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Chaos Has Come Again

A/N: I was so inspired by this gif set of a ‘dark angel” Stiles that I had to write something for it. I’m calling this a drabble because there’s no real plot, but it’s definitely a longggg drabble. lol Thank you to @minhosmeanhoe for editing it, because I’m sure she did. Also I wrote this in like 2 hours so and I will edit it any further tomorrow if need be. lol I couldn’t find the creator of this gif or gifset, but if someone or the creator messages me ! I will be more than happy to tag them and give them credit. But I did not make this gif nor am I the owner of it.

Word count: 2737

Warning: It’s kind of dark and talks about the devil, and there’s smut (;

Paring: StilesxReader

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Hey guys, this is GRACE (dearmyjimin), your resident Jungkook and Jimin stan. My blog has just hit it’s first-year anniversary and I wanted to start a series of yearly follow forever posts that serve as both a personal compilation of some fav graphics of my own (so that I can track how much I’ve grown as a designer), as well as to thank everyone who has helped me in one way or another. Each and every creation was made possible because of all the support I received. I wish to thank those who follow and support me, my lovely mutuals and friends who encourage me and all the blogs I follow for decorating my dash with amazing content. I am proud to be an ARMY and to stan 7 Kings who are the sources of inspiration behind my creations ♡

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Character/Person : Marquis de Lafayette

Pairing : Marquis de Lafayette x Reader

Time : Modern

Reader’s Gender : Female

Warnings : Lafayette kinda being a smug dick, google translated french, angry as hell reader

Possibility Of Having a Second Part : Maybe

Genre : Fluff

Request : None

Word Count : 3858

Summary : The reader has a family reunion peeking at her from around the corner and with a slip of the mouth, she ends up bringing Lafayette as her fake Fiance. The problem is: she hates him more than anything else.

Part I    Part II 

You were stressing.

That family gathering you dreaded was just around the corner, peeking and taunting at you. Your eyes were glued to your computer screen as you huffed and roughly typed out your words attempting to block out any thoughts that involved that damned family gathering that you didn’t notice Lafayette’s figure approaching your desk from across the hall.

You were almost counting the seconds, almost, of how long it’d take for your mother to call you again. She had just called you a half hour ago but you were quick to shut her down politely and murmur vague sentences about your life and make excuses about how you needed to get back to work. You silently thanked God when you were able to put down your phone and return to your job without having to mention anything about your love life, but you knew your mother wouldn’t let that go unnoticed.

So it didn’t surprise you when she called once more.

You groaned outwardly at the familiar ringtone, dragged both of your hands across your face and moved to grab your phone that rung loudly, much to your coworker’s dismay.


Your voice leaked with exhaustion.

“Y/N, honey. I totally forgot to mention; when are you going to bring your boyfriend?”

You sighed, exasperated.

“Mom, I don’t have a-

You stopped when you caught a glimpse of Lafayette gleefully entering your office and setting down Hamilton’s papers on your desk from the corner of your eye. He paused and slightly dropped the smile when seeing you running your free hand through your hair with an annoyed grumble. You snapped your eyes up to Lafayette and furrowed your brows,

“Lafayette, I don’t have time for this,”

“Lafayette? Is that him?”

“No! Wait, mom!”

“No? He’s not your boyfriend?”

You pinched the bridge of your nose,


“‘Cause remember, if you don’t have a boyfriend by this year’s family gathering your father and I would have to set you up with someone.”

Your breath hitched. Your eyes kept nervously darting up to Lafayette as he eyed you in amusement and confusion. What a dick.

“Lafayette’s not my boyfriend,”

He raised a brow at the sound of his name and leaned against the door frame, a smile crawling up his face.

“He’s my fiance.” You finished.

If possible, Lafayette’s smug grin had grown even wider. He shifted from his position and crossed his arms.

You ended your call with your mother and leaned back into your chair. The wheels at the bottom slid across the floor, erupting a squeak from the tiles and a loud exhale from you.

“Engagé? Moi et toi?” /Engaged? Me and you?/

His French accent came out thick and for a second, you were glad you didn’t know French. It was annoying enough to have to understand what he says in English, let alone French. Due to this, you ignored his comment and narrowed your eyes at the pile of papers Lafayette had so rudely dropped upon your wooden desk when you were on your phone call.

“Lafayette, what in the fuck is this?”

You looked up at him tiredly, both from work and your mother’s nagging. You swore up and down that you’d been talking to her for over an hour even though the conversation only lasted for a good three minutes. If you couldn’t stand talking to her for three minutes you didn’t know how you’d manage three days with her. Lafayette cocked his head,

“Alexander’s papers. Don’t you usually edit them?”

You scrunched your face up at the thought and rubbed an eye with a hand to make sure you were seeing and hearing Lafayette correctly.

“Me? Lafayette, do you realize we work differently? I work with,”

You got up and made your way over to the printer, Lafayette trailed behind and listened intently to hear what you’d say next. The screeching sounds of paper being printed rang in the thin air. You stood just above it, watching your paper quickly push it’s way out of the sleek black printer. Once finished, you swiped the paper from the ledge of the printer, scanning over it to make sure everything was in it’s place and neatly typed. With a silent approval and nod to yourself you made your way over to Jefferson, setting the paper down gently on his desk and walking back to yours. He flashed a flirtatious smile and you only scoffed in reply.

“I work with Jefferson. Hamilton wouldn’t dare work with me in fear that I’ll leak his oh so precious drafts to Jefferson and take over the world, or something.”

Lafayette nodded,

“But Alexander told me to drop these off to you.”

For the second time that day, you knitted your brows together and leaned over your desk to look at the papers Hamilton wanted to give you. Adjusting your ponytail, you took the papers into your hands and read it over.


“la langue.” /Language/

“Shut up, Lafayette.”

He threw his hands up in mock surrender. You glared at him slightly before returning to reading over Hamilton’s work.

“I forgot Washington needed us to work on the project together.”

You swept the rest of Hamilton’s papers into your arms and pushed yourself from your chair. Walking around your desk you made your way over to the copy room that was only a few flight of stairs down. Lafayette, once again, followed you.


You groaned under your breath. You’ve hated this man for as long as you’ve known him, and now he’s just following you around like a lost puppy.

“Lafayette, I thought we discussed this. I hate you. You hate me. Just because I’m friends with John and Hercules doesn’t mean we’re friends.”

You shuffled papers around in your arms, reading it and skillfully making your way down the steps in heels.

“Oui, I know, but I must know,”

You raised a brow.

“Why are you ignoring your fiance?”

You paused. Your face morphed into an expression of disgust as to why he’d assume you were engaged to him. But then, realization dawned on you.

“Oh, god.”

You walked as fast as you could in heels, trying to get away from the Frenchman.

“Okay, let me explain.”

He chuckled,

“I thought you hated me and didn’t want to talk to me.”

“Stop being a smartass and listen,”

You breathed in,

“I was on the phone with my mom and we were on the subject of ‘boyfriends’ and you came into the room and I said your name and told you to get away and she heard your name so she assumed you were my boyfriend. But when I said you weren’t she told me that if I didn’t have one by this year’s reunion she’d set me up with someone. It’s clear I don’t want to be set up with anyone, so I said we were engaged instead.”

Lafayette was quiet for a moment, most likely trying to comprehend what you just told him. You fidgeted nervously. Sure, you didn’t like the man. Hell, you hate him. But you desperately hoped he would do you a solid and go to the reunion as your date.

“And you expect me to go as your soon-to-be mari?” /husband/

You took a quick glance over your shoulder,

“I don’t expect you to go as my - whatever the hell a mari is - because I seriously doubt you’d do something nice for me.”

He snorted and you’d have to admit it: was kind of cute.

“I dropped off Alexander’s work. Is that not nice? I did part of your job for you.”

You opened the door to the copy room and your eyes immediately landed on two figures who stood near one copy machine chatting with a coffee occupying the space in their hands. God, what you would do for a coffee right now.

“Technically, you did Hamilton’s work, not mine. It was his job to walk over to my office and drop them off.”

The two figure’s heads turned in your direction at the sound of another’s voice in the room, revealing them to be John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton, one being someone you loved to be around and the other a mere coworker that you could just barely stand.

“Y/N!” John exclaimed, flashing you a smile.

You excitedly smiled back and hugged him tightly.

“You rarely come out of your office, I don’t get to talk to you at work. I’m stuck listening to Alex rant about Thomas.”

You raised an eyebrow at Hamilton who held his chin up high and puffed his chest,

“Jefferson’s not that bad. He’s also my roommate so,”

The three boys in the room perked up at your words. John let out a small squeak in surprise, Hamilton moaned in annoyance, and Lafayette said something in French.

“Yeah, it’s as bad as it sounds. He brings back so many people, I swear, he had an orgy last night.”

John playfully clamped a hand around your mouth and you smiled underneath his palm.

“I don’t need to hear about my coworker’s sex life.”

You grinned and let your eyes trail behind John and to Alexander who swirled his coffee cup as he watched.

“But you always hear about Hamilton’s sex life. What’s the difference?”

Lafayette, who watched the three of you talk, noted your change of mood when speaking to John and Alexander. He shoved the thought into the back of his mind for storing to bring it up to you later, that is if you allowed him to speak to you.

John shrugged and smiled again,

“Alex only has sex with Eliza. He doesn’t have orgys.”

“Fair point.”

Hamilton tapped his foot loudly and cleared his throat,

“wow I’m right here.”

After John removed his hand from your mouth you fixed your hair and laid the papers in your hand on the spare copy machine. Alexander eyed the papers you set down.

“You seriously made Baguette drop off your papers, Hamilton? You weren’t even busy, you were down here chatting with Laurens.”

“In my defense, talking to someone is being busy!”

You raised an eyebrow and snatched John’s cup from his hand, taking a sip from the piping hot beverage.


“Sure, Hamilton.”

After the feud in the copy room you eventually got Lafayette to agree to being your fiance for the weekend. All he wanted in return was for you to do anything and everything he asked you to do during the family reunion. It seemed easy enough. But the only problem in your plan was the ring. How you hadn’t thought of this before you blurted out that Lafayette was engaged to you, you didn’t know.

Your only resort was to borrow a friend’s ring.

“I’m sorry, but I’m wearing a wedding ring. There’s a huge difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring, ask Angelica maybe?” Eliza wasn’t a help.

“I have allergic reactions to jewelry, ask Peggy?” Neither was Angelica.

“Of course.” After many tries, with many people, Peggy was the one to lend you a ring similar to classic engagement rings. You thanked her and retrieved it from her house. That happened yesterday. Today was Friday.

You had everything you needed for the trip packed in a suitcase that you dragged behind you as you walked down the stairs.

“So, it’s true?”

You turned towards the direction of the voice and came face to face with Maria Reynolds, someone who lived in the same apartment as you.

“What is?”

You bit your lip and hoped she wasn’t talking about the man you hated with a passion.

“You’re engaged to Lafayette, I saw his car out front and that was enough confirmation for me. But didn’t you hate him like two days ago? I’m surprised.”

With gritted teeth and a forced smile, you spoke,

“as am I.”

Her expression morphed into confusion but she eventually waved off your words after a few seconds and smiled at you again. Knowing she was being a bother and a setback from your trip, she apologized from keeping you waiting and said her goodbyes. You politely murmured yours and waved back at Maria before turning towards the exit and setting off to leave the building.

“I hope you and Lafayette have a good time,”

you groaned and turned back around, a smile present on your face.

“Thank you,”

“Mon Dieu, that took forever.”

Lafayette leaned against the door to the passenger seat. His hair was perfectly pulled into a ponytail and his beard looked recently trimmed. You suppressed a roll of your eyes,

“So? Get used to it, honey. We’re engaged.” Your eyes narrowed as you took the sunglasses that sat atop your head and placed it on the bridge of your nose, pushing it up slightly.

