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Season 5 was a disaster. But then so were Seasons 4 and 6. I think it was clear they were trying to recapture the success of Season 3 (their high rated season) without fully understanding what it was that made 3 so popular. // Honestly though, s3 wasn't the most popular because it was the best. 3A was popular because it was coming off the long hiatus after 2 when it got a ton of hype on tumblr from the Sterek fans. All the official show stuff was hyping Sterek too and that was just (1/3)

after s8 of SPN when a bunch of fans starting jumping ship due to the queerbaiting and some stuff that was said by cast and crew (myself included). So we all rushed to TW as some kind of bastion of slash shipping and the hope of having it go canon. And then 3A kind of turned out to be a mess, but it was the first messy season we had gotten, so we all thought that things we’re going to get wrapped up and made sense of during 3B. (They did not.) Also 3A despite not making a lot of sense (2/3)

still gave us plenty of Sterek moments so we all tuned back in for 3B. 3B pretty much killed Sterek, but a lot of us kept watching just because DOBs acting was amazing, even if the actual plot didn’t make much sense. (Again. Still.) So it wasn’t like those seasons were actually GOOD, they were just still riding the tails of the first 2 seasons and the naive hopes of shippers. DOBs acting and the few Sterek moments we got were pretty much the only good thing about them. (3/3)

Oh, I was in no way saying Season 3 was the best written season, but it was absolutely the most popular. Season 3 is definitely when the plot holes began to get a lot bigger, a lot faster. But what Season 3 also had was crazy good momentum–both with the Alpha Pack and the nogitsune–so that carried it through. It was really only when it was over and you could catch your breath again that you realised how flimsy the entire thing was. 

But 4, 5 and 6? All compounded the errors of Season 3, but lacked the pacing and energy to hold it all together. 

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The later at night the better!! Monster pops was filmed really late and look at what a gay mess that was!

ikr! most of the baking vids are filmed later and i think it makes them ten times better because hyper/overtired/sugar-rushed boys are the best kind?? so let’s hope they stay up till midnight filming pinof9 

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How long until the next upload

Hello, we cannot promise anything. But supposedly, sometime late in december.

Please remember we’re a very small team and we’re working really hard for it, so we’d like to ask for the kind understanding and patience! :D Rushing it will not give best results.

Marichat May Day 9: Bell collar

Sorry this is very late 

Sometimes in battles, when Chat gets over the board/overexcited with plans, Ladybug pulls him by his bell to keep him focus. It’s a good way to make him to pay attention to her (in both ways, only she doesnt know about the other one)

Well then, sometimes…Marinette forgets that when she is not transformed into Ladybug, she shouldn’t interact with her partner the same way she does when she is transformed, because then you will have a very confused and flustered Chat Noir.

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What ended up happening in the Cardverse AU? You left it on a major cliffhanger, with Arthur at knifepoint and all...

Part One / Part Two / Part Two and a Half

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Notes to the girl whose house I live in

by reddit user JJX2525

It took me a week to find where you keep your wifi password. A whole week! I was really worried you’d thrown it away, but lo and behold, there it was in the cutlery drawer of all places. Everything about the way you organize things confuses me. I guess because you live on your own now you just put things any old place. I know there was someone else before, I heard you talking about him on the phone. Johnny, I think? Jimmy? Anyway, I know because you said it was tough being alone. But you’re not alone, of course. You have me!

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Hey, Jonah!

Hey, Cyrus!

not to be totally correct,, but percabeth is the most well paced, healthy, non problematic hetero relationships in the whole we-grew-up-together/enemies-to-friends-to-lovers tropes. Like, usually in these kind of relationships, especially in kids books, it’s rushed, not helpful to the girls’ story line as she’s just used as a romantic plot device, and it’s just heteronormative and uninteresting. But with percabeth, their crushes on each other were well established (and not just out of the blue @ the end of the story), it was well paced, Annabeth obviously had her own characteristics and plot and her character didn’t revolve around her romantic life, and if anything, percabeth only made annabeths’ complex storyline more wholesome (she lost luke, she lost thalia, and she grew up not happy in her home. She was used to having the people she love disappear or turn their backs on her, and that created trust issues evident throughout the story. her and percy getting together shows that she moved past this and she now has a stable person she can put her trust in). At this point im rambling but yeah. percabeth is non problematic, very healthy, beneficial to both Annabeth and Percy’s storylines, and rick made it cannon in a way that did not enforce heteronormaty. thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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#2, marichat identity reveal?

2. With a hoarse voice, under the blankets

Marinette doesn’t remember when Chat starts showing up at her balcony, or why he keeps coming back. She doesn’t know how he stretches his visits a little longer each time, or where he finds the energy or time. He comes when soft twilight gives way to the deepening blue, and goes when the quiet dark lays over all the city to sleep.

