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So at first I just wanted to draw Gen in a waistcoat… and then I wondered ‘who is he looking at like that?’ and then of course it turns out he’s at some fancy BDSM party and he never thought he’d see Sephiroth there but lo and behold, it’s the man in the flesh, and he doesn’t look too pleased at being found out by his colleague. Or maybe Genesis sent him an invite, thinking he’d never come, and thus he’s pleasantly surprised?

The Perfect Plan

PAIRING: Reader x Steve Rogers 


WARNINGS: slight swearing and lots of fluff and a frustrated Steve! 

Request from Anon: Hi if you wouldn’t mind, I have an idea. Tony hosts some kind of fundraiser ball or formal event, and the reader is kinda like date but platonically, and Steve gets really jealous bc he thinks reader and Tony are together? But then they have a cute dance and get close at the after party? If you want to make it fluffy or smutty it’s up to you. Btw your work is amazing it’s honestly my favourite x

This was such a cute request, I leaned more to the fluffy side as it’s been too hot today for my brain to try and write anything smutty as that has been the last thing I’ve wanted to think/do today! (lowkey Australian weather can kiss my ass ugh) Anyway I hope you enjoy this! Also Happy Birthday Stan Lee !! 

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“(Y/N), I need your help” the sudden loud and brash voice of Tony nearly made you jump nine feet into the air. If it wasn’t for you working alongside Tony Stark for a number of years now you were sure that your heart would be beating a mile a minute. But fortunately for your nerves you had grown accustomed to Tony sudden and sometimes volatile behavior.

“What is it now Tony, please tell me there isn’t some PR mess you’ve created for me” You signed your fingers still tapped rhythmically on the keyboard.

“Nope I only make those on the last Thursdays of the month” you gave Tony a dry look over your computer screen as he flopped down on the chair opposite your desk.

“Seriously what do you want Tony?” the annoyance in your voice went unnoticed by the billionaire.

“I’m throwing a party” he shrugged.

“When aren’t you throwing a party” you rolled your eyes.

“This one is actually for a reason”

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“So, huh, you’re a doctor.”

“While I do not posses a Doctorate, I do have very thorough medical training, yes.”

“Cool. You sorta go to some dangerous places, though. How do you go about protecting yourself?”

“My hands are equipped with defibrillators; I could adjust the intensity to inflict mild muscular paralysis. I also know  Kung Fu, purely as a means of self-defense.”

In which Saitama is easily amused and Genesis is actually Baymax. o uo;

Kylo Ren x Reader headcanons

A special comeback for Anon. I hope these few thoughts will suit you.

I belive that:

Being with Kylo involves lots of drinking. Just the two of you, in your or his room, sitting on the floor, leaning your back against the bed and drinking beer generally in silence. When your coworkers ask you how does an evening with the Kylo Ren looks like and hear this, they often say it’s sad and cheap. Although, you know it’s not like that at all. Sometimes, at the end of the day, all you have the strength to do is to just be around each-other. That’s why he ended up with you. There are tons of beauiful, fancy women trying to suck him off whenever they can, but he chose you, because it feels good to simply be.

Some people on the base still don’t know how Kylo’s face looks like. Sometimes, when the two of you appear on some kind of not-formal meeting, some guys try to hit on you. As a sharp tongue, you tend to lead such kind of conversation in a mean manner. Usually they give up, but sometimes, they are trying to pick a fight. Physical fight, which is, let’s be honest, beneth you. When situations gets really annoying you just smile and say “Me? No, I will not hurt you” you nod at the direction of the young commander sitting next to you “He will.” Then, Kylo, without any sign of slightest emotion raises his hand and kills the wooer just for the sake of the lesson.

Unlike Hux, Kylo doesn’t try to hide your relations during the day. He will not kiss you in the middle of the bridge, but sure will show to whom you belong to by placing his hand on your lower back or wrapping it around your waist. Some could say that’s unprofessional, but nobody, besides Supreme Leader, will ever tell Kylo what to do. Hux tried to report that kind of behaviour to Snoke, but Supreme Leader knows your dedication ofr the First Order and belives you keep him apart from comming back to the light. He is not mistaken.

