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Dear Lamus Dworski, My grandmother from North Eastern Poland told me about Pajaki. The basic form she mentioned is two pyramids that share the same base (the only webpages I've found with instructions are for these "basic" pajaki) but my grandmother recalls when she was little that several (maybe around 10 to 12) "basic pajaki" are joined to make a three dimensional star-like shape. Have you come across this design? I've been trying to find instructions. Kind regards, Chris

Hello! I’m trying to picture your description in my head. Is it one of those types below? They’re often referred to as the ‘star’ types of pająki.

The shape of the 2 joined pyramids which I’ll be calling a ‘diamond’ shape is always defined by the length of the straws. 

First of all, you should prepare at least 4 different lengths of the straws. Make them for example 4, 8, 12 and 16 centimeters. Their exact length isn’t really important here, it simply has to be 4 different length types. 

Prepare the basic forms of them: let’s call them the small, medium, big and large diamonds. Here’s a good picture where the ‘diamonds’ of different sizes are nicely visible:

Now, there are dozens of various types of those pająki with different levels of complexity. One large diamond makes always the centre part. 

Then, the big diamonds are tied to all its joints (sometimes you can pull the thread through an additional short straw that will make a prolonged vertical suspension for those diamonds). It should be 4 big diamonds tied to the side joints (the joints in the square base of the pyramid in the diamond) and one to the bottom joint - at least 5 big ones in total. Optional are the big diamonds tied to the large’s top joint: one above and one can be hidden inside it. 

Then, medium diamonds are tied to the side and bottom joints of the big ones. Last part is the small diamonds tied to the bottom joints of the medium ones.

The central part can be made of an elaborate, seemingly complicated construction where lots of the diamonds are connected together in a mesh-like form:

They look intimidating at first, but might be actually easy to make if you have enough patience. It can require days or even weeks to make. I made simple ‘mesh’ bases in the past and the most important key here, beside making sure to prepare all the straws of the same length for the mesh, is to keep an eye on the horizontal levels of the pyramids’ / diamonds’ square bases and just build new triangles and squares upon them. Heavy needles and gravitation helps with pulling the threads through the straws, especially when the ‘mesh’ becomes larger. If you’re interested, I could make a drawing as a tutorial for the ‘mesh’ construction of pająki in my free time - let me know.

There’s also a ‘star’ type of the pająki where the central part is flat made in an octagonal shape (such base is made of a stronger material than the straw, for example thin steel rods, and decorated with wool tied around the centre) and the ‘diamond’ sections are tied to its 8 joints.

I don’t think there are many good tutorials online, never came across any describing the complicated types of pająki, but here’s a simple video where you can see how the bigger and smaller diamonds can be tied together:

Try to observe the photographs carefully. When you ‘get’ the idea behind the geometry of pająki right, it becomes very simple. I learned how to make them without any tutorials :)

(photo sources: 1,2,3)

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Thank you everyone for the asks! <3

Out of the ocs I have shared, Garrett and Dario are the only gamers I think! Although they only really play competitive games like Mario Kart, Splatoon, or Smash! Garrett is also a sucker for mobile games and Kathy is too! 

External image

Garrett LOVES taking Snapchat of his boyfriend! <3 He takes quite a few throughout the day and makes sure to send it to him too!

Meet Cabby/Cathy! They’re an excitable nerd who wants to protect their friends! <3

It was a LOT of fun working on these!

External image

Garrett’s backstory can’t even be shared yet! Y'all will have to wait until their lore/story/webcomic comes out! </3 Sorry about that!

External image
External image


External image
External image

Here’s a short version of how I do inkling hair! <3 I’ve done this sort of thing before but not in this new style so hope it helps!

External image

Aaaaa thank you for the compliment! ; v ; I’m not really sure what to say, I just recommend working with shapes or researching body types! <3 Work with colors, archtypes, and even focus on silhouette of the each character! Make sure they’re all unique in their own way! As for the height different, it’s a little harder to explain, I just kind of decide where their heads should be and then draw the rest of them ; v ; 

External image

I actually just use the standard pen brush for lineart and coloring, nothing fancy! <3 

I do most of my comic/picture sketches on my tablet, but I do like to sketch on my notebooks too! I just don’t ever think anyone’s really interested in them! ; v ; 

AAA! Please @ me, I would love to see it! ; O ; 

Thank you sO MUCH! I’M REALLY GLAD <3 <3 I hope you continue to enjoy my blog!

Omg! No, I havent! I used to have it before it was closed down (still saved to my 3DS actually) and aaaa I would love to get back into it but I’m not sure, I might not have enough data sobs ; v ; /) 

That’s all the asks I can answer for today! Thank you for all the questions! Sorry it was late and I hope you enjoyed this, it was was a lot of fun to do! Please don’t hesitate to send me more to answer next time and see you all next Saturday! <3

Thanks for reading! Bye! Love you all and have a lovely weekend!! <3

Gruvia Week - Day 07 ~ Future

“Juvia loves that picture.” Gray looked her over his shoulder while he went to turn off the lights so they could go to bed and saw her staring at the picture on top of the mantel-piece of the fireplace. “A picture with you smiling, Gray-sama, is very rare.”

Gray snorted and turned off the lights, the fire on the fireplace their only source of light, and he walked back in her direction. “I didn’t see that one being taken so I my guard was down.”

“Juvia is glad it was.” She smiled and Gray glanced at the picture and even he had to admit it was a beautiful photo. They were at the reception of their wedding, Juvia wore her beautiful white dress and Gray had to put a spell on his tux so he couldn’t take it off. Juvia had her arms around his shoulders and her bouquet in her hand while Gray had his own arms around her waist and they were looking at each other, both with grins and their eyes sparkling in happiness. “That was one of the happiest days of Juvia’s life.”

“You know what? Mine too.” Gray put a hand on her lower back. “I just had a little panic attack first.”

Juvia was surprised. “You did?”

“Kind of.” Gray scratched the back of his head and he looked down. “Not because we were getting married or anything. Of that I was very sure.” She was even more confused and Gray sighed. “Look, you know it’s different when we are alone; I don’t like when people know about my feelings. You know what I feel for you and that’s enough. That day, though” he looked to the picture “I was about to swear in front of everyone I knew to always love you, be with you and etcetera.” He snorted. “Not very good at vocalizing my feelings.”

“Your vows were beautiful.” Juvia smiled softly.

“Yeah.” He clearly blushed and cleared his throat. “You needed to hear them, not everyone else.”

