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studio mir owes me $10 each time i hear cronan’s evil laugh, farran falls over or rosalyn says something Cryptic  

Essays in Existentialism: Walls

I love your fics and was wondering if you’d write a smutty one where Clarke and Lexa are neighbors and have never met but the walls are super thin and they can hear each other through them

Sunday, April 4th; 12:04pm

As soon as her face hit the pillow, the noise started. Or at least that was what it felt like. It wasn’t even the normal noises of the city creeping through her window. Those things, the car horns and mufflers, the traffic and creaking brakes, the general hum of the world where she lived, those things all sang her to sleep most of the time. But this, this low hum, it was new.

“Are you kidding me?” she growled after looking at her clock and seeing that it was lunchtime. It didn’t matter. It was her only day off, and thus she was angry that any kind of sleep was taken from her.

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I really wanna see more saigenos content that explores Genos’ body issues and how humanizing it feel for him when saitama like gives him forehead kisses like he’s a treasure or holds him close and cradles him like he’s something precious?

because like, Genos clearly doesn’t care all that much of his body? He considers the loss of his arm a fair exchange for mosquito lady’s legs, is never really concerned when he gets wrecked, put his all in stopping the meteor and was just. okay with waiting until the meteor hit and he got destroyed, threw himself in front of a girl to protect her from the Sea King’s acid and was only upset that he wouldn’t be able to protect the people anymore.

I don’t think he hates his body, but he definitely considers it as a tool, a weapon to get his revenge. What would matter the most is how efficient that body is and whether it’s working or not. He probably feels very little connection to it.

And then there’d be Saitama giving his fingertips or knuckles kisses? Maybe play with his hand and talk about how cool it is? Tell him how amazing he looks when his body lights up when he enters battle mode? Show concern when his body gets destroyed and then pick him up and cradle him close while he takes him to Dr. Kuseno?

Imagine how Genos would feel. How for the first time he’d actually start to take notice of his body. That he might consider himself to be more than just a tool, because Saitama clearly thinks so and shows it.

And tbh, I can’t stop thinking about how like, Saitama is one of the few people (besides other heroes i guess) who could lift Genos up, and idk, that really gets to me because another (normal) human wouldn’t be able to, making him even more aware of how he’s a cyborg and mainly mechanical, but in Saitama’s arms he’s like anybody else

tuesday mornings

member: kang daniel
genre: fluff
summary: your terrible habit of sleeping on the subway actually lead you somewhere.
requested: yes! (finally) but this is actually based on my irl experience and horrible habit of sleeping when i commuted to school except i didn’t have a cute boy like daniel around…
a/n: it’s daniel fic week on my blog for my constantly writing a soulmate au fic soulmate’s birthday week @deepdickdaniel !!! happy birthday bitch. (also thank you @onlyjihoons for helping me with my writers block)

  • university has been cutting into your sleeping time.
  • because of all the group projects, essays, and assignments, you developed unsafe habit of sleeping on the subway, 
  • you’d often get older but really kind strangers shaking you awake, telling you it’s unsafe for someone so young to sleep on the subway alone.
  • honestly, you couldn’t help it….
  • there were many times where you missed your stop so you started to tape a sign on yourself saying “wake me up at xxx station”
  • that’s when you had a regular (?) waking you up every tuesday in the same subway cart at Your Seat™ (yes you had your own seat)

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Whispers of Love ♥ Message Cards ~Winter Ver.~

(from the January 2017 Otomedia. thank you to @belligerence for sharing scans and permitting me to translate!)

We’ve gotten some heartwarming, touching winter comments from these seven SHSL Mirai-hen men ♥ Who will you try to make some memories with this winter?

Love, love, everyone!

Makoto Naegi
Q: If your crush looked cold, how would you warm them up?
A: I guess I’d give them something warm to drink… I’d like to try being cool by offering them my scarf, but I’d be a little embarrassed to. I think that kind of thing would suit someone stylish like Togami-kun, but I’d rather not look weird standing on my toes… so.

Byakuya Togami
Q: What would you do if it suddenly started snowing during a date?
A: You mean, other than take out an umbrella? Were you trying to suggest I should frolic in the romantic snowfall? It’s always such a grueling ordeal to attempt to understand the thoughts of you commoners.

Yasuhiro Hagakure
Q: What kind of winter fun would you like to go out and have?
A: Worshipping at a shrine first thing in the New Year! The key is to put on a big hood and go to the biggest shrine you can find. Try to look like you’re deeeeply religious and have a very important prayer to make, and worship there for a long time, so that you build up a lot of coins that were thrown from behind you. It’s fine to go alone, but if you can get someone to go with you, that’s just more profit you’ll be making!

