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Happy Anniversary Barney & Robin!

16 Steps in the ever growing relationship of Barney and Robin.

I worked on this all day so sorry about posting this so late I was busy today so I’m posting this now. This is a super long post so sorry if it’s a bit much for tumblr but I wanted to do a long post of all the ranting I’ve done on this site so this is the post.

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1. Friends

It’s a great thing that they started their relationship out on the friendship note because it made their over all relationship strong, they got to know each other through their friendship with each other and I think their friendship made them understand each other better. They, never judged or put each other down in any way they built the foundation of their relationship on their blossoming friendship in the beginning. Eventually, they became best friends, friends who can rely on each other (despite whatever you think they relied heavily on each other’s friendship because they truly are the only ones who truly understand one another on a more deeper level and it was good that their friendship was so strong that they went to each other for support and a good conversation whenever they needed to be pulled back to reality). They, found this amazing connection with each other from the minute they met and had their first interactions, they built up a respect and understanding of each other. I believe that they were the ones in the small group of friends who opened up to only each other without judgment, they truly got each other because they are the same in that way. Their pasts taught them that they can’t really rely on anyone so they rely on themselves to get by in life. They, are independent, that independence is the thing that they old against themselves very protectively that when they met they were both very closed off people and their friendship made them open up and trust each other in a way they never trusted in anyone before. This friendship cemented their over all friendship and relationship through out the series and made their whole relationship stronger and that made their feelings for each other that more true and real later on.

2. Bros

The, amount of fun they had with each other which I will write more about down this thread was such a joy to watch. It was light hearted fun, they never had the kind of relationship where they seemed to just let loose and be free whenever they felt like it. Their, friendship was built on the amount of fun they had together and made their broship that more believable because this showed how much they trusted each other and in each other to be a team. When, they played laser tag they were a team who helped each other win the game and they never failed or lost at the game of life because together they CAN and do anything and everything. I love their friendship because they always seemed so happy being carefree and having fun and that never went away it was always there and it was kind of something they also seemed to rely on in their life and relationship with each other. They, never had this with anyone else and I think it’s great that they were once so closed off to everything and anyone but once they are together having the fun they did together, like played laser tag, running around the museum, or making the bets they used to make challenging each other, that made their relationship stronger because they trusted each other so much that they are happiest when they are themselves, they are only themselves when playing around and having the fun they did and I don’t doubt that’s what they will do for the rest of their lives TOGETHER.

3. Best Friends

I know I talked about this already but I want to dive into their best friend status which seemed to happen quite fast. Not, only is their friendship and broship something they tend to rely on the most but that turned their relationship from just friends to best friends in only a few months of knowing each other. By the end of season 1 they were best friends, and they did refer to each other as that through out the show until maybe later on in the series when they were in love and wanting to spend their lives together. But, their friendship showed me and them how truly they care about someone when you don’t even need to think to be there for your friend, like when she took care of him when he was sick. Barney, was there for all of his friends, I don’t care what people say about him and I will always defend him to the point of protecting him. He cares so deeply and truly about Robin, while Marshall and Lily have each other and Ted does whatever he does. Barney and Robin have each other and their friendship showed me how much they support and are there for each other, that is what their best friend status turned their relationship into. I think the way they support and care about each other made them both grow individually and as a couple later on. Their, friendship is something they depended on in the earlier seasons of the show and you can see that more clearly in season 3. Barney and Robin went to each other for anything, for a conversation, for honesty, for a bit of fun, for a laugh, she was there for him with the whole stalking thing in season 3 and actually wanted to be the person he hits on to find the person who was stalking him. Then, obviously we don’t have to analyze the Sandcastles episode to know just how much they care. Barney, stopped everything he was doing to comfort her when she was just dumped and felt devastated over that. He, was always there for her when it counted and he never ever wanted anything from her in return he did it because he cared and wanted to, not to get anything out of it, to hit on her or to date her. He did it only because he cared and knew she needed the support, kindness and caring he provided for her in that scene. And, their chemistry was empowering, not only as a viewer and a shipper but for them obviously it led to a kiss and them sleeping together which is another issue I’m going to talk about.

4. Lovers

Okay, so they slept together there isn’t anything wrong with that and Barney DID NOT break the bro code despite what he, Ted or anyone might think. He, was there for Robin when she needed some comfort and support and SHE was the one who kissed him. She, invited him over to watch the video, she moved over on the couch while he didn’t move at all, she was looking at him through out that scene, she was laughing and commenting on the video with him and she KISSED him. He never did or would take advantage of her, Robin is his friend first who he cares about the most, more than anyone and he would never invade her like that in any kind of way. She, was the one who made all the moves no matter the amount of alcohol she had. But, that one night led to them falling in love and that has everything to do with their friendship, their very legendary friendship turned into a lifetime of love for them.

Having, that first go around with a relationship made that relationship and love grow ten folds and they never stopped loving each other. Their, summer together, I wish we were shown more of that summer but they looked so happy and carefree at the time and clearly having the time of their lives together, just being together, enjoying their time in secret together, they did what they wanted and I think that’s how their relationship should go. They, do what they want, what they feel they want to do and they don’t care, being together for them makes them happy and I’ve never seen them as happy as they are when they’re together, and that is mainly to do with their strong friendship it just turned into something more: a lifetime of love, support, caring and it’s better if they’re together than apart because they are themselves, they make each other happy by just being themselves and they only could do that with each other without being judged or put down because they understand the other one and know when to let the other one be who they are. They, never had that with anyone and when they became lovers/boyfriend and girlfriend they started to change the way they were when they’re just single individuals and become a supporting team, teammates, soulmates, mates that are in love and make each other strong and happy.

5. Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Despite how brief their season 5 was, they were already boyfriend and girlfriend in their secret summer together they just weren’t defining it and they didn’t need to because they got by without labeling their relationship, they clearly did have a great fun time together then and were clearly in love to the point of a brief engagement. More, on that down thread… But, this first go around at a relationship made them both grow, before this or with anyone else they never grew or changed who they are or what they want in life for anyone else. They are lone wolfs who like their freedom but they are lone wolfs who can’t live without each other, I don’t call living for them being apart, they need to be together and this first relationship showed just how much they love each other and want a life together. After, their summer they defined the relationship however forgetting the breakup for a moment. They were pretty committed to each other, she had her things at his place, went to his place most of the time, they seemed to be attached to each other’s hips that whole time so much so that they got engaged despite being on the cusp of breaking up. They, got engaged and I think that was key to the reason they had to get engaged when they got back together because they were/are in love and that’s why they were trying to hold on to their relationship. They, didn’t want to break up but they had some growing to do and learning before getting back together and knowing what they want. But, their first relationship showed just how strong this love really is.

6. Exes

I think it wasn’t necessary to break them up but that is just my opinion however I also think the break up actually was a good thing for their relationship. It saved their relationship from becoming unrepairable. They were miserably unhappy after their breakup and it was clear that they weren’t over each other, how it ended, they regretted the break up as I said in another post. Barney and Robin were complete messes after they broke up and it took years, not just months to get over that, the pain was real and it was heartbreaking to watch. They were dragging their feet getting back together when they still loved each other, both were in pain and went through a lot to get to being engaged again and came out of all that mess in the wake of their breakup better and their relationship was so much stronger because of that heartbreak. The, other relationships they had with other people never did or will compare to each other, they never stopped thinking or loving each other and through their friendship they repaired their relationship through season 6 and it showed just how much they need each other in a lot of many ways. They broke up and were messes but they overcame that and their friendship and relationship was more stronger because of their breakup.

