kind of rewatching this tv show

The Final Problem is bad and boring and here is why

I had to rewatch TFP yesterday (IN GERMAN!) with a bunch of friends. I hadn’t watched it after it aired in January, and it had developed into some kind of uber-evil episode for me. Because it ruined the whole show for me. Because it didn’t make any sense. I remembered it as tense and brutal. But, you know what - it isn’t. It’s just really, really boring and very badly done.


Do yourself a favour and watch the Why Sherlock is Garbage video. Watch the whole of it, especially the first hour. Because there he explains why Mofftiss are really bad writers for television. One point in their favour I see over and over again is that Mofftiss couldn’t suddenly have forgotten how to write good telly, therefore Sherlock, especially S4, and especially TFP, must have a deeper meaning, are fake, a social experiment, whatever. Just: NO! This argument crashes - because they are really bad writers. They are very good at coming over as clever for a while - but in the end it’s revealed that there is nothing behind all the suspense they are building, that all their arcs lead nowhere, that nothing means anything or has any consequences. The guy explains this by analysing DW and Jekyll - and you find all of this in Sherlock as well. Like, they constantly up the ante - but with no plan or goal in mind, just for the sake of it. Or that the most important moments of the stories happen off screen. Or that they don’t follow the basic rule of show, don’t tell. Or that they never explore their characters’ motivations. We never learn why people do anything on this show. I will talk about this later. Those are basic writing skills! And they just throw them overboard. Which is not a very good idea.

Me, spewing an angry rant, below the cut. 

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Ray rewatches DAtri.Confessions - pt17

You know one thing I absolutely love about Digimon? It’s how it always seems to absorb any, and I mean literally any kind of popular trending topic and belief of our world, and always puts it at the service of its world building.

1) Back in 1999, the hot topic was the prophecy of Nostradamus and the arrival of the Beast of the Apocalypse. I can’t count the amount of films and TV shows I watched at the time that focused on the end of the millenium. Even the comet announced chaos to the world apparently lol. Everything seemed to bring either the end of the world or the spiritual end of an era. Digimon Adventure showed up short after this, either it was a funny coincidence or it was all intentional.

But Digimon did create the prophecy of the Chosen Children, they turned the Beast of the Apocalypse into Vandemon (and they even mention the 666 thing XD). The issue also takes place on the summer of 1999 as soon as July ends, more or less as Nostradamus announces it in his poems. Apocalymon is the literal embodyment of the Apocalypse. In the first film Hosoda created - if you pause at the right frames - you can even see verses of a Psalm asking for God’s help against evil (it’s written on the computer screen from which Agumon’s egg shows up).

It goes so unnecessarily extra it’s amusing.

2) In 2000, the trending topic switched to the problem of the Y2K bug. An issue related to the limitations of the architecture our previous computers used to be built. This affected a decent number of digital systems wordwide and the only reason it didn’t get more serious was that many people fought hard to solve it in time.

It was an actual problem, but of course the internet didn’t resist the urge to turn it into an urban legend. I remember some claiming time would literally stop for us once the calendars went from 31-12-99 to 01-01-00, our digital devices would go crazy, and we people would have to go through a dark age without technology. The Mayan prophecy thing pales in comparison to those times.

Well, and what did Digimon do? They created Our WarGame and Diaboromon is supposed to be the embodyment of the Y2K bug. The digimon is set free on the internet and it brings chaos to every and any digital system worldwide.

3) Zero Two has also done something similar to this, apparently. In 2001, people theorized that technology would develop to a degree it would allow for our digital devices to be connected to each other through radio microwave frequencies and for free. The internet would be literally everywhere so to speak. 

Obviously this never actually happened the way people once hoped and dreamed of (our wireless connections work a bit different), but it’s interesting that in the world of Digimon Adventure 02 this is more or less the working principle of the D-Terminals. The Chosen Children are constantly able to message each other even inter-dimensions. (they completely retconned this in tri for obvious reasons; I suppose now it’s just common wireless technology, but you get the picture)

4) And NOW it seems to me that Digimon Adventure tri is making use of Amit Goswami’s theory of Quantum Consciousness, something that has been particularly popular among new agers and some occultists even.

Long story short, the selling point of the theory is that your mind can affect the environment around you, albeit not always willingly. Some call it pseudo science, some call the new science, that’s not really the discussion here. But basically it’s this idea that your mind can change and influence things around you or accidentaly even affect the cosmos according to the nature of your thoughts. 

Some have taken advantage of this to fuel that old dogmatic belief that, if you have either good or bad thoughts, you create and attract either positive or negative things to you. Skeptics call this rubbish, defending the universe doesn’t really care about your existence, or that in nature there is no such thing as good and bad to begin with, those being nothing but human adjectives. But that’s beside the point.

The idea itself is so compatible with the concept Adventure has presented in the form of fantasy it’s funny. 

It’s particularly convenient to explain the Dark Ocean and the Dream World of Digimon Adventure 02! So much it’s natural that Digimon Adventure tri is now willingly taking advantage of it and putting it at the service of its mechanics. It’s basically Science fiction at its best.