/if you have wear glasses you have a pair separate prescription sunglasses/

Lafayette removed his leaning body from the door and pulled it open for you to step in. His car was sleek and shiny. It was an odd thought, but the vehicle practically mimicked Lafayette’s personality; something about it just reminded you of him.

“Ah, how could I forget?”

As you were stepping into the car, he leaned forward and pushed his lips in: going for a kiss. To this, you pressed your palm to his dark lips.

“Gross, Laf.”

He raised an eyebrow and shut the car door.


“Would you rather Gilbert?” Adjusting your position to get more comfortable you eyed him warily, as if he was going to pull some stunt just to spite you.

“You can call me anything, as long as it’s coming from your mouth, my petit tigre en colère.” /small angry tiger/

A smile tugged at your lips and he smiled back at you, it almost seemed genuine. He removed his attention from you and turned his key, starting up the rumbling car.

“So, how about Jackass?”

His smile didn’t drop, to your surprise.


“My mom does this thing where she’ll try to guilt trip you into having children with me, and if you touch me in any way my dad will monitor it. My brother is already married and has children and his daughter is really, really supportive of all my relationships. Oh god, and-”


Lafayette gently placed a hand on your shoulder causing you to suck your bottom lip in between your teeth and glance up at him nervously.

“Just go in, look pretty, and I’ll do the talking.”

You let out a shuddered breath and nodded your head slowly, taking in his encouraging words, and silently thanking him with a smile. For a second you forgot you hated the man that was seated right next to you. Letting your breath steady, you reached down and plucked the heels off of your feet and switching it for a pair of sneakers, just so your mom wouldn’t complain about how this is a family gathering and not a meeting with the President.

Your lip, once more, got caught in between your teeth as Lafayette made his way around the car to open your door. You placed a foot on the ground and a hand on the dashboard to steady yourself so you didn’t fall on your way out the vehicle. Lafayette reached for one of your hands, and you quickly pulled away. Lafayette clenched his jaw.

“I’m trying to help you out of the car.”

You scowled at him,

“I’m capable of doing it myself.”

“If you say so,”

with a huff, you pushed yourself up and smoothed out your shirt. Swallowing down any fears you might’ve had and the guilt of just getting up and leaving them by travelling to another state, you sauntered down the concrete path to your parents’ doorstep. Flowers, that you noted hadn’t been present two years ago, were sprouting just on the sides of your where your feet stepped. You took your time to admire the different colors and shapes of the flowers, using it as a distraction of what was about to happen.


You jumped at the sudden noise. The door swung open without you having to knock at it. Subconsciously, you shifted closer to Lafayette for comfort. Noticing this, he glanced at you and whispered,

“respirer.” /breathe/

Not understanding what he said, you furrowed your eyebrows and hitched your breath. God, Y/N, it’s just family. You work with the President, why is this a problem?

“Y/B/N!” /if you don’t have a brother, sorry/

You rushed forward and wrapped your arms around your brother, he replicated your actions and wrapped his arms around you, burying his face into your hair.

“God, damn it. You fucking got up and just left us to go work for the suits.”

You smiled and laughed shortly, tears brimming your eyes you let out choked words.

“Careful, my fiance is one of suits.”

He removed his face from your locks and looked at you with wide eyes.


You, as he just did, reflected his expression.

“Did mom not tell you?”

Y/B/N took a brief look over your shoulder and at Lafayette, who stood tall and proudly. He walked forward, taking your brother’s glance as his cue, and held out his hand for your brother to shake.

Y/B/N, ignoring Lafayette’s hand, clamped his over his wide shoulder and smiled brightly, making Lafayette quickly swap his confused gaze for a joyous one.

“Y/B/N Y/L/N,”

“Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. Everybody calls me Lafayette.”

Your brother tilted his head and turned back to you with a grin,

“I didn’t know you had a thing for Frencies, Y/N.”

“Oh, god, Y/B/N!” You grimaced playfully and Lafayette chuckled beside you.

“Alright, let’s get inside before mom tells me off for keeping you to myself.”

He turned on his heel and headed inside. Lafayette slid an arm around your waist, you glanced up at him but he kept his eyes forward.

“We have to make it believable, don’t we, mon petit tigre en colère?” /my small angry tiger/

You sucked in your cheeks to bite on them and allowed him to rest his arm on your waist. Subconsciously, you stared down at the jewelry that sat on your ring finger. Peggy let you have it, her excuse being it didn’t look good on her as it did you. The engagement had both Lafayette’s initials and yours, which was Lafayette’s work. He went as far as to take it to a jewelry store and get your initials carved into it, just to, supposedly, make it ‘believable.’ But last you checked, normal couples didn’t get their initials carved into their engagement ring. Especially if they weren’t a real couple.

“Y/N, you made it. You didn’t make it to last year’s and- oh! Is this him?”

Your mother walked out from the kitchen, drying her hands on her slacks. She held her hand out to Lafayette for him to shake, but instead he took it and placed a small kiss on the back of her. A blush erupted on her face and she took quick looks in between you and Lafayette.

“Oh! He’s a gentleman, I see. I never thought you’d catch someone like this. Way better than that last boyfriend of yours, what was his name again? Charles Lee?”

Lafayette raised a brow in amusement as you just groaned and hid your face in your hands.

“Mom, that was four years ago. I’m over him.”

She rolled her eyes and shoved a hand into the air to stop your talking.

“Hush, Y/N. And it’s clear you’ve moved on - you’re engaged for Heaven’s sake!”

She smiled up at Lafayette and he returned the favor.

Your mother parted her mouth to speak again, but your dad came to your rescue and placed a hand on his wife’s waist, copying the pose Lafayette and yourself was in.

“Y/N, it’s great to see you and same for you, young man. What’s your name?”

You held your breath. Convincing your mom and brother that Lafayette was engaged to you was easy, but your dad was harder to get past.

“ Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette, Marquis de Lafayette. No need to call me by my whole name though, sir. I go by Gilbert or Lafayette.”

Your dad only nodded, seeming to take in this information.

“What does my daughter call you?”


“Lafayette, or Mr. Lafayette.”

Your mother furrowed her eyebrows.

“Why so formal?”

You nervously casted a sideways glance at Lafayette.

“We were coworkers long before we were lovers and old habits die hard, it seems.”

Your parents nodded curtly and you pinched at the hand that sat idly against your waist, signaling for him to let go, which he did in pain.

“Let’s save the interrogating for dinner, guys.”

You held your pointer fingers up,

“Speaking of which, I’m going to go help with dinner. Y/N, come with?”

You held a suspicious gaze against your mother, but you complied and followed her to the kitchen.

“You’re not going to say anything to Gilbert?”

Confused, you scrunched up your nose. Lafayette looked at you with the same confusion.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Gods sake, you’re engaged. Kiss him!”

Your mouth parted and was held in the shape of an ‘o.’

As if you were asking for permission or if you were hearing your mother correctly you eyed Lafayette, who grinned and tapped his lips gently.

“Am I getting a kiss or non?” /no/

You couldn’t say no to this, it would seem downright strange to reject a kiss from your fiance. So you smiled back at your mother and at Lafayette, catching a glimpse of his mischievous gaze.

“Of course, c’mere babe.”

You wrapped an arm around Lafayette’s neck and pulled him closer to you. He strategically placed a hand on the back of your neck so he could end the kiss whenever he wanted. And the kiss lasted quite a while, to your disgust and to Lafayette’s pleasure. But the way your lips molded against Lafayette’s; you could deny it all you want, but it felt great. You pulled him closer against your body causing him to let out a startled noise into your mouth. He smirked into the kiss just before he allowed you to part. Your eyes fluttered open and your eyes traveled down from his brown eyes to his lips and, you didn’t realize it, but you leaned in once more.

Lafayette’s smirk grew wider and he pressed the palm of his hand against your lips.

“Ah, ah, chéri. It’d be rude to make your mother do all the work, go on and help her.”

You shook yourself from the daze you were in and glared at him. If you could slap him right then and there, you would have. But with your family roaming the house you knew you couldn’t, so instead you placed your hands atop of Lafayette’s and pried them off of you.

“Right, how could I forget. Don’t get lonely without me.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.”

He wiggled his eyes and turned you around, giving you a slight nudge towards the kitchen. You let out a breath and trudged to the kitchen.


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Write to Me (Jughead x Reader)

“I adore your writing and couldn’t resist requesting more from you. 💕 Could you do one where reader is also a writer and takes up a liking to jughead?”

Imagine: While you ran in different social circles, you reach out to Jughead Jones to get writing advice. When people grow suspicious, it puts your friendship to the test.

A/N: Dedicated to my girl @jasmineladjevardi for always reading my writing!

There was always something a little off about you.

You looked normal. Beautiful, even. Beautiful enough to be a member of the Riverdale River Vixens cheerleaders and a part of the “in-crowd”, at least. But something about you was a little bit off. People often made the observation that your head was in the clouds, as if you were off in another world. It seemed the only time you were engaged was following Cheryl’s strict commands during practice. During class, you took notes quietly, but even the teachers could tell you weren’t paying attention. Your grades were all right, and you were nice to look at, so people didn’t mind you too much. You blended into the background of popularity that made up the Riverdale High social scene.

One day, you approached a certain beanie-clad boy, hunched over his laptop in the student lounge.

You cleared your throat, getting his attention. The whole room quieted, shamelessly watching the exchange.

Jughead looked up at you, his eyes widening in surprise. You’d been in the same class since middle school, but never spoken. Ships passing in the night, it seemed.

“Hi, Jughead,” you said shyly, playing with the hem of your pleated cheer skirt.

“…hey, (Y/N),” Jughead said slowly, still recovering from his surprise at your approach. “What’s up?”

You bit your lip, well aware of everyone staring at you. You weren’t used to people staring at you, alone. You were used to people staring at you when you danced with the Vixens, or when you hung out with Cheryl and Reggie at parties, but never just you. Jughead’s eyes on you unnerved you the most.

“Will… will you go to Pop’s with me?” You stammered out.

Everyone’s eyes widened, flitting between you, the beautiful cheerleader, and Jughead, the sullen loaner.

“There’s uh, a project I’m working on and I’d really like your help on it,” you continued. You tried to smile, extra wide. Your mom taught you to always smile when you asked people for help.

Jughead raised his eyebrows, face tensed in thought. It then relaxed into a slight smile. “Sure, (Y/N). I’ll meet you after school?”

You nodded enthusiastically. “Yes! Thanks so much!” You turned on your heel, scurrying to your next class.

Everyone, including Jughead, regarded the situation with shock. It was the first time you’d talked to anyone about something not related to cheer or a party since you’d began attending Riverdale High. Reggie and Cheryl, the gatekeepers of the social status quo, regarded Jughead with a newfound suspicion.

Jughead himself looked forward to the meeting with keen fascination. It was finally time to see what you, the girl with her head in the clouds, was really thinking of all this time.

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Take a Little Time

So this a request that I’ve been meaning to fulfill for too long and I’m sorry it’s taken so long. @ambrosegirlforever messaged me a few months ago asking for this fic to be written and I started it, then walked away from it, then edited it, then started it again. Now here it is, and I really hope you enjoy it, love.

Summary: Reader gets wasted one night in a bar dealing with all the frustrating emotions that come from dating Finn Balor. Her loving boyfriend comes to her aid, then fluff and smut ensues.
Warnings: Fluff, smut, 
Word Count:3191

Tag List
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Just One Day Pt.1

i.e. Yoongi meets the girl of his fucking dreams

Yoongi x Reader

*Gif not mine. I actually regret using this gif *huk*

 1  |  2  |  3  |  …

Word Count:  4,047 k

Genre: Mmmmm lots of unplanned angst, but it’s okay bc I promise that things work out in the end. There’s a small amount of fluff in here somewhere, too. 