She does know, though, that there is something he finds, in her company and her treats and her home, that invites him back. And despite her grumpiness at the late hour and her eyerolls at his exaggerated theatrics, she never turns him away.

She knows that he needs this, whatever this is.

(“You don’t have to always do that you know,” Marinette says lightly once, more out of fond amusement than anything else. “Show off all the time.”

“How else would you see how strong and wonderful I am?” Chat jokes, flexing his biceps for her.

“I’m not even really seeing that now,” she snorts. “C’mon Chat. There aren’t any cameras or crowds around. It’s just me.”

“Just you,” he echoes faintly, a funny look on his face that somehow warms her cheeks. “You say that like it doesn’t mean anything.”

“I mean… it shouldn’t,” she says slowly, because she isn’t interested in a performance. The curtains are down, the stage is dark, and all is quiet. “It’s only me. Just you, and me.”)

Marinette discovers clues about Chat’s life not unlike the way they sink into sleep: gradually, and accidentally.

It’s an inevitable fall. Nighttime brings all the barriers down in preparation for sleep and dreams, leaving them vulnerable and open, and it’s in this space that Chat unwinds around her.

This is how she finds out he hates spiders, that he loves Chinese food, that he watches anime. He tells her how he was homeschooled for the longest time, how he’s still new to this business of making friends, how he loves being a superhero. He fences, he plays the piano, he models, and despite the many glaring hints, it still takes Marinette a long while to piece it all together.

The realization settles over her when she’s telling him about her fashion designs. She lifts her eyes from the drawings scrawled over the pages of her sketchbook and up to the soft, bright green of his eyes.

He says, simply, “You’re amazing, Marinette.”

There is no distant rumble of thunder, no umbrella, no lucky bracelet passed between them, but she knows that admiring look in his eyes, that wry smile ghosting his lips. The air seems to charge between them, the buildup of something she should’ve seen long coming, and she carefully puts the sketchbook down. She sort of wants to yell into her pillow, or at Tikki, or maybe even at herself for landing in this predicament.

The panicked flurry in her chest quiets when she looks again at Chat. Whatever else, she knows she doesn’t want to yell at him. He needs this understanding, this openness, this friendship- he needs her.

Talking Adrien during class time, come morning, becomes significantly easier. She turns her flailing and nervous rambling around him into a fierce protectiveness over his well-being. She can feel the weight of his gaze on her, when he thinks she isn’t looking; and when she looks back at him, he doesn’t look away. That funny look in his eyes, the one that warms her cheeks, is much easier to read in the light of day.

Still, when the day settles down the sleep and night creeps over the horizon, Marinette unlocks her trapdoor and lifts her covers up for Chat. She knows now, what he finds when he comes back to her, what he doesn’t find at home.

No one should wonder what that kind of warmth feels like.

(As he settles down in the space next to her, the one she makes just for him, he murmurs, tentatively, “Love you.”

With the pads of her fingers brushing over his cheeks until she feels him smile at her touch, she murmurs back, “Love you too… Adrien.”)

“I met him at the company where we worked. We went out dancing. He was kind to me. Things started changing after we got married. I’d rush home from work so I could cook for the whole family. But if the food wasn’t ready on time, he’d get upset. One day his mistress came to the door to tell me about their affair. I was pregnant at the time. He came back from work and found her in the house, and he hit me so hard that he broke my face. I still have the scars. The abuse got worse and worse. I stayed for a long time. At first I thought marriages were supposed to be like that. And by the time I learned otherwise, he wouldn’t let me go. He’d lock me in the house. He’d threaten me by putting a gun to our son’s head. When I finally got a restraining order, I was in such bad shape that I checked into a mental institution. Now I’m alone and it’s the happiest time of my life. I’m able to work. I can eat whatever I want. I can go out whenever I want. Even sitting here and smoking a cigarette is a joy for me.”

(Bogotá, Colombia)

Headcanon: Ryoma is fully supporting Takumi in this Voting Gauntlet and is happy that his brother has a real chance at winning this. Takumi wanted to participate for so long that he would be overwhelmed with joy and really pumped up but his insecurities started acting up when he realized he might go against his older brother.

I just want Takumi to win this so he can build some self-confidence and be a petty winner who will rub this victory on Leo’s face so much.

But I would be happy with any of these two winning. GO, HOSHIDO BOYS! GO!

i hate how being an artist on this awful hellsite basically absolves you of any wrongdoing, like, ever. you could be the most racist, transphobic, insufferable piece of shit out there but if you can kind of draw nice everyone immediately crawls out of the sewers & rushes to your defense saying shit like “artistic freedom!!!! uwuwuwuu”