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im so happy jays death gave u guys an excuse to make this all about how nice the real hazza is even tho that hasnt been seen since 2012 but ok, i also hope lottie & fizzy see ur post & all of its notes of ur fellow gross tumblrers so they can get happy too and tell their younger siblings to stop being sad because their mothers death has served as the perfect excuse to make an au about harry's kindness! no but seriously im so happy u havent experienced that pain bc trust me, you'd have a heart :/

lmaooo i know i shouldn’t respond to this but i couldn’t resist when you brought up lottie and fizzy i just…

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lottie sure does

think harry’s been “an asshole since 2012″ (your friend that i blocked said that)

and she definitely avoids him

at all costs

someone tell lottie that harry is a nastie

she must not know him very well

also, about me “feeling that pain”…actually….my dad died of colon cancer when i was 23 soooo….oops you know nothing about me BYE


for @allmycharactersare-dead: oikawa, iwaizumi & the flock 1 and 2 trainees from wingbeats!! because dragons and dragon riders are. the coolest. also I promised you a thing!! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 


a series of unlikely crossovers:

this reasoning of why the middle-aged/older voters are voting for Trump makes me so physically ill. Basically saying they are racist, homophobic, self-entitled privileged white goddamn fucking trash that are voting for him.  

“Their lives are so disrupted that they don’t recognize them. Either in terms of their day to day economic life, or their neighbors. Their neighbors are different people from who they used to be. Their kids might be doing something, might be involved in a gay relationship that they never expected. All kinds of things have changed in their lives and this is a way of saying we want it to stop.”

White old trash, go to the fucking landfill. 

We’re told in A New Hope via Obi Wan explaining to Luke that the Force is a kind of energy generated by all living things and that some are born with the ability to manipulate that energy. We are also told, in much the same vein, that the Force has a Light and Dark side, that there is Good and Evil.

Some time afterwards, we see Obi Wan using the Jedi Mind Trick on some storm troopers so that he and Luke can avoid getting caught. The Jedi Mind Trick is basically using the Force to impose your will on another person. It is specifically stated that this ability only works on the weak-willed, however there is an instance in which it is used on a relatively strong-willed person. In the Clone Wars series, Obi Wan, Anakin, and Mace Windu use a version of it to coerce Cad Bane to give up the coordinates to his base of operations so they can retrieve a stolen holicron. It is shown that this causes him no small amount of pain, so it pretty much amounts to torture.

So the Jedi Mind Trick is at its mildest an erasure of free will and at its worst a torture implement. Literally the first example of the Force in use we see is by a professed ‘Good Guy’ and it is a technique he once used to interrogate a prisoner with.

Later we see Darth Vader choke one of his subordinates, which is very obviously Bad. It’s basically Force Grip, but instead of gripping an inanimate object you’re gripping a human being by the neck. This is an extension of a whole range of abilities that are basically Telekinesis. Examples of other abilities that fall under the Telekinesis category are Force Push, Force Pull, Force Jump, and Force Levitation. All of these abilities are exhibited by every Force User we’ve been exposed to and seem to be what I’d like to call General Use.

What am I getting at here?

The Jedi Mind Trick has no other purpose than to impose one’s will on another person. There is no way to use that ability without undermining a person’s mental faculties. This particular use of the Force is deliberately associated with the Jedi themselves by virtue of being referred to repeatedly as the Jedi Mind Trick. Additionally, in the Darth Vader ongoing series, there is an exchange between Darth Vader and another character in which he openly states that it is not a technique the Sith would ever use.

Force Grip and by extension all connected abilities, is General Use. It’s purpose depends on the person using it. Darth Vader was obviously using it to harm, but the technique itself was not necessarily developed to cause harm. This use of the Force and its connected abilities are exhibited by all Force Users be they Jedi or Sith.

Additionally, all Force Users possess a varying ability to sense others who are sensitive to the Force. Again, this ability transcends ranks of both Sith and Jedi. Anyone who is Force Sensitive can potentially sense others who are strong in the Force, and with practice.

Now there are a few powers that we see that are specific to self-proclaimed Sith. Force Lightning is the most obvious of them. Both Palpatine and Count Dooku have exhibited this ability. It is fairly safe to say at this point that this is a technique developed by the Sith.

