kind of sobbed on the floor


Trevor Conklin was handsome and cool. Soon after our trip, I resigned as his caregiver, but continued on as his friend. Two weeks ago, when I went to visit Trevor on his 21st birthday, I found him lying on the floor of his bedroom, finally at peace. The new caregiver, a kind woman in her 60s named Anna was sobbing. She, like me, knew just how special he was.

He was faking, of course. Anna quit the next day.

{credence barebone} i. pomegranate and dark chocolate

here’s a little something i doodled after watching fantastic beasts. My heart kind of melted for credence, and i hope he can find happiness in the next movies.

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Imagine Steve hugging you when you’re hormonal and crying

“Oh my god, (Y/N)” Steve rushed to your side once he got home, you were sat on the floor of the kitchen crying, he knelt down beside you and tried to see if you had maybe hurt yourself or some kind of injury; you slapped his hands away, tears still slipping down your rosy cheeks, he frowned at you for a moment “what happened?” he asked softly. 

“I went to grab some ice cream,” you tell him through sobs “and I grabbed a spoon, I didn’t want to wash up because I’m currently bleeding out of my vagina, Steven.” you yell slightly and Steve raises his eyebrows “you know how much blood left Clint’s body last week?” he nodded “more has left my vagina today than that” he wanted to laugh but he knew better than to do that “I dropped the spoon, the only clean spoon, why is there no more clean spoons” you sob and Steve coughed away his amusement and decided to take this as seriously as possible, for the sake of his life. 

“Oh no” Steve sighed and you looked at him “I knew I should have brought more spoons, on the way home I had this feeling, I’m stupid” he sighs and you wipe the tears away “how about you go sit somewhere more comfortable and I’ll wash up all those spoons?” he asked, you cried even more at this niceness, muttering about how nice he is and he let a few silent chuckles out as he helped you up. 

“Okay, little princess, here’s the spoon” he passes you a spoon and some ice cream, you grabbed the spoon and bowl as Steve sat down beside you and relaxed into the sofa, a few minutes later after eating the ice cream you scooted closer to your boyfriend; seeking warmth and comfort from somewhere, he wrapped his arms around you, kissing your forehead as you rested your head on his chest and legs draped over his own. 
“When you want more ice cream, tell me” he whispers and you nodded, closing your eyes and snuggling into him.

“Just cuddle me and I won’t kill you” you whisper sleepily, Steve glances down at you, nodding once as he watches the TV, cuddling you tightly.

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   Jeez… Hannah, what did they do to you…?

  Cold bites at any exposes flesh, nipping at her hands and face and blinding winds ripping through the forest floor. Beth stumbles once, twice, a third time as she jumps over high roots and ducks under branches that hang far too low. Phone in her hand nearly slips out of her grasp, chill seizing up her muscles as she runs.


   What kind of friends were they to prank her sister like this? To hurt her in a way that sent her sobbing out of their own lodge? Beth’s anger boiled, nearly melting the cold from her grasp as she tightens her fingers around her phone. Once she comes back with her twin, they are so going to pay for this.

    For now though, her heart settles when she spots her lonely sister, sobbing on a rock. Instincts kick in, Beth whipping her jacket off and throwing it around her elder twin. 

    Now to just get hope safely–

    ( Oh, if only it had been that easy. )

when you came home my
dog had already died and
the gold in my eyes had gone out,
but it’s okay. you were never good
at watching the tide go out.
besides, i discovered that 
the only way to walk this floor is to just
lie here, breathing, and kind-of-not-really
either sobbing or laughing

i buried her next to where your five-year-old goldfish 
mr. bubbles 
is respectfully interred
and where the weeds are similarly growing over the bones
of a golden retriever named boomer who was hit by a car
and the collar of a grey cat named ghost who was hit by a car and
the suicide note i hid that apologized for getting 
hit by a car 

but it’s okay
you weren’t there. it shouldn't hurt. we could always
order a new puppy in the mail. there’s plenty of them.
don’t worry. sometimes i think i’m sad as a decoration
rather than as a disease. you could always order a new poet
at starbucks. there are plenty of us. i’m sorry
that when you came home 
i didn’t have the strength to stand up.

