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Speed paint for the night. I decided to jump start the color pallet with green, which is a color I don’t usually use as a motif. I usually work pallets around blue, purple, or red.

I haven’t drawn Shera in her lab coat in a loooonnggg while. As a last thought, I bet they work pretty well together. Very hands on folks…

okay so there was this line i constantly said as a kid and my mom claims i got it from some disney movie/cartoon?

like when i was little i always said: “da da da da i focus i win” or something like that

other family members even remember me saying it all the time that our NCAA march madness bracket’s family tournament thing is titled that since 2001 and i can’t remember the origin of that line? at this point i just think it was something i made up when i was little and was the only thing my family could understand as i had my own language (my family called my own blabbing ‘sydnese’ lolol) and they couldn’t understand me besides that one line lol

its still a mystery to this day xD

Please imagine Magnus calling up Alec in a huff, and the first thing he says when Alec answers is “How many hearts do you have next to my name in your phone?”

Turns out Magnus is upset by the character cap in his phone contacts, so he decided to ask Alec how many hearts to put next to “Alexander” rather than just ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️x100

Alec is just like “Umm, none?”

Wrong answer.

Before Alec can dig himself a hole any further though, he says instead “What about that sparkly heart? That suits you.”

It doesn’t solve Magnus’ dilemma about how to save Alec in his contacts, but knowing he’s “Magnus 💖” in Alec’s phone does bring a small smile to his face.

aaaahhh there was a nintendo rep at work today and since i do pricing in the electronics area i got to swooce my way over while he was showing the media girl the switch demo and he let me play with it and stuff and i had a good time

the only regret I have about leaving comics fandom was never writing that hellboy/captain america x-over where it was like that M&Ms commercial

“he does exist!”

“they do exist…”


I always liked the idea of tiny Hellboy reading Cap comics right along with Lobster Johnson ones and growing up and coming to believe they were largely fictional. And Cap hearing about this demonic child found in a Nazi lab and thinking that sounded a little far-fetched even for Nazis. And then like DECADES LATER when Hellboy’s out on call and Cap’s defrosted, they finally meet and are like HOLY SHIT?? and all their young friends are like ????? and they’re like “this guy is a literal LEGEND!” and then they fight neo-nazis together I guess idk.

I had a dream last night that I met @therealjacksepticeye? I was at some concert and there were rumors Sean was there but I decided I wasn’t going see him cause I have shit luck, and as a result, I didn’t bother looking.

But next thing I know I see that cute Irish goof standing in a crowd, his green hair shouting, “I am Sean!” So of course I walked up to him and said hello. My first thought when I saw him was that he was much taller than I had anticipated. We greeted each other kindly and after I asked for a hug, a bit hesitant cause i didnt want to make him uncomfortable or push my luck.

But no, he gladly pulled me into the tightest, warmest, most comforting hug I had ever felt. And we stayed like that for a long time and it just felt so friendly and heart warming. The perfect embrace. After the hug I do believe I thanked him for all his videos had done for me and such, wanting him to know exactly how thankful I was for his existence.

It was such a kind dream honestly. No idolizing, no awkwardness, no bullshit. Just a warm, fun environment that conjured up a warm, fun encounter.

I may never meet you in real life, Sean, but thats alright. It was still grand to see you, even if it was just a dream. If im honest, it was perfect to say the least.

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Heyo! This isn't an ask, but I just wanted to say that your drawings are so good that I look through all of them, even if I'm not part of a certain fandom!

Oh god, thank you? This is so nice… ; ▽ ;

People like you need lots of love because you’re too nice (; ▽ ;)b


Writing Update 🃏🍏💦

Hey guys! I know I’ve been saying that I’d post the one-shot for so long and I know I said I was really going to post last week for Valentine’s Day and believe me I feel super bad but I just want to apologize for always making you guys wait like that. The reason for this bad behavior on my part is due to several things:

1) Some unexpected things have happened lately at work that has forced me to take on more responsibility (and more stress) thus making my already busy existence even busier 😐😒

2) I’m trying to create some balance in my life to better handle all the things I have to do (like creating a schedule to write more) and to be happier in general but that’s taking time. I’ll get there soon hopefully *pumps fist into the air*

3) It’s a long as heck one-shot that I’m editing and I keep adding stuff to it (but I’m so proud of where it’s going now! HisoGon forever💕)

4) There’s a really really big surprise that’s going to be presented with this one-shot but I have to wait some time for it. It’s hard to stay tight-lipped about what this surprise is cuz I’m so excited but hnnnngh all I can say is that it will be awesome and TOTALLY worth the wait!

I hope that you guys understand and I just wanted to give you all a heads up on whats going on and to let you all know that I’m grateful to all of you who support me with your kind words all the time!!!!


Wait for me to come home. - 24/1/16

Headcanon that Keith starts making jokes all the time, but only when it’s just him and Hunk.

“No guys I swear he made a pun the other day,” Hunk sobs into Pidge’s unconvinced shoulder. 

“We’ll believe it when we hear it, Hunk,” Lance shoots back. 

Keith knows. he’s just messing with hunk at this point. they set off on a solo mission and he just smirks.

“If you like Shay so much, why don’t you Balmarry her?” he asks through the coms.

Hunk starts crying.

I really love the idea of Altean!Lance especially when paired with BoM-suit-Galra!Keith yes hello sign me the fuck up but I think I prefer him with his normal hair colour rather than white.