7. Chemistry

Through the show, they built up a relationship with each other but their chemistry was a whole other thing. It’s important that their friendship was built around their chemistry and that never went away or will go away because their chemistry is something that was naturally there from the beginning. Lily, has said they have chemistry that never goes away I believe that is true, it never did or will go away it remains apart of their relationship forever, they never had that type of chemistry with anyone. I think it’s great that Neil and Cobie made something out of nothing just from their chemistry alone both on and off screen and that cemented Barney and Robin’s entire relationship and makes me believe that this chemistry will forever pull them back together IF they ever broke up again. I will not mention the failnale but it’s true their chemistry has always pulled them towards each other and always will that never goes away. They are physically and emotionally connected to each other through their chemistry and it was something that was always there and strong in their relationship from the beginning.

8. Adventurous

As, mentioned above they like to have fun and challenge each other both in life and for fun. They, love the thrills of what life can bring, they like to have fun, play games, they act like children sometimes because they didn’t have a childhood that normal kids have, so they use their lost childhood as adults, they explore life together. Don’t tell me that Barney doesn’t love adventure or traveling because that is so laughable. Just, because you grow doesn’t mean you’re going to lose who you naturally are and always was. He, has lived his life on the edge, likes to have fun, he even has a whole book on the thrill of picking up women. He loves the play in life, the women not so much. But, the thrill he loves and the only woman he likes the thrill of adventure with is Robin. She is the only person in his life who is equally adventurous and likes to have fun and they found that in their relationship. When, he asked her to do crazy stuff on the news when they first met she did it, not because she was afraid of losing her job or would be embarrassed, she did it because she wanted to and maybe a little because Barney wanted her to. But, mostly she does stuff with Barney because she loves to hang out with him and be around his out going personality which she also has and has lost or was taken from her when she was a child. They, never had the kind of childhood that young kids have or the parents who loved and supported them so as adults they found that they can be fun, silly, act like children and be what they weren’t or couldn’t be as children. They, enjoy life and they don’t like being in one place, they don’t like boring and they aren’t going to ever be that apple picking, white picket fence, suburbs, sitting on the front porch type couple. And, I believe they won’t be sitting around bored in hotel rooms or hating traveling because that is not who they are and they will never be the Marshall and Lily kind of couple. They, are who they are and they love who they are, they don’t want to change that or who they are to actually be happy together.

9. Friends/Enemies

Okay, I wanted to find a word that goes along with this relationship but couldn’t think of anything. However, the word enemies was used in Barney and Robin’s wedding invitation on the HIMYM wedsite back at the end of season 8 so I thought this is the right word to use in this post. Frienemies, first of all they are not enemies they are friends who had gone through hard times together who love each other, they had times where they weren’t talking to each other like season 7 and times when they were mad at each other but they are not enemies who hate each other so that word is so odd to me even now, like 5 years after that post on the website was posted. Anyway, they are friends first and foremost but I wanted to talk mostly about what they had gone through to get to the point of getting engaged and actually wanting a life together.

They, went through so much before they met, after they met, before they got together both times and in between but they came out of all of that unscathed and more aware of who they are and what they want. They, found an amazing connection since they met and formed a great union together as a team who are always there for each other and love to be around each other, they care and support one another and have their unforgiving and forgiving moments but over all they aren’t programmed to hate each other and they never will. Not counting any failnale stuff, they aren’t those people at all however they aren’t perfect and they have their moments but as a couple they’ll get through it as long as they don’t hate each other, that won’t happen but we as shippers we do love some angst and boy did these two have their share of it. It was both fun and sad but they made it and were better because of it it shows how strong this love is.

10. Soulmates

Barney & Robin are the very rare definition of the word soulmate, or words soul mates. They are friends, they are partners, they are in love and they are apart of each other. “They, are your best friend, and your soulmate, you can’t wait to spend your life with them.” And, it was true for them, they couldn’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together however they took their sweet time realizing that they want to be together because both were terrified that it wouldn’t work out again and it will end like the last time. Robin, never had doubts about her love for him or his love for her but she did have doubts about if they could really make it, if they can go the distance that was her main issue. I also think she thought he would never really be ready to make that commitment to her that she wanted from him, and that’s why she took so long to realize that she actually wants to be with him but is scared that she could lose him and for her she doesn’t want that to ever happen, they are both so lost and don’t know what to do with themselves when they’re apart or aren’t around each other. They are anchors, book ends, they can’t live without the other one there by their side in whatever situation and I think that’s a really real life thing, living without that other half of you gets you nowhere in life and makes life less fun, it stalls life, it makes them miserable. They are happiest when together, they aren’t happy being apart and the amount of time they spent debating, thinking, being confused, unsure and unaware made them both miserable for along time. They, are true soulmates who always find their way back to each other and that chemistry will always forever pull/push them together in every situation no matter the situation. They, are in love and always will be and that kind of love should never be tested, discarded, forgotten, destroyed or not taken seriously, because even if life moves fast, your life can stall and for a while they stalled on getting back together because of the fear of losing each other, they almost did a few times but in the end they got it right getting back together when they did or they would have still been fighting their feelings and pretending they aren’t in love at that time so The Robin made sense for a push to get them to come to their senses. The, real sad thing isn’t that tragic failnale it’s the fact that these two found each other and lost each other in that horrible universe and were miserable. The, point of being soulmates is you can’t actually have a life with anyone else or be truly single because you will always be connected to that person who is your soulmate, for them it’s each other and always will be.

11. Fiances

I said above that they were engaged before, and it counts as a brief detour back to each other by getting engaged by getting back together. I don’t know if getting engaged first was a good idea however I loved their engagement and the meaning of The Robin because it showed just how very keen Barney is about the real Robin and I think that is the real meaning of naming this play The Robin. He, knows the real Robin, every move, everything she says and does he knows who she really is and the fact that he knew that she was fighting her feelings for him shows how he really knows her. He, planned this play for only two months however, I think as a head canon he was planning it since he met her and I never doubted that Barney is very aware of how she works. Who needs Robin 101 when you have The Robin as proof that he knows her better than anyone. He knew that she was in love with him but was scared to make a move and tell him how she felt so he had to push her to make her realize just how much she was killing herself by not being with him when she wanted to for at least two years. It truly amazes me as a shipper to watch Robin come undone through The Robin play but end up being really completely happy, and happiest when Barney was down on one knee proposing to her. He was committing in the biggest way possible in a relationship, it’s something she always wanted and doubted that he would actually want from her. The fact that he was trying and committed to her in season 5, the first time they were together can be kind of a test for the relationship however he was very committed and in love with her so he committed and once he proposed all worries stopped and she said yes because she couldn’t waste anymore time being apart from him and fighting her feelings because it really was destroying her, and made her run and be in denial for along time not in just two months but since they met.

They, fell in love through their friendship and it opened their eyes and hearts to only each other and I think it’s the whole point of that scene in “Ring Up” at the end when she realizes that Barney is all she really needs to be happy. He, gets her drinks, he opens the doors and holds them for her, he is there always for her, is aware of who this woman truly is and that’s all Robin needs to be fulfilled and completed in life.

12. Roommates

Even when they were dating Robin was practically living with him as I mentioned above she had her stuff at his place and he never minded or cared that she had her things in the Fortress. It shows the commitment he was making even then and it also showed that she was making a commitment to him by just being with him, being his girlfriend and not just sleeping with him and having her fun. They, made this commitment to each other very surprisingly quickly without even defining the relationship and it worked for them. They, never complained or changed each other to suit whatever the other wanted and don’t want and it’s really important to their character development which I believed started with Barney falling in love with Robin after they slept together and her feelings just became so powerless and emotional for her, she truly was scared of losing him and that says a lot about how much she needs him in her life and as her partner, they care so much that even something as simple as bringing personal belongings to the other ones place says how committed they are. I’m considering this the first of many character developments of their relationship and as individuals since they had already been growing individually for sometime but neither had a relationship that they really committed to. I mean, they just seemed to come together way before they actually got engaged (this S5 engagement not counting) but the real one and the one that matters to both of them. They, grew up so much after they dated and it helped them settle into their engagement very easily and know what works and doesn’t work for them. They, did things differently than season 5 and that was good for their lifetime commitment to each other later on.