Ken says something very interesting at the end of 02: he realises the Dark Ocean isn’t just some creepy parallel universe he was sucked into. He implies the Dark Ocean is made of the negative thoughts of humankind itself. It’s as if those thoughts keep converging in one place and are given matter.

This apparently is what the ocean and its beings are all about and… well, no wonder it gives me so many Freud vibes, libido impulses included, but I digress. Poor Hikari…

But hey, think about it. If this is true, this means the Dream World where Daisuke fought BelialVamdemon should work under a similar principle.

Daisuke’s wish and determination to win allow for Vmon to evolve into different evolutions at the same time, against all common logic. It defies normal physics. This could mean that universe in particular brings form to strong and happy thoughts in particular.

I can see why tri wouldn’t resist the urge to take advantage of the theory. Especially if it brings logic to the existence of these and many of the other implied Parallels Worlds that form the multi-universe of this series. 

Well, I can only guess this is what the Quantum Sea the Homeostasis speak of is all about. Obviously, I may be completely wrong here.

But add the belief that Light and Darkness are the foundations of the cosmos (Yin and Yang) and you have the Homeostasis as this mystical being in charge of making sure this flow of energy works in perfect ballance and in perfect harmony, so the multi-universe doesn’t get compromised and the Digital World / Human World don’t fall. 

anonymous asked:

Do you know any healthy ways to deal with depression and anxiety? I've been having a really tough time lately, and I thought "Maybe auntie Jillie can help."

Oh pumpkin, I’m sorry to hear you’re having a tough time of it lately! You’re not alone – I think all of us who struggle with depression and anxiety have been having a rougher-than-usual time. At least, that’s what I’ve been hearing from other folks, and I know my own Brain Raccoons have been ridiculously noisy lately. 

My #1 suggestion of a healthy way to deal with them: GET PROFESSIONAL HELP, if your circumstances are such that you’re able to. For a lot of us (myself included), it doesn’t matter how mindful you are, how much self-care you do, how careful you are about sleep and eating properly and exercise: the brain chemicals are wacky, and things need to be done to balance them. 

(One of the things my therapist always says to me is “I know you already know what I’m telling you. My job is to help you figure out new ways to use that information to give yourself better patterns.”)

But! Short-term things you can do to make yourself feel better right now!

  • Put on some favorite music (loud and bouncy is preferable) and dance around for a few songs. Make yourself move. Get some adrenaline and endorphins flowing.   
  • Do you have a favorite plush or fuzzy companion? Talk to them. Yes, I’m serious. When I am having a particularly bad day, Clovis Devilbunny sits on my desk, and I tell him about what I’m doing. Sometimes you need the unconditional love and acceptance of a fuzzy companion, and you need to communicate with them.
  • Go take a shower, and brush your teeth. Visualize scrubbing away the layer of depression. It will help, even if just a little bit.
  • If you are a makeup-wearing type, take a bit of time and play with makeup. Make yourself up to look like an incarnation of David Bowie. Paint yourself like a silent film star. Do something different than your usual look, and really focus on the different colors and textures of the makeup. Derail your particular Brain Raccoons from chittering at you, even if just for a little bit.
  • Eat something. Even if you don’t want to. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to be fancy, and it’s absolutely fine if it’s junk food. Just eat something?
  • Also, drink some water. Yes, I’m serious. No, being properly hydrated will not cure depression or anxiety, but it will make you feel a bit better, physically. 
  • Revisit a favorite piece of media. Rewatch a favorite movie or TV show, or reread a favorite book. There have been studies that show that doing such things actually has measurable benefits for your mental health!

Try to remember that you won’t feel like this forever. You won’t, I swear. Things will get better, even if it feels like things will never change and you’re stuck. You aren’t. 

Much love to all of you.

Sinnerman: A not so Mini meta post anymore...

Due to my time restrictions but my desire to write this I decided that a quick meta post was in order before the weekend and certainly before 3x02. Yet be warned that this might turn a bit longer that I expect to myself… 

We have several clues on who Sinnerman might be and the good thing is that we can think outside the box with Lucifer the show. This is not Supernatural and so we have a mythos to rely on which comes from 150(!) comic-book/graphic novels! 

So let’s begin with the clues from the interviews: 

What makes the Sinnerman a different kind of antagonist than ones we’ve seen before?

Modrovich: He’s a badass. But what you also find is that he does have a hidden history with some characters in our show that come out and Lucifer has to face off against.

Henderson: We look at him like a bizarre reflection of Lucifer. We learn in an upcoming episode that he also gives out favors, but his are a little bit more nefarious. When this guy gives out favors, you’re really dreading the payment that you’ll have to give. So it’s sort of the Devil facing a dark reflection of himself.

What can you say about the Sinnerman’s intentions in kidnapping Lucifer?

Henderson: The Sinnerman’s the kind of person who knows that putting angel wings on the Devil will only drive him deeper in the other direction. So Lucifer, whether he likes it or not, is being manipulated.

Modrovich: And that Sinnerman has a motivation in taking Lucifer into the desert that’s other than the wings. He has this specific motivation that we will reveal to you throughout the entire season. He has a personal reason.

“Our friend Lieutenant Pierce suggests to Lucifer that he knows about the Sinnerman and they start to collaborate together in this tangled web that we weave in Season 3,” Ellis reveals to TV Guide.