Juuzou Sakakura
Q: Tell us about a winter memory.
A: When we were in school, Munakata got a crapton of chocolate for Valentine’s Day. It looked like a scene ripped straight out of a manga. He tried to hand some off to me and Yukizome because he said he couldn’t eat that much, but I was on my diet at the time, and Yukizome said “You can’t just delegate people’s feelings for you like that” or whatever and refused to take any, so for once he was losing his cool… I wouldn’t say this to his face, but it was pretty funny seeing him so flustered.

Kouichi Kizakura
Q: If your crush looked cold, how would you warm them up?
A: Personally, I’d like to give ‘em a hug, but, well, you gotta respect their personal space and all that. Holding their hand to warm it up, though… That’s a romantic situation I’d like to bring about. Lemme have that much, will you? I’m an adult.

Kyousuke Munakata
Q: Who do you know that would be the best escort on a winter date?
A: Sakakura, most likely. He’s accompanied me out often enough with Yukizome as a group of three. Since he likes sweets, he’ll take us out to the popular cafes and such, and since he’s resilient against the cold, he’s taken us out to look at all the lights on display as well. He might have complained about it, but that doesn’t stop him from being casually considerate, so wouldn’t the same apply to a woman he was dating? He wouldn’t be a boring date.

Ryouta Mitarai
Q: Would you rather go out or stay in for a date on a cold winter’s day?
A: On those kinds of days, I’d really rather stay home and enjoy some anime. We could even marathon some anime that aired during the winter. That’d be fun. And after that, I think it would be romantic if we each tried to compile some anime with good art of the snow.

secret crush | Tom holland x famous reader

requests are open

Tom’s POV

So today I’m going on the Jimmy Kimmel show with Zendaya and being honest I’m very nervous and I don’t know what they gonna ask me. But apparently (y/n) (y/l/n) is going to be on the show as well and she is 100% my biggest woman Crush Wednesday. I just hope nothing is brought up and I don’t completely embarrass myself in front of her.

(Y/n) POV

So I’m waiting backstage at the Jimmy Kimmel show today to promote my new movie I’m kind of nervous because this is a major show I’m going on and I heard there’s a lot of other big celebrities here. I mean Tom holland and Zendaya are here and they also have a really cool movie coming out it would be cool to meet them and Toms kind of cute too so that’s a bonus.
“(Y/n) you’re on in 15 you will be doing a game with the other guests” someone calls out.

Tom’s POV

“So how excited are you for the release of this movie you must feel like you have really made something great” jimmy asked Zendaya and I.

“I mean it’s mad honestly, I feel so lucky and honoured that I’ve got to take on the role again but this time in my own movie, it’s absolutely incredible” I responded with the biggest smile.

Then Zendaya spoke up “ I couldn’t agree more it’s been incredible to make and we have had such amazing people along side us for the journey which is awesome”.

“That’s absolutely great guys from what I’ve seen of the movie it looks like the best Spider-Man movie yet. So Tom there’s some rumours going around that you have your eye someone in Hollywood care to explain” jimmy questioned.

Oh god no, I can’t say it I mean she’s literally back stage.please don’t say anything Zendaya.

I could feel myself blushing gosh this is so embarrassing, “nah there’s none just rumours you know”.

Then Zendaya started talking “don’t be embarrassed tommy you can say it not like she will find out”.

“What are you talking about” I chuckled as the crowd began chanting for me to say it.

“(Y/n) (y/l/n) you always talk about how pretty she is and how good she is in (ur fav show)” Zendaya said with pride. Oh god.

There’s no hiding, this can’t be happening.

“Oh really she’s actually backstage right now” jimmy stated, “what really oh Tom sorry” Zendaya said nervously as I sent her a little glare.

“(Y/n) (y/l/n) come on out” jimmy called.


I was sitting backstage watching Zendaya and Tom Holland currently getting interviewed by Jimmy. When they asked Tom about his celebrity crush, omg he’s blushing Aahahha this sure is gonna be interesting. That’s when Zendaya said it my name, Tom had a crush on me no way she’s got to be kidding.

That’s when I heard “(y/n) (y/l/n) come on out” oh god.

I walked out waving at the crowd, smiling towards Tom, jimmy and Zendaya god he looked so embarrassed poor guy.