13. Destiny

Neither believed in destiny, they laughed at things that are couply they hated being attached in a relationship, they didn’t like exposing themselves to others mostly those they didn’t trust but with each other they found each other without trying. They, found each other through their friendship and the moment they met was the moment their destiny to each other started and just meeting each other changed each other in a way they never changed for other relationships. They are true soulmates, they’re destiny, they met, become friends and just seem to find this ease with each other that they never had or will have with anyone else. They fell in love, I mean they could have remained best friends without the romance but with the chemistry they have, how deep they care and the love they have for each other it was bound to happen no matter what and at many times during the series including season 1, yes season 1 when they just met. But, the moment they brod out together was the moment their destiny started and it was even part of their soulmate montage, it’s so beautiful that they bonded early on however they could have had a relationship that was more than friendship at that point and “Zip, Zip, Zip” proofed that they have a very strong connection and that chemistry was just out standing and fun to watch.

14. Husband and Wife

They, are truly married. Truthfully, I’ve never seen them happier than they were when they were up at that alter getting married, it was like nobody was there around them, it was just them gazing lovingly at each other and knowing they want to spend their lives together. They went through hell and came out of it better and happier than ever I believe that the couple up on that alter was destined for happiness together, they were even a little giddy with her jumping up and down beaming happily as they were pronounced man and wife, his smile was very real and not faked for public show, he was truly happy and was beaming as well, they laughed and smiled the entire ceremony and never took their eyes off each other. That, is a showing of a truly happy, settled, committed, legendary couple getting married and those smiles never left their faces after the ceremony and I truly think these two will have fun, crazy,  adventurous times together and that will never end it will get only better as a married couple. They, are just getting started when they got married, sure life has downs but it also has ups but together, as long as they have each other they can make a lifetime of happiness and new memories. No matter what happens in their lives, they have each other and I will never believe these two people who can’t live without the other one there by their side would want to lose that and lose it all by losing each other. Barney IS not the guy in that failnale and that was NOT Robin Scherbatsky, maybe lesbian Robin or some other weird chick but that was not Robin Scherbatsky, the cool, fun scotch drinking, laser tag playing, gun using, independent, awesome, caring, supportive, loving Robin who was always there for Barney and cared about his happiness ahead of her own. This love shall never stop, fade or end not forever anyway, they will go on in life happy and committed to only each other without losing themselves because losing themselves means losing who they truly are and those two people in the failnale, those were not the awesome, fun, loving couple we’ve seen in the show it wasn’t them. They’re in love and that’s never going away, it only grows and finds new ways of how much they love and need each other.

15. Family

As, this post ends finally lol I wanted to talk about them as a family and not just friends or a couple. While, Marshall and Lily have each other and Ted has Tracy eventually, they are the only ones left if they never got married so they would somehow end up together in any situation. But, the moment they got engaged is the moment they aren’t just a couple they are a family who support and love each other. Barney is Robin’s family because he’s not only her husband but her best friend and she already thought of him as her family being part of the group, the gang’s friendship was the thing that kept her in NY and it was Barney who she wanted as her husband so he’s automatically her family. Her friends are her extended family and the family who were always there for her unlike her own family her friends are her family and she will never leave that no matter what and she would never leave Barney and he would never leave her, he wanted to marry her for a reason and that reason was to be with her for the rest of his life and Robin wanted to spend her life with him and never really wavered on wanting a life with him and would never want to be apart from him, if she had to travel for work he wouldn’t always go with her but it would never be a problem for them, they both love adventure, they love to explore new things because new is always better and they hate being apart, that’s the point of wanting to spend forever together. They, married so they could no longer be without each other and it’s clear that’s what they wanted for along time, they wanted to be together forever and the love they have would never just let them give up and he would never complain about her job. He, fell in love with the independent Robin Scherbatsky, he fell for the whole package not just an image so in a way he would follow her anywhere and every where as long as he’s with her he’s happy. In, any other relationship Robin would easily give up her marriage but not with Barney the only person she actually cares about on a more deeper and real level and can’t live without. They, literally seem to really be lost with themselves without each other there by their side in life and that’s the reason they wanted to get married and wanted a life together. Their, happiness is important and not something that should be tested or given up on they should live their lives the way they want to, with love, support and as a team which they have been since they met.

16. Forever

In, the end however they are happy and in love they came so far why would they ever want to go back to that. Barney, has said he was miserable and unhappy with the single lifestyle he was living for along time and Robin was always so focused on her career to care about a relationship but Barney was the exception, she created a life with him that she seemed to not want to end and she was so sad and lost for along time, after they broke up she was in so much pain that she couldn’t even date anyone and usually that isn’t her, but with Barney. She, truly fell in love with him so much so that nobody else made her commit, she had other relationships and she seemed to commit but she was never really in love with those other men. It was always Barney and will always be Barney, she would never give that up for misery and loneliness. Barney doesn’t either, losing each other isn’t an option, if they get to a bad time in their marriage/relationship they should never give up, they would go to counseling and try more harder and realistically to keep their relationship and marriage from collapsing. Giving up is what they did in season 5 but season 8 and 9 they were totally different people who weren’t going to just up and give up on their relationship, this love will always be in tact despite all the problems they might face along the line, they never would give that up for the life they used to live, the life they both felt lost and unfulfilled with. They, made this commitment and that’s something both never wanted at one time but they just couldn’t live without each other. It says a lot about two very independent people who will always be independent especially Robin. This relationship can always be repaired and this love will never end or be forgotten it’s forever remembered as their box of feels from their relationship had said. She used to not care about photos or things from other relationship, she even said she never kept anything minus her dogs from past relationships but I don’t doubt she kept pictures and items from their first relationship and that’s the reason she brought that up to him, it shows that she’s not only still in love with him, she can’t give up things from the relationship and never will this includes the man himself. Losing, him or discarding him would never happen because that is just not who Robin is at least not with Barney.

This, love is forever and just gets more and more interesting and real as they spend a lifetime together never giving up on the relationship again because that worked out so well the first time they broke up. Their, marriage will last and I believe with character/personal growth it will only get better and they would be there when they need each other and go through life together that’s part of the reason I love this relationship it’s a very real, interesting relationship one that isn’t normal in TV but should be used as an example to other relationships on TV as a couple who grew and overcame so much in their lives to end up with a happy ending in a very real, realistic way and neither wanted to give up on each other it’s why they always remembered their first go in a relationship.

anonymous asked:

soo i was wondering, do you think seth was, dare i say, jealous of kate and rafa's short lived relationship i guess you could say? i really wish he could've shown it more


hello, anon! 

lmao this is actually kind of a funny question, because if i’m being completely frank, i don’t think we were meant to receive Seth’s reaction to Kate’s new friend Rafa in any other way, and there’s a few reasons why. 

let’s start with my favourite one: the scene in which Seth finds out about Rafa.

first of all – positioning. 

now, positioning is key. positioning tells us a LOT about dynamics in a scene – motive, agenda, interpersonal connections, intentions etc. 

Seth and Kate are both positioned very deliberately here. they’re on opposite sides of a table, so there’s an element of confrontation to their interaction. not only that, but Seth is standing while Kate is sitting. that right there? that sets Kate on something of a defensive edge.

this is an important dynamic to establish right off the bat. it shows that Seth and Kate aren’t just two regular, purely platonic friends having a discussion about a guy one of them met. if they were, the vibe would be one of open intimacy, NOT confrontation.

it shows, too, in the way she tries to recover. 

this is a pretty rare reaction from Kate. back in 1x02, when Scott was calling her out about Kyle, we didn’t even get to see her anywhere near this nervous. she barely even blinked, reacting with pure exasperation and annoyance. (“Hey, give it back!” “Gross!”)

the fact that Kate was nervous about talking to Seth about a stranger with whom she’d had an (admittedly very flirty) interaction with is a huge indicator that their relationship is definitely not of the brother-sister variety that she shares with Scott. it shows us that Kate cares what Seth thinks, in a very specific way that she doesn’t with Scott. 