HENDERSON: Yeah, and at the end of the first episode, we get this first clue as to who this person might be, and realizing it might be a darker force than he’s encountered previously.

To Summarise the above Sinnerman: 

1) Has hidden history with some characters in our show - Meaning more than one. Pierce for sure but also Lucifer apparently. 

2) We look at him like a bizarre (dark) reflection of Lucifer - Is that even possible to be darker than Lucifer himself I will say yes because I have a few theories on that but you will have to scroll further down for them. 

3) He gives out nefarious favours with high stake payments - This alone gives us a hint on what or who we are looking for. 

4) Sinnerman knew how to give Lucifer his wings and that it would cause Lucifer to act in a certain way - Meaning not only he has the knowledge of how to handle and manipulate divinity but also knows Lucifer… Really knows Lucifer…

5) Sinnerman gave Lucifer his wings for a certain reason which Henderson might have revealed above. He has a personal reason to do that… - This info again limits the suspects quite a lot but never ever forget that this is not a show based on the angels we know but its foundations are in a mythos woven by Sandman and Lucifer the comics… 

6) Finally, Marcus Pierce will have to admit that he knows about Sinnerman which will lead to a weird partnership with different agendas between Lucifer and Marcus. 

7) It is given by Henderson as a darker force Lucifer has ever faced before…

What we know from the show and most importantly 3x01: 

(At this point of the post I realised it was never meant to be a small one *sigh*)

He was just a routine gig.I was gonna swap him for you, 
but when I went to pull you out of the van, you you had friggin' wings, man!

What we know from the kidnapper is that he just had to get him out of the van not that he actually kidnapped him! So that means that we may have a three-act play. 

Lucifer when he is contemplating how he was kidnapped he says “…-how were they able to render me unconscious? Either they used some kind of celestial weapon, or the detective was nearby.”

He never thinks that there might have been a celestial being but we saw the weapon they used so we should at this point leave out Chloe’s presence near the hospital out of the picture and focus on that the kidnapper might have indeed used something of celestial origin… As we know from the piece celestial toys were left on earth along with a Summerian (Assyrian really…) manual… 

The second is how did he get his wings? Well, here we have again Lucifer’s reasoning to play with although I don’t agree with that much it gives me again hint: “Did my Father give you some kind of totem? A talisman? - What?”

At this point, the writers through Lucifer give us another good hint and it is closely connected to the next quote but seriously think about it… In Lucifer’s reasoning, an object can hold mystical powers enough to give him back his wings. In not so many words, magic is getting into the Lucifer (Tv Show) mythology finally… Divine power is one thing but infused and transportable as magic can be a complicated notion to conceive and handle yet… 

And I don't know your dad.
Unless, is your, is your dad the Sinnerman?

I was rewatching that scene but I wonder if the guy had made the connection with Lucifer’s insistence that some kind of dark magic for the lack of better word was in the mix. Funny… because why would a man who knew Sinnerman assume so easily that a feathered Lucifer could be the son of Sinnerman if Sinnerman did not hold a certain unearthly charisma himself? Of course that’s just speculation. 

Finally, in 3x01 even Lucifer acknowledges that: 

At first, I thought it was a an emissary on Earth working on Dad's behalf, 
but then, the more I think about it, the more I think maybe this isn't our 
Father who art in Heaven at all. But something much, much darker.

The above is actually a pretty good connection link to the comics… But anyway  Lucifer says this is something much, much darker and Amenadiel’s expression was giving away something the first time I watched the episode but I cannot be sure. Still, Amenadiel’s not so obvious reaction had me thinking that as the firstborn in the show he preceded Lucifer and knew quite a few things from an era before the light aka Lucifer was born… Although we do know that Mum had the same power aka to illuminate the universe… 

A clue from Twitter yesterday from Ildy had me thinking again of the usual suspects but you have to be aware of something. I can only speculate on comic characters or characters that may be based on the comics. Certain elements from the show appear on and off in the tv series like the “space vagina” That was actually taken from the first issues of Lucifer and is shown near the end as well. 

So Ildy says that something might have indeed escaped Hell… Hmmm… What we can also speculate is that as Marcus is hunting down Sinnerman, this season’s bad guy only recently found his way to L.A. but the second season would have been enough for him to grow out of favours and establish a mob persona strong enough to get to L.A. and target Lucifer when Mum was gone…

We might even suspect that Mum was but a diversion for Lucifer, Sinnerman created for him to make sure he was safe before he started plotting…. Of course, we cannot speculate everything. I’m sure that the writers have come up with some crazy and absurd details I cannot speculate about but that’s the thing, I can get to the comics and try to see who the usual suspects might be… 

Right now I have two comic book, inspired perhaps than transferred from the comic book universe to the show, characters that might be Sinnerman. And then a third speculation… 

The first but not the best candidate for Sinnerman’s real identity is Dumas. I’ll just copy paste his info here: 

Duma is a fallen angel from the DC Vertigo series The Sandman. Before The Sandman

Duma’s name means “silence”, and he is based on the angel Duma from Jewish mythology. In those tales, he is the angel of silence and death’s stillness. According to these same stories, he is the guardian of Egypt and the prince of vindication. Based on this, one could speculate that he was the angel who killed the firstborn Egyptians in Moses’ time. Some sources also name him a “Prince of Hell”.

