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Can you tell me abit about ghost lights? I've seen a bunch of your posts about it and I'm really interested but I don't really know much about it ;; please inform me!❤ Also you're amazing and I love your style, you're a huge inspiration! Stay golden✨

let’s see… ghost lights actually was just a short completed one shot (i call it prototype now) i did in early 2015. this is going to be a bit personal, but i feel i should add it

when i first started to take medications i had really vivid dreams. i often woke up and didn’t know where i am, and i was completely without orientation for a while after, still kinda stuck in that dream? i never dreamed of nice things, except for this one time. it was sad but also so so beautiful

the dream was like this: two boys walked down a dark forest path and the longer they walked the more they lost themselves and then… they remembered their shared past, and that they were closely connected. but not quiet human. when they returned they were so sad, as if parts of themselves were missing, but they wouldn’t really know why anymore. they just felt even closer to each other.

i just wanted to show others what i saw? so i drew it, and decided to print it. and the feedback was so positive i was overwhelmed ;; in the best way. i grew really fond of the characters, too…

so i decided to tell their whole story!! and that’s what i’ve been working on the last months. plot wise it got pretty complex and ngl i put even more stuff of my nightmares in it

it’s a story about two best friends who slowly discover more about themselves. strange things begin to happen in their life, or better said, happened all their life… and while they get closer and closer, they start to visit a place of their past in their dreams together, but would forget it once they wake up. the more they discover and actually remember the more their past comes haunting them, not only in dreams… they miiight fall in love, too. or might already be in love for a very long time. who knows! not me (it’s me). shit this is super vague sjdfhs

soo… of course i chose to tell this story as gentle as possible, but it’s not as cute as you might think even if it’s drawn by me ;; i hope to surprise you a bit with it!

i will upload the whole prototype in the next days on tapastic. and then i will begin to post completed scenes of the new, actual story which is in the making. 🌸 have some wips~

People out here acting like Belle was this suppressed Disney princess who needed the live action remake to make her a strong independent princess. YeAH, NO. like, listen, I love a lot of the things they did to Belle’s character in the new movie. They really fleshed her and gave her more backstory that the original movie didn’t give her. YEAH. But okay, in the process of that they also somehow took away a little bit of the warmth and kindness and weakness that is in Belle, despite her independence and tough strength.

Belle in the live action didn’t laugh and dance along during Be Our Guest, she didn’t weep and mourn the loss of her father and freedom, she didn’t fear what her life was becoming. In the original, Belle takes her father’s place willingly. She doesn’t try to escape. She’s self sacrificing, compassionate and kindhearted, and there’s moments in the live action where that falls flat, if it’s even there as it is. 


It’s not about Emma Watson’s Belle or her acting. I like Emma Watson’s Belle. I can’t look at her and see Belle from the beloved original, but she is definitely Belle, and she makes Belle her own. Overall, I like her fresh take on the character, and I’m grateful for her portrayal. But because of the little things they took away from Belle’s character in the live action, she’s not completely Belle, in my own personal opinion. 

Does that make any flipping sense? I doubt it. 

I guess what the point of all this babble and incoherent opinions is this. Belle was already a strong female character for girls to look up to. That’s the point I’m trying to make. Everyone’s acting like SUDDENLY she’s worth something now, because she’s being portrayed as a bit tougher and stronger. Which, okay, great. But don’t take away the fact that when Beauty and the Beast came out in ’91, Belle was a very different princess than the others had been. She, and, well, Ariel too, really broke the mold of what the Disney princesses were, and literally paved the way for the princesses to gradually stand on their own more and more.

(I love Walt’s Original Three and am not saying they aren’t princesses who don’t stand on their own they are all so so important and strong and I will kick anyone who fights me on this. I’m talking about Belle right now though)

So, like, admire Emma Watson for the new things she’s brought to the table, the way she brought more depth to an already beloved, strong princess, while still appreciating Belle for who she already was, who she always has been.

@tillthenexttimedoctor said: I’m not hugely into Sherlock Holmes adaptions… really NONE of them manage that? (Ouch) And that’s actually pretty useful info re: Elektra, vague spoilers of her dying are kind of among the things which kept me from watching Daredevil season 2 till now.

From what I’ve seen, I think Elementary does ok by its female characters, and there’s probably a few obscure adaptations that do all right. But out of the ones that are popular and treasured as “proper adaptations,” no one does any better than ACD did. Even my beloved new Russian Holmes can’t avoid fridging Irene Adler.

Re Daredevil: The show isn’t perfect regarding Elektra, but yes they do make it pretty obvious that she’s not actually dead, within the same episode of her supposed death. And the show is so much better to her than Frank Miller (the comic book writer who created her) ever was, so it’s at least a decent example of how to fix the way canon treats a character.

The new Bitch Planet is making me FEEL THINGS.