However, another ability is Force Stealth, which Palpatine used so effectively that he was able to hide his abilities right in front of the Jedi Order. At its weakest, you could pass through a building unnoticed by other people. At its strongest, as evidenced by Palpatine, you could cloud the ability of Force Sensitives to sense things. But this isn’t a Sith only technique, as there is evidence that at least a few Jedi have used it effectively. Obi Wan uses it while sneaking around Geonosis in Episode Two, and while sneaking around the Death Star in Episode Four. Yoda used it to break into the Senate Building to confront Palpatine in Episode Three.

So basically, almost every Force Technique could be considered General Use save for the Jedi Mind Trick and Force Lightning. And even those it’s implied they can be used by anyone - Yoda catches the Force Lightning in Episode Two and redirects it, and Vader definitely knows how to use the Jedi Mind Trick but deliberately does not so as to distance himself further from the Jedi.

What I’m saying is that Force Techniques in action are dependent on the motives and intentions of the individuals using them, as well as the perceptions of observers. Just like in the real world, the good or bad of our actions are dependent upon our own motives, intentions, and the perception of those around us. So I posit that the notion that the Force itself has a Light and a Dark side is bunk. We are told from the beginning that the Force is generated by the natural world, therefore it is a part of Nature.

Nature has no alignment.

If anyone is going to be at ALA later this month, let me know if you want to chill. I’ll be bringing along some Mystic Messenger cosplays.

Someone asked about bitties??? -cough- I know little to nothing about bitties so i’ll probably fudge this all up sorry

About bitty Lavender~!!

- Loves to eat anything with vinegar, relish, or pickles in it

- Worries and stresses a lot but taking him out for a walk or letting him meditate in peace should calm him down

- Does not eat meat of any kind

- Loves animals and is a pacifist. He believes that all living things are special and wouldn’t even hurt a fly

- Loves flowers and gemstones/rocks. If you have a rock collection, don’t be surprised if you find your rocks slowly disappearing. Bitty Lavender is probably stashing them away somewhere

- Will sleep pretty much anywhere as long as it’s warm

- Can be seen meditating or using healing rocks from time to time, he is very spiritual 

- Likes rain and thunder storms

- Having healing abilities, bitty Lavender will want to assist you in any way he can if you stub your toe or get a paper cut. 

[get to know me meme: seiyuu edition] || {04/05} favourite seiyuu of all time: eguchi takuya


They’re Trying To Catch You || [listen]

You are the last dragonlord now

You alone carry the ancient gift

All Time Low covering Blink-182’s All The Small Things | Florida, April 23, 2015

People are living in unconsciousness, doing all kinds of things in unconsciousness. Everybody is an unconscious robot. We are just pretending that we are conscious; we are not conscious. The moment you become conscious, all unconscious actions disappear from your life. Your life starts moving in a new dimension. Your each act comes out of inner clarity; your each response is virtuous, is virtue. To live unconsciously is to live in sin; to live consciously is to be virtuous, is to be religious. And to live in total awareness is to be a Buddha, is to be a Christ.
—  Rajneesh

i would do anything
to taste freedom on my lips,
to feel the wind kiss my mouth
and whisper hope between its teeth.

the kind of life we’re living now
is empty, hollow, devoid of all the things
that make people smile.

if i could just reach out
through time, through space,
and grab my old self by the shoulder,
i would yank him to a future
where he feels the warmth of the sun
every day, where he feels
like coming home.

“The Harvest Goddess watches over all of the land, she symbolizes prosperity, health, strength, and all things nature. A very kind and caring being, she loves all things living. But as time went on, people forgot about her, and stopped believing, and she slowly vanished.”

SO I got back into Harvest Moon again and it’s just as fun as I remembered, of course I had to draw the goddess in that game, her design is perfect