She looked alarmed. “If Juvia knew you were uncomfortable, she would’ve never asked for such a big wedding-”

“No, no.” Gray shook his head, calming her down. “I wanted to give you that. It made you happy to plan the whole thing and that was my biggest concern: to make you happy; in the end I ended up really enjoying. I was panicking, though, because I was afraid I was going to say something wrong – you know I have a talent for that.” Juvia chuckled and Gray offered her a small smile. “When I told Natsu I was worried he told me that if I was running, I needed to move from Fiore because the girls would hunt me down and he wasn’t going to stop them.”

“Juvia always knew Natsu-san liked her more than he liked you.” Juvia teased him.

Gray just rolled his eyes. “I just took a shot of booze to calm down and convinced myself that I wasn’t going to screw up.”

“You didn’t screw up.” Juvia put her hands on his shoulders. “And was the alcohol the reason why you look so happy in that picture?”

“Not really.” Gray shrugged, trying to be nonchalant about it, but Juvia saw right through him. “I was happy because I had just married you, I guess. Finally the future looked like a good thing instead of what would otherwise be.”

Juvia’s smile could’ve lit up the whole town and she tip-toed to give him a kiss. “Juvia was happy she had just married you too.”

“Good.” Gray said. “Now let’s go to bed, you must be exhausted and it’s cold, I told you to wear the thicker robe.” He reprimanded her gently.

“Juvia doesn’t think that folding clothes exhausted her, it was soothing, actually.” She answered him as they walked towards their bedroom. “And of course it’s cold. Only Gray-sama’s baby would be just a few days away of being born during the coldest winter Magnolia has faced in the last one hundred years.”

Gray smirked and saw Juvia rub her stomach lovingly and he put his own hand on her stomach and felt their son move. They had decided to have a baby the year before and the baby was due in a few days. “He’s very active.”

“With luck, he’ll realize his mother would like to sleep tonight and he’ll follow her lead.”

“What are the chances of that happening?” He asked.

Juvia chuckled but he could see she was tired. “Close to zero, actually.”

“He’ll be born in a few days and you’ll sleep better.”

The blunette snorted. “We won’t sleep for the next decade, Juvia hopes you know that.”

“Not really looking forward to that future.” The Ice Mage said, sighed in fake resignation.

“Oh, shush.” Juvia laughed. “The moment he’s here you’ll be wrapped around his little finger.”

Gray chose not to answer, knowing his wife was right and just led her to their bedroom, feeling happy he chose to stop denying his feelings a while ago and just embraced the best future he could ever have.


I hope this year’s Gruvia Week was amazing to everyone! <3

Ted’s college drawing, representing a vampire.

I reviewed sort of a log or a diary or some papers that Mr. Bundy had written and I think they were around the time of, around the time that he was in college, and before these episodes [altered states], and there is a drawing that he did, and there is an interesting kind of metamorphosis in the drawing and also in the writing on the page.

Let me see, I think I have it.

And this, when I asked Mr. Bundy about it, first of all, he said, “Did I do this?” He said, “This is my writing,” which I think is quite interesting, because certain individuals, when they are in an altered state or whatever, write differently from the way they do at other times. And here is a picture where, first of all, there is a head, a person of some sort, and then the head enlarges and the head has teeth like Dracula. And there also seems to be a change in the writing right within the page itself. It looks as he becomes less organized or whatever on the page.

And by the way, when I showed this to Mr. Bundy, his first reaction was, “Did I do that?” He didn’t remember it, and then he said, “Was I on drugs?” I don’t know, but this was at college, and as far as we know he was not into drugs. And this seems to be a sort of visual representation of perhaps what happens with him when he goes into these states.  - Dorothy Lewis

"Septiplier is dead"

I hate that term. I hate it so so much.

That entire sentence makes me feel terrible, like complete and utter shit.

Because of the way people use it.

“You can’t post that art! Septiplier is dead you fucking idiot!”

“Eww you ship septiplier? That died ages ago how disgusting.”

“Mark and Jack hate septiplier because of people like you! You’re the ones who killed it!”

Now, I understand the whole “please don’t draw us fucking” thing because that’s you and your friend and that’s kind of weird, but Jack said that the fluffy stuff is fine.


YA KNOW THE WHOLE “its fine as long as you don’t draw us fucking” THEY FORGET THE “its fine” PART!

Now the fandom has to suffer for this, they have to deal with all the hate because of Jack and Mark announcing that whole thing, no I’m not saying its Jack and Mark’s fault I’m saying its the fandoms.

Because they changed Jack’s words and manipulated them into something so different from what he said.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: PLEASE BE KIND TO THE SEPTIPLIER FANDOM.

Though Mark and Jack don’t approve of smut, I know they wouldn’t approve of you all ATTACKING the fandom for posting completely appropriate pictures that you guys don’t like.

I’ve had friend’s who run septiplier accounts that get hate from people who ship other things and fans in general EVERY DAY.

Every post gets a comment asking them to take it down because “Mark and Jack don’t like it” or “Jelix is much better”

My friends let this hate get to there head and several have scars from thinking they were so alone, my friend Theo carved “useless” into her leg yesterday because someone kept calling her a “useless trashy bitch” for posting and shipping septiplier.

So please, stop the hate.

We Got Married Pt.3 (Zico x Reader)

So here it’s part 3, I decided to keep this moving and see how it goes. Enjoy!

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“You may kiss the bride”

You just looked at each other awkwardly and you opened your arms to hug him.

“Let’s just do one of those. Yeah bring it in”

He opened his arms too and hugged each other and patting the others back. You pulled awaya dn grabbed your dress to walk away

“Don’t fall in love with me”

You joked and went to the back to your friends. They started clapping and throwing rice at you. You laughed at their cheesy tricks but you loved that they were always doing stuff to make you laugh.

“I fucking hate you all, I have rice in this beautiful up do”

You said as you started shaking your head and throwing rice like a dog throws water after the bath.  You sat at one of the chairs and pulled off the extreme high heels to massage your aching feet.

“How do you feel ms Woo?”

“Shut the fuck up, no seriously shut the fuck up”

You takled back at San E, who started laughing at your attitude. You and San E had always had this relationship that would talk shit but you would do it while hugging and petting each others head.

“So what do we do now?”

You asked the staff as you put the shoes back on and smoothed the beautiful wedding dress.

“We will go to the place that you will take your wedding pictures”

“This is so accurate it’s scary”


You and Zico rode on different cars to the place but you kind of felt a bit nervous about what it’s going to be like.

