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*Throws doodles I’ve done within the past 48 hours because I’m finally feeling a bit better*

We have a  page of assorted pidges, because I have decided that they are my fav. I had a go at trying to draw rebel!Matt because why the hell not????

Then we have a Lance with a FFXI DRG’s Wyvern because I had a dream about it and he 110% would be a lolDRG. (Hunk would be SMN/WHM, Shiro would be DRK, Keith gets RDM and Pidge gets PUP. I guess Coran would be COR and Allura is BLM.)

And the last one is me jumping on the Lance-needs-a-polearm-it-doesn’t-matter-what-kind bandwagon.

Who You Should Fight: Haikyuu Edition


Hinata Shouyou | Who wins: Hinata
Sure, he’s tiny and kind of an airhead, but have you seen that look he gets in his eyes sometimes? As soon as one of his teammates reminds him that he won’t be able to play volleyball if he’s in a body cast, you’re doomed. Plus, he’ll probably skip off afterwards singing about having to pee now or something, which would be weird. Don’t fight Hinata.

Kageyama Tobio | Who wins: You
Maybe he seems cool and smart on the court, but anywhere else, Kageyama’s defining personality trait is “confused”. You could probably take him down before he even realized you were fighting. However, it probably won’t be very satisfying, because Kageyama doesn’t want to fight in the first place. He just wants to sip his milk and stare at the horizon. The choice is up to you.

Tsukishima Kei | Who wins: You
Tsukishima is pretty much just a grumpy insect in a jacket, so you could definitely beat him up. He’d probably dig up all your insecurities and drag you for them for the next 200 chapters in revenge, but the instant gratification would be worth it. Fight Tsukishima.

Yamaguchi Tadashi | Who wins: Nobody
You could definitely beat up Yamaguchi, but why on earth would you? Have you seen his face? He doesn’t want to fight. He just wants to do jump-float serves and bring joy to the world. Plus, he’s already gotten beaten up tons of times in his life. Don’t fight Yamaguchi.

Sawamura Daichi | Who wins: Daichi
He’ll probably get his thighs around your skull like that one move Black Widow and Spiderman do and next thing you know you’re on the ground and your skull is permanently crushed in. Plus, he’d lecture you afterwards about how he’s not mad that you were fighting, he’s just disappointed. Do not fight Daichi.

Sugawara Koushi | Who wins: Suga
Yes, he’s pretty, slim, and not too tall. But have you seen this guy pick on Daichi? There’s a solid 70% chance that he’s secretly an assassin. And honestly, he wouldn’t even have to fight you to win. He could just give you that disapproving parent look and you’d instantly be on your knees begging for his forgiveness. Don’t fight Suga.

Azumane Asahi | Who wins: You
Asahi is huge and buff and everyone thinks he’s a thug. But let’s be real here, he wouldn’t even last past the pre-fight shit-talking. He could barely handle a staredown with Aone without freezing up. The minute you insulted him it’d all be over. There’s a strong chance that the rest of Karasuno’s revenge will be swift and merciless, but you can deal with that later. Fight Asahi.

Nishinoya Yuu | Who wins: Nishinoya
Like Hinata, Nishinoya is tiny. Also like Hinata, Nishinoya is burning with energy at all hours of the day. Sure, you could fend him off if your arms were long enough, but he’d probably just bite your hand off. Remember how Tanaka said that one time that every time he sees Nishinoya he’s covered in more bruises? Noya is hardcore. Do not fight Nishinoya.

Tanaka Ryuunosuke | Who wins: Nobody
Tanaka has the heart of a lion and the spiking arm to match, but he’s also never once actually fought someone. He might make weird faces at you, but you could probably beat him when it came to actually throwing down. However, he’d probably react to your roughhousing by just laughing and giving you a noogie instead of fighting back. You’d come away from the encounter feeling oddly like you’d just gained a new older brother. It’d be a generally wholesome experience. Fight Tanaka.

Yachi Hitoka | Who wins: Hinata, Kageyama, Tsukishima, and Yamaguchi
Don’t even think about it.

Shimizu Kiyoko | Who wins: Kiyoko
There’s a reason that this entire team of energetic teenagers answers to her every word. Plus, would you honestly dare to lay a hand on her? Don’t fight Kiyoko.

Oikawa Tooru | Who wins: You, probably
Oikawa can’t actually fight anyone, you know. There’s a ninety percent chance that Iwaizumi will think it’s hilarious and encourage you, but even in the case of the ten percent where he wrecks you for hurting Oikawa, Oikawa deserves it so much you should go for it anyway. Have you seen his smug shitty face? Fight Oikawa. Please. For everyone’s good.