The Zohar, a book of Jewish mysticism, describes his position in Hell as such that he had “tens of thousands of angels of destruction” under him, and that he was “chief of demons in Gehinnon with 12,000 myriads of attendants, all charged with the punishment of the souls of sinners.”

Dumah is also the name given to the guardian of the 14th gate, through which the goddess Ishtar passed on her journey to the underworld in Babylonian mythology. Dumah may or may not be related to Duma.

In The Sandman

In Season of Mists, we find that Lucifer has closed down Hell in frustration, and given the key to Dream. Eventually, after much squabbling between various gods, Duma and Remiel are assigned to assume control of Hell, and Duma accepts this.

After The Sandman

Following the end of The Sandman series, Remiel and Duma lose ownership of Hell in the Lucifer spin-off series. Duma eventually allies with Lucifer and Elaine Belloc to save creation, and persuades Hell’s new ruler Christopher Rudd to bring his army to Heaven’s aid at the Battle of Armageddon.

The second and the one I’m rooting more than Duma is The Silk Man…

Appearing for the first time in Lucifer: Nirvana, The Silk Man is an immortal sorcerer, described by Lucifer as

“..a fossil remnant from an earlier, cruder creation. His body is a weaving that has to be renewed constantly. His spirit too, come to that. A messy form of immortality, but it seems to do the job.” In earlier days he was the leader of the Arao Jinn. He appears as a mercenary, hired by the angel Perdissa to kill Lucifer. He seems to need to consume living things to stay alive, weaving them into himself. He is severely damaged by Perdissa and eventually killed by Lucifer.

The Silk Man seems to be closely connected to my third speculation and as such it might be a merge of the two… In the comics, God admits that he was created by an external force and we do know that darker things lying around the cosmos and outside The Creation… Darker, twisted and defeated by Dad… Still, where would all these defeated “things” go? In Hell I suppose… 

Following a mythology of Zeus and how he enprisoned the Titans under the Earth, we can say that this is a popular mythos to follow with one crucial flow. What precedes you have the knowledge of how to overpower you in time… Amenadiel might have been around at that point and might had to help Him to get rid some of them Sinnerman included…..  Now The Silk Man was killed by Perdissa… But I suspect that Lucifer’s light bringing power which freed Mum might come back for that task… If you need more info about that just read Lucifer: Nirvana. Lucifer Issue 75 also has a good interaction of our hero with The Sillk Man as well though….

Anyway to finish this post… I do not believe that Sinnerman is a mere human but at the same time I cannot believe he is a celestial being at least not in the sense we have known them to be in the tv series so far. So perhaps an external force whch we know they exist from the comics? Perhaps… Let’s not forget that the Sinnerman as a casting role is new so I doubt we will see for example Malcolm back or anything of that nature in our screens soon but to the ones who want to learn more about the external forces I’ll just leave you with Carey’s two answers on that matter on Twitter…

The Dream of a Thousand Cats is a darkish one… The allegory in that story where cats once ruled over people only for the past to change goes beyond your usual comic book standards (even for Sandman in my opinion) and the fourth wall sometimes shutters but it is what it is…. 

As the episodes come rolling I’ll probably change my conviction over who Sinnerman is but until then this post will have to do… I apologise for its length :P 

ID #67929

Name: Adri
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hi there! I just started college and my interests include music (I listen to just about every genre and I’m always looking for new music!), movies and documentaries, books, art, dogs, and traveling, and learning languages (italian and arabic). My ideal pen pal is someone I can be best friends with eventually and have the kind of relationship where we tell each other everything! I’d love to make playlists for each other and show each other new music and movies. I also love tv shows like Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, Sons of Anarchy, and Friends. I want to rewatch Game of Thrones so if you want to watch it and discuss it with me that would be awesome! I’d like to start off with messaging and texting, and then maybe eventually sending each other snail mail and packages!

Preferences: My preferences are ages 17-25


the good wife + zodiac signs

thehellsthat  asked:

Am I right in saying that you showed Halloween to Phoebe and Amy? I could be chatting shit haha. Are there any films or TV shows you'd refrain from showing them till they're older?

No, because I forgot what it was like before I rewatched it. However, knowing them, they wouldn’t give a fuck about anything that happens in it - it’s ridiculously tame. The boobs will get a laugh and then everything else they have seen 10x worse in other games they’ve watched me play. They’ve got a great understanding of fiction over reality!

Then of course there’s obvious stuff we keep them from - Game of Thrones and that kind of stuff. Anything sexual, featuring themes they would never have even thought about let alone understand, anything HIGHLY violent/gory, obvious stuff really. Hellraiser wouldn’t be watched for a while, let’s just say.

Saying that though every kid is different. Ours are far from sensitive, are basically the complete opposite of easily impressionable or violent by nature, and they do have an incredible understanding of reality over fiction. They watched me play through most of RE7 and didn’t bat an eyelid - and not because we forced them to - but because I needed to get the game finished for the review and they had the complete choice to leave the room or stay - and they chose to stay and see what they could handle. They’ve never cussed in the house, never bullied a single soul, listen to everything we say, and we get them to constantly analyse and question what they absorb (it’s why Kids Explain works well).