“I feel like this dress is not designed to be at a car. Like look at this, y'all can barely get my face”

The car was a bit too small and the dress was a bit too big. Sometimes fashion is not comfortable, you giggled as you tried to put the dress down and the tight corset was not helping.

“We’re here”

“Alright, let’s take some bomb ass pics…. someone needs to get out to help me cause I litterally cannot move”

They did get out and helped you and as soon as you walked in the building you knew what it was

“Are you serious? You who came from the stars? This is fucking perfect, I love you guys”

You were always a huge fun of k-dramas and “you who came from the stars” was your favorite one. They helped you get up and when you walked in Do min joons house you broke  a big smile.

“I fucking love this, I always wanted to be in this house.”

You saw that Zico was already in the make up chair and  getting his make up fixed up. So you sat on the next chair and let them get some rice that was still in your hair, and fix the make up to perfection again.

“Hubby have you watched the drama?”

“Yes, I watch a lot of k-dramas”

“That’s so cool. So we’re going to get a few pics and… just fuck shit up man, today is a good day”

You got off the chair and went over to were they wanted you to be. They told you to sit down on the couch and make zico kneel down

“So give him your shoe and he is going to offer it to you”

You pulled off your shoe and hid your toes so they won’t see that one shoe was missing.

“Look at him, ahhh new shoes! I love you! yay versace shoes”

Photographers commentary made you laugh so much and you could see Zico struggling to hold his laughter. You put your hands in front of your mouth acting suprised like they told you to do

Confession Zico

“It felt a bit weird but the photographer helped at easing us up and making us feel like this is normal, yeah i’m marrying (y/n) … totally normal”


“perfect. Now let’s go to the bedroom and take the pics there”

You put your shoe back on and you walked with your new “husband” by your side.

“So I want you two to lay down on the bed. Put your arm out and let her lay on top of it”

Being so close to Zico made you feel a bit weird. Here you were at a bed with a man you’ve met a day ago and you had to be husband and wife. You laid next to him and the photographer instructed you to look into eachothers eyes

“Yes, the love, ahhh you love him. She is your wife, love everywhere. Touch her hair”

He motioned and started petting your hair, both of you struggling to not start laughing like crazy.

“This is so weird”

You whispered to him. He nodded but still put in the effort to stay in the character.


Confession (y/n)

“The photographer was lit. He made me feel at ease, photograph on point and killed it, good job baby”


“You worked hard. Thank you”

You said to the photographer with a smile and did a deep bow.

“Good Job Z-Z, you did good”

“Z-Z, really?”

“You’re my husband now I can say whatever the fuck I want”

You started feeling a lot more comfortable around Zico, you felt like you were friends and that was important, since you knew that after this you have to live together for awhile.

“And now we have to live together… first off. Which house do we live in?”

“We can double, A few days on your house and a few days in my house”

“Cool. We got this hubby, we the dream team baby”


Confession (y/n)

“Doing this shoot was a bit weird but I think it kind of helped us. We got a bit closer… way too close I had to lay on a bed with that man it was nerve ranking as shit, I had to face a woman and cuss her out before but I was never as nervous as I was when I had lay on his arm”

Confession Zico

I feel like this won’t be that bad, she seems nice and I aven’t lived with a woman before i’ve lived with 5 guys but not with a girl…. what’s the worse that can happen right? I hope I won’t die, pray for me”

Has anyone else used I think something terrible is about to happen.

You know that interactive meme site that takes pics with your webcam and makes captions at the top and bottom of the image? My girlfriend showed it to me the other day. We were pretty impressed by how well the software picks up on facial expressions and makes captions based on what the algorithm detects. Anyway, we played around with it for a while, got bored, and then watched some Frasier reruns.

Last night, when I was home alone with nothing to do, I clicked over to that site again to see what kinds of captions I could get it to come up with. For a while, it was no different from the other day. Right when I thought I’d had enough and was ready to head out and get something to eat, the page refreshed and a new button appeared. “Live caption.” I clicked it. My webcam light turned on and my familiar, stupid face appeared. Every five seconds, a still-frame was captured. Like before, it was captioned.

I let it caption me for a few minutes and I watched the picture pool fill with thumbnails of all the captured images. I was a little disappointed. All live caption seemed to do was take away the need to click the “capture image” button I’d been using before. I closed the laptop and went to the burger place down the street. I stuffed myself with bacon cheeseburgers and fries, rolled myself home, and went to bed.

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Hello Madame! So I'm an art student in Graphic Design and a self-taught artist since more or less ten years, but I honestly learn way more things by myself than at art school so I still have one big problem. I can draw a lot of things but when it comes to poses I just... Draw always the same, easy ones, or I'm obligated to use references to draw something a bit different. It's killing me, because I want to leave my comfort zone and draw poses from my imagination alone. Any tips, tutorials ? <3

Hi anon ^^

First, I have to apologize because it’s gonna be a long post, consider it as my “DEFINITIVE REFERENCE PICTURE POST” :)

I’m obligated to use references to draw something a bit different.(…) I want to leave my comfort zone and draw poses from my imagination alone. Any tips, tutorials ? <3            

The first step is drawing all kind of poses under different angles using reference pictures. What? But…I don’t want to!! That’s why I’m contacting you P-M!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!

Calm down ^^

It’s necessary in order to build in your head a kind of “visual library” that will give you the possibility to draw without references later. It will train your eye and your hand. Also, at the same time you’re working on your “visual library”, you have to study anatomy techniques like for instance breaking figures from reference down into more simple 3D shapes. You have to learn how to draw groups of simple 3D shapes in perspective and then construct figures from them. However, it doesn’t come in one day and also, you’ll have to use tons of reference pics AT FIRST. You see what I mean? You can’t go from zero reference to “cool figure drawing” in one step, you have to use the combo “reference + anatomy technique” to be able to reach this goal.

Artists who train in illustration are taught how to draw from using a building block tool for construction, much like some of the pictures that you can see below. 

As I said above, it really takes a lot of training and practice to build objects from shapes. Basically every form begins as a shape. The more experience you get, the more you understand proportions and the more skills you will have to draw without visual reference.

In order to reach this result, you have to study anatomy tutorials. They always work more or less the same way, a bit like the pic above: decomposing the human body in geometric shapes or in elaborated stick figures. Here are a couple of video tuts.

TLDR: practice over and over again by using refs. Create a “visual library”. Learn to break the body into shapes. That will be the only way to make you come out of your comfort zone.