the dog died of cancer,
see. i spent the last five months handfeeding her
boiled chicken and white rice and cleaning up
the blood and vomit she left behind. i did not hold her paw
when we killed her with kindness. she hated having
her feet touched.

i know the gold has gone out and so has the fire. i sold it off
so i wouldn’t have to see you
every time i looked in the mirror. it’s okay.
you only went to the ocean when the tide was in. you said you
didn’t like watching the water leave things stranded.
you would have hated to see her

it’s okay. it’s been okay ever since i learned how to lie about stuff.
i know why you left. i am just upset i could not
come along.

somebody always has to stay behind 
and take care of the dying dog.

—  you would have hated to hear her whining. // r.i.d

i think its natural to attribute your recovery to other people’s kind actions, but they weren’t there 11:04 PM when you were home alone sobbing your eyes out on the kitchen floor. when you think about the people who’ve been there for you, you’re the one who made the choice to live, or look twice before crossing. you pulled out that airplane safety card. all the lights that guided you home are the ones that beamed from you. 

I forgot about yesterday's cosmic events.

Full moon, eclipse, apparently a comet too? Yeah I forgot to even look. But yesterday I was reading a book that’s helping me understand my brain, and I had a pretty earth-shattering breakthrough about certain things that have happened in my life. I realized all at once that those things, and even more so how they were handled, contributed a ton to how I experience the world now. Unfortunately I was babysitting and had to rush to the bathroom so I could sit there and sob on the floor. I felt so much emotion from these new understandings, and it just kept coming out for a while. My love texted with me from work and as I calmed myself down, he supported me like crazy. It was a great conversation right when I needed it.

Instead of hiding this kind of thing like always, I actually told one of my closest friends a vague outline and that I needed to not be alone. I was able to be taken around town on errands and thoroughly distracted from my stewing and racing thoughts.

When Zach got off of work, I came home and we had a really nice time trying out a new Xbox game. Those friends came over for dinner and we watched game of thrones. While they were there, I felt the need to light my white candle I always use for mood-setting, spells, cleansing, really anything “witchy” that I do. It stayed lit a long while and there were several times where I cupped it with both hands and stared at the flame for a bit.

Once they left, we cuddled and watched shows until I fell asleep. I felt at peace from years of feeling like something was wrong, but I wasn’t sure why. I’m so thankful for this past… well over a year now of deep, difficult, but GOOD personal reflection and growth.

Yesterday was a day of things coming to the surface and a day of healing. This morning, I realized in disappointment that I’d forgotten all about those cosmic events and got pretty sad. But I had to smile when I realized what they brought to me instead. 🌕💫

You're Scared to Throw Up (Mikey Imagine)

Request: You are scared to throw up so Michael comforts you while you’re dry heaving and sick.

Hiii so I hope you like this! It’s basically lots of fluffy mikey! Also, something happened to my phone, and all my pictures are out of order! I don’t know the order of my requests, but don’t worry because I’m doing them all (slowly, sorry) so if yours isn’t up yet it will be asap! Love youuuu


The dingy backstage bathroom was filled with your dry heaving, choked sobs escaping your mouth at every breath. Not even a week after joining your boyfriend on tour, you had caught some kind of flu or stomach bug. For the past hour, you and Michael had been sitting on the cold stone floor of the bathroom as you heaved into the toilet, nothing coming out. Tears streaming down your cheeks, you shut your mouth again as air came out, your stomach still churning and flipping with pain.

“Baby,” Michael murmured, rubbing your back some. “You won’t feel better until you throw up. Just let it out.”

You shook your head quickly, your head spinning. “Mikey, I can’t!” You cried, leaning into his touch. “I hate throwing up Mikey, I just can’t.”

He sighed, taking his phone out and typing something before setting it on the sink. Your body lurched forward again, and you struggled to keep the acidic vomit from coming up into your esophagus. You gagged violently, shutting your eyes tightly as you leaned your forehead onto the toilet seat, not having the energy to feel disgusted by it.

A knock on the door made Michael’s warm hand leave your burning skin, and the door opened to show Ashton holding a bottle of water and looking at you sympathetically.

