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I got tagged by livinthefowllife and it is really slow at work. Okay, I’m just procrastinating. Bye.

1. I have a tiny freckle on my leg that looks like a butterfly
2. I have a twin brother and I would lose my mind if anything happened to him
3. My self esteem issues are still very ongoing but they have gotten better
4. I don’t talk to my parents anymore and I’m sometimes very sad about this but I also know I wouldn’t be alive right now if I didn’t decide to walk away. 
5. I have never in my entire life been in a serious relationship
6. I have never been in love before so I don’t know what it’s suppose to feel like 
7. I’m a mayo FREAK. If it isn’t on my sandwich then I won’t eat it
8. I hate mustard
9. I also hate salmon 
10. I’m terrible at making lists. Especially when they have to do with facts. 

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Boueibu Fandom Exchange?

So I got excited and posted this idea in a reblog of images but I figured I’d make my own post:

Now that s2 is over <cries forever>, I’m wondering if the fandom would be interested in a fanfic/fanart exchange? I remember seeing these kinds of things all the time on Livejournal for like, Harry Potter and shit, and idk I just think Boueibu as a fandom in general could really get behind some kind of exchange of fanworks. There’s so many ships to ship, from actual shippy to platonic shippy and AU ideas and post-canon ideas ( BEPPUS IN THE DEFENSE CLUB ) aaaaaaaaaand let’s be real, I dunno what I’m gonna do with myself now that it’s over. Like… I need fandom to function.

SO. Would anybody in that vast tumblrverse be willing to participate in an anonymous art/fic exchange? Like people submit prompts to a dedicated blog, then everybody who submitted claims a different prompt to fill with art or a fic. Give everybody a couple weeks/months to work on their fill, submit and post anonymously and then have a REVEAL WEEK. Could even have the prompts pertain to a theme or something and do a couple exchanges while we collectively wait for news about s3 or other media. Or just cope without our boys…. whichever.

I’d totes be willing to run the thing, too, if it gets enough interest. idk if the fandom is big enough for this sort of thing but figured I’d scream into the void and see who answers.

So. Fandom exchange? Y/N?