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Whispers of Love ♥ Message Cards ~Winter Ver.~

(from the January 2017 Otomedia. thank you to @belligerence for sharing scans and permitting me to translate!)

We’ve gotten some heartwarming, touching winter comments from these seven SHSL Mirai-hen men ♥ Who will you try to make some memories with this winter?

Love, love, everyone!

Makoto Naegi
Q: If your crush looked cold, how would you warm them up?
A: I guess I’d give them something warm to drink… I’d like to try being cool by offering them my scarf, but I’d be a little embarrassed to. I think that kind of thing would suit someone stylish like Togami-kun, but I’d rather not look weird standing on my toes… so.

Byakuya Togami
Q: What would you do if it suddenly started snowing during a date?
A: You mean, other than take out an umbrella? Were you trying to suggest I should frolic in the romantic snowfall? It’s always such a grueling ordeal to attempt to understand the thoughts of you commoners.

Yasuhiro Hagakure
Q: What kind of winter fun would you like to go out and have?
A: Worshipping at a shrine first thing in the New Year! The key is to put on a big hood and go to the biggest shrine you can find. Try to look like you’re deeeeply religious and have a very important prayer to make, and worship there for a long time, so that you build up a lot of coins that were thrown from behind you. It’s fine to go alone, but if you can get someone to go with you, that’s just more profit you’ll be making!

Juuzou Sakakura
Q: Tell us about a winter memory.
A: When we were in school, Munakata got a crapton of chocolate for Valentine’s Day. It looked like a scene ripped straight out of a manga. He tried to hand some off to me and Yukizome because he said he couldn’t eat that much, but I was on my diet at the time, and Yukizome said “You can’t just delegate people’s feelings for you like that” or whatever and refused to take any, so for once he was losing his cool… I wouldn’t say this to his face, but it was pretty funny seeing him so flustered.

Kouichi Kizakura
Q: If your crush looked cold, how would you warm them up?
A: Personally, I’d like to give ‘em a hug, but, well, you gotta respect their personal space and all that. Holding their hand to warm it up, though… That’s a romantic situation I’d like to bring about. Lemme have that much, will you? I’m an adult.

Kyousuke Munakata
Q: Who do you know that would be the best escort on a winter date?
A: Sakakura, most likely. He’s accompanied me out often enough with Yukizome as a group of three. Since he likes sweets, he’ll take us out to the popular cafes and such, and since he’s resilient against the cold, he’s taken us out to look at all the lights on display as well. He might have complained about it, but that doesn’t stop him from being casually considerate, so wouldn’t the same apply to a woman he was dating? He wouldn’t be a boring date.

Ryouta Mitarai
Q: Would you rather go out or stay in for a date on a cold winter’s day?
A: On those kinds of days, I’d really rather stay home and enjoy some anime. We could even marathon some anime that aired during the winter. That’d be fun. And after that, I think it would be romantic if we each tried to compile some anime with good art of the snow.

I kind of want a scene where the gang gets pulled over, probably for speeding/driving like an asshole, and Dee’s like “I can get us out of this” and plans to flirt with the cop and the guys laugh and expect her to embarrass herself, but it works. And Mac is impressed that it’s kind of cool, Dennis is proud of his sister manipulating, Frank’s like “that’s my girl”, and Charlie is like “…holy shit”
Then she holds it over their heads that she’s not the ugly bird they always say, and just saved their asses.

Noctluna headcanon 13

Inspired by a cool YouTuber…. Who I hope never sees this, or it might be embarrassing for her–because she seemed to be kind of shocked that she was sharing this kind of story online, of all places.

BUT when Noctis and Luna were kids–and Noctis was in Tenebrae with her–Luna had a crush on Haruka from Sailor Moon.

And sometimes when Noctis would want her to come outside and play with him and Ravus, she would say, “Just give me a second. I’ve got to make sure she’s okay,” as she watched real life car racers on the TV–pretending that Haruka was one of them.

You know? Because that was something Haruka did for fun? So basically, Luna was pretending to be Michiru. XD

In high school, I was friends with this guy I’ll call Ronald. I’ve been reluctant to tell this story, because much of the humor is kind of at his expense and I think he’s a really cool guy. I don’t think he’d mind me telling this story. 

Ronald and I had very similar interests and were nerdy in the same kinds of ways - he was just a little worse at picking up on social signals than I was. I’d had a crush on one of my classmates for months, and Ronald had no idea. When I finally started going out with this classmate (that’s another story…), we were sitting in the cafeteria holding hands for the first time. Ronald decided to come over and join us. He pulled up a chair and sat down on the other side of my date, and… held their other hand. Mimicking me, he started gently stroking it with his thumb. I guess he thought that was just the thing to do, because he started talking casually about whatever topic we’d been discussing, completely oblivious to the fact that he was interrupting my attempt at being romantic. 

My date and I had no idea how to react. We made mortified eye contact, but could think of nothing to say or do that wouldn’t make the situation even more painfully awkward.

So we just sat there, all three of us holding hands, until the lunch hour was over. 

GOM+kagami and kuroko as elderly !


a very loving grandpa! the kind of grandpa that likes to play with his grandchildren and tell them stories


probably the kind of cool grandpa but sometimes embarrasses his grandchildren XD


go grandpa XD


oh my god …


get off my lawn XDDD


eating or sleeping 24\7

Akashi (and his wife)