(side note: this is actually a very nice parallel between 1x02 and 2x02 and i can’t believe i’ve never noticed it before lmaooo okay moving on)

next, Seth’s reaction.

what an AMAZING face. (well done, DJ.) 

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Meeting Isaac Hale

Sorry this took so long to write! It’s based off this prompt, where Rhys meets Isaac Hale, Feyre’s former lover.



I never thought I’d be here again.

The village had been my life, been my whole world, and now it seemed so… small. Compared with Velaris, it seemed like nothing. I had been nothing. Just another nameless girl in a nameless village doing whatever I could to survive the day, the year.

I never liked to think of what my life had been like as a human. But here, a place where everyone knew everybody, where everyone was gaunt and poor, it was like I had never left.

The village hadn’t changed. Well, not much.

But there were the market stalls that still dominated the village square, run by the same vendors or their children. The houses still looked raggedy, the people still pale faced and run down. After the war, human and fae relations had improved, and the human lands were beginning to prosper once more, but there was still a long way to go.

Which was why we were here.

Even after fifteen years, I could still remember vividly what my human life was like. And, yes, I did not like to think about it, not when my life was so much better now, but being here… it brought back memories.

Memories of Isaac Hale, of the Children of the Blessed, of long days and nights spent in the woods, trying to provide for a family who had given up hope. Memories of the day I killed a wolf with hate in my heart.

Ironic, really, that I had ended up as someone human Feyre would have despised.

Sensing my trail of thoughts, Rhys entwined his hand with mine, an action so familiar it was almost instinctive. The simple touch grounded me, made me remember that this wasn’t my life anymore, that I wouldn’t have to live like that again.

It had been fifteen years, but the scars still ran deep.

“Do you think they’re going to like us?” I asked Rhys, even though I knew the answer.

My mate huffed a breath. “No. But… they won’t try anything. Not now that the treaty is in full force.”

Ah yes, the treaty. After the first war all those centuries ago, the treaty stopping fae enslaving humans and humans killing fae had begun. But the laws had worn away in the years, and now, soon after this war had been won, it was restored. Relations with the human lands had improved, greatly so, but prejudices remained on either side. We still kept to our side and they kept to theirs.

Rhys and I were here for a meeting with the Queens. And since part of the treaty was for fae not to use magic in the Human Lands, Rhys and I had flown here. But I had wanted to stop here first.

I had shed my mortal skin more than a decade ago, but to be here one more time… I had nothing left of my father. And a part of me still missed him, even if he hadn’t been there for my sisters and I. After his sacrifice in the war, after what he did for us…

I wanted one more goodbye.

My mate and I had landed in the woods, out of sight from the humans in the village. I had stayed airborne for a few extra moments and just watched the village, the mundaneness of it all. It was hard to believe that this had been my life. That one of the girls could have been me fifteen years ago, both hopeless and desperate.

But I had sworn to improve the lives of the people here, and I would.

Which was why this meeting was important.

Nesta had been invited here with us since she was Emissary to the Human Lands, but she had refused. I knew why she did not want to step a foot in this place, and I did not blame her. One night, she had told me what had happened to her here. It took all the strength I had not to travel here to rip Tomas Mandray’s throat out there and then.

So the trip was just Rhys and I, and I couldn’t help but feel… nervous. That he would be seeing this part of me, the part of me that was weak, frail, human. But this was only where I had grown up, but it was not where I lived. It was not a part of me.

“You okay?”

I looked up at Rhys, whose violet eyes were fixed on my face. I managed a smile. “Yeah. I’m fine.”

Taking a deep breath, I stepped out of the trees, my wings already gone. Rhys’s had also disappeared. There was no need for them here, and they would do nothing but frighten people.

The villagers all knew that I was fae, had found out when we got as many as we could to safety during the war. But I still felt their shocked eyes on me, on my unnatural stillness and grace and Rhys and I walked hand in hand next to the market, keeping out of the way of the stalls. I pretended not to hear the doors slamming and the sound of a lock being turned.

Scars ran deep here too.

“Do you want to go to the house?” Rhys asked, his voice hushed, as if he did not want to speak normally. I understood why, for even without advanced fae hearing, I was still worried that the villagers could hear every word.

 I knew what house he meant. The hovel my family and I had lived in, the place that had been my home for nineteen years. I simultaneously dreaded and looked forward to seeing it. But I had to. It was almost as if it was the last piece I had of him.

Our hands still entwined, we turned to go, but were stopped by a shouted “Feyre?”

I knew that voice.

Rhys was instantly defensive, and looked as if he was searching for some hidden threat. But the voice belonged to a person who was not a danger to me.

He was just someone I really didn’t want to see.

He had reached us now, looking exactly the same as he did fifteen years go, except his face was lined and his hair beginning to show signs of grey.

Isaac Hale.

My former lover and friend.

“I haven’t seen you in, what? Fifteen years!” Isaac said, obviously not picking up on Rhys’s glare or my surprise.

“Yeah. So how are you?” I asked, pointedly not looking at Rhys, though he practically radiated territorial bullshit.

Was he really jealous of Isaac?

Rhys knew that I had been with someone before Tamlin, knew that it had been Isaac, but I had never revealed much. Just that he had been my escape. From the world, and well… everything.

“Good, yeah.” He replied. I could feel his eyes on my pointed ears, and on my elongated teeth when I spoke. “What about you?”

I nodded, ignoring Rhys’s glaring. I couldn’t believe that he was jealous. And of a human. A human who I hadn’t slept with in years. We hadn’t even really cared about each other, not in the way we should. “I’m okay. It’s uh… I just wanted to come back. For a visit.” Why was I telling him all this? And I was beginning to ramble, most likely due to my shock at seeing him again.

And with Rhys here… It was like two worlds colliding. My past and my present.

“Oh, right.” I was sure Isaac was also beginning to regret coming over to us. He shot a nervous glance at Rhys, who was completely still, his eyes tracking Isaac’s every move. I realised that the latter was utterly terrified of Rhys. He was just good at hiding it. “It was, uh, great seeing you.” Isaac continued, and held out a hand, presumably for me to shake.

I was certain that Rhys let out something like a growl at the sight of it.

Wanting to diffuse the feral aura Rhys was exuding, I quickly shook Isaac’s hand, feeling the rough callouses against my skin. Callouses from years of hard labour. I also ignored Rhys, who was acting like a territorial prick. “We should get going.” I told Isaac, nodding my head towards the path that would take us to the house. If you could even call it that.

“Of course. It was great to see you, Feyre.”

“Likewise.” And in a way, I suppose it was. Yes, Isaac wasn’t perfect, not by any means, but he was one of the few who had shown me kindness when I had needed it most. He was the one who kept me sane during those years, and I would always be grateful for that.

So my smile was genuine when I wished him well, but a part of me was still glad to see him leave. Because the conversation had felt like a goodbye. One more thing to let go of. I knew I would probably never see him again, but that was okay. Just another part of my past.

“Would you calm down?” I said to Rhys, who was still watching Isaac’s retreating form with a predatory gleam in his eye.

Rhys rolled his eyes. “I’m perfectly calm, Feyre darling.” Though I could tell he was still aware of Isaac’s every move, even from a distance away.

“You were practically growling at him!”

“I just wanted him to know that you weren’t interested!”

