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Once again with the excuses of why Mary chose Francis. She didn't choose him because of a FANTASY. She chose him because of their reality. You can see how much she loves him and how much Francis loves her. Mash shipper or not, I don't get how you can look at Bash as the "hero" I really can't.

You know Anon, I would really like to discuss with you why I think so and why you’re free to disagree with me, but I know that it would be useless, because you clearly already have your own opinion on the situation. But nevertheless I will try.

What reality are you talking about? Reality where Francis constantly pulls a passive-aggressive stunts? Reality where he lies? Manipulates her? Makes it look like he listens to her wished and agrees with her THEN taking a 180 turn and doing the completely opposite? I never was a Francis hater, but after the last episode I really don’t see anything in him that is worth of an undying devotion that Mary has for him. Zero. Nada. Which is why I think (see the key word here? I. In my opinion. I think I have a right on this opinion, just like you have on yours). Her love is based on her expectations and dreams, hopes and created image of her future life.

And before I go any further, I feel a need to inform you, that what I don’t take lightly is twisting of the words, and you clearly twisted mine in your favor. So please in the future, if you want to have a healthy argument, for the sake of the finding the truth don’t use foul methods. I never claimed that she’s in love with the fantasy. I said that she in love with Francis, BUT I see it’s source for the most part are the aspects I’ve listed above. It’s source is past, not present.

You know it would be much easier if you actually gave me reasons why you don’t perceive Bash as a hero, so it won’t be so hard for me to decide where to begin to explain stuff to you, that you may missed, because I don’t really have time to analyze the whole Bash’s arc and point why it is synchronized with the one the hero has. But I’ll try to summarize.

Bash, aside Mary is one of the few character’s in the show, that are connected with self-sacrifice. Audience is usually invited to identify with the hero. You admire the hero’s qualities and want to be like him or her, but the hero also has flaws. Weaknesses, quirks, and vices make a hero more appealing. In the latest episode Bash was shown in extremely sympathetic light, so even if I still was on a fence, who is he in this story, “Consummation” kinda solidified it for me. Stories invite the audience to experience an adventure through the hero’s eyes, so the author generally strives to establish a strong bond of sympathy or common interest. 

Hero is born under the unusual circumstances. They are marked by these circumstances as different. Bash is the royal bastard by the Kings’s beloved mistress and he’s king’s favorite son. His mother was a pagan so he has connection to the two words. By many he is considered as superior in many ways then his legitimate sibling, but because of his positions stays in the shadows. This is the beginning of Act 1 of his journey, with the hero in the ordinary world, going about ordinary life, except that something isn’t quite right. What he does in the first scenes demonstrates a flaw of some kind, a lacking to be overcome.

The Call to Adventure. For Bash this stage started in 1x05 and was heavily focused in 1x06. He was presented with the problem to challenge. The Call to Adventure can come in the form of a message, letter, dream, temptation, last straw, or loss of something precious. Bash meets the Blood Priests, but at that time he’s not interested in the big picture, he doesn’t really care about the evil in the woods. He’s mission was to ensure Mary’s safety, which he did. So almost always, the hero initially balks at the call. Thus, the temporary ending of the pegan storyline in 1x06.

Sometimes the life circumstances are traumatic and Hero leaves his family or land and lives with others. Bash was betrayed by pretty much everyone and had an attempt on his life, which forces him to disappear in the woods. However, heroes always return to their land. This is the turning point, the crossing from the Ordinary World into the Special World.

Hero Must Prove Himself. In the upcoming episodes Bash will be involved with the terrors of the woods. I just read again the synopsises for the upcoming episodes and it’s not even funny, how many things point to Bash’s heroic arc: Bash encounters a confused and terrified Olivia, an escaped victim of the terrors of the woods, which causes him to enlist Nostradamus for help (1x14), Bash experiences the terrors of the woods and vows to uncover the truth behind the Darkness (1x15), Bash saves Francis from Death (1x16). The Ordinary and The Special worlds have a different feel, a different rhythm, different priorities and values, different rules. The most important function of this stage in the story is the testing of the hero to prepare him for the ordeals that lie ahead. The Special World is usually dominated by a villain or shadow who has set traps for intruders. This is a “getting to know you” phase. The hero accumulates power, learns the ropes, and prepares for the next phase. I believe episodes 1x14-1x16 represent this stage of the journey.

Supernatural Help. I don’t think I have to explain that Bash is the only one who has a connection to the “other side” in this series among the main cast. And his pagan roots helped them a couple of times already. 

The Journey. The hero is always on some type of adventure with a purpose - quest if you will. He experiences many things on this quest, among which is a descent into a kind of “hell’. In this hell he experiences a low point in his life that leaves him scarred forever with a real or psychological wound that will not heal. The hero learns from this descent into “hell” much about himself and usually matures greatly from the experience. And one thing I also noticed, is that Bash is able to exist OUTSIDE Mary’s storyline, he doesn’t need to be involved with her all the time to appear on screen, while Francis on the other hand has no storyline of his own. His always INSIDE the Mary’s storyline. That’s one of the reasons I always liked Bash more.

Mentor. Mentors provide heroes with motivation, inspiration, guidance, training, and gifts for the journey. Mentors seem inspired by divine wisdom; they are the voice of a god. They stand for the hero’s highest aspirations. The gift or help given by the mentor should be earned by learning, sacrifice, or commitment. In Bash story Diane and in some sense Nostradamus are the mentors on the first stages, but I think someone else will take out that role later. The mentor represents the bond between parent and child, teacher and student, doctor and patient, god and man. The function of the mentor is to prepare the hero to face the unknown, to accept the adventure.

Atonement with Father. Atonement means to offer payment for a wrongdoing. Very often, heroes must avenge a father or make up for the father’s evil. Now, among two sons Bash’s relationship with Henry is much more dynamic and I have some dark thoughts where it’s all heading to.

There are even more things out there, but I don’t want to write a novel, it is already long enough. But if you don’t want to see or agree what story is giving you, let’s throw something different here. The creator of Reign straight up told us that “I think he’s had to kind of live by the whims of others for a really long time, and I think the way he’s survived that and been able to kind of find strength and joy and happiness is that he’s a really heroic guy. He’s a great brother, he finds that he has some feelings toward Mary that he really tries to clamp down as much as he can, but he likes being a help to her and her protector (x)”. Her words, not mine.

Let’s also talk about symbolism. Bash is a Lion. The Lion is known as the ‘King of Beasts’. Lions are superior, strong, and naturally dominant, they are also associated with royalty. Lion represents courage, strength in overcoming difficulties, it’s the symbol of heroic nature. It’s interesting that the lion is considered by many ancient cultures to be a solar animal symbol, however it is primarily a nocturnal creature, conducting its hunting activity mostly at night. Further, the lioness is considered a lunar animal. This serves as a symbolic message of balance and sound judgment. In that the lion shares the world of both night and day, being a sort of link between two words, just like Bash is the link between Catholic Realm and Pagan Wildness.

So, yes. NOTHING points that Bash is the hero here. NOTHING AT ALL.