it’s also avaliable on my redbubble

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My mom taught me to love everyone and everything. She taught me, not only are we all equal, but we’re no different from any other animal, so we should all love all living things. Those kind of beliefs didn’t always help me to fit in, I often felt like a misfit. So then I often gravitated towards other social outsiders, many of them in the LGBT community - though back then we didn’t know what LGBT meant. We just knew we got bullied for being ourselves… Shamed for being “different” and encouraged to hide the things that made us unique. Music was my outlet, I started writing songs and recording my own songs. Songs about everyone celebrating themselves and trying to find a rock & roll paradise. I really wanted to give other people confidence to be themselves and I wanted them to feel like they’re not alone. But after my career started happening and things kind of started taking off, I still felt like an outsider - I still do feel like an outsider. I would read things and hear things of people criticizing me and it was just because I was acting like myself. And it’s really hard to have confidence in yourself and love yourself, when the world criticizes you for being yourself. And obviously there are so many other people who’ve had it so much harder than me. I’ve met many members of the LGBT community, and some very very close friends, who have come close to taking their own lives because of the abuse they’ve had to deal with… And that is heartbreaking, I don’t wanna live in a world where we treat each other like that… That’s why my message had always been about being yourself and we really have to love each other and support each other… Believe me when I sing these words, I’m talking to everyone else, I’m talking to myself, as much as I’m talking to everyone else… I’m encouraged by the progress we’ve made. I’ve said through years, I’m not getting married until any two people in this country can get married. So thank fucking God we’ve finally crossed that bridge, took long enough. I remember that morning I woke up and I was jumping on the bed like a maniac, like it was Christmas morning, and like screaming. The people from the hotel were called, they thought I was partying - Which I kinda was. But it was like a very big moment. I’m very happy about this progress and I’m proud that it’s our generation that’s stood up against adversity, and we’re telling people in power that any kind of discrimination or institutional unfairness is unacceptable. We won’t accept it. It’s about equality everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, transgender, gay, bisexual, straight or whatever. You should be given the same opportunities and rights as any other human being. We are all equal, that is the principle this country was founded on - and yet we’re still not living up to that. Even today we have presidential candidates who oppose marriage equality, and that’s why it’s up to us to continue to push progress forward. It’s not just OK to hang your head and accept something you know isn’t right. We all have to fight for what is right, even if it’s hard and the cards are stacked against us, that is the only way that progress happens and we all know we still have a lot more work to do… We will not accept sexist double standards anymore. Here in Tennessee, right now, there are twenty five anti-LGBT bills active this session, that would roll back LGBT rights and hurt equality. Specifically one bill that would prevent transgender students from accessing appropriate sex segregated facilities consistent with their gender identity. I know people have been talking about that all night but that’s fucked. I’m not OK with that. In many states across America, members of the LGBT community can legally be fired, evicted or denied services because of their sexual orientation. That’s not right, that’s not OK with me and this should not be legal. My message to you today is don’t be afraid to speak up against any injustice you experience. Don’t let people scare and shame you into changing the things about yourself that make you unique. Those are the qualities that will make your life magical and special. Never deny yourself that. We can’t be afraid to fight for our own dignity. These are basic human rights. As a generation, a unified voice fighting for equality, we have the power and we can force change. You’re all beautiful just as you are and you have my love and my support until the day I die. Thank you for the award.  - Kesha Receives the HRC Visibility Award


Overwatch: Bastion - by  Ayya Saparniyazova

“I was commissioned by DeviantArt for Blizzard, to illustrate Bastion, a character from Overwatch! 

Bastion - It’s a very unusual character with an interesting story. In my illustration I would like to show Bastion as himself - kind, loving nature and all living things, but still able to stand up for himself and for those he loves. In that episode he saves cute rabbits from danger and he had to use force. I’m very thankful to Blizzard Entertainment and DeviantART for the given opportunity and interesting experience!”

More Overwatch related art on my tumblr [here]

It’s International Women’s Day, and in honor of that, I’m taking a moment to praise two of TWD’s most impressive achievements: Michonne and Carol.

Let’s start with Michonne. I think she might be the best role model on television: she’s perceptive, strong, ferocious in battle, funny, ethical, and immensely kind. Most important of all, though, despite the things she has lived through, she still hopes. In a world where everyone walls off parts of themselves, Michonne just keeps getting better, and keeps making herself vulnerable by leaving her heart open to love, family and friends.

Now on to Carol. Who would think that a show about the Zombie Apocalypse would produce one of the most fascinating, nuanced characters in the history of television? Carol keeps changing, and every iteration is more fascinating than the next. The fact that she is a grey-haired, middle-aged woman of unexceptional physical strength is the icing on the cake.

TWD deserves a lot of credit for those two characters, and for the inspired casting of two actresses who are, with no exaggeration, among the best in the business.