A/N: Hoho! The fourth installment to my BTS drabble series has finally arrived (again, you don’t have to read the others to know what’s going on). This one took a lot of planning, and editing because I kept wanting to try different scenarios, but I’m finally happy with one, so sure. Let’s go with this. Also, this is a mini-series for Yoongi within a bigger series for all of BTS (fucking Inception-type shit, I know).

Summary: Yoongi decides it’s time for him to visit his family when BTS gets a little break, and while back in Daegu he discovers an old face that he hasn’t seen in quite some time… And she is quite the surprise.

Suggestion: If you want to listen along with the story, I have set asterisks to the start and finish of each song I use in this. The songs are in this order: Tony Montana ft. Yankie, AGUST D,  & Tomorrow.  (Yes, I am well aware that these were all Yoongi’s songs. Just read the damn story and you’ll find out why.)

*The links will be under the asterisks in the story as the story progresses as well.*

Important Note: Obvs this is all in Korean, I just translated the songs for everyone to be able to understand.

Song: Just One Day by BTS 

Yoongi steps out into the chill autumn air of Daegu, a zephyr trailing behind him. He had come back to Daegu for the week as Big Hit had given all of the members of BTS a break after their recent comeback to do as they pleased, and Yoongi thought it was high time that he go see his family.

When he arrived, his mother had assaulted him with spine-breaking hugs (that was intentional), and praises of all caliber. His father had even congratulated him on his most recent success. His mother had told him that his brother would be working, but that he sent his regards as she sat them all down for a piping hot family meal. Now, Yoongi had decided to walk around the town a bit to see what had changed. 

The sun was setting at this point in the day, but that did nothing to deter Yoongi from his goal of having a nice stroll through his city. Walking through the backstreets of Daegu reminded him of his younger days as an underground rapper; barely starting out on his dream. Yoongi cringes as a sudden flood of memories rush through him. Yikes. 

* Yoongi turns another corner and hears what sounds like music off in the distance. Huh. He listens closely for the sound and can faintly make out a bass-heavy beat. He pulls up his surgical mask against the cold, and shoves his hands deep into his trench coat pockets. Might as well go check it out.

Zig-zagging his way through the narrow streets between houses, the music becomes clearer and clearer as Yoongi inches ever closer to the source of the music, and when close enough, he recognizes the music almost immediately.

Hey gentlemen, wait a minute—you’re praying for me to fail, aren’t you?

Who was playing his mixtape? Yoongi rushes towards the source, turning a corner to find a dimly lit skateboarding park. Yoongi’s eyes scan the area for occupants of the park, but he seems to be the only one there.

He creeps closer to the park, and searches for the source of the music. He spots a bench to his right with a small, white speaker and a black leather backpack, and heads toward it. Yup. Someone was definitely playing Tony Montana

I know, I feel like Tony Montana.” Suddenly Yoongi hears a voice from behind one of the ramps 

Tony Mon-tana! Woo!” Someone was rapping along with his ad libs, too. 

Yoongi swings around to the sound of the voice, listening. 

I know, I feel like hey Tony Montana. Success and happiness, same but different. Dolla dolla ah!” 

Yoongi narrows his eyes at the other voice rapping. It sounded… Female? 

I pray!” The person yells in a very feminine voice. “I decide not to hope for the failure of others!”

Yoongi raises his eyebrows in surprise. Whoever it was, they were rapping along in time pretty well. 

Okay, let’s earn money, my lofty ambition is kind of high. Fuck!”

Well, that wasn’t a part of his song.

God fucking dammit!Yoongi hears a loud slap against the concrete of the ramps, and an added “ow ow ow! Fuck, that hurt! Owww.”

Yoongi bites his lip, trying not to laugh. 

“Ugh, what am I even doing here?” Tony Montana continues playing in the background, and Yoongi wonders if he should make himself known, or just leave. 

The person on the other side of the ramp lets out a frustrated yell as the song hits Yankie’s verse, and Yoongi flinches. “Fucking fuckity fuck! Fuck!”

A loud sob tears through the air surrounding the skate park, and Yoongi’s heart sinks. This person, whoever they were, sounded just like he had so long ago. Should he leave?


Yoongi tip toes over to the entrance of the skate park, and peaks around the corner of one of the ramps to find a girl sitting against the ramp, her legs tucked into her chest, and her beanie clad head against her knees as sobs rattled her body. The girl lifts her head up to the sky, searching for just one star that would accompany her for the night. She lets her body go limp when she finds none. 

“Look at me once, your complaints blah blah—yeah, fuck the system, I say good bye bye- I’m crushing from the bottom all the way to the top—Yeah fuck your belief I say oh die die!”

The girl tears her beanie off, shaking her hair out, and stands up as she picks up her skateboard, which as it is lifted, Yoongi notices a very familiar logo spray painted onto the black underside of it. The girl then runs and jumps onto her skateboard, rolling along with it, and pushing her foot out for more momentum as she heads directly for the ramp on the other side of the park.

 Yoongi watches as she slides with her board over the edge of the ramp, and angles herself in the direction of Yoongi… Shit. Yoongi panics for a second, and looks around to see where he can hide without her seeing, but in that moment, he does a double take. 

The girl looked remarkably like an old friend of his.*

* The next song to play is his famed AGUST D, and Yoongi snorts, crossing his arms over his chest in amusement when the song begins.

“Of course she’d be listening to the whole album…” Yoongi shakes his head, a small smile of endearment appearing beneath his black mask. 

The girl pushes her beanie (which Yoongi now sees, says “Bad Hair Day” in white writing on the rim) back onto her head, and squats slightly before pushing up again, flipping the board and spinning her body around 360 degrees before landing on the board again with ease. The closer the girl gets, though, the more Yoongi recognizes her, and his jaw slacks when she practically flies up a tall ramp, landing on the top edge in a one-handed handstand, and sets her feet on the board in time to roll back down the ramp again. 

But no, it doesn’t stop there. 

Beanie-girl decides that as soon as she’s off the ramp, she’s going to head for a slanted railing leading down even closer to Yoongi, and flips the board to scrape down the railing, and landing effortlessly on the ground, board intact. Yoongi’s eyes are comically wide as he watches the girl roll along, swaying slightly this way and that. 

“A to the G to the U to the S-T-D! I’m D BOY because I’m from the D! I’m a freak lunatic on the beat; I rap and y’all get turned on by ma tongue technology!” The girl raps along in time, and with great flourish, Yoongi might add. 

Suddenly, beanie-girl begins to cackle so loudly that Yoongi is taken aback. She bows on the board, clutching her stomach as she laughs, and Yoongi senses imminent disaster. Because the girl was laughing and not paying attention to her surroundings, she flies face-first into a concrete ramp as her board trips over a metal railing. 

Yoongi’s eyes widen in worry as the girl groans in pain, and immediately rushes over to see if she was alright. 

“Hey,” Yoongi leans over the now dormant Beanie-girl, and shakes her shoulder lightly. “Are you alright?”

You groan, rubbing your forehead as sharp stinging jolts pass through your flesh, and your frontal lobe pounds in agony. 

“Ahh-” You whine as you attempt to sit up, only to hear a gravelly voice tell you “Hey, hey, hey! Slow down. If you get up too fast, you’ll only make things worse,” and fall back down onto the concrete again.

You peak open one eye to see who was speaking, and find a stranger dressed in all black with a surgical mask covering half his face leaning over your body. Your other eye opens to get the full picture, and you panic.

“W-who are you?” You demand.

The man rolls his eyes in annoyance, and responds with a gruff “doesn’t matter. I’m just trying to help.”

You narrow your eyes at him, not convinced. The man groans and pulls down his face mask. Your eyes widen in astonishment at the man above you, and you gulp visibly. 

What was he doing here?

Min Yoongi of BTS was here. At the skateboard park. In Daegu. Asking if you were alright. Because you’d tripped and landed on your face…

Oh God. He saw it all happen, didn’t he?

You let out a nervous laugh. “Aha, you didn’t… just see all of that, did you?”

Yoongi raises an eyebrow at you, before a slight smirk appears on his lips, and shrugs.

“What I saw was an incredibly talented girl do some pretty insane tricks while rapping along in time to my music… Only to fall flat on her face because something she thought of was funny enough to distract her… Am I wrong?”

You wince. So he had seen everything. “No… I guess not…” *

Yoongi reaches out a hand for you to take, and lifts you back up onto your feet. You give him a bashful smile in thanks, and rub off the debris from your jeans.*

“So,” Yoongi crosses his arms. “What were you laughing about, if I may ask?”

A blush creeps up your cheeks immediately as you remember what you had been laughing about. “Oh, it was nothing.”

Yoongi doesn’t look satisfied. “Didn’t look like nothing.”

His eyes burn into yours as you shrink in on yourself.

“It’s sure cold out, huh?” You try, and fail to change the topic smoothly, but Yoongi goes along with it anyways.

He looks up, letting out a long breath. “Yeah, I guess it is.” He says as a trail of white steam floats up into the night sky. 

You watch him carefully, making sure you don’t let your guard down around him. You weren’t sure if he had figured it out yet or not, but you didn’t want to give yourself away if he hadn’t.

Yoongi turns his attention back to you as another song flows through your speakers. You look down at your hands which were currently wringing one another tightly, and bite your lip.

“Can I request something?” You look up to Yoongi, confused.


Yoongi nudges his head in the direction of your speaker, and you flush. 

“Ahhh, um… Sure.” You jog over to your speaker, fishing through your backpack for your phone, and look up to find that Yoongi had followed you over. You quickly look back down to your phone.

“What did you have in mind?” You inquire.

You see Yoongi smile a little out of the corner of your eye.

Wishing on a star.”

Your eyes widen, and your head swings in the direction of Yoongi.

“When?” You ask hesitantly. 

Yoongi’s eyes soften. “Your laugh.”

You let out a short breath of incredulity. “After all this time? That’s kind of hard to believe.”

Yoongi shakes his head, endeared smile ever present. “Eyy, how could forget such an annoying screech like that, huh?”

You turn your body to face Yoongi full on. “Rude.”

Yoongi chuckles at your annoyance, and points to your phone. “Are you going to play it?”

You pause for a moment, mulling over the idea. “Alright, but you have to tell me something.”

“…Fine. What do you want to know?” Yoongi looks up at you through his lashes.

“How long have you been here?”

It’s Yoongi’s turn to hesitate, and when he speaks, it is with much apprehension. 

“A little before you started crying…”

You let out a breath you hadn’t realized you were holding. “I suppose you have questions…”

Yoongi clicks his tongue. “Plenty, but you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. Not now.”

You nod. “How long are you in Daegu for?”

“The rest of the week.” 

“Ah,” you sigh. “Figures.”

“Y/n… Why are you back in Daegu? I thought… I thought you had left for Seoul?”

You can see the concern on Yoongi’s face. God, it had been so long, and you still knew him like the back of your hand.

“How did you know I left for Seoul?”

Yoongi’s eyebrows furrow slightly. “My mother told me. Our parents still talk, apparently.”

You clench your teeth, closing your eyes. “Did your mother… tell you anything else?”

Yoongi blinks at you. “Just that you’d left a couple years ago to ‘achieve your dream.’”

You crack your neck. 

“Y/n, what happened?”

You chew on the inside of your cheek. “I found out my dream was unattainable.”

Yoongi cocks his head at you. “What do you mean? I thought you wanted to be to be an astronaut?”

You shake your head, looking down at your feet. “Being an astronaut, and what I wanted are two very different things, Yoongi.”

“What do you mean? You said you wanted to ‘be with the stars.’”

“Yeah. That’s not happening anymore.” You spout dejectedly. 

Yoongi seems taken aback by your despondent attitude. “Why did you give up?”

You look him directly in the eye. “Let’s just say the stars were too far away from my reach at that point.”

Yoongi seems genuinely crestfallen at your pessimism. “…Well, what do you do now?”