I was far from that as a kid, which my last video perfectly demonstrated.

Translation Script of Eureka Seven AO Final Episode: One More Time - Lord Don't Slow Me Down

After some 4 years, and almost pretty much out of nowhere, they decided to make a Pachinko Game for Eureka 7 AO. To promote this, they created this new final episode, which was split into 5 ~5 Minutes ONAs released over the span of 3 month, before being followed up by the announcement of the Hi-Evolution movies.

Despite being a promotion for the pachinko game it really has nothing to do with it at all. Instead, it’s the full version of the last two minutes of Episode 24 of the TV series, with some details being retconned.
As such, you either ought remember a good deal of the show or have to rewatch it. 

It’s legally and freely avaible to watch on the Pachinko Game Sammy Cooperation’s Channel on Youtube.
They actually made some effort to have all on screen writings in both Japanese and English, but no subs are available. 

I kind of really enjoyed this episode. Nobody has bothered making a translation as far as I can see, so here is mine. 
 (Although chances are high most E7 lovers who don’t really like the AO Season probably don’t care anyway I suppose…) 

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Why you chose your URL: it was just a random shit but then my bro was like “yo that’s because you look at the world like through yellow glasses?? bc u r really cheerful and loving and like everythink yellow/sunny??” so now on i’m gonna pretend that’s what my url was originated from

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What is Miraculous Ladybug and where can I watch it?

HOKAY, SO: I’m going to take this moment to lay down some context as to why my tumblr has abruptly plunged into Miraculous Ladybug Hell.

The premise: Two teen superheroes, Ladybug and Chat Noir, defend modern-day Paris from “supervillains”, who are ordinary citizens given powers and manipulated into wreaking havoc by a mysterious man. Oblivious to one another’s secret identities, our heroes have to juggle ninth-grade life, superhero duties, and growing feelings for one another that threaten their hero and civilian identities.

The execution: This show is animated in 3D, which has its upsides and downsides. They utilize a lot of stretch-and-squash, which helps, and the villain designs/concepts are neat and interesting. The fight scenes are well-choreographed, and while the small-scale ones are interesting, they also maximize the use of 3D in the large-scale fights, which tend to knock it out of the park. 

The episodes: At least three seasons will be produced, and we’re drawing close to the end of Season One right now (kind of.) Each story is supposed to be self-contained and watchable in any order. (More about that here.) Currently, episodes are airing in French and Korean in their respective companies, and being dubbed in English prior to airing in America.

Where can you watch it? Nickelodeon(.com) with valid cable TV service. If you don’t have a TV provider, the English dub is currently available on iTunes and Amazon Prime, and I really recommend spending the $15-$20 for a season pass/license/what have you. Honestly, I like the French voices better, but I shelled out for English because a) that way I can easily rewatch while working, and b) this show is kind of a risk for American audiences. It’s important to show that I, a money-making American, am willing to spend money to access this show. And since I’ve effectively prepaid for the entire season, I don’t feel bad about catching the subtitled French episodes on YouTube, etc. 

Anyway, that “support the show” pitch aside, there are 12 episodes dubbed in English and available for purchase. From there on, you’ll want to rely on handy-dandy blogs like @mlsubbing@miraculousubs , and @official-ladyblog to get you up to speed.


- You’re nostalgic for Sailor Moon season 1

- You’re down for fluffy, awkward teens who swing wildly between zero chill and  Co-Captains of the U.S.S. Sass-barge.

- You aren’t necessarily looking for a monster/moral of the day, but will tolerate it with a hefty spoonful of Episode Subplot

- You aren’t looking for angst or heavy issues. They’re there, but they’re fairly subtle. 



- The male lead’s issues are never taken out on anyone else, nor are they bottled up to maintain a “stoic” front. If anything, his characterization systematically deconstructs a lot of toxic tropes in angsty male leads.

- The female lead has a life and dreams and talents outside of her superhero work and apart from her love interest, and several subplots revolve around those dreams/talents. She is also physically just as scrappy as the male lead, but uses her head and her muscle to improvise the. most. batshit. plans to neutralize villains at the drop of a hat. Seriously, McGuyver just looks like a lightweight in comparison.

- While the male half of the superhero team is very openly flirty with/attracted to the female half, it never impedes their teamwork or comes off as objectifying or disrespectful, and more importantly, there is zero pressure on her to reciprocate. If anything, it’s treated like a running inside joke between them. (And since the flirty lines are usually AWFUL PUNS, it kind of is a running joke.)

OVERALL it may not be your cup of sunshine tea. But I, a grown-ass adult, am a puddle over two fictional ass-kicking cinnamon roll children who just need to hold hands and be happy, goddammit. 

I hope that answers your questions, Anon. ;)

Fall TV is finally upon us, and I have certain shows to watch weekly. I still need something to binge in the downtime. Since May I have basically been rewatching TDBM, and I need to kind of wean myself off? And watch something different. I’m currently finishing up Janet King with Marta Dusseldorp (so good.) But these are the shows I’m interested in starting after..