I hugged Zendaya and introduced myself as Tom stood up and I pulled him into a big hug as I whispered “sorry about this, you’re too sweet though” we pulled away as I saw him blushing. I quickly gave jimmy a hug and took a seat.

“So (y/n) I’m sure you were watching the show backstage what do you think” jimmy asked.

Oh god I feel so bad for the guy but he’s a whole lot hotter than I thought gosh.

“I think it’s so sweet and definitely we will have to hang out sometime” I said sending him a wink, what can I say I’m a bit of a flirt.

toms POV

wow she is more beautiful than I thought.

20 mins later the interview and game had ended. Y/n POV

I went back, backstage as I saw Tom heading to his dressing room.

“Hey Tom wait up” I called running in my heels.

“Oh hey (y/n)” he said smiling nervously.

“If what was said out there was true I’d love to hang out sometime so here’s my number message me throw it away it’s your choice” I said handing over my number and giving him a small hug.

Let’s just say he called and I can’t wait to hang out on our date ;).


Pizza tastes best cold, a little rubbery, between 3 and 5 am. Clint’s done the research, okay, he knows.

That sounds kinda facetious, but it’s more true than looking at him’d have you believe; his food blog is all kinds of successful, racking up the awards, paying for his apartment building and the endless medical bills for his dumb dog. He’s the kind of guy who’s invited to restaurant openings, now, shambling up in a purple Henley and worn jeans, grinning lopsided and embarrassed at the press. Somehow, he’s ended up friends with Tony Stark, who couldn’t stop laughing when Clint’d compared some up-and-comer’s escargot to ‘bronchitis backwash’ and kept inviting him over to insult craft beers.

So pizza maybe isn’t exactly what he’s known for, but pizza’s what he knows best. Cold, rubbery, 3-5am and, inconveniently, a 24 hour cooling off period for optimal rubberisation.

Now night pizza, it ain’t exactly a culinary wonderland. Tends to the dregs and the good-enough-for-drunks, poorly presented and with a focus on the smell. Clint has been lured by skilful wafting too many times to be anything other than wary when he walks past the new place on 9th, takes in a lungful of basil and garlic and cooked meat and melted cheese.

It’s the pizza sweet spot, 3.45 with the night shaking out its feathers and settling in all warm and close, clouds holding in the last of the fall’s remaining heat. The air in his apartment had felt a little too thick for breathing, but out here it’s fine and beautifully fragrant, and he’s heading through the door before he even takes note of the name.

There’s a note taped to the counter - 'display cases are for assholes, good food is worth the wait’. Clint’s, frankly, a little in love, even before the beer-cap bead curtain clatters and the most beautiful man to ever scowl like he wants to kill him steps through.

#64: “You’re so beautiful.”  -Aleister Black.

Thank you to the lovely @racheo91 for this request! I hope you like it, love!

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AN: This is over 2k words. I got the idea for this drabble in a dream I had last night. Not all of it, but part of it. I hope it makes sense. Enjoy!

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Daily reminder that you're one cool cat.

“Daily reminder that you’re one cool cat,” Stiles says, sitting next to Derek in the middle of the library. 

Derek looks around, confused. The last time he checked, no one had ever referred to Derek as cool, let alone a cat (he wants to laugh at the irony) and the last time he double checked (yes he’s aware he’s pathetic, Laura, shut up) Stiles Stilinski, star athlete in both lacrosse and all you can eat curly fry competitions, did not know his name. 

“Um,” he says, because what else are you supposed to say when someone like Stiles Stilinski sits down next to you in class? Derek isn’t too sure whether to blush or move away but his body quickly decides for him and he scowls, trying to hide the redness of his cheeks behind his book. His blush deepens, realising the book isn’t even part of the school curriculum - something Stiles will certainly know - but one from home: The Roman Invasion of Ancient Greece. 

Derek should probably be relieved it isn’t his worn out copy of The Iliad with the semi homo-erotic cover Erica jokingly gave him for his birthday last year. Small mercies, he supposes.     

Stiles grins. “I like it when you blush like that,” he says, boldly. “It’s adorable. Like, really adorable.” He laughs, then frowns, probably at the wary expression on Derek’s face. “Shit, I’m making you uncomfortable.” He looks genuinely concerned all of a sudden, brows knitting together, and Derek has to fight the onslaught of confused butterflies currently dizzying themselves in his stomach. 

“Um,” he says again, blinking. “No?”