You stiffen. “Err… Well, I do a lot of business now.”

Yoongi looks at you suspiciously. “I thought you were studying languages…”

“Yeah, I uh- I dropped out of university.”

You see Yoongi’s hands drop to his sides.

“Y/n, why did you give up? Why did you give up on your dream?”

After everything over the past few years, and the things that had happened today, there wasn’t much holding you together at this point, and Yoongi asking that particular question really drove the nail home.

It’s none of your business, Yoongi. You left, and I had to live my own life! Not everyone achieves the things you have in their lifetime! Not everyone lives out their dream!” Your hand slips as you are ranting, and your thumb accidentally presses on the song Tomorrow. 

* You look down at your phone as the song plays, listening closely to the lyrics, and Yoongi’s face falls. He reaches out to touch you, and you don’t even bother pulling away.

“Y/n…” Yoongi pulls you into his warm embrace, and you rest your head on his shoulder as tears fill your eyes. Why now? Why did he have to come back now?

A lot of things had happened when Yoongi left for Seoul. You were just graduating high school, and your father had lost his job due to cut backs on finances, and the like, and Yoongi had told you that he was going to Seoul to become a rapper. That day you weren’t sure of what to do with yourself, so you took your brother’s skateboard, and went to the skateboard park to pass the time, and clear your mind. That’s when you had met Kwang. Kwang was a typical rebellious punk kid, and was a few years older than you. He had seemed charming in the beginning, but you found out pretty quickly that he was a real jackass. After the two of you had broken up, you had cried for weeks beating yourself up because Yoongi was gone, and you hadn’t even said goodbye because you were too busy being fucked over by Kwang. You remember your mother coming into your room one night, and comforting you. She told you that as a mother, she could not let her only daughter foul up her life, so she told you to go after Yoongi. 

And you had. But by then, Yoongi had already debuted.

After that, you started university in Seoul to study languages, something you had found you were pretty stellar at, but you dropped out because nothing seemed worth it anymore. That’s when you moved back to Daegu.

The tears roll down your cheeks, dripping onto the stained concrete beneath you as you sing in a broken voice,  “I have a long way to go, but why am I running in place? I scream out in frustration, but the empty air echoes. I hope tomorrow will be different from today, I’m just wishing…”

Yoongi hushes you gently, rubbing your back as you let out the pent up emotions and frustration. He squeezes you tighter in his arms, and you tentatively wrap your own arms around him as you sob, grasping onto the back of his coat as if it would keep you grounded. 

“Y/n, I can’t tell you how to live your life, but I’ve known you since we were both small, and you’ve always been so ambitious. You always loved to watch the stars, and you said that they inspired you to live out your dream… But Y/n, you can’t see the stars here, so I’m just wondering why you came back?”

You nudge yourself further into Yoongi’s warmth, and sniffle. “I had nowhere else to go. Seoul was a massive flop, and nothing satisfied me after that. I felt like I had been sent on a fruitless goose chase, Yoongi. So, I came back here and got a job.”

Yoongi pulls you away from him enough to see your puffy face. “Why didn’t you text or call me? Surely, I could have done something. Maybe I could have gotten you an internship at Big Hit—”

“Yoongi… You know how my parents were. I wasn’t allowed to have a phone, and when I finally got one, I didn’t have your number. How could I have called? Besides, it’s not like your schedule would have allowed that anyhow.” You rub a sleeve under your nose to wipe away the moisture gathered there.

Yoongi lets go of you. “…I’m sorry that we haven’t talked in so long. That’s my fault.”

You feel a sharp pang resonate through your chest at his words, and let your head fall. “You have a life. I get it. No big deal.”

There is a strong aura of tension surrounding the two of you, and it feels too heavy for you to lift.  “Soo, you said you do business? What kind of business?”

You wince. You had hoped he wouldn’t ask. “Umm… I do a lot of… deals. Over the phone. I also translate languages for people.”

Yoongi narrows his eyes skeptically, but does not push the subject further. 

You turn to your phone, turning off the music, and begin to pack up your things.*

“Leaving so soon? We were just catching up!”

You smile through your watery eyes. “Is this your way of ‘catching up?’”

“I don’t know what you mean.” Yoongi’s face is completely blank.

You throw your backpack over your shoulder, turning to Yoongi. 

“Oh, so you don’t make everyone cry whenever you re-kindle your friendship with them? Wow, I feel so honored!” You mock with a sniffle. 

Yoongi shakes his head at you, a smile forming on his face. “Dammit, Y/n. I didn’t mean to.”

You chuckle lightheartedly. “I know. I was just messing with you. I mean, you kind of deserve it after leaving me—your best friend—alone for… How many years has it been? It feels like it’s been a century. Maybe even a few centuries.”

Yoongi throws his head back, and groans. “Gaahh, Y/n! Look, I’m sorry! Really, I am. If it’s any consolation, I missed you. A lot. The guys are family now, but you were there long before they were.” Your heart melts at Yoongi’s sincerity, and you feel a deep longing within you. It really had been a long time. 

You wander over to where you’d left your skateboard, and hop onto it as you roll back towards Yoongi.

“Well, if you’re that desperate to catch up with me, I can give you my number.”

Yoongi raises an eyebrow at you. “My personal phone number.”

Yoongi makes a sound resembling that of  “mhm” in the back of his throat, and pulls out his phone for you to punch in your number.

As you wrap things up with exchanging numbers, you speak up, “Yoongi, about what I said earlier… I know how you feel, but I’m not like you in the way that you are very tenacious. I really did try for a long time, but it just didn’t work out. So I let it go.”

Yoongi’s face steels, and you tighten the straps on your backpack.

“Text me when you want to meet up.” You force a smile for him, and jump onto your skateboard, pushing off into the night.

“Y/N!” Yoongi calls out. You turn your head in his direction.

A big grin appears on his face. “I like your skateboard. It’s very… appropriate.”

Yoongi cackles in the distance, and your face drains of color at the thought that he’d seen the underside of your skateboard… Not to mention hear the music you were listening to!

Oh god… He was never going to let you live this down, was he? 

Despite all of what had happened tonight, you couldn’t help but laugh a little. Yoongi was back to normal, you thought. He was the Yoongi you’d fell in love with. 

You press your foot onto the ground to keep up the momentum, and smile. 

Min Yoongi. You made it, didn’t you? You think as you look up to the stars. You achieved your dream.

Yoongi shuts the front door behind him, chucking his shoes off, and slipping on his house slippers. It was well after ten, but the lights on in the kitchen were an indication that someone was still up. 

“I”m home!” Yoongi shouts. His mother responds almost immediately, and Yoongi wanders into the kitchen to tell his mother goodnight. 

“Did you have a nice walk?” His mother inquires as a mother typically does.

Yoongi sighs at the thought of everything that had occurred. “It was enlightening for sure.”

Yoongi’s mother swivels around from the sink to face her youngest son. 

“Did something happen?”

Yoongi shakes his head, incredulous. “Mom, it was just a walk. You think on walks, do you not?”

Yoongi’s mother narrows her eyes, obviously not content with her son’s response, but leaves it, figuring there was no point pressing the subject, knowing her son. 

“I suppose… Just so you know, Y/n’s parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow.” Yoongi’s mother announces as she turns back to the dishes leftover from tonight’s dinner. 

“Will Y/n be there?” Yoongi asks after a few moments.

Yoongi’s mother turns her head to look at Yoongi, quirking up an eyebrow. “I’m not sure. They didn’t say if she would or if she was still working.”

“Oh? What does she do now? Did she finally land a job as an astronaut?”

Yoongi’s mother freezes, and Yoongi’s eyebrows furrow in worry.

“Yoongi… Why would you think that Y/n wanted to be an astronaut?”

Yoongi watches his mother carefully. “That’s what she told me all that time ago.”

“… Yoongi, do you remember when you were about ten, and Y/n’s cat, Gaeul, died?”

Oh, Yoongi remembered alright. You wouldn’t talk to him for a week because you were so distraught. 

“Yeah, when Y/n finally talked to me, I had to tell her that story you use to tell me about how good people, or pets in this case, have a special place among the stars to get her to stop crying… Wait, mom, what are you trying to get at?”

Yoongi’s mother sighs as she picks up a hand towel to wipe her hands on. “Ever since that day, Y/n’s been in love with a star she could never reach… No matter how much she chased after it.” 

Yoongi’s mother puts the towel away, and reaches a hand up to her son’s cheek. 

“For such a smart boy, you really are slow. You sleep too much, I think.”

“Yah!” Yoongi retaliates, and his mother chuckles, sauntering off to her bedroom. 

“Goodnight~ Don’t forget to turn off the lights on your way to bed, alright?”

Yoongi grumbles something unintelligible under his breath, and heads to bed. But as he climbs under the duvet, Yoongi can’t help but wonder what his mother meant by what she said. Why would you be in love with a star?


A/N: Okay, so… I lied. After I started writing this, I just kinda went with whatever my hands came up with, and this is nothing like I had planned it to be, but you know what? I like this. We’re gonna go with this. It’s cute.

Also, so because this wasn’t a part of my plan at all (like no, seriously, I should take a picture of what I wrote down for this), I went and looked up the lyrics for Just One Day, and found that it goes perfectly with what I wrote. That was completely unintentional. I swear. Like, Y/n’s pov suits the pining in the song. Kinda sad.

The song, Wishing on a Star, is also by BTS, and yes, it was produced by Yoongi. I’m trash, I know.

Question Time! 

- What do you think is on the bottom of Y/n’s skateboard?

- What do you think Y/n does for a living?

- If you’ve read the other drabbles, where do you think in the timeline this story takes place?

You have any questions or theories for me? Feel free to talk to me!

The Charity Match

Cal and/or Simon x Reader

Request: “request where simon and calfreezy both like you so they make a bet whoever wins the sidemen soccer match gets to kiss you ? you can choose who”

Warning: There are like two bad words. And some cringey jokes. Yikes

Note: This was originally 2200 words but then I cut out like 400 of them (it was super angsty you should be thanking me). Big, huge, gigantic thanks to Ayu ( @sdmntokyo ) for making this gif for me even while she’s on hiatus. If that isn’t love I don’t know what is. Happy reading :)

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anonymous asked:

I'm glad I'm not the only one overwhelmed by the crafting system tbh. Every time I open the research and development menu I click around before clicking off and just hoping for the best in fights. Hopefully I can get a hang of it in the future but .... goodness. It's a lot for me to process.

Ok, so I FINALLY figured out the crafting, it just looks complicated when you open it because the game doesn’t really explain it, but it makes a lot more sense once you know how it works. Basically, there are just a lot of steps you have to take - instead of your standard “get 10 iron then press X,” you have to take a few steps before you can actually craft your weapon or armor. Hopefully this will help someone else. None of this is really a spoiler, but I’m popping it under a read more for anyone who wants to avoid any kind of spoilers.

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Summary: Phil has a cheating boyfriend. Dan is a poet with a crush, facing an ultimatum.

Genre: University AU (poet!Dan)

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, swearing, many elements of angst, implied smut, vague implication of abuse (only two lines)

Word Count: 33.6k

Fic Playlist (ordered chronologically to follow the storyline as it progresses)

Read on ao3

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anonymous asked:

i have a quick question for you gabby! were sorbet and gelato actually lovers? did the vento translation butcher that? there's TONS of fanart of the two of them as lovers together, but in the west that is much less common. it could just be shipping, but i'm not sure. the vento translation said they were "trusted friends" but i just want some confirmation on this! wikipedia says they were lovers, but it's all over the place!

