kind of messed around with textures on this one

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Your art is so amazing and it's inspiring me to keep drawing!! Do you have any advice/tutorials? Also if it's not too much trouble can you tell us your brush settings? Thanks so much for sharing your work!

aaa ;; this is actually very reassuring so thank you! im flattered you find my stuff inspiring <3 i dont stick to just one kind of brush as i prefer to just mess around and try new things on the go but these are the settings ive been using as of lately!! (i love sai for coloring the brush tool is so smooth :’00) also !! textures are a lot of fun to play with so i’d say give them a try


No one asked, but…here are my brush settings! These are for Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint. I suppose I can just like give a download link but really the main brush here is just a circle brush with all the settings tweaked. Plus the best brushes are the ones you make yourself imo, since everyone draws a little differently. So you don’t have to follow these exactly.

First one is a plain circle brush with settings meant to emulate a felt-tip brush pen. It’s my go-to brush for drawing and inking and I pretty much use it for everything (and a variation of it for coloring)!. Unfortunately it needs a tablet pen that supports tilt to get the extreme variation in width in a single stroke like in the picture.

Second one is more a tip than a brush, but basically to get brushes opacity and texture to behave more like in Photoshop, you gotta check “mix brush tips with darken” under the stroke tab and the pressure settings have to be tweaked a lot. There’s tutorials for how to adapt Photoshop brushes into Manga Studio but at least the one I followed didn’t mention this. (It was also from 2 years ago though). Anyway there’s like 5 billion more PS brushes floating around than MS/CSP ones so knowing how to import them is a useful skill, just takes a bit of time.

sorry the images are kind of a huge mess but there are SO MANY OPTIONS.


i wanted to make a post showing all the different kinds of styles i use, because i rarely stick to one for long, haha. i prefer to mess around and play with different art styles and types of coloring, painting, outlining, shading, textures, etc…

i hate to stick to one style for too long because it starts to feel stagnant and boring, blech

Soooo this is a photo im turning in for my photography class. It’s me, I’m not wearing a stitch of makeup. This is a big deal because my skin is one of my biggest insecurities and I haven’t gone ANYWHERE without a full face of makeup for as long as I can remember. I’ve had really really bad acne and even when the texture smooths out, I still have horrible scaring and discoloration. But the assignment was “What makes you one of a kind?” So this is me. Yes I have acne and scaring, yes I have darkness around my eyes, yes my hair is flying away like a mess. But I’m human. I can’t sit here and pretend I’m not, and that I look perfect all the time because I don’t. So I’m learning to be okay with that and I’m working on not hiding and being ashamed of who I am and what I look like. This picture will be blown up on a tv and critiqued by the class and im terrified. But regardless of what they say or think, I made this step and I’m proud. So this is me.

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do you mind posting your lineart brush? the one that looks like it has some rough texture to it. sorry if you have before, i couldnt find anything.

Sure! Don’t think Ive actually posted the brushes I use before. HERE are the brushes I use. These are pretty much everything, my inks along with my primary painting brushes are in there, so it’s a bit scattered but I didn’t want to eliminate most of my tools for the sake of cleanliness. The ink brushes should all be titled “ink” or “sketch,” or “pencil” of some kind. Others are better for painting, just mess around. Most of the painting ones work better with transfer: ON, and shape dynamics turned OFF. Examples of some of my fave painting ones are below on the right. Inks are on the left. Inks work better with shape dynamics turned ON and transfer turned OFF. 

HOPE THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED. since they’re TOOLS and not BRUSHES, to load the file into photoshop, go to window - tool presets - and there should be a drop down menu where you can ‘load tool presets’ and from there you just load the .tpl. theres other tutorials for this online but its pretty simple.