “ghost king” title but is anyone else having a hard time taking it seriously? I mean I literally burst out laughing whenever I read it in a story. It’s become a total mood killer.

It’ll be in the middle of a sexy time moment (yes I call them that) and I’m like “aw yeah!” and then the sea prince and I just dissolve into giggles. Percy’s way too laid back and rebellious to have such a pompous title. He has a hard time dealing with it when sea creatures call him “lord”! He’s just like, “umm okay…lord, yeah…will you help me and my friends on this quest???”

Plus, Triton is kind of technically the actual “sea prince”…

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can you explain the deal with athena and pallas?

Of course! So, basically, Athena was kind of ‘fostered’ with Triton (son of Poseidon) for a while, and he had a daughter, Pallas. They were pretty similar, both intelligent, great fighters, and they became really close in the time Athena was there.

Now, they often fought together, practicing their fighting skills, and one day they were doing just that (if I’m not wrong, I think they were in Africa, for some reason, but I don’t know where I picked up on that detail if it’s even true). However, on that particular day, Zeus, who’s basically a horrible parent, decides to look down upon Athena, and the way they’re fighting is so brutal, that it looks like it’s a life or death situation for Athena.

He manages to look at the one time where Pallas has managed to pin her down, and not knowing that Pallas is great friend of hers (being the brilliant parent he is), stuns her. Athena, unaware of this, gives a killing blow which she’d assumed that Pallas could dodge, but since Zeus stunned her, the blow kills her.

Athena, grieving the loss of her friend, creates the palladium, and it’s also sometimes a reason she’s called Pallas Athena, taking on the name of the friend, paying homage to her.