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Buck: And that’s how it’s done! What’d I tell you? Your old man’s pretty good, huh?

Jefferson: If you say so… but I’m pretty sure that was just an accident.

Buck: You are wearin’ me out, bug. Didn’t I tell you to hush?

Jefferson: [giggling] I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening.

Buck: Hmph. Well. I do want you to listen to me for a sec because I wanna talk to you about somethin’ important, okay? Man to man.

Jefferson: Um, okay. What is it, Dad?

Ok, but hear me out.

Enjolras as a news anchor and Grantaire as a comedian show host.

Grantaire making fun of Enjolras in his show.

Grantaire making impressions of Enjolras.

Grantaire being asked why he’s so obsessed with Enjolras.

Grantaire. Meeting. Enjolras.






Where is my “Lena buys a small NC newspaper, and has them offer Kara a job as a reporter, because she feels like it’s her fault that Kara lost her job, but wants to keep it all under wraps. And Kara comes bounding into her office all excited like “oh my god, I can’t believe I got a new job so quickly, and it’s even better pay than at Catco, and I get to be an actual junior reporter and one of the senior guys is mentoring me and they say I can write about what ever I am passionate about” and Lena is like “oh rly?” and is just so happy that Kara is happy and doesn’t want anything in return, but to get to support her friend (oh and you know, casually encourages the newspaper to give Kara assignments that require her to interview Lena on a regular basis)” fic?


After election, thousands in NYC offer to commute with those targeted by Trump’s campaign

On Nov. 10, two nights after Donald Trump became president-elect of the United States, a friend reached out to Kayla Santosuosso, deputy director of the Arab American Association of New York, with a sobering request. A Muslim woman in Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood had been harassed on the subway both days since the election, and now she wanted a partner to ride the train with her, the friend explained. Could Santosuosso help find someone?

Santosuosso decided to create a Google form. "This form is for New Yorkers who are willing to accompany their neighbors on their commute in light of recent harassment and threats toward people of color, LGBTQ folks and Muslims,“ she wrote. "A Trump presidency may also mean harassment toward women and people of disabilities, and we want to provide accompaniment wherever is needed.” The response was overwhelming.


Hey, whatever works, right? 


Chicago citizens help a woman in 50 MPH winds — but commenters are focused on one thing

When one woman fell victim to the wrath of the Windy City on Friday, an NBC Chicago reporter and a passerbies came to her rescue. It was a lovely moment captured by news cameras — but many Facebook commenters weren’t applauding. Some went as far as to call one of the men “a disgrace.”


As soon as I watched @tilly-and-her-books recent book haul~ I went and bought this stunner. Howard is one of my favourite authors and I greatly enjoyed her retelling of Alice and Wonderland (and Morpheus lol).
I’m in love with this cover, it’s darkly beautiful~ I hope the story inside is just the same!