  • The Expanse
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Big Little Lies
  • Stargate SG-1
  • Call the Midwife
  • Peaky Blinders
  • Mr. Selfridge
  • Jack Irish
  • Jack Taylor
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars
  • Something that isn’t on this list please comment with the title. :)

Please help me choose something! 😊

Rewatching the first three seasons of TBBT. I still can’t believe these two cuties never had a chance. It’s seriously on of my biggest frustration on a TV show. They have amazing chemistry, well-written characters ( well, in the first seasons obviously, let’s not talk about the trainwreck that TBBT is nowadays ), they had a big fanbase, a lot of ship tease moments… and nothing.

I kind of feel nostalgic now.


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Height: around 178cm the last time i checked?
Time right now: 10:33am 
Last thing googled: kyoto itinerary LOOOOL trust me to plan a holiday 3 days before i’m going i’m a mess
Favorite music artist(s): disclosure, flume, zhu, odesza, kaytranada, cosmo’s midnight etc. idk i have many :’-( 
Last TV show watched: moonbeam city! i was just rewatching some eps
What I’m wearing right now: here’s a sideways selfie à la @catplnt​ 

When did I create my blog: october 1st 2016 :-) 
What kind of stuff do I post about: sims 4 pics & cc occasionally 
Do I have any other blogs: my cc finds blog @pechetart​ & i have an abandoned aesthetic blog because it’s no longer my aesthetic LOOOL 
Do I get asks regularly: i guess i get a bit of wcifs and stuff? 
Why did I choose my url: because lemon tart is my favourite food!! i’m glad i ended up with this url PROBABLY NONE OF YOU GUYS KNOW THIS BUT MY ORIGINAL URL WAS PLANETHONEYPOP LOOOOOL
Gender:  female
Pokemon team: in pokemon go? team mystic!!
Favorite color(s): black & any muted neutral 
Average hours of sleep: 7.5 i’m pretty meticulous about it
Favorite character(s): ?!?! sterling archer from archer ?!?! 
Dream job: realistic me - an accountant in audit or tax vs. unrealistic me - a food writer & photographer 

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for my birthday i bought myself a dvd set of “wonderfalls” and just finished rewatching it and guys i gotta tell you if there is one underappreciated show i can recommend, it is that show and i will list my reasons why

do you like your tv shows to be:

  1. lead by an amazing actress who manages to sell a apathetic, dismissive self-described bitch as a simultaneously kind and loving person?
  2. an equally amazing cast? with lee pace and another cutie version of lee pace (less eyebrows, more scruff, say hello)
  3. extremely creative plots, not overdone or undersold? 
  4. well finished, if albeit cancelled too soon?
  5. wonderful attention to detail and a believable background universe?
  6. consistently great writing, especially for the characters?
  7. good burn on the (healthy!!!) relationships; not too slow, not too fast, and super believable?
  8. just overall an actually good dramedy, which like what how even??
  9. seriously do you know how hard it is to pull off humor and drama???
  10. created by bryan fuller (of pushing daisies/hannibal fame), and everything he touches is gold????


it’s about a 24 year old graduate named jaye who works a dead end retail job in niagra falls who begins hearing inanimate toy animals talk to her and instruct her to do good deeds (sort of daria + joan of arc). and she does, despite the fact that she’s half sure she’s going insane. 

despite it’s wacky concept (as most of bryan’s stuff is), it is super well done and was cancelled far too soon—but the first season was released on dvd and it does work as a self-contained miniseries, with closure in it’s endings, for the most part. 

it is SO WORTH a watch if you’re a fan of seriously good television (and frankly it’s pretty meta, which i love) 

i think of it as a less cute version of pushing daisies—as in, the universe itself isn’t quite so surreal—but with the same off-beat twist on things and it’s just amazing. 

w a t c h  i t

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Relationship status: Single

Favorite color: Cerulean

Lipstick or chapstick: Lip tint. Kind of both, lol

Last song: Genghis Khan by Miike Snow

Last Movie: Fantastic Beasts rewatch

Top 3 shows: um, I don’t do a lot of TV… American Gods, Hannibal, Star Trek TNG

Top 3 ships: 00Q! Hartwin! Hannigram!

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shadowfoxstiles  asked:

Okay so, if you had to pick a tv show, from all the tv shows you watch (I really love watching you talk about all your shows btw), and it would be the only tv show you could watch (ad rewatch) for the rest of your life forever, which one would you choose? And you can put why you picked it, if you want, cuz I'm sure you'll have a good reason! :D

I had to think about this one! But here’s the thing: my first instinct was to say LEVERAGE. 

And even after thinking about it for a while, I think my answer is still LEVERAGE.