(Rainbow Comic Sans for maximum effect. I guess that now, I have everybody’s attention if it wasn’t the case til now)

Yes, you have rules to make things easier to draw from memory BUT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG ABOUT USING REFERENCE PICTURES!! It shouldn’t “kill you”, it shouldn’t make you feel guilty and you shouldn’t feel “less of an artist” because you need references for complicated poses!!! Plenty of pros don’t do art without models and props. And the old masters did the same thing. You want examples? Ok, let’s start!

Here’s a great quote from Alex Ross’ book, Mythology.

Ross’ biggest breakthrough as an illustrator came in June 1987 at the American Academy of Art, when he was introduced to the use of live models. “Before that, I had no idea how much I could grow as a draftsman. It was a huge turning point, because all through grade school I hadn’t so much as drawn from photographs_I’d always thought that you had to make it all up out of your head, and that’s how you did ‘fantasy’ illustration. Now I wonder if I would have developed even sooner had I drawn from life as child”

Photo session for a Superman drawing:

Alex Ross using the photos for his work (and you see the pose is not even complicated!)

And wait, MY FAVORITE PAGE EVER. PROFESSIONAL artists taking pictures of themselves and of their friends so that they can have reference pictures for their artworks. An example:

(Artist Claudio Pozas  posing with…huh…a modern day sword for one of his artworks)

And if you want a funny anecdote, you see Dean’s shoes in this art? It’s mine. I had a problem with the pose so I took a pic of myself with a camera and worked from the pic.

Yeah…but for manga and comics, it’s more stylized, they don’t use refs…Artists draw from the top of their heads…and…HA! HA! HA!!!! MEGA LOL! Two examples from my personal archive. Here is a picture taken from a Japanese program. I don’t remember the name of the artist but this mangaka is drawing a page for his forthcoming comic and instead of drawing from memory do you know what he did? He asked his assistant to pose for him. He took a pic with a Polaroid and…voilà!

The guy is in his 70′s!! He’s a super experienced artist and he still uses references for his art.

Let’s carry on! Another example. When I was a teen I bought an artbook by artist Takeda Yaoi (my first yaoi stuff!) and two of the poses looked familiar.

You bet it looked familiar. The artist used as reference, pictures of members from some my favorite bands at the time, Gene and Menswear (90′s teenagers, fan of Britpop, hello…).

(Pictures: L’UOMO Vogue, May-June 1995). And yes, we are in 2016 and I still have this magazine and this artbook at home. I..have problem throwing things away, ok? ><

Also, do you know what comic artists use nowadays for referencing? 3D softwares like Poser.They create the pose with a 3D model, they orientate the model according to the perspective they want and they use it as ref. It doesn’t mean they aren’t “real” artists, it just makes life fucking easier and it reduces the chances of anatomy mistakes.

(The picture above proves that not ALL the artists in the business use models or reference pictures xD)

Listen, I understand that you want to draw from imagination, that for some reason it makes you feel “freer” and that some poses are complicated to obtain from refs (the super dynamic “spider man poses” for instance) but it shouldn’t “kill you” to need refs to draw the human body when you really need it. If it’s to sketch or to draw “super comic style” poses, ok, why not, but otherwise WHEN IN DOUBT: REF!!! Particularly when you work on something complicated or on a big project like an artwork, for a book, a comic cover, etc..Do you understand? Even dôjinshi artists who seem to sketch things from the top of their heads use refs. I KNOW IT BECAUSE I KNEW SOME OF THEM.

TLDR2: Drawing from imagination is cool, it’s convenient for some poses or for some styles (super dynamic comic poses) but otherwise, don’t feel guilty for using refs! Pro artists do it all the time and now that 2000000 miliion images are available on the Internet, they do it even more than before!

Good luck anon, YOU CAN DO IT!! ♥

Picture Perfect

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Reader x Yixing
Fluff/College AU
Word count: 2.4k 

A/N: Hello loves, so I was gonna post this tomorrow but like I decided to just post it today as well. It’s a small yixing collge au fic that takes place in a photography class. Hope you guys like it!

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Couch Talk

Jack walked into the living room, his eyes falling on Joe, who was sat on the couch, computer in his lap as he edited.

Smiling fondly over at the smaller man, he moved forward, chuckling softly as Joe kept his gaze locked on the computer, a small frown of concentration on his face.

“Break time.” Jack spoke, grabbing the computer from Joe, who let out a small cry of distress as he watched Jack close the computer and put it on the table.

“I have to get it done for tonight!”

“Your viewers can wait.”


“Don’t try.” Jack shook his head, staring down at Joe until he finally pouted, falling back into the couch.


“You’ll get over it.” Jack laughed, flopping onto the couch beside Joe. “Besides, I’ve barely seen you today. And I can’t wait.”

“You saw me this morning.” Joe muttered.

“And it’s now late afternoon. I want to talk to my boyfriend.” Jack nudged Joe, smiling when he lifted his eyes to meet his. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Joe replied, offering a small smile.

“That’s better.” Jack nodded. “Now, add more words, and look at that, we’ll be talking!”

“Oh piss off.” Joe laughed, but his body finally relaxed, and he let his head fall back against the couch, turned to look over at Jack.

“Nah, I think I like it here too much.” The younger man smirked, leaning over to place a quick kiss on Joe’s lips.

“Yeah, alright. You can stay.”

“Good.” Jack nodded again, “What are your plans for the week?”

“Well, I have a few meetings….” Joe started.

The two continued to talk, first about their weeks schedules and then on to video ideas before they ended up getting distracted by random subjects.

Eventually, Jack decided he wanted to be comfier, and so he shifted himself on the couch so he had his head on Joe’s lap, his leg’s stretched out along the couch. Joe had smiled fondly down at the younger man, claiming he was too bony to be a pillow, but still laced his fingers with Jack, their hands resting gently on Jack’s chest. Joe’s other hand found it’s way into Jack’s hair as they spoke, their random talk taking on a more serious note.

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” Jack mumbled, his head tilted into Joe’s touch.


“Well, no shit.” Jack scoffed, but Joe shushed him quickly.

“Happy with the person I love. Hopefully married.”

“And who would that be?” Jack met Joe’s eyes, fear tensing his body lightly. He had thought about his future with Joe a lot, and worried that the older man had a different outlook than him.

“You.” Joe replied simply, deciding the moment wasn’t right for teasing. “Every time I picture my future, you’re standing by my side. Kind of crazy, isn’t it?”

“More like a relief.” Jack smiled, “I was worried you’d say some chick with blonde hair or something.”

“Sorry, but you may be stuck with me.”

“I think I’ll manage.” Jack replied, giving Joe’s hand a squeeze.