Quick answer: yes they were

Longer answerIt’s never outright stated, but they are very clearly coded as a gay couple - and this is not a matter of headcanon either, or a case of baiting as when tv series queer code male characters, but rather subtext: you are meant to take all the little pieces and hints given, and understand that yes, they were indeed a couple. Vento Aureo is a very cinematographic arc - some of the cues didn’t translate all that well to text in the English translation (or at all for that matter). Here’s what the English scan says

… boy I had forgotten they manage to misread Gelato’s katakana as Cante for some reason. But other than the incredibly choppy English there is really nothing of notice that could lead you to believe they were in a relationship - aside from the way they are depicted I mean. You know. The very first impression we have of these characters - shown as being intimately close.

Here’s what the French translation says - translated in English:

“Formaggio’s team was composed of nine members, or rather, it was. Among them was the duo of Sorbet and Gelato… a pair of psychopaths who always worked together and got along so well that rumors circulated about the nature of their relationship. One day, they decide to investigate the taboo subject that was the Boss’ real identity

The bold font isn’t mine; it’s there in the French edition. Now this rises an interesting point: authors typically don’t rise up the question of “oooh rumor has it” if they don’t want the reader to consider it themselves; or they do but immediately shot it down either through the characters or by adding things like “and it made them laugh a lot” or any other thing to discredit the crazy notion that two characters could be in a homosexual relationship. But here? The very physically close (intimate) pose they’re introduced in, plus that little quip about “are they or aren’t they?” without any discrediting on the narrator’s part, is like a little voice telling the reader “people question the fact they were just friends and maybe you should too”

What happens next does nothing to discredit the possibility of them being in a romantic relationship either.

In literature as well as in films, cues are important. When you create an artwork of any kind, you tend to fall into certain canons (and when a canon has been overused, it becomes a cliché), because they’ve been established since the dawn of time and tend to ellicit a particular response from the public - it’s a shortcut to get your message across, a roadsign saying “feel this”.
Typically, friends do not get killed in front of each other - they get killed within earshot. Getting killed/dying in front of each other is reserved for two categories: close-circle families (siblings or parent-child duos)… and lovers. Sorbet and Gelato are clearly not related, so…?

Another thing, quite subtle this time, and we’re getting into linguistics because I am a nerd. Here’s what the English scan says. 
Now the French translation:

"Subjected to the slow agony of his friend, pushed to the very edges of terror and despair… Gelato died swallowing his own gag.”

That is roughly the same thing isn’t it? At least this time the English translation gets the information right - but we’re talking about subjective information now, and the importance of puctuation. Subconsciously, what the English translation makes you understand as a reader by putting Gelato’s name in there, is something along the lines “He killed himself because he was afraid of the same thing happening to him” because his name becomes the subject. In French, what comes across is Gelato klling himself… because he just could not take the pain of seeing Sorbet being tortured anymore. I take this moment to bring your attention to the fact Gelato is crying. Is he crying from fear? Maybe. But also.

Now talking from an inside-story point of view, there are two details: The fact Gelato has “punishment” taped to his corpse - yes, it’s a punishment for trying to uncover Diavolo, but consider Gelato’s corpse was moved to be found by the rest of the squadra. It’s not a punishment for them - Sorbet and Gelato acted on their own, shouldn’t it say “Warning” if it was aimed at Risotto and the others? Reading or seeing mafia movies you’d know this is not uncommon - and Araki is clearly not unfamiliar with either. But it was “punishment”. Almost like a clue concerning what was going to come next - the packages containing the pieces of Sorbet.
Very often, the notion of “punishment” for our protagonist (in this case Gelato, since he was the protagonist of the unseen storyline of Sorbet and Gelato uncovering Diavolo’s identity - and they obviously came damn near close to it from the looks of it) is very often the death of the love interest. Why? Because the love interest is synonymous of a new future, of hope. That’s why so many stories end with two people getting together and stop there. The love interest is the hero’s reward, and the hero’s punishment. This is another common canon, and one that you, as a reader, unconsciously pick up, because you’ve seen it so much. Person A being used as any sort of bargaining chip to get something out of Person B means Person B has deep feelings for Person A.
And another little detail, in the French translation there’s a little detail that is not all that clear in the English one: the ones who imagine this is what might have happened to Sorbet and Gelato are the members of the squadra themselves.

“It was likely that the two partners had been captured by the boss at the same time”

… why? Gelato’s body was found in his apartment. Yes his body was move from Torture Location 24 (or whatever that was where Diavolo could fit a sawing machine that could accomodate a human body) to his apartment to be found, but the squadra doesn’t know that. Why then, would they make the supposition that they were captured while they were together in Gelato’s apartment and wonder where Sorbet is?

The answer is: because they knew both men, and knew that they were always together

Including in their off time. And that maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t that uncommon for Sorbet to spend nights at Gelato’s place.

Two Cent Riffs: The End of the Galaxy

SPOILERS #WOYForever #BlessThisShow #PeaceandLove

Many fans. Three endings. Two idiot reviewers. One Episode. Let’s do this.

Roy: Welp, guess that’s it for the Galaxy. *sips tea*
Julien: Now she has nothing left, the dumb idiot. *sips tears*

Julien: I just have this. Can’t provide much else.

Roy: Dude. Don’t.
Julien: “Dude”, yes. She’s mean, green, lean, and I haven’t made this joke this entire time we’ve worked together.
Roy: Fair enough.
Julien: Of course, because It’s ogre now.

Roy: And so we say goodbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-

Julien: To be fair, it would have burned out anyways. 

Roy: C’mon. *sniff* Don’t make me feel for her now.
Julien: Like I said. Dumb idiot.

Julien: She poisoned our water supply, burned our crops, and delivered a plague unto our houses.
Roy: No, she didn’t.
Julien: But she could have done that instead of just blowing up planets and leaving us to die because of who gives a good shit, she is the bad guy.

Julien: Or in better terms: The End of the Show.
Roy:………………Too soon, you cynical prick.
Julien: Obvious parallels between this and the #savewoy movement are obvious. You told me this out just yesterday.

Julien: Ah yes, the Dude has return.
Roy: How can he not stop Dominator? Matter manipulation? Telepathy? Can basically turn her ship into Origami?
Julien: Logic is the veggies in cartoons - it’s there, but most want the sweets and fats.

Julien: It’s funny because they think she’s overpowered.
Roy: Pssh. Wander’s overpowered.

Roy: Ladies and gentlemen, Hater did science.
Julien: Yas queen! 

Roy: You know I’m honestly surprised we forgot about that planet.
Julien: We didn’t forget. Just never cared.

Julien: I can tell he just expanded.
Roy: You never know what you got until it’s all over. Also, finally.

Julien: Hey. Hey. Hey. “Kill” is a strong word.

Julien: Dominator ‘bout to “destroy” these sponsors.

Roy: Man, the Joker had better strategies than her.
Julien: Seriously Dominator, villainy is easier putting clothes on and you made it hard for yourself.

Julien: It’s kinda sad she thinks she can crush the most mentally and physically strongest in the galaxy like it’s nothing. Am I wrong? 
Roy: Shhhhhhh. Let her dream.


Julien: CURSE YOU, FINALE! Making me wait for ships like this.

Roy: They should call you Lord Denominator, cause that was low.
Julien: *hug* You made me the happiest man alive. 

Julien: We’ll not getting any origins of Dominator or her power. So, what about our bet?! Do I win?
Roy: Dude. I’ll just say Julien Parks-Gavin Wright is the greatest queen I’ll ever know. He’s pimping, fantastic, and has great hair. He’s the best of 4chan and the smoothest criminal in America. And I, Royal Irie Macintosh, am a foolish nerd who loves to squat on the toilet, wants Pinkie Pie as my wife, and is a nonsense booty bashing booger brain. And I’ll leave it at that.*
*HUGS* Still, this is kind of a letdown.

Julien: Her colors are showing!

Julien: Well that was rude of the bot, just scanning him like that.
Roy: On the bright side, Dominator won’t be popping a blood vessel just yet.

Roy: To think she can actually be redeemed, the sadistic one here.
Julien: On the bright side, we couldn’t have ask for a more bitchin’ desktop.

Julien: OK, smart, tan, and handsome, what’s the scale of how awesome this fight scene will be?
Roy: Thanks to probability, it will never top any MLP fights but will be anime levels of epic.
Emperor Awesome: Did somebody call my name?
Julien: Shut up, Awesome, come back when you’re a main character.

Julien: Well. That was unexpectedly epic. And quick.

Roy: I guess it’s no time to get cold feet.
Julien: So ice of them could drop by.

(We had nothing to say, this shot just looked incredible.)


Both: OF COURSE!!!

Julien: It’s official. My waifu’s gone off the deep end.
Roy: Ok. Since this is the finale, I’m gonna level with ya. *ahem* DAT WOMAN WAS OUT OF AAAANYBODY’S LEAGUE!

Congrats, the show’s not cancelled.


Julien: Oh no, she’s gonna get drilled. *sips tea*
Roy: You don’t have to be a tool about it, man.
Julien: You saw my notes, you know my ladder of things. I rule the cynicism.

Julien: Who knew villainy was this hard? DC makes it easy.

Roy: CURSE YOU, FINALE! Making me wait for ships like this.

Julien: They’re going Crash Bandicoot on their asses! I feel complete.

Roy: Oooh, why must she remind me of all the participant awards I got.
Julien: To be fair, Hater or Wander would be better villains than her in terms of brains and brawn. Sorry to say that, but it’s true.

Julien: Hero or villain, he just wanted to be loved. NOW ICE THAT FOOL!

(No comment again, this was the best moment in the Finale, in my opinion.)

Roy: I heard of getting the drill, but this is freakin’ lunacy!

Roy: Crushed by her own weapon, the saddest way to die.
Julien: All I can imagine is her “friends” being spam bots, porn blogs, and empty newcomers.
Roy: How did you?
Julien: I researched your dashboard.

Julien: Wander is giving a speech to somebody who is literally being crushed.
Roy: She’s been ignoring him all this season, cut him some slack. Besides, the bitch needs a talking to.

Julien: Remind you of anything, Royal?
Roy: Besides a pacifist and a flower. Nothing.

Roy: OOOH! I remember something now! SHE’S A TSUNDERE!!! The constant bitchiness and stubbornness, the lovely sadistic nature even though she never kills them, the inability to move on, the fact that she’s clearly misunderstood. It’s all clear to me now!
Julien: I guess WOY is an anime after all.

Julien: And to think, she will always be better than Donald Trump.
Roy: How is a planet destroying tsundere sociopath better than the worst living thing in America?
Julien: One, she’s way less hideous than that sun dried tangerine. Two, the policies of a woman dictator would be more tolerable to think about than anything that turd w/ teeth can muster. (we thought it went well with the scene)

Julien: Hater made it better.

Julien: Seriously Dominator. He put his neck out for you so many times, it’s not even funny. Just give friendship another go and don’t make an ass of yourself.
Roy: Wouldn’t her redemption be kind of a crap shoot?
Julien: The girl lost EVERYTHING! She has NOTHING but the clothes on her back. Why go the hard way when an easier path has opened up? A redemption may be ill-advised, but a character like her can play off some really neat development if given the chance, since she barely could this season. Why be the same way, when she’s gonna fail the same way?
Roy:………………….Discuss over drinks?
Julien: Definitely!

Roy: 4Chan scientist, can you explain this?
Julien: FUCK IT, DUDE! This whole season was Tex Avery’s Star Wars, suspension of disbelief is heavily advised here.

Julien: Damn it! 
Roy: To be fair, after all she’s done, the possibility to change is truly overwhelming to anybody like her.
Julien: *heavy sigh* You’re right. She is a Tsundere. Also:

I’m gonna build a scrapbook with these.

Roy: There she goes, off to her death…of any more character.
Julien: #beckyWithTheBadGrades

Julien: Well well well. Looks like there’s berry much hope after all.
Roy: Go to the corner. *kiss*

Julien: Here we go. Again. *epic facepalm*
Roy: Relax dude, the status quo has always been god.