“I think he knew that Rhys. Considering that our relationship consisted of a few nights a month in a barn, I think he could tell I wasn’t attached.”


This time it was me who rolled my eyes. “Prick.”

“Yes, but I’m your prick.”

“You’re ridiculous.” I replied, but I was smiling.

I glanced down towards the path. I could feel my heart thundering in my chest. But I had to do it. For my father. And then we would travel to the Human Queens, and then go home. Home to Prythian.

I held onto that thought as I led Rhys down the path.

I would say a final goodbye.

And then I would finally be free.

okay but with something as simple as “percy has shown me the kind of man that i want to marry someday” taryon did So Much™????? like.

  • from a shipper’s standpoint i’M SO FUCKING HAPPY because i’ve been non-output!shipping percy/tary and poly-OT3ing tary/percy/vex since Taryon Day One, so liKE. Y OOOOOO.
  • from a Percy fan standpoint, thank fuck for one more not-directed-at-percy quote to prove to percy that he is becoming the good person that he only ever wished he could be, and that he naturally is.
  • from a semi-out queer person standpoint, that fucking took so much courage and self-faith. considering what happened with tary and his father in the past to make tary even leave the family in the first place, considering what his dad was trying to guilt him into doing, that was fucking H U G E. that was taryon owning his identity for himself, and then telling his father to just deal with it coz that’s not ever changing. that shit means SO MUCH TO ME because i’m preparing to march at Pride for the first time ever, which i’ve been reticent to do because i’m not out to my family, just my friends and a few cousins. the thought of coming out to them scares me half to death because much as i complain abt not feeling like my family really cares about me or likes me much, i fear their rejection, i dread my dad turning on me completely simply because i am bisexual. so to see this character - WHO I’VE LOVED SINCE HE SHOWED UP BTW - truly accept it for himself OUT LOUD is just. well, it makes me cry, let’s start at that. it just. it means SO MUCH TO ME to see that happen.

so yeah like. thank you for that, sam riegel. idk if you knew that that was what you’d end up doing by having tary say that, but you did That™ and i’m just. so thankful.

The Arrangement: Chapter Fifteen

Author’s Note: THE FIRST KISS IS FINALLY HERE! Took me 15 chapters to build up to it lol so I hope I did it justice! I also hope you enjoy the chapter, feedback is always appreciated :)


Originally posted by augustren

“Did we just have marriage counselling with the Supreme Leader?” You said when you entered your quarters.

Kylo removed his helmet, “It would seem so, Princess.”

“If I had known he would start asking those questions, I wouldn’t have—”

“Wouldn’t have told him, ‘we haven’t even kissed’?” Kylo asked, slightly amused as he imitated you.

You groaned, burying your face into your hands to avoid Kylo’s gaze, “I can’t believe I said that.”

“Yes, well you’re lucky he has a vested interest in you or you would have been dead before you could utter the word, ‘consummated’.”

“Ugh, how awful,” you whined as you re-lived the embarrassment over in your mind.

“At least I know what you’re thinking now.”

“What?” Your voice was muffled as you spoke into your hands.

“The only downside to teaching you to control your thoughts is that… well, that I can’t hear them anymore,” he hummed.

“You know that could be a new interrogation tactic. Just put them in front of Snoke for a few minutes and they’ll share everything.”

You heard Kylo’s faint laughter as he brought his hands to yours, gently prying them away from your face to meet your gaze, “Are you unhappy with your life here, Princess?” He asked quietly.

Slowly you shook your head, “No—No, of course not. What makes you ask that?”

“Snoke said that it’s my duty to make sure you’re content. Clearly he doesn’t think I’m doing a very good job of that.”

You smiled slightly, “Well I’m happy with the progress I’m making—I have you to thank for that, Commander.”

Kylo ignored your cheerful tone, “And yet you are still unhappy.”

“No. I’m not,” you said it firmly this time.

“You can hide your thoughts from me Y/N, but not your emotions. You’re discontent, I can feel it.”

It was then when you realised that Kylo’s hands were still over yours. He seemed to become aware of it in that moment too.

“Say something,” Kylo instructed. His voice barely above a whisper now.

You sighed, “Why… um, why… haven’t you kissed me yet?”

So that was the source of your unhappiness, Kylo thought. “Why, do you want me to?”

“I asked you a question first.”

Kylo frowned slightly, “Because I’m…” he let out a sigh, “I’m afraid, Princess.” It was as if it pained him to even admit it.

“Of what?”

“Of you… I mean, of losing you, of—of caring too much for you, even loving you.”

“It’s a kiss, Kylo. You’re not going to go falling in love with me because of one kiss.” You half-laughed as you recited the same words he had recently said to you.

But Kylo wasn’t laughing. His expression was firm, but it was as if his eyes glistened with a confusing mixture of sadness and desire.

“It’s been a long time since I have cared for anyone as much as I care for you, Y/N. ” he said finally.

You stayed silent. Hesitantly, you reached out your hand to brush his cheek. You didn’t know what was compelling you to do it, but as soon as you did, Kylo was leaning in to your touch.

You inched closer to him and he responded by doing the same. Your heart racing as your eyes glanced over his plump lips.

You noticed Kylo doing the same to you and when he met your gaze again, his eyes seemed to be asking for your permission to continue. You have a quick nod as Kylo’s lips hovered ever so slightly above yours. Even now, with the moment so close, he was cautious.

“Kylo…” your voice came out as whisper, sounding almost desperate.

Kylo responded immediately as he pressed his lips against yours. You let out an involuntary gasp at how well his lips seemed to meld with your own. He softly guided your mouth against his own and it felt right. It felt perfect.

But before you could deepen the kiss, Kylo parted from you. Your fingers moved up to trace the outline of your lips, eager to retrace the movements of Kylo’s lips working with yours.

“I– I shouldn’t have done that, forgive me, Y/N.”

You frowned, “Kylo, we are bound by the Force, and by this marriage… I know you won’t hurt me,” you said when you had gathered your thoughts. You knew this was playing on Kylo’s mind.

“How do you know that?”

“I just… do,” you said quietly, “I—I trust you.”

“I don’t even trust myself,” he huffed, “I’ve betrayed the people I care about before. Do you know that?”

You were at a loss for what to say. “Kylo—” you reached out to him.

“I’ve hurt the people I care about—even… even killed them, Y/N,” Kylo’s voice was breaking now as he stepped away from you. The sphere of intimacy quickly diminishing. “Y-you shouldn’t trust me.”

“But I do,” you pressed, moving towards him as he took another step back, “Who you were, it’s not who you are now. You’ve changed. I’ve seen it. I can feel it, Kylo. You truly care about me, not just for the sake of this damn political alliance!”

“You are too good for this, Y/N, too pure, too innocent.”

“What are you talking about, Kylo?!” You snapped. The tension had been building since you entered your quarters.

“Did you not hear what I said?! I have hurt the people I care about, I’ve—”

“I don’t want to hear about that!” You stopped him as you inched closer, and this time he didn’t step away from you, “Kylo, you are… stubborn, yes. You get agitated easily… But you are also kind— Don’t you dare deny it,” you stopped him as his mouth opened to protest.

“You didn’t have to take me to see my family, you didn’t have to keep me warm that night on Ilum… you don’t even have to talk to me half as much as you do!” It was like you were pleading with him to see himself as you saw him, “You have shown me more kindness than I ever thought you were capable of. Telling me about what you’ve done in the past… it means nothing when I have proof that you have goodness in your heart, Kylo.”

Just as he had on previous occasions, Kylo felt the need to tell you everything about his past. But your expression was one of compassion… As if you had already forgiven him without first hearing what he was guilty of.

“I just wish you would have known me as the man I once was. Before all of this. That was a man you could have placed all your trust in to. A man you could have loved, and who would love you back unconditionally. Without a care in the Galaxy.”