“Still not feeling any better?” Ashton’s voice seemed to boom, and tears leaked out of your glassy eyes as they squeezed shut. He apologized quickly and softly left, closing the door again.

“Babe, have some sips of water,” Michael spoke quietly, brushing your hair away from your clammy skin and tucking several wisps into your sloppy bun.

“I can’t Mikey,” you whimpered, pressing your cheek into the toilet seat. Your body was so hot, but you were freezing.

“Y/N, you need to purge, okay? You need to throw up.”

“I’m so scared,” You cried harder, Michael’s face softening as his arm wrapped around your waist gently.

“Throwing up isn’t always bad, baby,” Michael kissed your gross forehead, trying to calm you down. “Just have some water, puke, and then we’ll go back to the dressing room and cuddle and you can sleep. You’re so tired baby, so damn tired. C'mon, help yourself.”

Eventually, you nodded, allowing Michael to hold the bottle to your lips. You took several small gulps and leaned forward, knowing that any minute your worst fear would happen.

And it did. Not two minutes later, you practically could hear the vomit rush up your throat, and Michael rubbed your back as you gagged the mixture into the toilet. The process repeated a couple of times -Michael flushing at every opportunity- until your body seemed thoroughly drained. You collapsed back against Michael, laying in his arms as he stroked your hair, occasionally rubbing his thumb across your salty cheeks. After about five minutes, he broke the silence.

“Do you feel a little better?” You nodded slowly. “Do you want to get up?”

You hesitated, but nodded again. You still felt like shit, but not like you were about to puke. Now, you just wanted to lay down and close your burning eyes.

Michael got up first, then gently pulled you to your feet. Your body was weak with exhaustion, so he picked you up like a little kid, one arm placed beneath your bottom and the other pressed into your back, your cheek resting on his shoulder as your glossy gaze faced his neck. He exited the bathroom, walking down the halls and using his foot to nudge open the door to the dressing room. Calum and Luke were currently playing Fifa and occupying the only couch in the room, but at Michael’s pointed look, both scrambled to make room and sit in the plush chairs instead. Michael gently set you down on the couch, watching you shiver as you stared up at him with big teary eyes.

“I’m gonna get you some medicine to take the fever down, alright?” You nodded at your boyfriend, watching as he rushed from the room. You were freezing, but getting up wasn’t an option, so you curled into yourself. From the chairs across from you, Luke and Calum watched with sympathetic stares, Luke getting up and searching through his bag. In the next moment, his large frame blocked your vision, and you felt him place one of his hoodies over you, warming you slightly and giving you something to snuggle into. You thanked him softly, and spaced out on whatever him and Calum said next.

Time passed by blearily, and you eventually felt a soft hand stroke your face, eyes focusing on Michael’s as he propped you up and placed a cup at your lips.

“Sip,” he ordered, and you drank the syrup in the cup. Next, he handed you two small fever-reducing pills, which you washed down with water.

“Lay with me?” You whispered, shaking even under Luke’s heavy sweatshirt. You shifted back, and Michael climbed in beside you, letting your burning body cling to his and your face rest against his collarbone, both of you on your sides. His hands drew soothing circles on your back, and you finally let your heavy eyes fall shut, sleep taking you as you finally found comfort in the arms of who you love most.

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chocolate french vanilla dark chocolate blackberry mint

Chocolate (first kiss): I was 15. I was walking in the woods with my friend Mattie at night. She kind of just grabbed me and started kissing me. That was it. 

French Vanilla (how old are you?): I’m 27!

Dark Chocolate (turn ons): Proper oral hygiene. If you don’t floss your teeth, get the Hell away from me.

Blackberry (have you ever laughed so hard you cried?): Only just about daily. I mean, maybe not like heaving sobs but tears streaming down my face, definitely. 

Mint (the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?): In a high school Spanish class, I dropped a note on the floor. Instead of standing up to get it I leaned over and toppled over the entire desk to the ground. Naturally, I laughed until I cried!