Julien: And so ends the Finale, the season, and the-


-and the show Wander Over Yonder. Besides the fact that it all went so fast, up yours Disney, I loved every character’s moments, it was thrilling, the humor was still a delight, and Wandy and Hatey and Domi are still favorite characters of mine. Wander Over Yonder is and always was a fantastic spectacle of animation and it was beauty to see. Royal?
Roy: I love cartoons, always have, and WOY has helped me embrace that love more. While I felt the finale lacked in pacing, up yours Disney, it felt truly satisfying. It came full circle, in a way that’s too hard to explain. This cartoon not only wanted me to laugh, but also think. I believed in Wander Over Yonder since the beginning, never doubted it’s power, and this finale has undoubtedly made me want more. I believe in a Season 3. Then again, for everything they gave me, I’m glad with what I could get.
Julien: Couldn’t have said it better myself. But… what?
Roy: I don’t know. Two Cent Riffs was just something I thought up for you and I to laugh at good episodes. I never knew we could make it this far. I say we take a hiatus, since it is a pain for the both of us to script/edit these, and just enjoy our vacation a week or two. Then, if either of us think about it, we can do other shows (SU, Star vs., MLP, etc.). We can make our last real vacation together entertaining Tumblr as well as ourselves. As partners and as friends.
Julien: No. I mean, everything’s either now dead or on hiatus. What now?
Julien: Alright *smooch* friend.

* - A bet we made.

We hope to continue this dumb crusade of jokes before school starts in August. We also hope Season 3 is achievable, and that the #savewoy movement can do so. Stay strong. And to @crackmccraigen, thank you for another wonderful cartoon.

- Roy & Julien; stay classy, everyone.

(The image is resized so it looks very small, but if you click on ‘show image’ or something you should be able to read it. Probably).

Since I’m waiting for my books to be delivered, I decided to finally accomplish a old project of mine, that is translating Kabuto’s Fourth Databook entry. While it’s probably more correct than my previous translation of Nonou’s and Urushi & caretakers’ ones, I still recommend you to have a look at my translation’s notes for further clarifications.


- “He absorbed* the wisdom”: the verb I translated with ‘absorbed’ is 喰らう(kurau), which means ‘to eat/drink’ when you talk about food, or ‘to receive’ when you talk about blows. ‘Absorb’ isn’t among its meaning but I thought it was the closest thing that could describe what Kabuto ‘did’ with his ‘wisdom’.

- “the “evidences” that determined*”: again another difficult bit. The verb is 構成する (kousei suru), which I only found with the meaning of ‘constitute’. The construction 自分/自身を構成する is not so usual, I guess it means something along the line of ‘be a part of himself’. The same construct is repeated in the box where they talk about his glasses.

- “who wandered in the void*”: I had to make a hard choice here. The sentence is 虚空を彷徨う (kokuu wo chimayou), with the word ‘kokuu’ meaning ‘empty space/empty sky/void’ and the verb ‘chimayou’ meaning ‘to loiter; to putter; to prowl; to wander about; to roam about; to knock around’. This exact sentence have elsewhere been translated with ‘wander in the empty sky’. I was unsure if consider it as a poetic way to say ‘investigating the unknown’, resulting in “In order to investigate the unknown and know what kind of person he was”, or consider it as a adjectival verb clause linked to the pronoun ‘jishin’ (him/himself). I went with the latter because I suddenly remembered about THIS freakin’ PANEL (scan courtesy of Mangapanda):

- “his blank body* with a fabricated** blood and flesh”: ‘blank body’ has the nuance of ‘vessel’, ‘fabricated’ has the nuance of ‘fake/false/constructed/not natural’.

- “Orochimaru’s power that he carries*”: nuance of ‘to guest [in his body] like a virus’.


This entry didn’t clarify some of my doubts about why Danzo didn’t kill/recognise Kabuto back then in the Chuunin exam arc, but still gives us some nice infos. It gives us the third-person-pov assurance that Kabuto’s sage mode surpasses Orochimaru. It tells us that even after his many transformations his most prised possession are still his glasses.

But maybe the MOST IMPORTANT titbit that made me exult internally was THIS ONE:

This micro piece of digital paper finally gives us an indication of time: Kabuto was found by Nonou 18 years ago.

Since the same entry states his actual age at 24, it means that Kabuto was found by  Nonou at 6 (one-two years later than I thought), served the Root at 9, and joined Orochimaru at 14.

The ultimate Kabuto Timeline is now complete!!! ~~~


Raws by: Iiiii’m pretty sure by now that they’re from Narutoforums user RAI. If I’m wrong, I apologise in advance. Ok, forget it, it’s probably SaiST. Why do I even talk sometimes…

Work by: Masashi Kishimoto-sensei and his peers. (I hope my translation won’t bother anyone. After all it’s only to celebrate Kabuto-sama, so it must fall under the fair use).

Cleaning, translation and typesetting by: me~.


Jungkook X Reader
Genre: Fluff (I think)

Scenario to the reactionJungkook’s reaction to you getting upset (feat. BTS)

Jungkook puts the last snack down on the table and joins me on the couch, I lift the blanket so he can sit down.

“Finally.” I say excitedly because it’s so rare that we get to spend time together like this. Just the two of us.

He grins down at me. “Ready?” Following my nod, Jungkook starts the movie but before the first scene can even appear, we hear the doorbell.

“Did you order anything?”

“No…” He pauses the movie and stands up to open the door revealing all the other roommates noisily talking among themselves. “You’re back already?”

“Yeah, and you won’t believe what we finally got. You have to see this.” The cozy atmosphere goes away and it’s back to being the usual boys dorm. “Hey, ________! Didn’t see you there.”

Bumped by our plan getting cut short again, I wave at Taehyung halfheartedly.

While I fold up the blanket, knowing that I won’t be needing it anymore, one after another they sit down on the couch, making it really crowded. As always they leave the space next to me empty for Jungkook, but it’s not able to sooth the boiling annoyance.

“Awesome! I thought it was sold out.” Jungkook sits down and I scoot over to give him more space. “Where did you get this?”

I peek around his back to see Taehyung unpacking some kind of action figure. Iron Man, probably.

“It’s some random shop we passed by and when I saw the other limited edition one, I thought they might have this, too, and voila there was and of course I had to buy it.”

I sit back and look down at my hands.

“What do you mean you bought it, I bought it because you didn’t bring your card, rascal.” Jimin clarifies while pointing at the cupcakes I made. “This looks good.”

I open my mouth but it’s too late, he had already taken a bite. I take a deep breath to calm my nerves and try to be understanding but even then I can’t help but feel frustrated at the boys for crashing our dates again and again.
Maybe, I shouldn’t have hoped for our three months anniversary to go as planned. 

Jungkook doesn’t seem to notice or mind, he is too focused on talking with Taehyung about the figure and somehow that makes it even worse.

“Are you watching a movie?” Hoseok asks and then the movie continues playing. “Oh, I’ve wanted to watch this, too. Perfect timing.”

And then it happens, something snaps in my head, when Hoseok, like Jimin, takes a cupcake and begins munching on it.
I stand up, wanting to voice my exasperation but one look at their innocent and happy faces makes my anger deflate. So, instead I sigh and go to the bathroom, upset with myself for not being more generous.

Sitting down on the edge of the tub, I feel embarrassment settling in. This is their home and I can’t expect them to stay away from it because I wanted to have some private time with Jungkook. At least it didn’t look like any of them noticed or payed attention.

Knock. Knock.

“________?” Or maybe they had. Moving to the door, I take a deep breath and open it slowly. As soon as Jungkook sees me, he moves closer to scan my face. “Are you not feeling well?”

I shake my head and avoid eye contact.

Jungkook puts a finger under my chin. “What’s wrong?”

Nothing is wrong anymore, but I don’t think he will let it go even if I tell him that. I look behind him and see the boys watching us with round curious and worried eyes. That makes me feel even worse.

Jungkook looks over his shoulder and a moment later, he takes my hand and pulls me out of the bathroom, walking into his bedroom.
I stand there awkwardly as he closes the door behind us and then sits down on his bed, patting the spot next to him. “Sit.” I hesitate a bit before doing so. “Now, tell me, what’s wrong?”

His eyes are encouraging me to tell him and while I don’t want to make a big issue out of this, I also don’t want to lie. He’s making an effort.

I shift to face him more fully. “Don’t tell the others, please.”

Jungkook blinks, frowns but nods. “I won’t.”

“It’s just, I was a little bit upset earlier.” I say slowly, looking down at my fiddling fingers. “I just wanted to spend some time with you, because we usually don’t get to… Especially today and…” I shrug. “I just got upset.”

I cringe at my own words and the long silence that follows. What a foolish and selfish reason.

Jungkook’s face suddenly appears in my vision as he bends down to smile at me. “Wait here.”

He walks back out of the door and I don’t know what to do with myself, so I just stay on his bed and wait like he told me to.

There is some talking and after a while when he still doesn’t return, I stand up to peek through the door he had left open and jump, startled, when he comes back, carrying the table in his hands with all the food on top.

“What are you doing?” I rush to help him but he is taking most of the weight anyway.

“Moving our date to here.” He leaves again and this time he is back a few seconds later, holding a blanket and the DVD. “This will only take a moment.”

I sit down like I had on the couch and watch him as he prepares the TV for the movie. “What about Namjoon?” I ask because Jungkook actually locked the door and this is Namjoon’s room, too.

“Don’t worry, I won. This room is ours for the next few hours.” He probably means ‘Rock, Paper, Scissor’, they always settle it this way.

“Oooook! Everything is ready.” I smile because his excited voice is so cute. Sitting down, he accepts the other side of the blanket and grins cheekily. “Don’t even think of doing anything funny on here, I will scream.”

“Shouldn’t I be saying that?” He nudges my arm and I nudge him back making us laugh. “Thank you, Jungkook.”

He crunches up his nose cutely. “You’re welcome, ________”

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(gif not mine, credit here)

— — —

Here it is guys!!! The beginning was rather hard for me to write because I couln’t think of anything that would be upsetting and I still don’t think this is very upsetting… or is it? I guess it could be if you’re in that situation… right? …idk 

Aaaanyways, hope you liked it ^^ 

(Update: I want to scream at Bighit for not releasing any teasers yet even thought they said that they are going to have 3 MVs for Young Forever… THREE MVS, MARK MY DEATH BED)



Title: Anchors (Part 1)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: After meeting Dean and Sam in high school, the reader forms a strong connection to the oldest brother. 

Word Count: 2,588

POV: Readers, 1st Person

warnings: abuse (not in this section, but in upcoming chapters)

a/n: This will have a few parts to it. I have the whole thing written already, but it was just a lot to post at one time (its like 10,000 words…. oops). I just have to edit and stuff, but I should get them all out pretty quickly :)

The air smelled of old gym socks and cheap cologne; somewhat pleasing and yet left a jarring feeling in my stomach. Bellmark High School wasn’t exactly the greatest place in town but it certainly wasn’t the worst. The windows didn’t have bars, at least. So that was something. 

I swung my backpack over my right shoulder and slammed my locker shut, the cold of the metal chilled against my skin. I licked my lips and groaned, looking around at the other high schoolers giggling and strolling along the halls. I didn’t exactly consider myself an outsider, but I wasn’t much liked either. To put if frankly, I wasn’t a friendly person. I kept to myself. I didn’t need the kind of baggage that comes along with liking people. It’s just pointless and leaves you with nothing. 

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just do it - roommate!michael

Originally posted by punkrockimagines

keywords: roommate!michael, fluff
word count: 896
a/n: this is based on a text post that said, “semi-serious play fights that end up with one person pinned to the floor/wall and accidental furious kissing” and tbh i just got an urge to write a michael fluff lol

You were getting ready for class when you looked in your mirror and noticed something was missing. You actually attempted to look nice today because you had a presentation later. Deciding that the missing piece was your favorite beanie, you began searching for it in your room. 