You were puzzled slightly by his comment, but you confidently took your hand in his once more, “I know you now. I care for you now. In time, perhaps you will tell me more about your past. But not now. Not like this.”

Kylo nodded slowly, his eyes firmly meeting your own, "I worry that your trust in me may be misguided. As your mentor, certainly not. But as your husband…”

“My trust in you as my husband is entirely different. In our marriage, we are equals, remember? You are free to be vulnerable, to be afraid, even to be happy. As am I. Trust will come from our ability to confide in one another.”

Kylo was smiling slightly, “I want you to be happy, Y/N, I truly do. If that means making this marriage work, I will endeavour to do my best. For you.”

“Now that was spoken like a true husband,” you teased.

Kylo chuckled at that as be brought his lips up to brush the top of your hair. You froze in initial surprise before relaxing at his touch. This felt like the beginning of something wonderful, you were certain.

“Don’t think that this changes anything in the training room, Y/N.” You were half expecting such a comment.

“Oh, of course not. It just means I can kiss you after I send you plummeting to the ground,” you smirked.

“Care to prove it?” Kylo asked as he walked towards the blast door.

“It would be my pleasure.”

“To think,” Kylo started as the blast doors opened, “All we needed was marriage advice from a hologram.”

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❛ It is a good life we lead, brother/sister. ❜
❛ The best. May it never change. ❜
❛ You should find an outlet. ❜
❛ I meant besides vaginas. ❜
❛ I thought… I thought I was beyond this. ❜
❛ I’ve waited too long, lost too much. ❜
❛ I’m surprised to see you here. ❜
❛ Afraid to handle things your self? ❜
❛ This is my destiny. ❜
❛ Get it over with then. ❜
❛ Don’t you know what lies within? ❜
❛ It’s not approval I’m after, just power. ❜
❛ Are you so naïve? ❜
❛ I’m sorry, were you hoping for a confession? ❜  
❛ You met the fate you deserved! ❜
❛ Piece of shit! I only wish you’d suffered more! ❜
❛ Show some respect! ❜
❛ It was great, being shoved in the trunk, bouncin’ around. ❜  
❛ Okay, guess I better get started. ❜
❛ We’ve been at this a lot longer than you. ❜
❛ Did you honestly think I wouldn’t expect you to follow? ❜
❛ How do you expect me to respond? ❜  
❛ How many people have died for this? ❜
❛ Come and take it from me. ❜
❛ You claim not to be a believer. ❜
❛ Everything is permitted. ❜
❛ Nothing is true, everything is permitted. ❜
❛ Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember… ❜
❛ You will die by my hand, just like your father. ❜
❛ This is a losing battle for you. ❜
❛ And look- There’s nobody here! ❜
❛ For what’s in this box? ❜
❛ That I didn’t plan for it? ❜
❛ Respect? After all that’s happened? ❜
❛ Let’s see what you are made of, old man/woman! ❜
❛ No more tricks, no more ancient artifacts, no more weapons. ❜
❛ It’s all lies and superstition. ❜
❛ It gave me power! ❜
❛ And yet you dismiss the central text of your Faith? ❜
❛ You think a couple of ancient relics can harm him/her. ❜
❛ Whatever lies beyond that wall won’t be able to resist. ❜
❛ I don’t care. It’s not approval I’m after, just power. ❜
❛ When you open that door? ❜
❛ A more logical location than a kingdom on a cloud, don’t you think? ❜
❛ I’ve always had a soft spot for women in distress. ❜
❛ What the fuck? ❜
❛ No. Killing you won’t bring my family back.  ❜
❛ You can’t. You can’t! This is my destiny. MINE! ❜
❛ It’s your family that cries for guards when there’s trouble. ❜
❛ I thought I was beyond this. But I’m not. ❜
❛ I have plenty of outlets! ❜
❛ And may it never change us. ❜
❛ I’m done. ❜
❛ May it never change. And may it never change us. ❜
❛ We were just talking about you. ❜
❛ You never were. ❜
❛ I am the prophet! ❜
❛ Killing you won’t bring my family back. I’m done. ❜  
❛ What do you even want with the ______? ❜
❛ Figure out what? ❜
❛ Surrounded by singing angels and cherubim. ❜
❛ And you think she/he’ll give it up? ❜
❛ God is meant to be all knowing. All powerful. ❜
❛ You know nothing, boy/girl. ❜
❛ Do you think I believe a single god-damned word of that ridiculous book? ❜
❛ It gave me access! It gave me power! ❜
❛ I only wish you’d suffered more!  ❜
❛ Do you think he/she would have shown either of us such kindness? ❜
❛ Thanks for that. Loved it… ❜
❛ I will cut you down, Assassin! ❜
❛ That I didn’t plan for it? We’ve been at this a lot longer than you. ❜

I would really like to see more pissed lysander.

he seems to become colder … jealous manipulative calculating and can get a condescending tone when addressing the person who angered him.

 hes shown to be a great liar… as candy says he kind of a good actor.

 I wish I had got some shots of him and priya dealing with amber.

Ive added some moments from other eps as well 

The Summer (27/33)

The Summer (27/33) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 300,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 14,220 Words

For reference, @botanistlester is Dan, @snowbunnylester is Phil.

(Previous) (AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: heavy angst, insecurity, lack of self-care, self punishment (nothing extreme, just like, berating themselves and generally not caring about their own well being)

Chapter Twenty-Seven

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redgreeneyes  asked:

I was so angry that Bail Organa erased C3-PO's memory that I wished Vader would have found out and choked the shit out of him. It was a shame that Anakin was so far away and he was lost in the dark side at that point. I want to see Vader choke Bail so much...

Tbh i never hated Bail for it. He’s definitely guilty of lack of sympathy and respect for CP3O’s life but I don’t see it as a “Bail problem”. It’s more like “everyone’s problem”. Only very few individuals have shown the kind of respect and love for droids the Skywalker do. To everyone else, they are glorified external hard drives. They are objects, not beings worth of such human consideration. It was wrong of Bail to do it, but I don’t consider it a malicious act. He did to protect himself, Leia, Obi-wan everyone else who knew the truth about Padmé’s death.  he probably believed he was protecting C3PO too, because if ever even hinted something to the wrong person it would mean torture and death for him and a whole bunch of people.

The problem with how the droids were treated went way beyond Bail. Obi-wan did the same thing with R2, he would have been more than ready to erase his memory on a weekly basis or leave him behind after a mission. It’s a societal problem. Droids are objects. The way they were treated was despicable but understandable within the context of their society.

EXO (OT9) Reaction to Their S/O Dressing Up for an Award Show

Hey guys! I’m so sorry for not posting recently, school has made me really busy lately and I like to keep my grades high, so I am on a constant hiatus which I apologize for. 

Suho: Honestly, if you even thought about wearing something above the knee for it, you also probably wouldn’t actually be attending that award show. I feel like he would also prefer the more classic red carpet look anyways. Though, it would depend on the show. But no matter what you wore, the second you walked out of the closet with your dress on, and you makeup and hair done to perfection, he wouldn’t have words. He’d probably just kinda walk over towards you and wrap his arms around your waist, finally working up the vocals to tell you how beautiful you look.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Xiumin: I also feel like he would prefer the more classic look, but again, depending on the show itself, he would totally be down for a short dress. Though there would be a lot of hand holding and skinship initiated on his behalf, making sure no one was looking at you for too long. And if he did catch someone staring for too long, even if it was at your face, or shoes, he would not be afraid to give the person a death glare, signaling that you were off limits. As if the arm around your shoulders and legs intertwined wasn’t hint enough. But as soon as you stepped down the stairs, him waiting at the bottom for you, he would immediately be telling you how amazing you looked, maybe even taking your hand and spinning you around so he could see the whole dress.