No, as in…please leave? Or no, as in…” Stiles winces, holding up his hands. “Neither option is good here, is it.” He sighs, swinging his  chair back. “I read that line in a book once. The cool cat thing. It was really effective, worked out well.” He scratches the back of his head, mumbling something that sounds like so much for practising in the mirror. “I don’t know why I thought it was going to work on you.” 

Derek bites his lip, looking at the clock. He has exactly fifteen minutes before class begins. He’s not sure why that’s important, of all things, but it gives him a second to breathe, to think. He feels like he’s in a romantic comedy; he’s just not sure if he’s supposed to be the unlucky-in-love main character, or the unfortunate, cringe worthy side sick.

Derek knows Stiles is an asshole but he’s also seen how he goes toe to toe with Jackson Whittemore when he’s being a bully. Derek prays Stiles lives up to his reputation. 

“Neither do I,” he whispers, after a moment. “History geeks like me don’t tend to like when people mock them with words like cool.” 

Stiles frowns again, jerking round in his seat so fast it makes Derek jump. “Who said I was mocking you?”

“I didn’t say you were.”

“Yes you did.”

“Let’s just say it’s happened before,” Derek sighs, closing his eyes. “Come on, Stiles, you’ve never even talked to me before today. You either want something, like to copy my homework, or this is about to be some kind of embarrassing practical joke.” Derek’s heart sinks at the dawning realisation this just might be some kind of joke - why else would Stiles talk to him? - but the confused look on Stiles’ face offers him a little hope. 

“Okay, one, I resent the homework comment, man. Not all jocks are dumb, you know. You’d want me on your team during a Zombie apocalypse. Fact.”

Derek flushes. “Sorry, I didn’t mean-”

Stiles shakes his head. “It’s fine.” He chews on his lip. It’s awfully distracting and Derek tries not to stare. If this is a joke, he doesn’t want to make things worse for himself by revealing things he’s done a pretty good job up until now keeping hidden, even from Boyd and Erica. 

Eventually, Stiles stops chewing. 

“You’re right,” he says. “I do want something.” Derek does his best to hide his disappointment. “I want to go out with you.”

Derek can’t help it, he laughs. “What?”

“You, me. A date.” Stiles shoots him finger guns, offering him a lopsided smile. It’s ridiculous and perfect and Derek can’t look away. He’d even go as far as to say literally. “And you’re wrong. I have talked to you before. Pre-school. I offered you some mud. You rejected it.”

Derek thinks back, raises an eyebrow. “It had worms in it. And how is here, Derek, hold this piece of dirt, talking to me?”

“I thought mud castles were romantic!” Stiles throws his hands in the air, flushing a little, nearly causing both himself and the chair to go flying. “I was crushed when you turned me down, dude. You broke my little heart. I thought I’d never love again!”

Derek’s eyes widen. “Love?”

Stiles rolls his eyes. “What. You telling me you never liked someone so much as a kid you were convinced you’d one day marry them?”

Derek shakes his head, then, feeling daring, reaches out to take Stiles’ hand. He’d feel smug about how sweaty Stiles’ palm is, if he wasn’t so aware his heart is about to beat right out of his chest. 

“Maybe not convinced, exactly. More like…fantasised?” He lowers his gaze, shy, hoping Stiles doesn’t manage to infer fantasised actually means Derek has a wedding album stashed under his bed with cut out pictures of men in tuxes who look suspiciously like him. One cut out in particular has moles, lots of them, and Derek feels his cheeks redden further when he thinks about how many nights he’s spent looking at that page, specifically. 

Stiles grins before standing up, reminding Derek less of a star athlete and more of a skittish deer, eyes wide. Derek bites the inside of his cheek. 

“Wait, did this actually work?” he asks. “Did you just agree to go out with me?”

Derek looks out into the hallway. No one is there with cameras or phones. No one appears to be listening in. “This…really isn’t a joke?”

Stiles shakes his head, serious, crossing his heart. “Yoda’s honour.” 

Derek smiles, snorting. “Okay then,” he whispers, shrugging, not too sure why he’s trying to act cool now since he’s still partially clutching his book, fingers trapped between the pages, afraid of losing his place. He really should invest in more bookmarks, especially since Erica keeps stealing his. 

Great.” Stiles fist pumps the air, kisses Derek’s hand like this is a Jane Austen novel and not an American high school, and winks. “I am going to woo you so hard, Derek Hale. I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was five. I have plans. I have milkshake recipes and graphs! Top ten best dates, courtesy of the eighties!”