After a few minutes of searching in the spots where you normally keep your hats, it was nowhere to be found. Frustrated, you give up and head to the kitchen of your apartment. 

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Interview: Dana Barsuhn

This month’s featured artist is danabarsuhn. A street photographer from North America!

Be sure to follow danabarsuhn and support his work!

Full name

Dana Barsuhn

City and country where you live

Eagle Rock, California, United States

How you started with street photography?

A friend and fellow street photographer and author Ibarionex Perello came across some random photographs of mine and suggested me to join him and documentary photographer Emilio Banuelos for a collaborative workshop in Downtown Los Angeles. The focus of the weekend was more on how we see and connect with photographs we take rather than all the technical stuff you are usually exposed to. I came away with a whole new take on how to see the world around me, and that influenced my motivation to walk the streets with my camera.

Would you say you have changed your way of shooting since then? If so, how?

Back then, I was a lot more intentional about shooting on the street, now it’s just part of my everyday life, I shoot whatever, whenever, wherever… and I don’t shoot as many pigeons anymore!

Why street photography? How often do you go out to capture moments?

The idea of stepping out my front door with my camera and making photographs out of everyday life, like a visual diary in a sense, appeals to me. I don’t have to drive somewhere, fly somewhere, etc., just put the camera around my neck and go. Don’t get me wrong, going places that are unfamiliar is always stimulating, however, I’ve always believed that the biggest challenge is to take photographs in your immediate everyday environment. That being said I would have to say photographing on the street was a lot more intentional for me in the beginning, but now has become more of an everyday, personal documentary type of pursuit.

I agree with you, the biggest challenge is to take pictures of your everyday environment. Nothing like knowing your own streets. Would you be afraid of getting tired of it though? Some photographers would simply grow tired of the same streets/places.

It’s all about perception really. If you want to look at everything as black and white then sure the same old streets can get monotonous. But if you change the game and look at your surroundings in a different way you can always find a way to make it interesting again.

What is then for you street photography? Do you consider yourself a street photographer?

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Honey Lip Balm - Park Jimin

Hello kind anon! This is a bit short pls forgive me ; ;. But! I want to thank you for requesting and for being patient! I hope I could make more scenarios as well! Enjoy! <3 GIF is not mine!

“Yah! (Y/N)! I want to film something, get the camera please?” Jimin whined in his chair as he leaned back. I chuckled and grabbed the camera from the other room, turning on the small camera for BTS Bombs. I was hired a few months ago from Big Hit through my good friend Jimin to be the camerawoman that films everything backstage: from BTS Bombs to photo shoots. To be completely honest, this job has been quite the adventure. I had to literally follow the boys wherever they went and film whenever they wanted. However, if it got too late, I’d leave them the camera and just edit any filming they did without me the next day on my laptop. Despite how demanding this job appeared to be, it actually was a lot of fun. Plus, I got to travel for free.

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“Something more” Luke hemmings smut

Part 2

Part 3

Okay so I was actually planning on writing fluff, but it somehow turned kind of smutty…lol oops.
it’s the first time I’ve ever written smut, so I’m sorry if it sucks.(Also, english is not my first language (i’m from Denmark), so I’m sorry in advance if something sounds weird or is grammatically incorrect)
I just wanted to write something different, bc all smut is just the same, so this is something a little different, I hope you guys like it. Anyway it’s 4 am and I’m so tired, I haven’t edited it so I’m sorry for any mistakes. Also some feedback would be AWESOME. Kisses

Word count: 4443



 The vibration coming from my phone caught my attention as I reached over and looked at the illuminated screen.

“Everyone is out. Come over?”


The short message was displayed with a familiar name above it. Lucas.

“Finals are coming up.” I simply replied and threw my phone back on the bed.

Not even thirty seconds later my phone buzzed again.

Come over, it’s Friday night.”

Another message followed before I even got the chance to reply to the first one.

I’ll help you study”


Shifting my eyes to check the time, I tried to decide wether I should stay and finish studying for the finals that were coming up or join Luke in his flat. We both knew we wouldn’t get any studying done, if I went to his place. But like most young people, rational decisions were not really my thing.
It didn’t take long before all books and papers were pushed aside and I had jumped out of bed to pull on a pair of black skinny jeans. Not bothering to change the shirt I was planning to sleep in or even put on a bra, I grabbed my wallet, car keys, stuck my phone in the back pocket of my pants and threw on a thin jacket.  

“I’m going out,” I yelled to Lilly, my roommate who had her head buried in a bowl of ice cream sitting on the couch in our shared flat.

She stuck her head up from the blanket wrapped around her.
“Tell Luke I said hi,” She said before looking back at the TV.

I was just about to walk out of the opened door, when I stopped and gave her a look.

“How did you know I was goin-“ I didn’t get to finish my question before she replied without looking at me.

“Because he’s the only one who can get you out of bed at this hour.”

I just gave her a small chuckle. She was right.

“Don’t wait up,” I told her as I stepped out.

“I won’t,” I heard her say right before I closed the door behind me.

I ran down the stairs and jumped into my car. Instead of heading straight over to Luke’s, I stopped by the local liquor store, scanning the aisles to find the wine.

Red or white?” I texted Luke. I didn’t have to say anything else. We had done this so many times before; he knew exactly what I was talking about.

Both” his message made me chuckle, but I quickly found the two cheapest kinds of wine and bought a bottle of each, one red and one white.

When I finally parked my car in front of Luke’s apartment building, I grabbed the two bottles and hurried up the stairs and knocked on his door before opening it myself.

“Hey babe,” I heard him say as he approached me.

He gave my cheek a quick kiss before taking the bottles from my hands, letting me untie my shoes.

I threw off my jacket before following him into the living room here he’d already fetched two wine glasses and opened both bottles. I stood there admiring him for a second as he poured us both some of the red liquid.

His signature black jeans were replaced with baggy sweatpants and his hair was lying flat on top of his head, just how I liked it the most and his chest covered in an old flannel that was a little too tight on his shoulders. I smiled a little. He always had trouble finding the right size because of how broad his shoulders were. He always ended buying a size or to too big, just so that his shoulders would fit.  

The only light source in the room was a small lamp in the corner of the room. He had pulled out his vinyl player, which was surrounded by old records covering the floor.

I smiled as I sat down beside him on the floor leaning my back against the couch.

“Cheers,” he clicked his glass against mine before we both took a sip. I actually didn’t like wine at all. Just the smell of it disgusted me. But it got me drunk fast, and getting drunk with Luke on Friday nights while everyone else were out clubbing had become somewhat a tradition after we started college and both got our own places.

“What are you listening to?” I asked after taking a sip of my wine.

“Zeppelin,” he replied reaching over to find the cover of the record, showing it to me. I leaned forward on my hands and knees and browsed all the records scattered across the floor. He had so many, some of them old and some of them new.
I took a large sip of my wine and kept searching for the record I wanted to hear.

Hanging out with Luke, listening to old music and drinking cheap wine were one of my favourite ways to spend my Friday nights. There was something so forbidden about him. He was my best friend, and knowing I couldn’t have him the way I wanted, made me hunger for him even more. I loved the little games we played. The flirting. The way we would lean so close to each other like we were about to kiss, but then one of us would pull away before our lips touched. The way he would run his hands over my skin, looking at me with lust lingering on his facial features. The way he would hold me close, breathing into my neck. I loved every minute of it. Everything was so relaxed. No complications. “It is what is it”, he always told me. “Don’t define our relationship.” And we never did.


Suddenly I felt his hand on the back of my calf. I looked back at him.

“Come here,” he whispered.

“Wait, I’m looking for-“ he cut me off.

“The 1975 record is in my room,” he said leaning his head back against the couch, giving me a smirk.
I stood up and started walking towards his room. I knew he would follow me. He left the record in his room on purpose; he knew I would want to listen to it.
I opened the door to reveal his messy room. His clothes scattered across the floor. His guitar laying on his unmade bed, empty cans of beer laying random places.

I could hear his footsteps approaching as I started looking for the record.

“How am I supposed to find anything in this mess, Luke?” I chuckled as I threw his stuff around, trying to find it.

He came up behind me, placing his big hands on my waist, letting them slide across my stomach.

“It’s under my pillow,” he whispered against my neck sending chills down my spine.  

I chuckled and turned around to face him.

“If we ever end up having sex, Luke, it’s not going to be in your bed,” I removed his hands that had snuck to rest on my lower back.

“What? Why not?” he asked sounding confused as I went over to search his bed.

“I don’t know. It’s too… I don’t know, it just wouldn’t be our thing,” I said and finally found what I was looking for.

Just as I turned around, I was pushed back onto his mattress.
“Luke!” I laughed as he crawled up to hover over my body. “We’re not having sex in your bed!” I exclaimed as he looked down at me.

“Why noooot?”He whined burying his face in my neck.

“Because you fuck every other girl in your bed! If we have sex, it’s going to be somewhere you haven’t fucked anyone else.”

He sat back on my thighs so that he was straddling me.

“You’re right. You’re not like the other girls,” he whispered, sounding out of breath. We sat in silence staring at each other for a moment.
He brushed his hands over the fabric of my shirt lifting it up a little.

“Aren’t these irritating you darling?” he asked tugging at my tight jeans. “You should let me take them off,” he whispered.

I just leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I loved his hands on me and he knew it.

I felt him unbutton my jeans, and pull down the zipper. He crawled off of me and tugged at the fabric until it no longer covered my legs and my white lace panties were on display for him.

“fuck,” I could hear him mutter. Seconds later I felt his breath on the inside of my thigh making my let out a shaky sigh. I opened my eyes and watched him as he moved his lips across my exposed skin, making goose bumps form everywhere.
I let my hand tangle in his blond hair, pulling at it as he worked his way up my body, his rough hands gripping at my sides. His soft lips and cold lip ring getting closer to my aching core made me softly whimper out his name.

His teeth gaze across the fabric of my panties as he worked his way up. His hands slid up my sides, bringing my shirt with them as his lips nibbled on the exposed skin.

I kept tugging at his hair and letting him know I was enjoying his sweet torture by letting small moans escape my lips.

“Fuck baby,” he cursed as he lifted my shirt to expose my breasts. I hadn’t bothered to put on a bra.

Just as he leaned down and his lip touched my nipple, I realized what he was doing.
“Stop,” I demanded as I pushed him off of me and sat up, sliding my shirt down to cover me. “No sex in your bed.” I stood up and looked at him. His confused expression faded into an annoyed one as he let his head fall back on the mattress and let out an annoyed groan.

“Fucking…” he whispered under his breath, his hands tangling in his bed hair.

I grabbed the record I had been looking for and headed out of his room.

As I reached the living room, I found my glass of wine and drank what was left in it before pouring some more.

“Woah, slow down there,” I heard Luke chuckle behind me. I loved this about our relationship. Even though we had just had a very heated moment, we could just act like nothing happened. No complications. We were just having fun.

I took another sip of my wine as I put on The 1975 record.

“Fuck, I love this song so much,” I whispered to myself as I closed my eyes and leaned my head back listening to “Robbers.”

“I know.” I heard Luke whisper in my ear. He was standing behind me without touching me.

I opened my eyes and found his half empty glass of wine somewhere on the floor. I poured some more in and handed it to him.

“Let’s play a drinking game,” I handed him his glass and we sat down on the floor against the couch again.

“Come here,” he said as he pulled me onto his lap, letting me feel how excited he was. I let him spread my legs on either side of him so that I was straddling him.

“What do you wanna play?” he asked looking up at me as he took a sip.

“Truth or dare. Or never have I ever,” I suggested.

He chuckled at my childish suggestions but agreed anyway.

“What are the rules?” he asked.

“If you can’t do the dare or answer the question you drink. If I say something like ‘never have I ever kissed someone,’ and you have done the thing, you drink.”

“Okay, you start,” he said as he leaned back against the couch, his free hand resting on my thigh.

