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Amajiki is so important. Having a heroic character with anxiety is so important. Having a heroic character who voices his concerns and gets overwhelmingly anxious during hero activity is so important. Having a heroic character who is terrified of dying is so important. Having a heroic character cope with all of this and then show their immense bravery by putting themselves first to take the brunt of an attack is so important. 

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i've enjoyed your prompt fills so much, thank you for sharing them!! if you feel like it: chef!andrew trying (and failing) to woo picky eater neil with fancy food? :)

The thing about growing up on the run is that you never really develop a palate.

You eat what’s there to be eaten, whatever you manage to stuff in your pockets while your mother distracts the cashier trying to haggle for cigarettes, as if it’s anywhere near possible to haggle in a 7/11.

You eat school lunches, bland chicken nuggets and congealed mac and cheese and unseasoned carrots with those little close to expired fruit cups with the peaches and cherries and simple syrup.

You drink gas station coffee—maybe it stunts your growth, but you drink it anyway—and fill old plastic water bottles from drinking fountains or public restroom sinks.

At least, that’s what Neil tries to explain to Matt one day, when Matt invites Neil to his favorite restaurant in his hometown. It just so happens that Matt’s hometown is New York City, and the chef at this place has a Michelin star, but Neil isn’t on the run anymore and his paycheck is hefty enough that he can afford it.

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Hi splickedy, I was wondering if you could help me find a gamkar fanfic? It's a fantasy AU with Karkat as a forest fairy and Gamzee as a kind of goat god. In it, Karkat meets a wounded Gamzee in a cave in Karkat's forest. Karkat helps heal Gamzee and they bond during the process. Gamzee enventually leaves and goes back to his clan/tribe and accidentally tells them about Karkat. Anyway, bad things. It's been a while since I've read it, so that's all I remember. Does that ring any bells for you?


……………………….doesn’t sound familiar…………………..

Vikturio date headcanons~
  • I imagine these two go out together fairly often, but they don’t always consider it a date unless it’s something planned and special.
  • Viktor looooves to take Yuri shopping. He loves spoiling him and buying him all kinds of designer clothes. Yuri works so hard he deserves to be spoiled rotten. 
  • They don’t really hold hands whenever they walk around. Viktor keeps his hand either firmly around Yuri’s waist or his shoulders, and Yuri just leans into him.
  • Yuri picks out the restaurants they eat at and makes the reservations. He let Viktor pick once and that was a mistake. Yuri appreciates good food too much to let Viktor pick ever again.
  • They absolutely love going to the spa together to get pampered with each other. 
  • Because Viktor loves surprises, Yuri will sometimes plan things behind his back and take him to things like shows or plays he wants to see without telling Viktor anything of what to expect. 
  • When they want something low-key, they go to a cat cafe together.
  • They both totally love feeling like the most attractive couple within a 10 mile radius. 

@cooper-alterni aaaawwwww~! that’s so sweet of you, thank you! x//DD
heh, i’m glad i made you smile~ (you made me smile all day long with this <3)
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okay, a project update for where i am with ladrien summer:

i have a complete outline at 54 scenes long — some of which seem to be splitting themselves as i write — and am (prose-wise) about 1/10th through

i’m guessing that the fic on ao3 will be about 20 chapters (with ~3 scenes to a chapter, some less and some more), and hoping that, on the whole, this fic will take me a little more than three months to write in full *knocks on wood*

all in all, i have hope ;;

but yeah, this is about what you can probably expect from this fic /o/

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So on your list of favorite characters, where does miss anime heroine Undyne fit? (be glad you didn't fight her)

Like FAVOURITE favourite? Out of everything? That’s a terribly exclusive list, so I’m afraid she wouldn’t rank, but she’s definitely my favourite in Undertale so far!

It always cracks me up when neurotypicals are like “if you’re so bothered by everything, how do you even function?” And I’m like, well, first of all, I don’t,



not to sound like an Abused Kid™ but parents and other adults are untrustworthy and can turn on you without a moment’s notice


new haircut and an alya pep talk <3