Because Leverage kind of has it all: 

  • humor
  • smart characters, including
    • the team mastermind with a tragic past, who is in control of every tiny detail of every con but whose personal life is a total shambles
    • a scary hitter who doesn’t like guns, who sings and is a gourmet cook, and who has dated a LOT of women but they weren’t interchangeable dolls, and he learned useful and important things from every one of them
    • the genius hacker who is a proud young black dude with wicked fashion sense who plays violin and World of Warcraft and makes constant Star Trek and Doctor Who references, who avoids physical violence whenever possible and is probably the sweetest, gentlest person on the team
    • the femme fatale grifter/team mom is an aspiring actress who can’t act her way out of a paper bag—she’s just terrible—unless she’s working a con
    • the most notorious thief in the world, a cute petite blonde woman who strikes terror into the hearts of men 3x her size, who loves jumping off tall buildings and loves money more than anything, who is neuroatypical and who wants to be able to relate to people she cares about but who is also unapologetically herself at all times
    • Mark Sheppard as the good-guy antagonist you will love to hate and then hate to love
  • morally grey characters
  • thieves with hearts of gold
  • women who are friends with each other
  • a found family
  • a middle-aged OTP, both parts of which have their own journeys of self-realization to go through before they come together
  • a divorced couple who still love each other and help each other, without any jealousy or weirdness 
  • an interracial so-close-to-canon OT3 that can be shipped romantically or as siblings/best friends/partners for life (I personally ship them the latter way, but I can understand why others ship them romantically)
  • as part of that OT3, a young interracial couple who care deeply about each other from the start, but who take a long time to start their romance because that’s what one of the characters needs, and the other character is nothing but understanding and patient about it
  • two of the characters grew up in foster care, but they had totally different experiences, one negative and one positive
  • one of the characters struggles with alcohol addiction in a fairly realistic way
  • when that character is an asshole, they call him on it and tell him the drinking’s gotta stop 
  • the white middle-aged dude has manpain, but it’s for legitimate, heartbreaking reasons and it’s never used as an excuse, and in fact it’s highlighted when the manpain is clearly holding him back, keeping him from moving on and growing alongside everyone else
    • and yet this is the same character who, in his pain and grief and rage, forms a team of supergenius thieves and grifters to do good and right the world’s wrongs and get restitution for the little guys who’ve been screwed over by the big bad guys. 
    • the same character who says, in response to one person commenting that vigilantes don’t just give large sums of money to people in need, because the world doesn’t work that way: “So change the world.”
  • some of the most amazing character arcs I’ve ever seen, ones that stretch not only entire seasons but the entire series
  • seriously, one of these character arcs in particular* is mind-blowing and can only really be appreciated upon finishing the series and rewatching it, because you will realize that they were planning this all along, there are literally lines in the very first episode foreshadowing it [*note that link has major spoilers if you haven’t seen the show]
  • suspense (but not too much suspense)
  • complicated cons that are fairly predictable after a few episodes, but you won’t even care because they’re so fun and pulled off with such style
  • also the bad guys always get what’s coming to them in really satisfying, appropriate ways
  • and usually the victims are helped in a way that puts power back in their hands, so it’s not just the Leverage team swooping in and saving them triumphantly and then leaving them in the wreckage 
  • lots and lots of geeky references (including many Star Trek actors as guest stars and one as a regular director)
  • and I haven’t even mentioned how fantastic the DVD commentaries are, or how the showrunner John Rogers is kind of an amazing human who blogged about Leverage during its run and answered questions from fans, or how there were specific policies about never letting the women be rescued by men (the women always rescued themselves, or at least helped out in a major way) because Rogers hated the damsel in distress trope, or how many women writers this show had.

So, yeah. If I had to pick one TV show to watch for the rest of my life, I’d definitely go with Leverage. And since I’ve rewatched the series several times and enjoyed it more and found new things to love each time, I think I’d be just fine.

Thanks for the ask! :) And the chance to babble about Leverage, which I’m always about two seconds away from doing anyway.

Inbox me one (1) thing you wanna know about me.

youramazinhtruth  asked:

3, 7 and 19 for the artist ask meme!!

3. what song(s) do you listen to when you do art?
Depending on my mood. When I feel like music I often listen to Hip Hop. Lot’s of Atmosphere but also Brother Ali, Eyedea, Evidence, Aesop Rock…and all otehr kind of great artist.
Sometimes I feel more chill and listen to more electronic Massive Attack or Grimes or some chill remixes.
Sometimes I don’t feel like muisc and I just “rewatch” a tv show in the back which I don’t really watch and more lsiten to Friends or Gilmore Girls or Parks and recreation…something light and fun that I already now
I also like to just have documentaries running in the background

7. do you prefer sketching, outlining, or coloring?
Already answered this. Short answer is: I’m more a drawer than a painter and prefer sketching and lining

19. do you like drawing short hair or longer hair more?
ohh short hair!! I’m not so good with drawing hair and long hair makes things more complicated :D It’s sometimes fun to do long and wavy lines for long hair but I always feel my long hair looks really all the hair I draw looks so fake to me…short hair is a bit easier.

Thank you! <3

Hey guys. I’d like to talk to you about empathy. It’s one of those nights, where I can’t quite make sense of myself, so I think this will help. If you’re interested, you’re welcome to read. If not, it’s all good, scroll right past.