Derek has no idea what he’s talking about, watching as Stiles runs from the room. He ducks his head, pretty sure he’s not going to be able to stop grinning for the rest of the week as he hears the words, Scott, he said YES!!! ring down the hallway. 

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This is probably going to sound a little odd but can I have headcannons on how Tsukishima, Kuroo, Lev, Tendou, and other tall people react if their s/o having a playful yet strong father who could lift the tall boys up and hold them over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes?

Sorry for being inactive! (I’ve been sick but I’m feeling better now) This is a very specific request and I love it.


  • “Why is this strange man touching me?”
  • Terrified for his life.
  • Prays that this doesn’t get him killed.
  • Over exaggerates when really nothing is wrong.
  • Your dad starts picking on Tsuki every time he comes over bc he thinks it’s fun to annoy your boyfriend.


  • Surprisingly impressed.
  • “Whoa (Y/n), your dad is really strong!”
  • Starts to have a regular conversation with your dad while he is carrying your boyfriend around the house.
  • You feel utterly embarrassed like why is this man your dad and why are you dating a nut?
  • Lev always wants to come over now and hang out with your dad. Refers to your dad as “Muscles.”


  • “Old man, you’re really strong!”
  • Thinks the situation is funny and challenges your dad to arm wrestle.
  • Loses every single time.
  • Asks lots of questions like does he drink pre workout, what kind of exercises he does, and what kind of diet he eats.
  • Hopes to someday be as strong as your dad and now looks up to him like he was his own dad!


  • “Oh, so cool!”
  • Asks how your dad got so strong.
  • Wonders if your dad is a professional wrestler.
  • Does reverse psychology on your dad to get him to pick you up instead.
  • You glare at Tendou as your dad picks you up and spins you around. “Tendou, I’m gonna kill you!” (Not really though bc he’s miracle-boy Satori)

Thanks for requesting!

BTS REACTION TO: you calling them daddy


Jin would be shocked at first, but something about it just really makes him horny, his eyes become darker and lust filled and he suddenly pushes you in the direction of the bedroom. “You.Me.Bed.Now.”

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He would play it really cool and show no emotions on the outside even if he was a little surprised about it and he found it really hot. He wouldn’t say a word about it at the moment because he saw that you were kind of embarrassed about it. Nevertheless he is still the kind of boyfriend who will smirk and tease you to death once alone with you. “How did you call me before?”

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Hoseok is one who will be shoked and not saying a word back, he is too embarrassed about it and just doesn’t know what to say or do. He will calm down and shyly smile once you tell him that it wasn’t your intention to call him that. “It’s okay jagiya!” After some days he still thinks about it and imagines what would have happened if he reacted in another way.

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Namjoon secretly dreamt that you would call him daddy. Even if this time it was only a mistake he was still turned on by it. You say sorry embarrassed but he just smiled at you brightly. He came and pulled you closer with a strong grip on your waist. “Please say it again.”

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Jimin is the dirty minded boyfriend, the one who looks pretty cute and innocent but is truly nasty on the inside. Once heard you calling him daddy, he will snap his head back at you looking at you with a smirk printed on his face while licking his lips. “What was that?”

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He would smile his world-known cute boxy smile while looking at you. Taehyung finds your mistake and your reaction to it really cute and that’s why he begins to laugh amused while you are hiding your shy and embarrassed face with your hands. He will come to you and uncover your face giving you a kiss on your cheek. Suddenly his expression changes and he looks at you with hooded eyes, his voice deep “I prefer oppa though.” Your face now red while he laughed at you again.

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Jungkook is Jungshook. He never imagined to hear something like this from you and because of that he doesn’t know what to say. He decides to leave your words uncommented acting as if you never said it, saving you from embarrassing explanations. Jungkook lifts you up putting you over his shoulder, holding you in place with a hand over your ass. “Let’s go get some ice cream.”

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NOTE: You can ask me to write every scenario or reaction you want, with or without details. You can even request fanfics of every genre.

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I saw the Mar'i Grayson post and thought it was perfect. But what do you think everyone's reactions would be if a teenaged (15-16) year old Mar'i came back in time? Like she's an almost exact copy of her dad but has plenty of her moms traits. Extremely well trained, multiple lingual, super intelligent. Just how do you think they handle her. (And she super causally calls everyone aunt or uncle.) thanks!

