kind of southern gothic

i’m so deeply attached and protective of southern gothic because it is the only kind of respected Southern media. 

y’all don’t wanna hear from us when the government is letting us starve or when mainstream lgbt movements write us off as bigoted hicks or when our educational system fails our children 

y’all love to hear from us when we’re working dirty jobs on some reality tv show and you can laugh at our accents and y’all love to hear from us when you can use us as support for your aggressive atheism and y’all love to hear from us when you can point white liberal fingers at us for being racist to feel better about your own transgressions (note: this is not me saying the South isn’t racist holy shit absolutely not, but i have a REAL problem with white people from ~progressive~ areas acting like they’ve evolved past the primitive bigotry of the South. same could be applied to LGBT+ rights)

but if we drape it all in spanish moss and use our accents to talk about ghosts and god and the devil and do it all in highly decorative prose, then y’all want to hear from us and suddenly we’re not ALL dumb hicks, some of us can read!