I only recently (probably last year or so) found out that I’m an empath. I’m not sure how I stumbled across the word, but I remember reading about it and thinking “Holy crap, that sounds like me” and the more I looked into it, the more things made sense.
If you’re unfamilar, empathy in regular human emotion is basically the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within the other person’s frame of reference, i.e., the capacity to place oneself in another’s shoes.
Pretty much everyone feels empathy to a degree, if something bad has happened to a close friend, you try and imagine how they are feeling so that you can best comfort them. Now try and imagine that empathy ramped up 100%. You’re always open to other people’s emotions and can take them on; even people you have never met. If someone is hurt, you feel it too. You know the motivation and intents of others. You can feel the energy in the air, animals, plants, the earth. This is why I can see colours in things that don’t have colour, and sometimes taste sound. It’s pretty overwhelming, as you can imagine.

When I found out about being an empath, I looked back and wondered if maybe this was the reason I used to act how I did when I was younger.
People seem to like my company, which is awesome! But… socialising exhausts me. It’s not that I don’t like socialising, because I do enjoy meeting people and talking to friends, but if there’s too much going on, I get frazzled and have to take some time out on my own for a few days afterwards. It’s kind of hard to explain, and I know friends that used to get frustrated with me if I didn’t contact them much for a couple of days after being out. So many people and so much energy and emotion is a problem for an empath if you’re unsure how to properly deal with it.
Relationships are another thing I have a lot of problems with, because… well, there’s a whole lot of emotions swirling around right there. Every relationship I’ve had, has ended because I put up giant walls - and now I know why. I was trying to stop the overwhelming amount of FEELS heading in my direction, and I didn’t know how best to handle them. Putting myself in my partners shoes, and trying to figure out what they felt for me and WHY - and what I felt for them - was brain overload, I guess. Thankfully, I’m doing better with this now, thanks to starting to figure this whole empathy thing out.
I still build walls sometimes, when things get too much, but it’s mostly for anger and conflict, which I cannot deal with. The last time I failed in pulling them up quick enough, I fell into depression - bad times. I mood swing up and down when depressed and it’s a nightmare.
I also suffer from chronic pain. I used to have burning pains in my back when I was little, which was never diagnosed. I now have Rheumatoid Arthritis/Disease, and random body pain that the doctors can’t seem to figure out. I think it’s because I get stressed, because I’m always trying to figure out how to save the world. Haha. It kind of sucks. So I’m still learning how to best block that out. I know there are certain things that you can do to dispel bad energy so I may try them sometime. Because it hurts when the world hurts. I mentioned in an earlier post that I went to the 9/11 site last month while I was away on holiday and could not deal with the pain there and had to leave. That was another thing that really opened my eyes to this. Tonight, I read about a friend’s pain, and immediately felt awful in myself. If I see someone cry, I will also cry, because they’re hurting damnit and I hate seeing them hurting. You know what’s also great? When you empathise with fictional characters. Oh boy, that’s a ride and a half. I can’t rewatch a few of my favourite TV shows because of this (I’m looking at you, Life on Mars and Hannibal).
Sometimes, I know stuff and I have no idea how I know this stuff, which is kind of weird, but sometimes kind of cool, I guess.

If you’re still reading this - thanks. You’re awesome, and I hope you learnt a little bit about when I ramble on about empath problems. I’m gonna wrap this up now I think. I should be asleep. I feel a little better though.

Why I love Seeing Red

I have recently been rewatching season 6 and the infamous bathroom scene is one of my favorite moments in the tv-show. I know that many fans hate the scene and argue that it is out of character, unnecessary and that kind of stuff. I find that the scene is amazing and a great narrative tool, a risqué that the writers took that paid of very well and really illustrated the magical mechanisms of the BtVS universe.
So, I do not as such enjoy watching Spike trying to rape Buffy, it’s a raw and embarrassing scene to watch (yeah, I react with embarrassment, I’m weird that way), but I enjoy the character development and plot that springs from the scene. No matter now much I like Buffy and Spike, they are fictional characters and the attempted rape of a fictional character does very little to move me except in the moments I watch the scene. If the scene is too disturbing, I start wondering about the intensions and mindset of the writer of the scene instead. I am a fan of BtVS mostly because of how the show works as a whole. The characters (some more than others) are quite well done and I can’t help but finding Spike a huge turn-on. I’m weak that way. The characters contrast each other well and have the chemistry that drives the tv-show. However, except for Spike’s abs, I mostly enjoy the show as a whole, and as long as what happens to the characters makes sense in the context of the show, I am a happy watcher.
To me, the rape scene perfectly illustrates what the lack of a soul means - Spike is not actually trying to hurt Buffy, but because he lacks the moral compass of a soul, he is unable to modulate his actions. He is like an untethered pendulum that swings wildly from mood to mood. He’s not trustworthy. I think that Spike had come as far as he could as a “good character” without a soul. The attempted rape just illustrates what can happen when he does not have a soul to moderate his actions, and it was a necessary event to drive him to his next stage of character development: Getting a soul on his own. The price to pay for getting a soul is pretty high and to me, it would be unrealistic if he went and paid that price without an equally steep motivator.
In this context, I do not see the rape scene as a metaphor for something else - while plenty of symbolism can be read into BtVS, often with hilarious results - BtVS takes place in a universe where magic is real and the soul is a real thing that affects the behavior of people. There is no way to equate Spike’s soullessness to real life, just as there is no way to equate Buffy being the Slayer to real life. So pain and misery as drivers for character development, bring it on in rational doses.