-Dick would be in total dad mode: he can tell her dad jokes and she can actually understand him because babies don’t really understand human speech yet, he can teach her acrobatic tricks because Kori said he couldn’t teach a baby how to do flips. Except Mar'i has already dealt with Dick for most of her life up until that point so she already knows all of his dad jokes and his tricks, so he’s kind of disappointed but also a Proud Dad. He’s also in awe because “Wow you look so grown up and you look like me, which is kind of weird but isn’t because I’m your dad, but you’re not a little chubby baby anymore and that’s also weird” and Mar'i is just like “Oh my god dad, please just stop”

-Everyone else is a bit freaked out because she just kind of showed up out of nowhere??? And that’s not normal???
But they’re super curious about what they’re like in the future (even if it is only like 14 or so years ahead)

-Mar'i kind of just pokes their faces a lot because “Wow Dad, you look so young. I mean you look fine in the future but you’re just not old.” “Excuse me? I’m only like… In my late 30s, early 40s in fifteen years. That’s not that old.”

-Mar'i will tell them stories of the adventures she’s had with each of the and everyone has sort of a “this is cool but doesn’t this screw up all principle rules of time” kind of attitude

-She’s super excited to meet everyone again but when they’re a bit younger. She always just stares at them doing normal things and will just go “…weird…” For example, Tim sitting at the kitchen table eating some pancakes, to which he’s kind of like “Do I have some debilitating issue in the future that makes me unable to eat food? Because I’m kind of worried.”

-Basically everyone is in awed surprise because it’s really weird seeing Mar'i grown up and for Mar'i it’s weird to see everyone younger than how she remembers. But it’s also really cool because they can all talk about things that haven’t even happened but sound really fun and exciting

i had to go to sleep yesterday lol but like… seriously tough, kalloxgil

  • after their big fight if ryder sides with gil their bickering stops for a while and he starts to casually find reasons to go up to the bridge until one day he kind of sits around and asks kallo about one technical detail of the tempest’s design. kallo assumes he wants to change it and he wants to get defensive but in respect to ryder’s position he just SIGHS super tired and tells gil to just do as he likes. 
  • but then gil is like “uh no, i was just wondering how you guys came up with that” and kallo goes “…oh” and he starts to explain it in very practical terms but gil really gets interested and keeps asking stuff so he just gets INTO IT and he starts telling stories about who had the idea, how everyone thought it was silly at first, that one time they tried to do it but it totally failed etc. 
  • and gil is kind of into how excited he gets? like he’s not sure why but his face totally lighted up and it was funny and kind of cute. so he starts asking stuff more often, and via intercom too so they go back to talking regularly and of course after a while the bickering comes back
  • and then one night gil is just working on the tempest and thinking about improvements and he comes up with a GREAT IDEA and he just calls kallo in the intercom without really thinking and kallo answers it like “what the hell is happening it’s 3am” and gil “oops that’s right, nevermind” but kallo asks him to show the idea anyway and they end up working on it in ungodly hours because that’s when most of gil’s good ideas come up
  • and kallo thinks it’s weird as hell but he starts to understand a bit more of how gil thinks and how he functions and it’s funny to him because as a salarian he can work on these times and just sleep for like two hours and be totally up for anything in the next morning, but gil is just kind of off until he takes his first sip of coffee and THEN he’s fine, and one day kallo tells him he must be a little bit salarian somewhere and gil goes “thanks” and then he stops “…wait was that a compliment or not” and kallo just laughs
  • and their bickering becomes more lighthearted and suvi notices it and one day she innocently comments on it: “aw look at you two bickering like an old married couple again!” and they both FREEZE and get kind of flustered and weird and they just go “ok i guess it’s time to hang up” and they do and suvi just looks at kallo like “wait a second i was just kidding what was THAT?????????” and kallo tries to tell her it’s nothing and he changes the topic but of course she immediately Gets It
  • one day when they stop at the nexus they’re talking about something tempest-related and materials they need to buy and gil says “ok i’ll get it i’m just going to get my poker on first” and kallo asks “what’s that” and gil is SHOCKED that he doesn’t knows it and kallo tells him he doesn’t usually gets out of the tempest when they dock and gil just says “ok but for THIS you need to”
  • and he brings kallo along to teach him how to play and of course kallo catches the rules super quickly but he’s kind of a bad player because he gets super into it and starts making huge bets and risky plays and gil tries to tone it down a bit but he’s mostly impressed by how intense he gets? and one day they end up playing against some very serious batarian players and they assume a salarian is going to play it safe but kallo just bets EVERYTHING and they’re all shocked 
  • and they lose it and when they go back to the tempest the crew asks them if they got anything and kallo is just like “i don’t want to talk about it” but gil goes “what are you talking about it was AWESOME!!!” and kallo goes “but we lost” and he just answers “who cares?? it was AMAZING everyone was the edge of their seats” and kallo blushes and smiles and goes “…yeah it was kind of fun” and gil just decides to take him to play it everytime they’re on the nexus
  • when they do Get Together gil tries to play it cool for everyone else and kallo is just genuinely casual about it and sometimes gil tries to make a comment to get him embarrassed and at first it works but the next time kallo just rolls his eyes and smiles and answers it very directly and then gil gets kind of flustered
  • one day suvi goes to engineering to talk to gil and asks him about his relationship with kallo and he just makes a few light jokes about it like “yeah turns out we did have some steam to blow off” and suvi laughs with him for a while and then at the end she gets very serious and just goes “by the way i want you to remember i have access to the airlock and i know where you sleep” and gil laughs but she just keeps staring at him and he goes “…ok”
  • and ryder finds out about by catching them in a Compromising Position and kallo is SUPER EMBARRASSED and he just tries to tell ryder that this is in no way going to affect their jobs and that the tempest is still the main priority and if ryder wants they’ll stop IMMEDIATELY and gil is just like “…well you did told us to sort it out”. and ryder just facepalms and thinks about their life and choices and goes “…i guess i did”