“So you see yourself with me as well?” Joe questioned softly, his fingers gently as he ran them through Jack’s hair.

“Probably from the moment I met you. Which sounds insane, since I didn’t even know if you liked guys or not.”

“Hmm, true. But I think insane works for you.”

“Cheers.” Jack mumbled, letting his eyes fall closed. “What about children?”

“Unless you’re magically able to conceive…” Joe trailed off, laughing lightly as Jack opened one eye to stare up at him. “Sorry.”

“Do you want any?” Jack asked, closing his eye again.

“Yeah, I do. Do…do you?” Joe asked, his fingers pausing. They had never really discussed this before, and suddenly he realized how nervous he was for Jack’s answer.

“You’d have to be the responsible dad. I think I’d be shit at giving out punishments. I’d just want to be our kids best friend.”

“Our kids?” Joe smiled, continuing to run his fingers through Jack’s hair now that his nerves had been settled.

“Well, we’d have to adopt. Or get someone to carry.”

“You’ve thought about this, then.”

“You haven’t?” Jack’s eyes blinked open again, “Am I just overthinking?”

“Well, all the other times I thought about kids, it was with a woman. So I guess I hadn’t really thought about it. But I think either option is good.” Joe reassured the younger man, who smiled before closing his eyes again.

“You know if we have a girl, we’re both screwed.”

“Yup. She’ll have us wrapped around her finger.”

“We’ll have to be firm.” Jack muttered, yawning lightly.

“Good luck with that,” Joe scoffed, “She’s got like five uncles to turn too.”

“That’s true.” Jack’s words slurred together slightly, and Joe smiled as he realized Jack was falling asleep.

“But it’s okay. Because we’ll all love her unconditionally.”

“Mhm….” Jack hummed in agreement, his breathing starting to even out.

“Just like I love you.” Joe said softly, “And you love me.”

But Jack didn’t respond that time, having fallen fast asleep.

“I guess editing can wait a while longer.” Joe mumbled, closing his own eyes as he let his head fall back against the couch, his fingers slowing as he too fell asleep.

I hate how some Kanekicest fanart that reduces them down to a simple uke/seme dynamic. I mean, I kind of get it, because it’s hot, because it highlights the difference between their personalities, but kuroneki in particular always seem ooc and very “uke-ified”. Like the picture above shows, the one time they “meet” (okay, it is all in his head) in canon, if anything kuro is the dominant one.

lazy-matsu  asked:

The concept of Jee, Zunde, and G!Sans are confusing me a bit too much, they're all so very alike.. I can barely ever tell the difference. Can you maybe elaborate on them?(and yes I know you don't own G!Sans,) q×q;

I understand completly that they are hard to get because Jee is an alternate version of Zunde 10 years in the past! (and that Zunde is an alternate version of G!Sans) But, even if they share a lot of specificity, they do have a lot of differences, which make me appreciate them as differents characters.

I’ll precise that G!Sans belongs to @borurou and that except their design I know nothing about G!Sans. Zunde is my own headcanon personnality of a fusion between Sans and Gaster. °^°

Please excuse my poor english skills to explain things, if this post is not enought to put more light on them, feel free to asks me more about it!

As you’ve been able to see in the first picture, Jee is shorter than Zunde cause there is a 10 year age gap between them. After that, the main difference is in their kind of outfit style and their face.

Jee’s right crack on his skull goes less far than Zunde. Also, Jee close his right eye. Zunde don’t, he let it open. Thing to know, my head canon of G!Sans has this part of their face kinda “paralized” they almost don’t move it, so this eye position is something they chose to have. Let it close for Jee and let it open for Zunde.

That’s their typical kind of reaction. 0^0

So far, they are both quiet tsundere typed and introvert as hell. They don’t like being around people and prefers avoiding everything who annoys them.

Note than Zunde prefers destroy the stuff who annoys him to makes sure to not be annoyed in the futur by it. He’s clearly more intense and have pratically no shade between hate & love. 

Jee shows emotions faster and easier than Zunde. He’s also able to listen more to the others than Zunde (who is a boss at ignoring people interest, only his matter).

So ye, Jee goes rude when mad/annoyed and Zunde goes to violence/destruction.

But both being tsundere, they will also often pretent to not care. 

It was hard to not go into their concept while I was talking of their behavior because a lot of their way to behave is related to their concept.

I really insist on the fact this is just an headcanon of mine, and it’s totally ok if for you my vision doesnt fit at all yours about G!Sans. Zunde and Jee mostly share their design to G!Sans but as I said, I know nothing about G!sans, really nothing. So maybe what I’ve done with them is an aberration. HHHH, Plz don’t hate me for that.

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I designed and colored my human scifell fusion. It took a bit of trial and error, but I think I’m pretty happy with this result. I wanted his coat to have a gem inspired pattern, and after trying some I decided I liked the opal designs best. I went for black opal for this picture, though I also kind of like the fire opal one I did too. I might make it so his coat can change between different opal styles, perhaps by fusing in different conditions or something? Not sure, otherwise I’ll just stick with the black opal. The colors will probably shift and change a bit as he moves and light reflects off of it.

As for his name, I’m thinking of calling something along the lines of Silicon Dioxide or Silica, since I don’t really want to call him Opal and Sci is a nerd who would know what opals are made of.

I’m going to include the other attempts I made at coloring him below.

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AN: It’s been a while, huh? You all know that school has got me on the ropes (Stucky reference, anyone?) But, I’m here now! And I am so happy to write again! *Gif is not mine, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Reader X Steve

Prompt: Could you do a one shot of the reader and Steve and she has powers where she can read everything about a person and when she reads Steve and the have a very fluffy talk leading to kissing and then…..Dirty Stuff LOL it doesn’t have to end like that I just thought it would be cute

Warnings: Implied sex, no actual smut

((Not sure exactly how ‘fluffy’ this will be, seeing as my mood at the moment (or the past two weeks, rather) is anything but fluffy. Maybe?))


“It’s Personal”

You were painfully aware of the fact that you weren't a part of the group yet, you were still a stranger.

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Next Gen Headcanon

So this thought popped into my head a few days ago and I can’t get it out:

Teddy, Victoire, and Molly are all runaways.

Teddy leaves first, sneaking out of his grandmother’s house in the middle of the night a few months after graduating from Hogwarts.
There is no animosity in his disappearance, he simply longed for a different kind of life. The only thing he took with him was his mom’s Wicked Sisters shirt and a still picture of his parents. He didn’t even take his wand.