Iwaizumi Hajime | Who wins: Iwaizumi
Biceps. That is all.

Kuroo Tetsurou | Who wins: Everyone
Kuroo’s lanky, but he’s also tall and pretty strong, so he could probably beat you if he wanted to. However, he doesn’t want to. If you tried to fight him, he’d probably hold you off with one arm while asking concerned questions about your tragic backstory and challenging you to become a better person. You won’t win, but you’ll be a better person afterwards. So sure, go for it. Fight Kuroo.

Kozume Kenma | Who wins: Nekoma
Kenma’s a skinny nerd who’s scared of human interaction and hates physical activity, so sure, you could beat him one-on-one. But the thing is, the rest of Nekoma is protective of him to the extent that they have this weird cultish chant where they call him their brain and vow to put all their energy and brainpower for the next hour or so into supporting him. The second you laid a hand on him, there would be an angry herd of cats looming over you ready to fight. Don’t fight Kenma.

Bokuto Koutarou | Who wins: Debatable
Bokuto’s a beast, okay. He’s a top five spiker, he’s the ace of a powerhouse school, his arms deserve their own zipcode. But on the other hand, he’s dead terrible at anything that isn’t volleyball, and if you can manage to get him into a sad mood, he’ll probably do most of the work for you. Plus, the rest of Fukurodani would probably think it was hilarious to watch him getting beaten up. You might as well go for it. Fight Bokuto.

Akaashi Keiji | Who wins: Akaashi
Akaashi isn’t very strong, but he has one advantage, which is that he is full of pent-up rage, all the time. That’s his secret. He’s always fucking pissed. You will lose and he will demoralize you and insult your volleyball skills in the process. Don’t fight Akaashi.

horrible-capricorn replied to your post “Have you watched sweet vicious on mtv?”

one of the main characters is confirmed bi but shes had no relationship with a girl shown on screen so far

clexabrasil replied to your post “Have you watched sweet vicious on mtv?”

I watched almost all episodes and until now… it doesn’t. really straight people being straight. buuuut people ship the 2 main girls. and until now it’s a really good story about 2 girls dealing with sexual abuse problems on campus, kind of like a superhero origin

😪  well I’m already letting myself get baited by one show so maybe I’ll wait to jump on the sweet/vicious bandwagon. Good to know that it’s a decent show though!


Jumping on the bandwagon and made some Aerodactyl variants based on pterosaurs. The Dsungaripterus one is just kind of loosely based on it but the other two should be pretty obvious. I was considering making a Nyctosaurus one too but that’d just be silly looking.

*edit: also I realized I wrote ‘normal’ instead of 'standard’ for the standard one oops

anonymous asked:

I'm on my second IUD and absolutely love it. The first insertion did hurt like a bitch but it was manageable. The second insertion was WAY better, I'm guessing it's probably because I had already had the procedure once before. It's seriously so worth it, I have never once worried about a pregnancy and never had any issues. I did bleed for about 3-4 weeks after my first IUD insertion and then it stopped. I didn't bleed at all after the second one. But 3+ years is so worth it I promise!

Thank you! Every single “Which birth control is right for you?” quiz has been telling me to jump on the IUD bandwagon because my schedule is all kinds of crazy and I’m so close to doing it, but I’m a lil’ scared of the insertion process, to tell the truth. I can be such a baby when it comes to pain.

Maybe the second time was better because you knew what to expect and had already done it before; anxiety and other forms of stress can definitely magnify your experiencing pain. (I felt much more comfortable and at ease the second and third time I had a tattoo session, for instance.)

And also, thank you to @wild-magics (I can’t seem to message you, unfortunately?! Hmu. I’m happy to chat), @hiboulette , & @bisexualwookie . I really appreciate the info.


So I decided to jump on the thumbnail bandwagon woohoo~

You know what feels good after waking up at 2 in the morning for no reason at all? Checking youtube to see Cry finally decided to play Wadanohara.

I never actually expected to see the day when Cry would play that one. Don’t get me wrong, as a fan of him and the game itself, I would love to see him play (which I did), but it just didn’t strike me as his kind of games (well, with its slooow pacing at the beginning and all). Needless to say, seeing his video popped up in my subscriptions box really surprised me. It was a pleasant feeling.

Do I make any sense at all.

