kind of open rp

Jenova Server does have a active RP Community

We’re kind of small, but we’re really open to a variety of folks.

There are a couple of RP FCs on this server!

If anyone has questions, I’m willing to answer and currently online in-game!

❝¡Bienvenidos, internautas! E-esperen, ¡Tengo que poner las cosas en orden primero! Pero pueden ir enviando sus preguntas y en cualquier descuido del jefecito me encargaré de responder sus inquietudes.❞

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The young woman walked across the beach, the salty breeze giving her comfort while her mind wandered. The basket against her hip followed her movements, the sand softly giving way to her every step.

*scritch scritch*

She opened her eyes at the odd sound, like a small nail grating against a rock. A group of rocks near the water were the closest thing that could make the sound, any other hard surface were a couple of feet into the mainland. She approached it and kept quiet for a few seconds. Nothing. Maybe she was imagining things.

*scritch scritch*

There it was again. The woman placed her basket over the rocks and knelt down beside it, she removed some hair off her face and placed her hand near her ear. Was there something hidden in this group of rocks?

The weather’s nice, so it’s a good night for deliveries. There’s a faint swirl of a breeze, and distant birdcalls; nothing more. Your lusus grazes nearby, and you know she’ll be safe - not a lot can harm Pangomom.

The customer wanted a rare book; you have it in your sylladex, bound and engraved exactly how they ordered it, and then wrapped with brown paper and gold twine as usual. 

You knock on the door of the hive - loud, but polite, just two sharp raps. 

“Delivery! Is anyone hive?”

open starter m/f/nb. Possible connections: coworker

No matter how long she had been doing this, it seemed like she was having such a hard time adjusting. Thank god for the one friend she seemed to have made here as they continued to save her on a daily business. “You know, how could I ever thank you for all the help you’ve been?”

Open RP

—-Suggested connections: Romantic or Platonic, King, Queen, Prince, Princess
—-Open to m/f/nb

It was no secret that the blacksmith cared for them. Hephaestus had known them for years, and they had occasionally come down to the forges to visit him. It was because of them that he had had the chance to become the master blacksmith there, but it was his skill that kept him in his position. He had won over the guards and the royals with his expert craftsmanship, and that was one of the reasons why he had had his most recent apprentice run a message to them to meet him in his workshop.

“I wasn’t expecting you to actually show,” the man said, a small smile on his lips when he saw them. As usual, he was inspecting one of his newest creations, a sword for one of their family members, but he set it down when the entered. “I was commissioned to make a birthday gift for you, as you know, but I haven’t been able to give you the gift from me.” With that, he grabbed his cane, the bronze tool ringing as it struck the floor. Aside from his skill in metalwork, his injury to his leg kept him from being enlisted in the royal army. He didn’t mind that so much. Although war was no stranger to him, he had never had to participate, which gave him more time to work on perfecting almost every piece he crafted.

He crossed the room, dark and hot from the furnaces, and stopped at a large shelf. “Here,” he said, as he pulled out a simple looking package, wrapped with brown paper and tied with twine. It had taken him a very long time to perfect it, but they deserved a gift that was fit for a royal, and more importantly a fit for them. “Open it, please. And be careful, it’s very sharp.”

What was it now? Two, three hours? The man had spent the last half of the evening with his head buried in books, striking up his equations and calculation on the white board with a little hum and oh from time to time. It’s not like Jaeson was trying to be rude, no, he was just trying to finish this last pronlem, but then he heard the chair behind him rake across the floor and he knew he had completely forgotten about the other guy. “I’m almost done, I promise.”

stori has never been the type to let anybody control her emotions. she has always fought for her right to express her opinion, to tell the truth, and most importantly, stay in control. it is extremely unusual for her to be upset over anybody’s opinion of her, but her heart has deceived her recently. all through her high school career, she carried herself with an air of wisdom and superiority. that all came crashing down after just a year in the college scene. after meeting someone at a party, she found herself wanting to know them more, wanting to spend time with them. the feeling seemed mutual, but when she tried to lock this person down, when she asked for a relationship – well, they shot her down. this happened on an almost weekly basis. no matter who they slept with that day or night, they always ended up in her bed. astoria didn’t and still doesn’t understand where the problem is. why isn’t she enough? she has always been enough. these questions have kept her up on this rainy spring night, awaiting her lover’s arrival. she’d been sitting there for hours, just contemplating what to do, and when they finally opened her front door, the blonde hopped to her feet. instead of welcoming them with a kiss and a soft ‘hi darling’, stori raked her hands through her hair in an irritated fashion. “i want to be exclusive,” she stated. hues scan the person before her searching for some sort of response or reaction. “you come to my house every night, you know? you sleep in my bed, we eat meals together, we fuck, and you know me inside and out – so what’s the problem? why don’t you want me – or rather, why don’t you want just me?”

He should have gone to the doctor immediately after getting hit. Several of the other teachers at his building had said as much. But Eli stubbornly pressed on, finishing the day with a bruise throbbing painfully as it spread across his cheek. He knew that, like his glasses, there was a possibility that his cheek bone was at the very least fractured. 

He’d been on edge the entire rest of the day, barely able to keep it together. So the sanctuary of his apartment was welcome. “Hey,” he did his best to smile at the other, though it hurt badly enough to bring tears to his eyes. “I-It’s fine,” he rushed to assure. Not wanting them to worry, though he could already see the worry blooming on their face. 

possible connections: boyfriend/girlfriend, fiance(e). all genders welcome.

“Look, we have to end this. I’m sorry, but I can’t stay here any longer. I’m leaving town tonight.” Mateo looked down with a sigh. It hurt him to say this to them, but he knew he couldn’t stay here any longer, it wasn’t safe for him and it wouldn’t be safe for them either if they kept contact.


    • ( all genders ! | meet maura. | suggested: bf/gf , fiancé , serious relationship – could be something slightly taboo: age gap, teacher/student, older sibling’s friend )

maura is nervous, knelt on her mattress before the other. she’s pink cheeked and bright eyed, but her fingers are still shaking. her parents have no idea they’re here, standing over her. she’s already a little self-conscious, worried about the way her belly spills over the band of her underwear, that her thighs are dimpled and shake anytime she shifts, and the squish on her hips, no hipbones in sight. she swallows thickly, nodding. “ i’m sure, I want to. ” and she does, even if the nerves are making her insides turn and her hands clammy.

i kind of want a plot inspired by the song a thousand years by christina perri…
muse a is immortal; be it a vampire or…whatever else lives forever and muse b isn’t. the first time they meet, the world is a whole lot greener than it is today; but the world is also a lot more ignorant, and so when they meet unexpectedly and fall in love; they have to hide it; be it because they’re the same sex, or rich and poor, or…anything that could be considered inappropriate or ‘sinful’ at that time muse a can be newly immortal, or they can become immortal whilst with muse b, or they could have been immortal for a thousand years before this but whatever happens, they know that when the time comes they’re going to lose the loves of their life. years pass, and they meet someone eerily familiar to their lost love. they realise that reincarnation is real and that their loved one will always return - the only catch is that they’ve forgotten muse a and muse a now has to not only find muse b, but make them fall in love with them time and time again.