He finds his way to a muggle concert venue/nightclub and charms the manager into giving him a job. Within the same night, he meets two friends that “recognize a nomad when we see one” and offer him a couch to stay on. They all become close friends and end up renting a bigger loft together within a few months.

Victoire is the next to leave, and her departure isn’t as discreet as Teddy’s.
Her and her parents have a falling out years in the making. Being born on the anniversary of so many deaths has been a dark cloud over Victoire’s life for as long as she can remember. Though she was beautiful, intelligent, and greatly loved by her family, she had severe self-esteem issues because of the duality of her birthday. She always felt like a horrific reminder of pain and suffering (especially to people like Teddy and George) instead of a symbol of victory. She never wanted a birthday celebration because she felt that it was a dishonour to those who would have no more birthdays.

Her parents never understood this, and never really understood her. On her 16th birthday, after the family returns from a memorial ceremony, Fluer has had enough of her eldest daughter’s attitude. When things get heated, Bill sends Dom and Lucas upstairs with mother and daughter yell at each other. In the end, with a storm raging on the horizon, Victoire storms out of the cottage with nothing but the clothes on her back and wand in hand. Her parents go after her while her brother and sister watch from the upstairs window. As her parents follow her down the beach, Victoire whips out her wand and conjures control of the crashing waves. With a flick of her wrist, she sends a small tidal wave hurling between her and her parents. By the time the water and sand settle, Victoire is no where to be seen.

It is only a few months later that Molly, a year younger than Victoire but very close to her cousin, nonetheless, follows in her older cousin’s footsteps. 
It is at a Weasly/Potter family gathering that she leaves. Conversation is still centered around Victoire and concern for her. Concern, however, soon turns to crude judgement and snarky comments by a few adults (Molly’s father, included). Molly knew better than anyone the hell that Victoire suffered through on a daily basis, haunted by a past that she had no part in.

Normally demure and reserved, Molly spoke up in defense of her cousin. Things quickly got heated between her and her father (and a few other family members here and there) and Molly eventually denounced her family name, snapped her wand in half, and sprinted out the door. A few adults chased after her, but all of the kids knew they’d never catch her. Years of stockpiling classes on opposite ends of the castle had turned Molly into quiet the runner.



She found herself homeless in muggle Sidmouth, huddling under an awing to avoid the rainstorm. In the distance, there is a loud crack. Muggles would think it was lightning from the storm, but she knew better. 
They found her.

She stood up and started walking, but stopped in her tracks at the sound of someone calling her name.

That voice…

Turning around, she saw a blue-haired Teddy smiling at her from across the road. She ran to him and jumped into his leather-clad arms.

He brought her back to his loft in Birmingham. Dripping wet, they walked through the door.

To Molly’s Type-A-personality delight, the place was fairly neat. A few people were hanging around, mostly boys. On the couch, however, was Victoire. Smiling, laughing Victoire playing some card game with a long-haired boy in a beanie. 

Teddy cleared his throat, and all eyes were on them. As soon as she set sights on Molly, Victoire smiled brighter than Molly had ever seen. The rest of the evening was spent hanging out with Teddy and Victoire’s friends.




In the years to come, the Weasly/Potter clan eventually moved on. No one forgot the children that had run, but they couldn’t realistically let three kids keep them from raising the other 10.

But Draco didn’t have 10 kids to worry about, he had one.
Yes, that’s right, Draco Malfoy.

Scorpius never had any siblings, so he was very close to what family he did have, 2nd cousin Teddy included.
Another thing about Scorpius: he had a great love for the muggle world that his grandfather despised. Draco never had a problem with this, and even encouraged his son to explore all aspects of who he is. Scorpius started spending his holidays exploring muggle England, gaining close muggle friends, even taking a muggle class every now and then.

Eventually, through a few overheard conversations and accidentally discovered muggle items, Draco came to the knowledge that Scorpius knew more than he was letting on. One dinner, Draco nonchalantly asked him how Teddy was doing.

Instantly, Scorpius knew he was busted. He agreed to some clean, on the single condition that it stayed within the immediate family. The people in question didn’t want to be found. That was their choice and Scorpius respected it, and he expected his father to do the same.

Draco agreed, and so Scorpius came clean.

Teddy was in a band, and a very popular one. They had a few big music awards, and had even been nominated for a Grammy and a Brit Award (Two things, Scorpius promised his father, that were huge deals.) The band was touring the United States at the moment.

Victoire went into fashion and has been featured in many up-and-comers runway shows in the past year. With the help of mentors like Vera Wang, Domencio Dolce, and Paul Smith, it wasn’t long before her fledgling line is projected by fashion insiders to be huge among the young adult market. Though he didn’t know her that well when she was with her family, Scorpius swore that he had never seen Victoire more comfort or filled with absolute pride than when she was showcasing her creations.

Molly was a Best-Selling young adult author. Her debut book released when she was pushing 17 and was inspired by Victoire’s struggles with self-esteem and depression. Apparently, many people can identify with that particular struggle, as the book sold 1 million international copies within a year of being published. For any author that was incredible. For a young unknown? It was astounding. Molly turned the book into a series, with the sequel being focused on a character inspired by Teddy’s life, having been orphaned nearly at birth, and struggle to find himself. In the third book, due to be published in the next few months, the main characters from the first two books find their way together.

The three runaways were successful and happy in their muggle lives. Between the three of them, there was one wand, Victoire’s, kept in a lock box in Victoire’s box spring. The wand seemed perfectly compatible with the three of them, probably sensing the closer-than-close bond that they shared. It was hardly ever used, as they were all content living as muggles and, honestly, a little frightened of being discovered. 

Scorpius had happened upon Teddy when his muggle friends surprised him with a birthday trip to a small concert venue in Birmingham. The same venue where Teddy found work, formed a band, and got his start. The band often performed there, as a thank you to the owners and to the wonderful people that helped them along their way. As soon as he saw the metamorphmagus, Scorpius knew exactly who he was. When the show was over, Teddy and Scorpius had a long talk backstage and Teddy invited Scorpius and his friends back to the loft. While his friends hung out with the band, Scorpius caught up with the runaways.

Throughout it all, there was one thing that amazed Scorpius the most.

They had stuck together.

How had Victoire and Teddy come together after Victoire ran?

How had Teddy known that Molly ran away and where to find her?

How, after their lives took them in different directions, had they managed to stay a trio?

Scorpius lived in a world of magic, but nothing had seemed more enchanting to him than the idea that you can be so strongly connected to someone that you always find your way back together.

He never bothered asking how that happened.

Somethings were better left a mystery. 