They say that every single cell in your body is replaced every seven years. That means that in seven years, my body will not remember how it felt to be held by you. It won’t remember the way it felt to hear empty promises like, “God baby, no I’ll never leave you,” and “fuck, you know I’d never touch her”. I spent three years falling in love and falling apart because of you and it’ll take me more than twice that to be able to say that my fingertips don’t remember how it feels to rub over your arms, and spine, and through your hair. God, seven years and maybe I’ll be able to forget what it was like to fall to the floor sobbing because
But I don’t think those are the kinds of things you can forget.
—  he liked to make it hurt in a mental kind of way


“it’s to be expected” ?!?!????!!!?! <– actual proof that Katsuki respects Izuku’s strength


(when is he going to face Izuku properly? //lies on the floor sobbing)

He’s not yelling at all in this scene and that kind of kills me. Like, this is genuine Katsuki, and that last question is like…HE WAS GENUINELY WORRIED ABOUT THE AFTERMATH OF THINGS AND AHHHHHHH

im sorry i don’t think i’m coherent right now


This photograph is known as the Ghost Girl of El Paso High and shows a creepy apparition of a girl dressed in all-white with a blurred face and sunken eyes. The school is allegedly haunted by the girl, who committed suicide after she was dumped by her boyfriend. She cut her own wrists and jumped off a third floor balcony. Ever since, people have witnessed her spirit standing on the same balcony or jumping from it, only to disappear before she hits the ground. Ghostly sobs are heard echoing through the corridors, and students are often afraid to walk through the school alone. When this photograph was taken, everyone present was accounted for and nobody remembers seeing the girl. What’s even more interesting is that it would be very difficult for this kind of photograph to be manipulated or edited: The image is too busy, and any kind of forgery would look obvious. Could this be one of the few genuine ghost photographs?

Rain - Chapter 5 - (Ava/Odin)

Start reading here. Dedicated to emissary-architect.

A nice long chapter for an unfortunately long wait… School started again, and it really sucks. But your comments don’t suck! Thank you for all of your kind messages; I read them all, over and over, and I apologize for not thanking or replying to everyone individually. Please continue to let me know how to improve, what you want to see more of! In the mean time, please enjoy the fifth installment.

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Dont love anybody. Never give anybody all of your heart because you will find yourself sobbing on your bathroom floor because your dad bought the wrong kind of toothpaste and you can taste what it’s like to kiss her again.

Never tell somebody all of your secrets because then you wont have anything thats yours. You wont be able to say two words in the same order without remembering that time she didnt want you to sleep over because she was sick, but you came anyway and whispered secrets to her when she couldnt sleep,

Dont give anybody your favorite pair of sweats because she will grow to love them and wear them everyday at school and your heart will ache.

Dont think about her eyes when you are trying to sleep, because you will dream about them staring into yours again during that summer when you walked three miles every day to get to her house because your mom wouldn’t drive you.

Never go to that park again because thats where we went every day before i realize that i loved you.

Dont love your best friend because shes better and all of your friends will like her more then you. Even the ones you’ve known since elementary school.

Dont date somebody whos built walls taller then you because even when you think shes taken them down she hasnt.

Dont say ‘i love you’ without stating why because she will never believe you.

Dont say 'i love you’ at all because she will never believe you anyway.

It was pointless and im over it

—  Im over you (via frountal)

The corridor she’d come from was filled with hissing noises. Cobwebs trembled and danced as the first of the spiders appeared: no larger than gumdrops, but plump and black, skittering over the walls and the floor.

What kind of spiders? Annabeth had no idea. She only knew they were coming for her, and she only had seconds to figure out a plan.

Annabeth wanted to sob. She wanted someone, anyone, to be here for her. She wanted Leo with his fire skills, or Jason with his lightning, or Hazel to collapse the tunnel. Most of all she wanted Percy. She always felt braver when Percy was with her.

I am not going to die here, she told herself. I’m going to see Percy again.

—  The Mark of Athena

sympathyforthecannibal replied to your post: literally just sitting on the floor so…

Mads can be overwhelming because his ridiculous beauty is equally matched by his talent and kindness but I know he doesn’t want you sobbing on the floor over him!

he might be the sweetest guy ever but you never know

did you know my friend told him she missed classes to go see him and he said “oh that’s okay who needs classes”

for all we know he knows exactly what crippling effect he has on all of us and is totally enjoying it

(what a bad dad)