“Okay. Truth or dare, Luke?” I asked him.

“Dare,” he said with a confident smirk.

“Hmm…” I thought for a second. “I dare you toooo…keep your hands off of me for the rest of the game.”

He raised the glass to his lips as he squeezed my thigh. “You know I can’t keep my hands off of you babe,” he said before drinking.

“Okay my turn,” he sent me a cocky smirk. “Never have I ever fantasized about having sex with Luke Hemmings.”

I took a large sip. “All the fucking time, Luke.” I confessed which clearly gave his confidence a boost.  

I looked down at him. He was so god damn beautiful. His scent was everywhere. All I wanted was for him to take me right then and there. But I contained myself, nothing like building up the anticipation. Luke and I had never even kissed. We had both agreed that kissing was too personal. He had told me he would only kiss me, if we agreed on becoming more than…whatever our relationship at the moment was. That didn’t mean we hadn’t engaged in other sexual activates though… I knew for a fact that his fingers could work wonders, just as well as those soft lips of his. But that had only happened once and we were both very drunk.

I snapped myself out of the daydreaming and drank some more.

“What are you thinking about baby?” he whispered, as he looked up at me form beneath his lashes.

“You,” I replied and put my arm around his neck. “I’m thinking about that night at Ashton’s party.” I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. “Fuck.”

“You tasted so fucking good, baby,” he whispered, making me whimper.
“I could do that again, you know,” he said and placed his lips against the sensitive skin on my neck. “I could make you feel so good.”

I swallowed hard when I felt his tongue against me.

“How bad do you want it, darling?” He kept going. “How bad do you want me to make you feel good? To make you tremble under my touch. To scream out my name.” He chuckled out the last part. He was too damn cocky, but it was such a turn on.

“Luke…” I whimpered as I pressed his head closer to my neck.

“Yeah baby. Tell me what you want,” he whispered as his hands found my hips making me move on top of him.

I kept my eyes closed and focused on the feeling of him beneath me while he kept kissing and biting my neck.

“Baby…let me make you feel good,” he whispered. I looked down at him and swallowed hard. I felt my heart rate quicken. I wanted him so bad.

“Fuck” I whispered and looked away from him for moment to take another large sip of wine. I could feel myself getting lightheaded.

I put down my glass and let my hands rest on his chest while he kept rocking my hips back and forth.

The three top buttons of his flannel were undone, but I wanted to see more so I let my fingers work the rest of the buttons exposing more of his chest as I went.

He was all I could feel. His scent was everywhere. I couldn’t think of anything else than feeling him against me.

I pushed him back against the couch and attached my lips to his neck starting to kiss it up and down.

He moaned out in pleasure as he let one of his hands press the back of my head against him.

Suddenly I felt a buzzing coming from underneath me and pulled away from him to look down.

“Shit” he said and reached into his pocket and took out his phone.

“Ugh,” he groaned and threw his head back in annoyance.

“What…what is it?” I asked him as I tried to catch my breath.

“It’s Brianna. She keeps calling me.”

I chuckled at him. “Why are you ignoring her?”

“She broke up with me!” He exclaimed.

“What?” I furrowed my eyebrows at him.

“I had no idea we were dating!” He said making me laugh.

“Well…” I laughed. “In her defense, you had been fucking at least twice a week for the past three months.”  

He looked at me with a confused look making me laugh harder. “So…?”

“Oh my god, Luke, you’re clueless” I giggled and tangled my hand in his hair again. “Don’t ignore her!”

“But I don’t want to talk to her!” He whimpered.

“Don’t be an asshole, Luke! Just answer the god damn phone”

He sighed and then picked up.

“What’s up?” He spoke into the phone giving me a confused look.

“I’m just hanging out with-” I could hear the girls voice interrupt him, making him hold his phone away from his ear.

“Bri-” he tried. “Brian-” he sighed and threw his head back.

“Brianna!” He finally barked into the phone making the girl shut up. I couldn’t help but giggle as I finished my glass of wine. A disappointed look crossed his face as I got up from his lap to fetch the other bottle.

I could definitely feel the alcohol hit me, which made me giggle at myself as I stumbled back to sit on his lap.

“Yeah, my phone hasn’t been working,” he told her. What a liar. I took at sip from the bottle making him widen his eyes at me before chuckling as some of it spilled on my shirt.

“Damn it,” I slurred and looked down at my shirt.

“Yes, Brianna, I just…” He seemed to have been interrupted again. I knew how much it irritated him when people did that.
“Ugh,” he removed the phone form his ear throwing his head back.

I giggled a little and grabbed the phone from his hand putting it up to my ear.

“Hello,” I said and she immediately shut up.

“Who is this?” she asked but I ignored her question.

“Listen, Luke and I are in the middle of something very important. You might have to call back later. Byyyyyyye.”

“But-“ she said right before I hung up and put his phone on silent, handing it to him.  

He smiled at me before taking it from my hand and throwing it on the couch.

“I think she wants you,” I giggled.

“Oh really? Who doesn’t?”

“God, you’re so cocky!” I said slapping him across the chest.

“But you love it,” he winked at me making me throw my head back and laugh.

“Now, where were we?” he asked and leaned in against my neck, but I put my hands on his chest pushing him back against the couch again.

“I think we were playing a drinking game,” I said and took a sip from the bottle.

“But you’re already drunk,” he said and slid his hands up my thighs.

“I’m not that drunk. Just a little tipsy,” I said winking at him.

“Fine. Truth or dare?” he asked me taking the bottle form my hand, taking a sip.


“Okay. If we can’t have sex in my bed, where is it going to be?”

“Luke! Is that the only thing you can think about?!”

“Yes and it’s driving me fucking insane,” he snarled gripping my hips. “You’re driving me fucking crazy.”

“Okay. You can have me on the couch. Or in the kitchen. Or in the backseat of your car,” I leaned in and breathed into his ear. “Or right here on the floor.”

I was suddenly pushed back onto the floor, him following on top of me, resting himself in between my legs.

“Don’t fucking tempt me, baby. You know I’d do it. Right here, right now,” he growled and grinded into me making a moan escape my lips.

“I know, Luke,” I whispered tracing my fingers over his lips. “But you will have to kiss me first. I dare you to kiss me.”

He looked at me; his eyes shifting form mine down to my lips and back as he sucked on that fucking lip ring. His breath fanned over my parted lips making me dizzy. I wanted to taste his lips so bad. I wanted to feel that damn ring.

I slid my hand up to the back of his neck and tugged at his hair, pulling him closer to me. I felt my heart rate quicken.

“Kiss me, Luke…” I whispered sounding so desperate. He wanted the sex but I wanted more. It was so forbidden, and I knew I couldn’t have it. But I didn’t care.

He leaned closer, making me hold my breath. He was so close to me. I could feel his shaky breath on my lips. I swallowed hard as the anticipation grew and I tighten my grip on his hair.

If one of us said a word, our lips would touch.

“Close your eyes,” he whispered, bringing his soft lips in contact with mine. A shiver ran down my spine and I did as he told me.

I couldn’t wait anymore. I lifted my head a tiny bit to bring my lips to his but he flinched and pulled away. I opened my eyes to see him hand his head low.

“Fuck, I can’t,” he whispered and sat back against the couch, leaving me all breathless.

I sat up and removed my legs from around him.
“Why won’t you kiss me?!” I whimpered angrily.
“Fuck, (Y/N), I want to! I fucking hunger to taste you, but I can’t! Not when you’re drunk and not yourself!” He gripped my ankles pulling me close to him. “I want you to remember every little detail of how fucking good it will feel when I kiss you. You drive me so fucking crazy!”

I sat there staring at him.

“You won’t kiss me because I’m drunk, but you have no problem fucking me?” I questioned him.

He just started at me for a moment before letting a smile spread across his lips as he hung his head.

“Uuuugh,” he rubbed his hands over his face and threw his head back in frustration.

“Come here,” he said grabbing my wrist. “I like it when you sit on me.”

I couldn’t help but smile at him. He was so damn stupid and I wanted to slap him across his face, but I also really wanted him to kiss me with all he had.

I got back on his lap and he handed me the bottle of wine. I took a large sip as he spoke.

“There will be no kissing or fucking tonight,” he smiled and wrapped his arms around me.

I put down the bottle and moved my hips a little.

“But, Luke…” I breathed into his ear. “You’re so hard…” I let my hand slide down his chest and placed it right on his crotch, adding some pressure.

“Fuck,” he growled, grabbing my wrist.  “It’s actually getting quite painful,” he admitted looking up at me from beneath his lashes. “Ugh, I need some release.”

“No ones holding you back,” I simply told him, shrugging my shoulders.

“(Y/N), we’re not having sex while you’re drunk,” he stated.

“Who said anything about having sex? You have both hands free.”

His eyes widened as he looked at me. “Do you mean…?”

“It can’t be the first time you’ve jerked off. Don’t act like you don’t do it on a regular basis,” I giggled and took another sip of wine.  

“And it wouldn’t bother you?” he asked me.

I just shrugged. “Not really. It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before. How many times have I not walked in on you?”

He just looked at me in disbelief.

“Your choice,” I shrugged and got up from his lap. I went over to the record player and stopped the record. A deep silence filled the room. I took another sip from the bottle in my hand as I slumped down on the couch opposite the one he was leaning on.

“Can…” he began. “Cam you turn off the light?” he asked.

I got up, went over to the lamp and looked at him before turning off the only light source in the room. Complete darkness surrounded us. As I found my way back to my spot on the couch, I felt like the distance between us had doubled.

“Shit, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he whispered before I heard him shift around on the floor.

I just sat in silence, occasionally taking a sip or two of the bottle, which was almost empty by now.  


(((listen to those moaning audios, there are two different ones, both are linked))))


“Fuck,” I heard him breathe out and I assumed he was stroking himself. I couldn’t see much, but knowing he was sitting right there getting himself off at the thought of me, made me incredibly aroused.

“Fuck, baby…” he whispered again. He sounded so vulnerable.

I sat there listening to his moans and whimpers as he got himself off.

“hmm,” he moaned as his breathing got heavier. “…feels so good,” he breathed.

“Oh god…oh god…” he groaned before holding his breath making it able for me to hear his hand against his skin, pumping his hard length. 

My eyes slowly started to adjust to the darkness and I could see him sitting there in front of me. 

His head was thrown back, his eyes closed as he pumped himself. I took another sip of the bottle and couldn’t help but let out a a small whimper when i felt drops of the cold liquid spill down my neck. 

“I want to cum so bad…” he whimpered.

“What are you thinking about, Luke?” I whispered after a while making him groan.

“I’m thinking about you, baby…” he moaned. “About how good you’ll feel wrapped around me.”  

I didn’t say anymore. I just waited for him to finish off. It didn’t take long.

“Ugh fuck, fu-fuck, i’m gonna…” he breathed out a moan, trying not to be too loud. 

“It’s okay, Luke…” I assured him. “Let me hear you.”

“Ugh fuuuuck,” he groaned out loud before I heard his hands still.

The room was completely silent for a moment.

“Are you done?” I asked softly.

“Yeah…” he breathed out.

I stood up and found my way over to the lamp and turned it back on.

Luke was sitting there, his forehead glistering with sweat and his hand covered in cum. I couldn’t help but let out a small whimper when I saw him sitting there like that.

Without a word he got up and walked over to the bathroom as I collected the bottles and glasses and made my way to the kitchen.

I put down the empty bottles and filled my glass with water.

Suddenly I felt his hand sneak around my waist from behind. He buried his face in my neck and let out a long breath.

“Let’s go to bed,” he suggested and I just nodded my head. He grabbed my hand and led me into his bedroom.

He got rid of his shirt and his sweatpants and joined me under the covers.

Pulling me close to him, he gave my shoulder a small kiss. “I can’t wait to have you, baby…”


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