thirtysixsavefiles  asked:

11 with that sweet sweet rhysothy please :O

sweet sweet rhysothy is goddamn right.

college au, with rhys and tim both being embarrassing bc they’re gay like that.

(for this prompt meme)

The first time they kiss, it’s at one of Fiona’s parties, and it goes great, all two seconds of it, until Rhys has to turn away and throw up. Thankfully, he misses Tim’s shoes. Fiona’s poor houseplant isn’t quite as lucky.

They don’t see each other for a few weeks after that, but mostly because Rhys avoids any place Tim might be like the plague.

Not that he has a bad habit of running away from his problems or anything.

It doesn’t help that Tim has an identical twin who’s everywhere on campus, so Rhys ends up forced to go to the terrible cafe next to the old sports building instead of the campus Starbucks, just to avoid both twins, just in case. The coffee’s terrible there, but neither twin ever goes near the area, so he sucks it up, and endures his shitty caffeine fix. It’s like penance, for being drunk when kissing cute guys or something. That’s what he tells himself, anyway.

Three weeks later though, because Rhys has the worst fucking luck ever, he turns a corner to get to the shitty cafe, and Tim’s right there, looking at him with wide, surprised eyes.

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sssssssim  asked:

Hey, Sheriff! What's the most embarrassing thing you remember Stiles doing?

Sheriff: When he was in eighth grade, he insisted on shaving his hair into this horrible mohawk- for months. He looked ridiculous. He didn’t even have much hair, so, it was kind of the most pathetic mohawk you’d ever seen. But he loved it for some reason, I don’t know. Guess he thought it was cool. He may have been going through some kind of ‘emo phase’? Is that what you call it?

anonymous asked:

How would the UT/UF main 6 react to an s/o who comes from a universe where undertale is a game and they love the game, and the s/o is coming clean on their knowledge about it, explaining that they knew them before they met. (I'm trying to throw in a unique ask, is this one good?)

very good! (also only doing ut) - m.m.


huh. Well, that’s a little weird. Guess you two were just bone to be together, then. He doesn’t really react to it all that much, just winks & shrugs it off.


So, that can only mean–you’re a fan of his?? Wowie!! He never thought he’d get to meet a Real Life fan!!! & to think, if only he’d known sooner!! He probably wouldn’t have been able to do anything, being a video-game character, but still!!!


That’s freaky. It makes her really uncomfortable–maybe you should just change the subject. This is something that’ll start keeping her up at night if she thinks about it too much.


Ohmygod. Ohmygod, so you know everything about her. Every one of her embarrassing moments, all of her darkest secrets–but this kind of makes her like her own personal Mew Mew, right? That’s…kind of neat!! Really weird, but, also…cool. Ish.


She has no idea what you’re talking about. Once you show her the game, though, it’s very obvious that it makes her kind of uncomfortable. She immediately drags you away to go do something else, & just keeps changing the subject when you try to bring it up.


Oh!! At first, he thinks that sounds fun. Like a fan-made game, featuring him. After he actually sees it, though, he’s…very quiet, kind of reserved. He doesn’t like it much, & thinks you should play other games for a while.

humantrampoline85  asked:

Piggy back rides

Daisy’s laughter fills the house, bright and open, a sound that never fails to lift Eggsy’s spirits. She never even looks up as Harry strides past, Daisy riding high on his back. She just smacks Harry on the top of his head. “Faster!" 