I hope you enjoy this game Cry, as I really did ^-^

You know what, it has been the most overwhelming experience in the most beautiful way. I could not have wished the reaction to be any better. Quite frankly, we have the best fans - I’ve said this from day one and I know everyone probably says that, but what’s been so special, especially this weekend, we’re actually meeting people face-to-face, is it feels like our fanbase - everything that they feel is coming from their heart and it means so much to them as individuals. It’s not just kind of like, “oh, I’m gonna jump on this bandwagon”, it’s like “I’ve been affected by this.” And more than anything, the relationship with Nicole - oh my gosh, it’s just so beautiful - it means so much to me as a person, I just think it’s such an important story to tell and I think it’s come at the most appropriate time, and it’s given the LGBT community a relationship to hold onto that they really needed, and that’s just - I’m just, I feel very honoured to be able to give that to them and to play it, and I couldn’t have wished the reaction to be any better, it’s very, very, very, very heartwarming.
prompts/aus based on music lyrics

“finally jumping on the bandwagon, these are music lyrics, and you can write your one-shot based on them in any sort of way! 

  • “tell me that you need me then you go and cut me down, again”
  • “i’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck”
  • “she loves me, she hates me, she’s my kind of crazy”
  • “how much longer will it take to cure this, just to cure it ‘cause i can’t ignore it if it’s love”
  • “you can pretend it’s meant to be, but you can’t stay away from me”
  • “your guard is up, and i know why”
  • “this is me swallowing my pride standing in front of you saying i’m sorry for that night”
  • “your love is worth it and for that i will wait”
  • “i drive you crazy but you always return”
  • “you want your independence, but you won’t let me let you go”
  • “i’ll take my time if you want to, and i’ll give you whatever you need, and i’ll wait a lifetime to give it to you”
  • “when you get what you want but not what you need”
  • “when you love someone but it goes to waste”
  • “have you ever hated yourself from staring at the phone”
  • “he lost his soul to a woman so heartless”
  • “he will admit to everything or he’ll say he’s just not the same and you’ll begin to wonder why you came”
  • “you’re in my veins and i cannot get you out”
  • “i don’t want the world to see me, because i don’t think that they’d understand, when everything’s made to be broken, i just want you to know who i am”
  • “you and i go hard at each other like we’re going to war”
  • “baby there you go again making me love you”
  • “i don’t tell anyone about the way you hold my hand”
  • “didn’t they tell us don’t rush into things”
  • “it’s hard letting go, i’m finally at peace but it feels wrong”
  • “i remember it clearly, the day you slipped away”
  • “i used to know my place was a spot next to you, now i’m searching the room for an empty seat”

I have started a short comic about events based on an RP with big-sad-emo-dad. It involves Evil Morty and M-028 Morty working together and capturing Ricks and Morties across the galaxy. CB If this page and the next one I put up gets decent attention, I will post more. So please tell me if you like it!

More info on the story under the cut~~

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hiiii! so 2015 is coming to a close and it’s been a hell of a year so i thought i’d do a lil follow forever (also everyone on my dash is doing this so why not lmao). though i’ve been part of the 1d fandom for years, i only made this blog a couple of months ago and i never thought i’d meet so many cool, kind, and hilarious people. i’m gonna be honest and say that 2015 was a really rough year for me, with a lot of personal issues, school stress™, and of course all the 1Drama from m*rch onwards. coming on here and getting to unwind and seeing you all on my dash helped a lot, so i just wanted to say thank you for being so gr8 :-) i love you all and i hope 2016 treats you well!!

sorry if this is really long, i tried to include everyone. friends and some personal favorites are bolded, but honestly i love u all 💞


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i apologize if i forgot anyone, i didn’t mean to i promise!!

Don’t Go, Kitty Kitty

Title: Don’t Go, Kitty Kitty - Chapter 1 - Renewal
Series: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
Pairing: Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir x Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug
Rating: M
Word Count: 2835
Status: On-Going.
A/N: I just wanted to write them all mature (Ha!) but still on the cusp of hormonal teen-hood. -snickers- Tho, let me know how I do since I kind of died near the end with my sleepiness… I just really wanted to jump on this bandwagon of beautiful.
Summary: Two years have passed since Marinette’s initial crush on Adrien and both of them have considerably grown. Heartbroken from a rejection that really wasn’t one, the two meet once more as their “weaker” selves… at 16. Is this fate between the two rising stars? || AO3

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Social Media IS real life

I was kind of reluctant to jump on the whole “Social Media is not real” bandwagon, but since I feel like I have something to add to the whole Essena O’neil saga, here goes:

The best decision I have ever made was going vegan. Period. And I have taken lots of major decisions in my life, from moving to a foreign country, to enrolling in uni, to getting married and, most recently, going into yoga teacher training. No other step I have ever made was so rewarding, so eye-opening and enlightening.