Originally posted by oohsehunnies

D.O: I feel like he would also like the more classic floor-length look, not necessarily into the shorter dresses. I see him as a protector when it comes to him being in a relationship, and this would just be one of those things to him. Plus, he is on the shorter side of line, and wearing a longer dress shortened your stature slightly, so he would feel taller than he was. But, no matter what you wore, I feel like he would be the silent admirer. Not really saying anything except for the usual “You look stunning.”, but more or less, not taking his eyes off of you for the whole night.

Originally posted by smileysoo

Chanyeol: I feel like Channie would be more into the shorter, flowy style. He is typically a fun guy, and this type of dress is typically considered very fun, so the two go pair in pair there. But he probably wouldn’t mad if you could totally pull of a feminine pant suit, for the red carpet, better than he can pull of his own. It would honestly make him feel like you two were the power couple of the century. When he heard your heels clicking down the hallway, and he turned around, he would be stunned. Your hair done a way you never do it, always complaining that it took too long, and the outfit that made his heart beat out of his chest. No words would come to mind except for the endless compliments that would soon flow from his mouth, later at the show.

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Baekhyun: He would be more like Chanyeol in my eyes too. Though he would be a little more protective over you at the award show if you decided to wear a shorter dress. If his members started staring at you, he also wouldn’t be afraid to hit them on the back of the head, even if they were older than him. He would definitely be more feisty than Xiumin though, when it came to others looking at you for longer than necessary. And definitely not afraid to kiss you in public, if someone didn’t seem to get the idea that you were there with him. But back at home, when you were getting ready, even if you didn’t have your hair or makeup done yet, he would be already complimenting you on how stunning you were. Every other sentence leaving his mouth, telling you how amazing you were.

Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

Chen: He would definitely appreciate it if you were more into wearing fun, new styles at the award show. If it was from a floor length dress with a bunch of ruffles to a short dress covered in different colored sequins, he would find it so unique and different, something I relate with his personality. Or if you went simple with a crazy statement piece that steals the show. As soon as you showed him the outfit that you were going to wear, he was beyond excited. He probably even got a matching tie to your dress you two could rock the couples fashion. When you both stepped out of the car, all eyes were instantly on you. With you both walking hand down the runway, he felt as if you two stole the show, which to be honest, you probably did. And anytime another idol gave your outfits second glances he would probably coax you to strike a pose or something weird to have fun.

Originally posted by drawien

Lay: (Sorry for the play on rhyme coming up) You and Lay would absolutely slay! Plus he would probably say this to you as you were walking down the red carpet. Him, his fashion on point, not to mention coordinating colors with you. You probably in a sleek dress that makes all the other idols wish they had that dress. You would definitely have all eyes on you two. Let’s be real though, you two could’ve shown up in jeans and still have all eyes on you. But when you two were at home, he wouldn’t be able to say a word as you walked down the hall. He would kind of stare for a minute before shaking his head to clear his mind and lacing his arm through yours. Not trusting his voice to tell you how amazing you looks until you were both in the car and probably halfway to the venue.

Originally posted by baekhyuntella

Kai: He would be more interested in you wearing something that you thought you looked good in, not at all that the others wouldn’t be, and if you dared ask him his opinion of your chosen wardrobe, he’d probably leave the room and tell you to meet him when you were confident in what you were wearing, which probably took a smaller amount of time than he expected. But when you walked out of the room in your desired outfit, he would be so happy that you chose something that made you feel good about yourself. He would instantly be telling you how magnificent you looked, and how you were going to be the best looking person there, compliments spilling left and right from him.

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Sehun: Okay, I’m not going to lie here. Short dresses. He would probably lose his mind temporarily from you wearing a short dress, but he would totally be down for it in the long run. He might even be the one to coax you into wearing a short dress, bribing you with chocolate or some other food. But when he first saw you in the dress, he’d instantly have his hands running down your sides, not even saying anything. Though later on in the evening, he’d probably start to regret his decision, noticing all of the other people staring at you while you went up and accepted the award you received.

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(why does Sehun look so cocky here? It makes me upset ((((::::)

Hero (Magneto x Reader)

warnings; angst

words; 936

prompt; Your a mutant in a world that’s filled with repression. You feel misunderstood, mistreated. But that all changed the day you met him. The day you met Magneto. At first you were his toy, he used you like a fighting pawn but you were okay with that. It was more kindness then anyone had ever shown you. Though soon, you and Eric, as he had now let you call him. Grew feelings stronger then just the mentor and the apprentice, you grew love. But like all Eric’s relationships. They all end in disaster. ( anon )


The world is unkind and unfair to the likes of you. Granted, you never wanted to be treated like royalty…Just like a human. You childhood was…the last thing you wish to recall. No happy memories with mom or dad, no visiting the zoo, no playing with other kids or even developing a crush on a boy and promising to marry him under a lone apple tree that stood up the hill… Yours mainly consisted of experiments. Needles. Chemicals. Adults in white masks or yellow suits that came at night like monsters from fairy tale books.

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SNK Readthrough: Volume 13 Part 17

Armin’s abuse and Jean’s reaction is worth talking about. I apologize in advance if this is lengthy and rambling.

The horrifying

One of Reeve’s thugs  straight up molests Armin. I’ve seen posts where people have said this isn’t molestation because Armin is a boy and thus doesn’t have breasts. That’s just rubbish.

Anyone who is touches another person in an unwanted sexual way is molesting that person. Armin is a victim of sexual molestation. He is being abused. He looks to Jean for help, tears running down his face.

We’ve seen Jean make some “heartless” decisions in the past. Planning an escape while his friends were being eaten (x), and trying to determine who to leave behind during the Female Titan arc (x) spring to mind.

Jean struggles when making tough decisions. He knows what must be done, but he hates himself for it.

We see that again here. Jean can’t help Armin without jeopardizing the mission. The mission must come first. So he averts his eyes and allows it to happen.

The heartwarming

Once the kidnappers are defeated and the mission is complete, Jean does everything he can to support Armin.

Levi asks Armin to secure his attacker’s gag. Jean notices Armin’s fear and hesitation. He immediately and steps in to take his place. I’m struck by how gentle Jean is, hand on Armin’s shoulder, kindness in his words. He doesn’t view Armin as weak or incapable. Rather, he respects that Armin isn’t ready to deal with what has happened.

(I wish Isayama had shown us the next panel. Jean probably did more than secure the gag. I’m sure there were a few well placed punches as well.)

Once they are back at base. Jean encourages Armin to talk about what happened. As they sit at the table, Jean literally has his arm around him. He doesn’t treat Armin as less of a person because the abuse happened, rather he works to comfort and reassure him.

The more he talks about it, the better he’ll feel. Connie and Sasha also lend support to Armin.

(I saw a cute jearmin post that shows what a “touchy feely” guy Jean is. I hadn’t noticed all the times he physically touches his friends until it was pointed out to me. )

mika and yuu are actually so very important to me. it seems a little ridiculous but i found owari no seraph before a difficult part in my life and i grew attached to it to immerse myself in a different world. i immediately became attached to both characters as well as the squad and gurens team and the vampires. mika and yuu just have a special place in my heart. i love the love that yuu has for his family and specifically adore how he loves mika. mika’s dedication to yuu is undying and it’s so beautiful. i wish more had been shown of when they were kids before they found out about why they were placed into the hyakuya orphanage. they were so very pure and even now after being tainted in many ways they prove to be amazing and strong characters. this is absolutely my favorite pairing and it’s a kind of bond i wish i could have with my significant other. besides for stabbing me and demon stuff…other than that it’d be amazing. i was going somewhere with this but overall, i love this pairing with all my heart. mika and yuu for the win

The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

As soon as the Avengers reached the new SHIELD headquarters, Romanov and Barton led them to the area that was shown via the video feed. Stark remained in his suit as they made their way through the facility and towards what; according to Barton, was a restricted lab area.

