kind of shitty quality

“This is a YA book, so the plot is not as deep or involved as an adult book.” 

This is the kind of shitty mentality that needs to stop. There are good and bad quality books in every genre. I’ve read awful adult books with no plot whatsoever so should I just generalise and say that all adult books are superficial? No. So it shouldn’t be any different for YA books. 

So, I never really figured I’d be sharing this story on tumblr, but after Destielcon I figured I would.

This picture was taken at Chicon 2013 at the end of Misha’s M&G, so this story is kind of old. (My apologies for the shitty quality, it was a cellphone pic). 

Chicon 2013 took place 3 days after the airing of 9.03 (not coincidentally, at the time this picture was taken I had neither eaten nor drunk a single thing for three days and was exhausted from more or less continuous crying), so my memory of the M&G is far from perfect.

Here, though, is what I remember.

At this M&G, Misha and I talked about asexuality.

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you haven’t had a good tuesday until you’ve gotten a wrong number text that is just a dick pic. like, a quality one too. the dick, that is. the picture quality was kind of shitty but that’s not important. anyway, this guy and i have been texting for almost five hours now and all i’ve gotten out of this is “i’ve never met someone like you” and a whole bunch of shit about this guys last girlfriend. all i really wanted was to hit it for one night but my dream man has gone from “knight in shining dick pic” to him just being a little bitch. anyway, how was your day?