Kylo never closes his eyes completely when he kisses you. His deep brown eyes are always watching your face. Not the kiss itself, but the sight of you giving in into the kiss makes him hot and hungry.

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The Necessity of Perspective in Bad Movies

The appeal of bad movies has been, I’d say, a fairly consistent part of moviegoing culture. While the “midnight movie” in the Seventies made it more well-known, schadenfreude in the cinema has been around probably since the medium’s inception. Luis Buñuel’s 1933 documentary Land Without Bread presented openly false or exaggerated information in a Fishing With John-esque dissonance between footage and narrator. (it’s debatably the first “mockumentary”), implying a deliberately contentious relationship between filmmaker and audience. The latter have since taken up arms of their own, from the Razzies to Michael Medved’s “Golden Turkey Awards” to Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and its successors.

Watching a film with the deliberate aims of seeing something bad, whether out of genuine curiosity or mockery, is inherently a subversive act. It takes the expectations of what we want from the medium and reverses them. By extension, it’s an approach that discourages any kind of formalism beyond drinking games or common games in midnight screenings.

I don’t want to sound like the frumpy dad forcing everyone to stop playing, but I do think it’s valuable to address some specific elements of bad movies - or at least the best and most interesting. Deliberate shlock producers have steadily been trying to use the concept as something of a shield, justifying bad productions for a misunderstood conception of “irony.” I have no problem with camp or goofiness, but films that try to climb on it rarely are as fun to watch as they are to make.

One of their biggest problems, and the focus of tonight, is a lack of perspective. Too many movies really suffer from a lack of focus, intent, and position, which results in more acceptable but less exciting or specific movies. Many, if not all, of the best films all have a clear focus that galvanizes them, and without it a film often has a much harder time bridging its themes, visual style, and ethos. And while many of them lack much else, many of the best and most beloved bad movies also have a specific focus.

I once theorized that the chief appeal of the Room was less from its badness than its weirdness, although the two certainly mix extensively. It’s impossible to separate the bad technical and narrative and thematic decisions from the vision of Tommy Wiseau, which resulted in a film that looks and sounds unlike any other film in history.

It’s important to consider how singular Wiseau’s vision was, from the narrative dead-ends to the confusing references to the man’s own life clearly meant for himself alone, though he also clearly thinks they will enthrall everyone else. In other words, it’s this attitude and point of view around which the entire film rotates. The Room orbits around Wiseau, and his specific logic makes its universe work.

Of course, the man’s a huge cult icon, so let’s go with something less eternally-discussed. Troll 2 may not necessarily seem like a particularly auteurist work, but it’s power comes less from its bad troll goblin costumes than its odd ideas and themes. The movie is, improbably, a deliberate anti-vegetarian screed, presenting a meatless diet as conspiratorial and deadly. Having the climax of the film be a child eating a “double-decker bologna sandwich” to destroy Stonehenge really only exists in the mind of an auteur with no ability to translate confusing high concept ideas into anything remotely sensical.

It’s also filled with primo bad movie problems, like the lack of communication between its American cast and Italian crew that led to some truly inspired line readings. Things like specific lines seem to skirt the two, like the father’s comments about how “you don’t piss on hospitality,” or the odd interpretation of rural American life. But again, it’s a movie that can’t plausibly be faked, because it’s just so specific in its eccentricities.

Birdemic is also a movie that can’t be faked, and one that is a legitimate contender, but it’s a fundamentally weaker contender. Part of that is due to its atrocious cinematography and pacing, the kind more acceptable in amateur home movies than in anything that would reasonably be sold to the public. But despite being clearly from the mind of James Nguyen, it has little focus in its aims or ideas.

From the film, we know Nguyen is concerned about the environment, as well as other liberal or progressive causes (the man in the forest, the free promotion for Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace website, the distraught veteran). And as Wiseau loves Tennessee Williams, he adores Hitchcock. But partially due to the bird attack at the halfway point, and partially due to a total lack of coherence to any of the dialogue and audio, it’s not as endlessly fascinating. Alan Bagh as idiot protagonist Rod is strikingly incompetent, but his total lack of affect isn’t as exciting as the more hammy performances, which are only found in minor characters.