Anime April Challenge - Day 7
Character from a drama anime

Okay, so I really LOVE Toradora. It’s just… so amazing. I cannot recommend it more highly. Taiga is the best. She is so tsundere and so smol and makes a perfect couple at the end with a certain person. No spoilers. @limborealis (who is also doing this art challenge!) and I chatted about anime recently and Toradora came up and it is just so good.

I tried a few different things and feel like I succeeded at them! This picture, like most of my art for this challenge, uses a reference, but it still encourages me and guides me to try new things. One thing was the tilted head. I usually start with the head and always feel like I rotate the page too much, so to get it right feels good. I’m also trying to draw more folds on fabric, but it still feels kind of random.

I added a ribbon to Rukia’s sword. Her Zanpakutō is called Sode no Shirayuki, and takes the form of a sword with a ribbon attached, like for dancing. It’s good. Anime is good.

Date: 7 April 2017
Character: Rukia Kuchiki (Taiga Aisaka)
Series: Bleach (Toradora)

Ashton Irwin Fanfic - Cam Girl - Part 3

Part 2 

Summary: You’re a cam girl who’s regular customer suggests something a little out of the ordinary

Word count: 1.8K

I looked down to see that I still only had my underwear on. Fuck! What’s wrong with me?!?

I felt my cheeks blush immediately as I pulled the phone away from my ear and stood back from the doorway. I felt strangely exposed for some reason, even though he has seen me in a lot less than this.

“Hi. Uh.. yeah. So … Why don’t you come in. Sorry, I-uhm, forgot I had no clothes on.” Well that didn’t sound stupid at all, well done Y/N!

“Well don’t feel the need to change on my behalf.” He grinned at me with those adorable dimples showing in his cheeks.

I stepped back and let him in. He brushed past me and sat his bag down near the door. I swiftly closed the door behind him and turned around to find him standing right in front of me. He was taller than I thought he was and even more beautiful in person. The camera really done him no justice.

“It’s good to finally see you.” He brushed the hair back from my face and took my face in his hands.

“It’s good to see you too.” I placed my hand over his and rested into his touch. This felt nice, it felt safe.

I was suddenly brought back down to reality, remembering that I only had my underwear on. “But I really should get changed.” I broke away from his touch slightly and he pulled his hands away and stuck them in his jean pockets as he leaned back on his heels. I instantly regretted doing it. I wanted his touch, I’d thought about how his touch would feel for so long and now I’m ruining it.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Please, make yourself comfortable. I won’t be long.” I pointed around to the living room as I headed through to the bedroom. I quickly put on my skater skirt and crop top that I had laid out. I then slipped on my pumps and checked myself out in the mirror one last time. I looked okay, my outfit showed off my curves well and my skin looked soft and smooth from my body butter earlier. I sprayed a little perfume on my neck and wrists and went back through to the living room.

Ashton was wandering around looking at my stuff. He was looking at my pictures on the wall near my desk and the few drawings that I had scattered over it, he looked so at ease just running his fingers along my desk.

“Hey, so I thought that I could make us something to eat. I thought that maybe you’d be hungry after the drive and everything.”

Ashton stopped looking around and turned around to look at me when I spoke. He really was breathtaking, the need to touch him was becoming unbearable. “Actually, I was wondering if I could take you out for dinner.”

How sweet of him but I couldn’t let him. “Why don’t I take you out since you drove all the way here? It’s my treat.” He smiled at me and licked his bottom lip. “As long as I get to go out to dinner with you, then I’m not arguing.” He walked towards me slowly still taking in the room around him, all I done was stare at him. I couldn’t help but stare, he almost demands the attention of a room. He’s so poised and confident in every movement that you can’t seem to look away.

“You’ve got a nice place, it’s homey.” he lifted his shoulder as he looked around briefly.

“Thank you. It’s a bit small but it’s all I need really.”I was try to look at my apartment but my eyes kept lingering on him. I just couldn’t help it. He was here. In front of me. Unbelievable.

“I like it.” he concluded

He wandered over and stood right in front of me. With anyone else I wouldn’t be comfortable, I like my own space but he was looking at me with his bright hazel eyes, the kind that makes you forget your own name. He placed his finger under my chin and tilted my head up so that my gaze met his.

“Y/N, I’ve waited so long to see you. In a funny way you almost don’t seem real. But if you are then I can’t let this opportunity slip past me, can I kiss you?”

I’d wanted this for a long time, I wanted to know his lips, to feel his body pressed against mines that I didn’t need to think about my answer, it just fell from my lips.


I’d never wanted anyone to kiss me more than I did with him right now. He gently cupped my face with his hands and slowly brought his lips to mines. The anticipation of it all sent sparks shooting through my body. I gave in to his touch, his lips were soft but yet filled with passion. The taste of him against my lips only left me wanting more, I slid my hands up his chest, feeling his broad shoulders and then tangled my fingers in his hair. Ashton slid his tounge along my lips asking for permission and I gladly gave it to him. His tounge worked against mines, exploring my mouth as I moaned into the kiss and tugged on his hair.

We gently broke apart eventually, even though I felt like I could have stood there forever. Ashton still held his hand to my cheek as we pressed our foreheads together.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that for.” He breathed out, a smile spread across his face.

I quickly pecked him on the lips again, lingering near his lips.

“I think I do.” I whispered back to him.


After a few more long, heated kisses we eventually made the choice to leave the apartment. Ashton seemed appalled that I’d only had coffee and that I needed to eat a proper meal, he practically dragged me from the house and we walked down to the main part of town. As soon as I had locked my door his hand found mines and he held on tight as we walked together. I could feel my smile grow on my face as we walked hand in hand through town, I felt so at ease with him, like I’d known him for a long time. We were just speaking about light topics at first, what his drive was like, how school is going and what we plan on doing after school. Then he started to dive in a little deeper.

“So, where does your family live?”

I didn’t want to get too deep about family, that was a part of my life that I wanted to keep separate. I didn’t want Ashton to know any part of that. I tried to just be nonchalant with him as I answered him.

“They live like a days drive away.”

“That must be a bitch of a drive on the holidays by yourself.”

“I actually don’t spend the holidays with them.” I could her my voice change, it sounded colder, not like my own and I think Ashton could tell too because he dropped the subject and started talking about the food places which we were walking by.

I gave a sigh of relief internally, I really wasn’t up for telling him my past. That’s enough to scare anyone away.

“So, where are we eating?” He asked me looking around at all the places there were.