Just before they got there, they were met with a frantically pacing Agent Coulson. “Should you not be inside ensuring the straps are tighter?” Stark hissed.

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Apartment 5108 // 6

Apartment 5108 — ft. Oh Sehun
// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language — in later chapters

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 


Strong winds wrestle against the apartment as I watch the snow fall in an endless drizzle below onto the ground. The streets are already littered in a white sea of flurries. Schools were closed early, allowing Friday morning and evening to be all mine. I sit on the tiled floor, my laptop in front of me, a soft throw wrapped over my shoulders and a warm mug of coffee in tow. The weather called for 8 inches of snow and I’ve learned to never trust the weather personality on news channels. Their predictions usually fall flat into disappointment but as I stare into the distant darkness, 8 inches seems to be an understatement. 

“What are you going to do tonight?” Sehun steps briskly from the stairs and is fully dressed in all black. Him wearing all black along with his attentive nature is definitely not helping me see him any less attractive. It would be one thing if he was a handsome man with a prick personality but Sehun is charming, kind to the heart, and is surprising in all ways possible. He’s patient and somehow understands all of my emotions. But I’m afraid he’s starting to make a dent in a place that I thought was stone all this time.

He has another date tonight but I don’t ask if it’s with Wol. I still find it a bit silly inquiring about his personal life but also strange because I have told him so much about mine but the only thing I know about him is his unrequited love for Yul and nothing more.

“Not sure. Catch up on some laundry. Maybe build a snowman on the balcony?” A small, innocent laugh escapes my lips as I X out of the wikihow page on ‘How to be a Good Friend’ before Sehun sees it. I’ve eased up on my outer walls with Sehun. He’s shown me a unique kind of manner that doesn’t deserve the cold attention I’ve bestowed upon him. Ultimately, I am trying to be a friend.

He walks over to where I’m sitting and squats down. “Save me some snow so I can build one right next to yours. Even snowmen shouldn’t be by themselves outside, yeah?" He’s making it difficult for me to like him less. His kindness in making sure I don’t feel alone is tearing away at my barriers. He makes being friends so easy and I wish that the world was more like him. It it was, then I could maybe one day walk with my head held straight and not avoid it.

"We’ll see. Making a snowman is a difficult task. It’s a special art and I’m not sure a gentleman like yourself has the required training to do so." 

He chokes in a hard breath, "Ri. Are you making jokes with me? Was that humor spilling from your lips?”

I shrug my shoulders indifferently and wrap the throw closer around me. “Well, you did say my lips are my best feature so you tell me.”

His head falls, messing up his sun-kissed brown hair but he shakes it out of his face once his attention is back on me. “A joke and sarcasm. You’re warming up to me, aren’t you?”

“You make it quite easy to.”

“Good.” He gives me a genuine smile that reaches his eyes and brightens up his whole demeanor. "Alright, I’m off.“ 

I flip open my laptop again as the apartment retreats to a silence. I miss hearing Sehun’s voice when I’m alone. Even when I behaved uncivilly, speaking with Sehun wasn’t difficult. I told stories that I would think twice before exposing to another human being. It is more than what I can do with most people. He has a quality that draws me in and I’m scared that it will be hard for me to leave it behind if forced to. 

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30 Day Shipping Challenge - Day 1: What is your current favorite ship?

Leo & Karai (aka Leorai) is not a new ship, but it’s one I’ve liked since Karai first showed up in the series. I think this ship is one reason why I started liking Leo when before I considered him kind of dull. He and Karai have some nice chemistry though.

I don’t know that the cartoon will ever really make any ships canon, but if they do, I feel like they’ve shown a little more chance of it being Leo and Karai.

Of course, that may just be wishful thinking.

Imagine Aragorn finding you injured in the woods

Drabble for: Anon

Original request: “Hi, could you write AragornxReader where the reader is a young elf from Rivendell and is wounded in the wilds but Aragorn accidentaly finds her? Thanks :)”

Pairing: Aragorn x Reader

Word count: 1150

A/N: apologies for how late it is, my only excuse is that school has given me a load of homework to do and I just haven’t found time for writing. Should be fine now though. :)

External image

“Stupid, stupid, stupid,” you muttered to yourself, panicked, as you stamped the fire out. You had been foolish and decided to camp out in the forest near your home in Rivendell. Why you thought it would be fun to go by yourself without so much as a sword for protection, you had no idea. The sound of the orcs on their wargs got ever closer and you cursed, ditching the fire which still burned away, and took off into the forest ahead.

You had been running for a couple of minutes when a warg howled behind you. They had picked up your scent. Your feet froze in place as you heard growling and the thundering of paws racing towards you. As you came out of your petrified daze, you realised there was no time to run as the wargs were just a few seconds behind you.

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Death Note (Netflix) thoughts

honestly enjoyed it, it’s not perfect and i will admit there was a few changes (As there always is with any adaptation) that i didn’t like but overall i thought it was worth watching

I ended up liking Nat Wolff as Light more than i thought, not as calculating and cerebral as the Light/Kira we all know and love (Seriously, WHERE WAS THE POTATO CHIP SCENE OMFG that is a legit complaint) but i guess that comes with the culture changes made in this adaptation and the story they were telling. I do feel like there is traces of that brilliance as the story progressed, maybe a different actor could’ve brought it out more idk, but i thought he was good for this version of the character.

As for L. it’s a hard performance to pull off and i know i’m bias because i freaking love Kenichi Matsuyama and he will always be the definitive live action L to me. i did enjoy this take on L by Keith Stanfield, his mannerisms, posture, voice were all on point even though there was minor tweaks to his character that i was a bit on the fence about i thought he did a ok job with what he was given.

I know it’s hard to condense such a large story into a 100 minute film and alot will either be dropped or condensed for time but i would’ve liked more scenes between keith and nat. Their scene in the diner was imo one of the stronger scenes as it played up the mental chess game between L and kira that kept me so engaged and intrigued about the original.

Willem Dafoe as Ryuk was as good as i had hoped. His voice really suits the character, i wish they had shown him flying behind Light once. I know there was probably budgetary reasons for why most of his scenes were in the shadows but he looked great.

I did like the song choices, one kind of felt out of place but the soundtrack was good. 

So in conclusion. Is this the definitive version of Death Note ? no, not at all, and we’ll always have whichever version you like best but as it’s own adaptation i think it was serviceable. It’s definitely a new/different take so it’s not going to be easy to not compare it to the incredible anime adaptation. But imo this version does still keep the basic concept of the source material and is worth atleast a watch, even if u aren’t keen to check it out.

And if this was your first taste of Death Note and u want more please please please track down the anime and watch it omg you won’t regret it

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Malice - fake relationship au!!!!

mkay think regency era okay? okay. 

Alice folded the letter with a sigh and tucked it away into the drawer of her writing desk. Another letter from her mother, questioning when exactly she anticipated putting school behind her and started looking ahead to a future with a husband and future children. 

She had already caused her family’s reputation to suffer when she’d disappeared to university; rising far above her station and forsaking the duties expected of her. But Alice knew she was destined for something more than marriage and motherhood. There were bones and muscles of the human body to memorize and the wonders of modern medicine to explore. 

Odd as she may be, she had found a home here at university amongst the stone towers and hallowed halls of education. The men may sneer and condescend to her but she felt deep in her bones this was where she belonged. 

A knock on her dormitory door startled her and she stood, her skirts falling about her, and answered the door, delighted to see Mr. Matthew Lawson waiting for her. 

“Mr. Lawson!” She grinned at him, standing aside to let him in. Matthew had joined a few of her classes–just a few ethics and forensics classes–last term and where most men thought her an oddity, Matthew seemed to be fascinated by her in all the right ways. 

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