Why did I do it? You guessed it - social media. I stumbled upon @freeleebananagirl at one point, initially just wanted to be fit and healthy like her and then recongnized that the whole veganism thing was way bigger than me. It was about billions upon billions of animals that die every year because of the livestock industry.

Every day, heaps of people on social media stumble upon the vegan message like I did and decide to change their habits for the better. It has become a massive movement and it is changing the planet.

There are tons of other issues aside from veganism. I hardly think the Black Lives Matter movement would have raised so much awareness, has it not been for brave individuals who used social media to speak up, spread the message and even share private footage of police brutality.

Only a fraction of the mainstream media would have informed us about police brutality and hardly any mainstream media promotes veganism as a way of life, not to mention that no other platform has spread the shocking images from behind the walls of slaughterhouses the way social media has.

In this sense: SOCIAL MEDIA IS REAL LIFE. Police brutality is real life. So is discrimination, speciasism, environmental destruction and animal cruelty. And without social media - good luck spreading these messages on Fox News!

Are skinny girls with tiny waists, photoshopped faces and unattainable glitzy lives “real life”? No. And unfortunately they do fool a lot of young girls. And I dare say, the initial idea behind social media might have been to distract the masses with such meaningless bullshit. But for every spoiled brat modelling clothes on Instagram, there is at least one person with a meaningful message who would otherwise have no voice. For that one person, social media is a small hack into the system.

The smart thing to do is not leaving social media. It is to stay on social media and play by the rules to promote important messages. Essena might be really big right now. But that is because social media AND mainstream media are talking about her. In a few weeks, who knows, if anyone will still care?

I genuinely like Essena and I understand her frustration. But I am equally frustrated thinking of what an impact she could have had on many people’s lives, promoting veganism and mindfullness on social media. She would have been a real game changer.

A different kind of Bachelor challenge

I was eager to jump on the Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge bandwagon, but I decided to my own spin on it!

Around ten years ago, a show called Joe Millionaire aired for one season in the US. They took a hot construction worker who was flat broke, threw him in a suit, and pitched a show with the premise that he was a millionaire looking for love. Naturally a whole slew of ladies fought for a slot on the show, some looking for love and some hoping for a taste of his cash. The show ran like The Bachelor, and contestants were eliminated each week until one final woman was the victor and Joe Millionaire was forced to admit that it was all a lie and he had no money afterall. What neither Joe Millionaire nor the contestants knew, though, was that if the woman chose love over money, the couple would get a million dollars. If she was greedy, they’d walk away with nothing.

So, this is my Joe Millionaire challenge! I’m asking anyone interested to submit a sim to earn a chance to woo Nolan Lancaster, the richest sim in all of Windenburg (or so they’ve been told). Every “episode”, Nolan will take the ladies on extravagant dates and the sim with the lowest relationship score will be eliminated. In the end, we’ll find out if the winner was in it for the money, or if she’d been looking for love all along.

The rules for your sim contestants are as follows:
-Your sim must be a young adult, female human.
-You must private message me whether she’s in it for love or money. Please don’t tell anyone else, it’ll spoil the fun!
-If you choose to include CC with your sim, please send me a list so I can make sure I have it in my game.
-Your entrant must be submitted to me by March 21st!

To enter, either post your sim with the tag #simsarahjmc or message me on here or on Slack and I’ll add you to the list of contestants!

@sjane4prezcc - Lia Delaney
@justthatsimmer2015 - Nora Fenton
@dollhousemadeofsimoleons - Maci Paige
@jingfah - Anastasia Torrez

-jumps on the bandwagon of gemsonas-

Name: Chrysopal
Age: ???
Preferred Weapon: Scythe
Fighting Technique: Very Agile, quick on her feet, fast reflexes, stronger than she looks, flexible, and is able to adjust in any climate
Abilities: Can predict her opponent’s next move, shapeshift, and has fast healing
Weaknesses: Blind in her left eye (where her gem is located), while she has a fast healing process, her body is somewhat frail, not the best in defense, and her shapeshifting is limited.
Personality: Soft spoken, polite, fascinated by new things, this gem is the more understanding one of her kind. Unlike most gems, she travels to different planets, experiencing new life and cultures, rather than destroy them. She loves seeing different life and loves to paint what she sees.