kind of like middle name kind of thing

Question Time

Here are some random questions for your Shepards, maybe you never thought abt this because these kind of things are too common to think about when creating a Shepard:

  1. What’s their favorite color?
  2. Their favorite food?
  3. Their favorite drink?
  4. Their sexuality?
  5. Their middle name? (if they have a middle name)
  6. Do they prefer reading books or watching movies/tv shows?
  7. What do they do during shore leave or their free time?
  8. What kind of clothes do they usually wear off-duty? (sporty, elegant or specific clothes like sweatpants, jeans etc)
  9. Do they have a nickname? (a nickname given by one person counts, a nickname they hate also counts e.g. my main Shep’s been nicknamed Johnny D by some people and he hates it so much)
  10. Do they have a morning routine or is it just complaining and groaning while trying to wake up?

I forgot to add: You can reblog this and answer the questions yourself, this is not an ask meme that people have to send you.

When You're Bored 😴 And Lonely AF 😢
  • Lonely Girl: Another boring night spent being lonely af. If only something bizarre would happen to give me some temporary reprieve from the terrible monotony that I call my life.
  • Bizarre Thing: *doesn't happen*
  • Lonely Girl: I guess I have to take matters into my own hands. *googles easy seances*
  • Lonely Girl: *scrolls through list of seances* Here goes an interesting one! Fish seance. Weird name, but I like fish.
  • Seance Rules: You will need one fish of any kind, three lilac candles, salt of any kind, a red ink pen, and a piece of paper. Place your fish, preferably already dead, in the middle of the three candles arranged into a triangle pattern. Sprinkle a salt circle around the fish. Write your name on the paper in red ink six times. Light the candles, place the paper on top of the fish, and observe what happens.
  • Lonely Girl: *wipes sweat from forehead* I sure wish that the minimum amount of physical effort didn't make me so sweaty, but I'm all done. Now, time to finish this ritual!
  • Lonely Girl: *cautiously places paper on top of fish*
  • Fish: *begins to flop around and struggle for air when the paper touches it*
  • Lonely Girl: Oh my god! The fish came back to life... is that it? Can you talk fish?
  • Fish: *flops around*
  • Lonely Girl: Are you a demonic fish?
  • Fish: *flops around*
  • Lonely Girl: You're just a normal fucking fish, aren't you.
  • Fish: *flops around*
  • Lonely Girl: Argh, what a waste of time! *puts fish in a bowl of water* I guess I have a pet fish now. At least until I decide I'm hungry.
  • Fish: *internally* What? I can breathe again. What happened to me? Where am I? Am I in water? *peaks out of bowl and sees lonely girl*
  • Fish: What!? That's me! Why am I looking at myself? *notices reflection in the bowl* I'm a fish! Wait, now I am remember! That seance must have made a replica of my consciousness and inserted it into the fish body... what in the bloody fuck is the point of that? Ah, who cares! This is interesting. I have to get my attention. I've got just the idea!
  • Fish: *jumps out of its bowl on and onto the floor*
  • Lonely Girl: *leaves the room*
  • Fish: *flops around* Oh god! She left me here! I'm suffocating! This was a bad idea! Help! Help! Help!
  • Fish: *flops around helplessly until it dies*
  • Lonely Girl: *gets a strange sense of loss* Huh?
  • Lonely Girl: *looks around confused* I guess it must've been nothing.