After the novelty of the animation wears off, the film just crawls to a slog. Outside of some truly brilliant moments, the bird fights are less engaging than, say, just hanging out with the family or random million dollar sales. In Nguyen’s attempt to ape mainstream films, he takes their most banal elements and makes the even less interesting - specifically, action scenes that wear out their welcome after the first scene and keep going. It’s almost the exact same runtime as the Room, but it’s not as consistent, which makes it less satisfying. But it’s still a strong example of a complete lack of self-awareness, which makes the idea of a self-aware comedy sequel less appetizing.

And it’s that idea of aping mainstream films that’s really central to not only these three, but really all bad movies: a failed ambition to be something they never could. It makes sense for filmmakers to focus on successes to follow, but in a way their failures are illuminating about the successes, not just in what they do right but what they do wrong. When Delgo or Foodfight! tried to copy the successes of contemporary animated films, the stunt-castings and puns of Dreamworks productions had aged atrociously, and their own attempts at the same were markedly worse. And of course, it’s not as though there aren’t giant, faux-blockbuster bombs that captured the imagination, like Battlefield Earth or Heaven’s Gate, but those are usually just as focused in their ideas.

Ultimately, the importance of a great bad movie, more than anything else, is a lack of realization into its badness, and an attempt at reaching for a peak that’s always out of reach. It’s why Troll 2 is more beloved than Saturday the 14th, and why Tommy Wiseau’s stint of cameos and follow-ups is more pathetic and dispiriting than fun. And a lot of that lack of self-awareness comes into play with a specific perspective, one that otherwise would never believe in the wonderful curiosities it created.

anonymous asked:

Sansa Stark doesn't have many faces. It's called being a complex multidimensional character. She can be passive, assertive, cruel, kind, lady-like and formal, depending on the occasion.

*depending on plot-needs.

It’s called being an inconsistently written mess, my love.

“Ichigo never loves Orihime! He calls her by her last name!”

You know that its a big deal when someone does not casually call a person with their first name. It actually suggests that it DOES mean that he actually considers their relationship as something very special, and prefers to take it slow and steady. In my opinion. IchiHime has the formal kind of romance. Its a relationship filled with full of respect and innocence. When I read this page, I just thought that how big of an impact Kubo gave even with a small touch ; from last to first name basis. I really found that endearing, and that made me like Ichigo’s familial personality even more.

You and Elijah are very good friends and you really like him and appreciate his company. But there is a slight problem. Being friends for more than 11 months, almost a year, Elijah still has not completely opened up to you.

You like him a lot. Even more so, than a friend should. Elijah fancies you as well and you know that. So do all of his siblings. But what you don’t get is why? The moment there is a spark between you two, Elijah suddenly backs away from the moment and it kind of becomes formal again. Your train of thoughts is cut short when you hear footsteps towards the living room. Speak of the devil.

“Evening, (Y/N)” Elijah greets you. “Good evening”. He sits in front of you on the couch with a novel in his hands. After a few minutes of silence and building up the courage you really needed, you take a deep breath. “Elijah, we… We need to talk” you look into his eyes boldly, with determination sparkling in them.

“Is something wrong?” he furrows his eyebrows and closes his novel putting it next to him, and sits in an alert position. “You’re…. You.. You seem.. Distant. Like there is a wall around you.” he gets up and walks towards the fireplace, watching the embers crackle. “No, Elijah” You shoot up from your seat, knowing very well what he was doing. “You are not going to ignore me again and will answer my questions. Because, damn do I deserve some answers!” You say infuriated, standing in front of him.

He turned towards you slowly and notices your rapid breathing due to anger. Biting his bottom lip lightly he looks down with his orbs clouded with sadness. “Whenever we seem to get close with each other, whenever, a strong bond forms between the two of us during a conversation, you immediately back away and try to change the subject. I want to know, why? Why won’t you share your feelings with me? I mean.. Am I not good enough?” his head immediately snaps up and he shakes his head.

“No, It’s not you, the reason. It has never been you. I.. It’s-” he clenches his jaw with desperation in his eyes and tries searching for the words he needed. “It’s.. Me” he finally states.