“I’m not sure, I don’t go out too much.” I admitted, kind of embarrassed by it. Mostly because if I wasn’t studying then I was on the webcam which doesn’t leave much room for friends and webcam girl isn’t really much of a hobbie. Well, not one that you tell people about anyway.

“How about there?”

Ashton stopped and pointed to the little restaurant across the street, it looked nice. I nodded my head and we made our way over the street. Once inside we were greeted by a friendly waitress with her blonde hair tucked away in a neat ponytail and her little apron at the front holding her order pad and pen.

“Hey, I’m Stacey. Table for two is it?”

“Yes please.”

Ashton spoke for us since I was too busy being nosey and poking my head around the place. It was quite busy, filled with couples and a few families, all out for dinner. Judging by the sheer volume of people, this place must be quite popular around town and I’ve never even heard of it. The restaurant had a rustic feel to it, kind of homey which reminded me of my place a lot. All of the pictures on the wall were kind of odd and didn’t match but all together it looked great.

Ashton stood behind me with his head towering over my frame, he held both my hands as he gently kissed the top of my head. He was so different to any man I’d been out with before, he was so loving and looked at me with .. I don’t know what, I’ve never seen anyone look at me like he does. Ashton gently kissed the side of my head and rested his face against my cheek just as Stacey came back with our menu’s.

“Follow me and I’ll show you to your table.”

Stacey lead us past tables of people chatting and enjoying their meals as we headed further into the back of the restaurant. She sat us down at a small booth for two with hardly anyone else back here. We sat across from each other and Stacey placed the menu’s on the table.

“Its a little more private back here, nice for couples. I’ll let you have a look over the menu, would you like a drink just now?” That was nice, at least we can have a little bit of space back here.

“Yes, could I have a glass of white wine please?” She wrote it down on her pad and turned to Ashton.

“Could I also have a glass of white wine, please.”

“Sure thing.”

She popped her pad back into her apron and walked back the way we came. Me and Ashton picked up the menu’s and started reading over them, although I was too distracted by him to actually read the menu.

“So, I didn’t peg you for a wine drinker.” I looked over my menu to meet his eyes.

“Well, there’s a lot you don’t know about me Y/N.” He stared into my gaze with those piercing hazel eyes, I feel like I could spot them in a room filled with a thousand people.

“Hmmmm, well I think I’d like to find out more.” I winked at him.

“Is that a promise?”

“You can bet your ass it is. Do you think I’m going to let some strange man stay in my house?” I feigned to be appalled by the thought as I widened my eyes at him.

“I think not. So, you have some explaining to do Mr Irwin.” I put my menu down and crossed my arms over my chest as I leaned into the table. Ashton put his menu to the side and copied my posture so that our faces were almost touching. He was trying to hold back his smile and pretend to be serious but failed as he burst out laughing. His laugh was incredible, his laugh makes you laugh and love him even more. It’s my new favourite thing about him.

“You already know a lot about me!” He managed to say once he stopped laughing.

“Why don’t we start with how you found my page? I’ve never asked you that before.”

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It was so difficult to contain this all in one post. Basically wanted to show off the Digimon merchandise I have! I collect things from every season. Kind of got a head start because a lot of my figures are from childhood. 

( I don’t do trades, but if you have things for sale I will buy even duplicate items. )

First picture: Posters, an autograph from Robert Axelrod(Voice of Armadillomon and Wizardmon), a drawing of Ken from my little brother. Not pictured is my autograph from Derek Stephen Prince(Ken, Veemon, etc.) because the signature is on a plush from a different fandom.

Second: All my current cosplays. Kari Kamiya from season 1, 2, and Tri. Ken Ichijouji school uniform, Digimon Emperor, Davis Motomiya, Rika, Mimi Tachikawa(Tri), Arukenimon, Gomamon kigu. 

I also have the Tri Digimon Kaiser in progress!

Not received in the mail yet: Kuramon and Salamon plushies. DemiVeemon as well, but I don’t have pictures.

Games: Digimon World DS, Digimon World Dusk(Not pictured), Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, Digimon Rumble Arena 2(Not pictured), Digimon World Data Squad, Digimon All Star Rumble. I also play Digimon Masters Online.

Movies/Shows: Digimon The Movie(VHS and DVD) Seasons 1-3 in full, a VHS with some season 1 episodes. 

Digivices: Ken’s D-3 and Davis’ D-3 are licensed and fully functioning. Kari and Joe’s are replicas. I also have a functioning D-terminal.

Figures: MAIN ones are Ken Ichijouji. Joe Kido, Imperaldramon, Chaosdukemon, Imperialdramon Paladin mode.I have a ton of tiny ones, like Henry, Sakuyamon, Diaboromon, Keramon, Arukenimon, Etc.Too many to count up.

Plush: Palmon(x2), Gomamon(x3), Wormmon, Leafmon, Black Agumon(Limited Edition, Agumon(x2), Tsunomon, Gatomon, Cutemon, Kudamon, Greymon, Bukamon, Patamon(x2), Terriermon, Lopmon, Veemon

Everything else
: Over 200 cards from seasons 1-2 + the movies. Many keychains, pins, Lopmon hat, the comic, Joe Kido’s bag which is kinda hidden behind, Digimon Kaiser CD, Lunchbox, Agumon cup etc. Not shown is commission works and stuff I got online!! May be missing one or two items I forgot to list.

This is pretty much everything. I’ll take clearer pictures later. More will be added to my collection soon! I won the Digimon Crunchyroll fan contest so I should be getting some stuff from them as well.
Young & Beautiful

Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes. (227k, english, long-fic.) by velvetoscar

emma’s corner: this is surely and without doubts my favourite fan fiction ever. everything, every word, every comma, every quote from oscar wilde in there is perfect. the first time i read it, it took me from eight pm to three am. non-stop. i didn’t even get up to pee or to get a glass of water. i breathed every word, i pictured every character in my head and everything made sense. i’ve never read something like this before. plus, this gained 604994 point the moment i discovered every goddamn wilde reference in there. my love for ow combined with my love for h&l. this is gold. gold. i’m telling you: it’s a must-read kind of fic. you’ll be a different person after this. i speak for myself when i say that i quote this fan fiction, like, everyday, and i think about it a lot. a lot. i don’t think i can express my love for this fic, because there are no words, english or italian, latin or ancient greek. i literally have no words to describe how perfect this is. but if i had to, i’d say that with this fic you’re really close to reaching the infamous “eudaimonia” plato was always blabbing about. you’re literally thrown into the story and you relate to the character’s feelings along the plot. it’s so beautiful. i wish everyone could experience how beautiful this is.