kind of shipping it already


Gave Poe a new jacket. He seems like the kind of guy who’d match his clothes with his droid. His ship already matches, and plus he’s down one jacket anyways~

actually i just wanted to see him in black but don’t mind me


Iain De Caestecker On How LMD’s Will Effect Agents Of SHIELD.

“A love triangle? I don’t see there being a love triangle. I hope not. I think Fitz and Simmons have been through enough. For Fitz to go and have relations with a mechanical instrument would probably be a bit of a waste of time, in the long term.”


Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas

Oliver, what if people apart from you could see me as something, someone, deserving of happiness? Not as a hero, mind. Just as “any other boy.”

The idea frightens me. Coward that I am. Me, born of science and ambition gone wrong. I felt that wrongness every day, until you wrote to me. Until you infected me with wondrous, hopeful nonsense.

Frau Pruwitt has given me a book about a certain blind superhero. And now I am feeling something other than despicable.

What have you done to me, Oliver Paulot?


Stitchers (2015) - 1x01

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Send me a ship and I’ll rate it:

NOTP || Just no || Meh || Neutral || Good Potential || Ship it || OTP || JUST FUCK ALREADY

this kind of ties into the ask from before…but yeah…i have a hard time shipping bruce with people, and it sure as hell isn’t going to be his son. and yes…i do consider dick bruce’s son for the most part.

│ ship it or nah │ accepting │

It’s a different sort of Murphy coming up. Look at everything Murphy has been – he’s been loud, he’s been aggressive, he’s been angry, he’s been all these things. This person kind of brings him down a little bit, not in a sad way but kind of calms him.

Richard Harmon on Murphy and Emori. x

I ship it. I ship it already so hard. lord help us, Murphy is going to be happy.

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for the ship meme: kamijirou and/or kirideku!


NOTP || Just no || Meh || Neutral || Good Potential || Ship it || OTP || JUST FUCK ALREADY

I may just like this ship because their quirks are kinda compatible in my mind? I’ve always thought that how they worked together during the USJ arc was really funny, but if they had more interactions in the future, these interactions would help shape my opinion of this ship! I also like these two in other ships as well!


NOTP || Just no || Meh || Neutral || Good Potential || Ship it || OTP || JUST FUCK ALREADY

This is kind of a rarer pair and I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more of it! I don’t really ship Deku with anyone, but Kirishima is such a nice dude, I can definitely see it being adorable! I also hard-core ship Kiri with someone else ehehe so that may be affecting my answer But yah, Deku and Kiri need all the love they can get, so I can definitely see this being cute and working nicely :D

saruhiko and yata’s relationship

an analysis of the biggest issue in between these two. kind of shippy kinda not. like its not a ship post unless u already ship it. it’s just an analysis if u don’t.

remember these are just my thoughts and im in any way not telling anyone else that their’s is wrong

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my URL for the meme thing. Jake's an attention whore ;P



      CHARACTER IN GENERAL.   JAKE!!  my child.  my sweet son.  my precious boy that deserved so much better.  i fell in love with him immediately and was so distraught when he died 
      HOW THEY PLAY THEM.   lmao y’all are tryin’a tell me this isn’t actually jake fitzgerald behind the screen?  you have such wonderful comedic undertones in your writing and it fits him so well.  also your dialogue and insight into his character is flawless and i’m already living for whatever the hell kind of ship we’re developing in our high school au bc these two are so…. good.  so pure 
        THE MUN.    mar!!  shit my dude i love you a lot ok like… you’re so easy to talk to and so funny and i love how easy it is to strike up a convo with you.  i’m actually painfully shy, so it’s nice to have someone that i can just kinda im like “hey this reminded me of our boys” and know that i’m gonna get something good in return.  i love tossing headcanons and development back and forth with you and reading your replies bc your writing flows so well and has that balance of seriousness and humor that sets my favorite tone in a book or a series in general 


    RP WITH THEM.   hell yeah
     WANT TO RP WITH THEM.  literally always like idc where it is; tumblr, kik, im – you name it, i’m there 


     OVERALL OPINION.   i love this blog and i love mar please go follow