You look at him with confusion etched upon your features. “You?” you ask in a whisper. He looks at you with defeat in his eyes. “Yes.. Me.. I- I don’t let people in. if I do, they get hurt or worse. They die. I want to keep you as far away from these fates as I can. I’d rather live without you, knowing your safe and happy rather than watch you die”. Your eyes soften with sympathy and you get closer to him, bringing your hand closer to his face searching for any reaction.

His eyes held all the pain he put himself through by not confessing. The noble original had harbored some feelings for you and it scared him, how much he loves you and the sacrifices he is willing to make for you. How he yearned to hold you in his arms and whisper sweet nothings in your ear while stroking your hair.

After testing the waters, you see no reaction and so, you start tracing his jawline lightly. His eyes close at the contact and he relaxes. “It would be a privilege to die in your arms”. You whisper in a low voice. His eyes open and he freezes looking at you in utter disbelief. “I love you Elijah, truly. I will go to the ends of the earth for you and I don’t care if I die. If I’m with you, it will all be worth it. Please just-“ You sigh in frustration.

“I’m a grown up girl ‘Lijah and I can take care of myself and you know that.” a small smile graces his features as he looks at you with conflict in eyes. After a few moments of intense debating in his head, he sighs and slowly moves towards you, almost hesitantly. He holds your chins and brushes his lips against yours and then slowly kisses you. You kiss back as well and both of you pour all of your emotions in that kiss.. “You never cease to amaze me, (Y/N) (L/N). And I love you as well, always and forever” he whispers placing his forehead against yours with a slight smirk. You too, were grinning ear to ear.

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Since a Underfell Muffet and Asgore Poly Soulmate was done, what about a UT Muffet and Asgore of the same situation?

Poly Muffygore + SOULmate S/O:

It is…such an odd arrangement, honestly. Asgore didn’t have many interactions with the Spider Monster before it all happened, & the only way Muffet got most of her intel on the king was through her little spider cohorts picking up rumors & the like from around the Underground. To actually have to meet face-to-face for extended periods of time is–actually quite civil. Muffet knows how to act in the presence of royalty, & Asgore is a naturally warm & welcoming person, so they don’t really have a problem with each other. Tea party dates are quite a common occurrence between the three of you, where they talk recipes, & even negotiate moving some of the Spider folk out of the Ruins into more comfortable living spaces. It’s a kind of formal arrangement, but hey, it works. At the very least you don’t have to worry about any problems between them, unless there’s some trouble with said Spiders.

Fake AH Crew: We Don’t Need No Education
A continuation of my Fake AH Crew AU: Orphan Brigade

After Jacks insistence that the boys needed some kind of formal education, Geoff took it upon himself to get his lads into a school (despite the boy’s complaints on the matter). Ryan forged birth certificates for the trio, all of which claimed that Geoff was the biological father. The certificates stated that the boys had different mothers to accommodate for the different skin tones and Gavin being so obviously British, this made the boys fake half-brothers. Geoff inspected the forged documents with a fond smile. As far as anyone knew, the boys were now officially his sons.

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I feel kinda sad and lonely in the studyblr community bc like…..I’m such an outcast almost??? I don’t have really anything in common with anyone. I don’t have any access to any kind of formal education, so my “studies” are just me googling stuff I’m interested in. I don’t have the energy or motivation to maintain a bullet journal…. I can barely keep my planner updated. I make to-do lists but I never get to cross anything off. I’m disorganized. I feel like I don’t belong in the studyblr community. I feel like I’m a failure and a joke.

I can’t believe I still don’t have a proper, honest to god regal and sufficiently Sith-y outfit for Radenu.

He got this comfy assassin-y work outfit that he wore throughout the entirety of KOTFE

He got this semi-formal, kind of billowy short cloaked thing that he mostly wears for cold places (and is in fact fairly restricting and therefore uncomfortable)

then he got… whatever this thing is

and then there is the Party Outfit™

I got so many outfit slots for him, and then only use like… two of them, and I’m still not satisfied.

*continues to hope that she could one day snipe one of those Zakuulan inquisitor robes off the GTN*