Eggsy bites his lip. He knows he ought to put a stop to it soon, but instead he just stands there on the stairs, on the third step from the bottom to be exact, right where he was when he first saw what they were doing. And he watches Harry give Daisy the piggyback ride of her life. 

It always fills him with pleased pride to see two of the people he loves most enjoying themselves. His mum isn’t here today – she’s working late at her new job – but that’s probably for the best. She definitely would not approve of what’s going on. 

Daisy, on the other hand, is perfectly delighted to be ferried in circles around the living room. Harry seems quite content in his designated role as human horsie, smiling fondly at Eggsy as he makes another circuit around the couch. 

As they approach, Daisy looks up. "Eggsy!” She taps at Harry’s head again. “Stop! Whoa!" 

Ever the obliging gentleman, Harry stops. 

"It’s Eggsy’s turn!” Daisy cries.

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Believe It or Not. Part 2.

Here’s part two of my Stiles Stilinski imagine series(:

(Based off 1x02 “Second Chance at First Line”)
I had nothing better to do, so I sat on the bleachers trying to do some homework while the boys were at practice. My practice starts when theirs ends, so I figured I would just sit here. They were doing a bunch of weird drills that I don’t understand, and then I noticed Scott was leaned over and it looked like he was breathing really hard. Stiles was bent over next to him saying something to him, of course this far away I couldn’t make out what he was saying. I shut my textbook and stood up trying to get a better view of the scene, that’s when Stiles and Scott ran off the field and back towards to school. I decided to follow.

I couldn’t find them anywhere, the last place I could think of was the boys locker room but it’s not really like I can check in there, and I had practice anyway so I was really needing to get back to the field, I’ll just ask Scott about it later.
- - -
I walked through the front door only to be greeting by my mother going the other direction.

“Good luck tonight.” She said frustratedly.

“What? With what?”

“Scott’s in a bad mood, I don’t know if it’s a bad mood really I think he just needs to sleep but he wasn’t particularly the nice son just now.”

“I’ll talk to him a little bit, see if something’s up.” I reassured her grabbing her shoulder as she continued to walk out the door.

She gave me a smile smile before leaving completely.
I walked up the stairs to head to my room first, I really needed to take a shower. The first game is on Saturday and we have barely got one routine down. Im really excited though, despite being sore. Something will be really cool cheering for Scott while he plays first line.

I finished in the shower and got dressed in some sweat pants, I walked to Scott’s room only to fine he wasn’t there. Weird. I just ignored it an decided to get some sleep before school tomorrow.
- - -
Later that day in our math class, our teacher assigned Scott and Lydia up to the board to solve equations. Despite being dumb, she was actually solving hers rather quickly. Scott wasn’t solving his at all, which I blame Lydia for. I couldn’t hear anything but was definitely bothering him about something and he looked really annoyed.

“Mr. McCall, you’re not even close to solving your problem.”
- - -
I walked through the hallway during passing period only to see Lydia introducing Allison I practically every player on the team, poor Scott.

Speaking of, I see him watching the same thing I am a little ways down the hall. I go to approach him but he walks right past me straight towards Lydia and Allison, and he looked pissed. So I stand where I am and watch.

After Lydia left, his conversation with Allison sort of looked like a disaster. She just left him in the middle of the hallway. I would’ve helped but there was nothing really I could do. That’s when the bell rang and I yelled, “Scott.” Too grab his attention, but again he walked past me and out the front doors of the school. But it’s fine, I love being ignored.

I sat down next to Stiles in my next class and figured he might be the only way I know what’s going on with my brother.

“Hey.” I start.

“Hey!” He smiled back at me.

“Can I ask you something, it’s about Scott.”

Maybe im just imaging things, but it looked as if he stopped breathing.

“Uh- yeah, yeah sure, I guess.”
That was weird.

“Okayyyyy, well is he okay? Is it just stuff with Allison or-”

“yes. YES! That’s exactly what it is. Allison, everything wrong with Scott has to do with Allison.”

He cut me off very abruptly. Very confused I turned my attention to the boring history lesson I front of me, he was totally lying, but I guess I can handle it for now.
- - -
I stopped by the hospital during lunch to bring mom some coffee, she doesn’t like us to worry but I think she’s been pretty stressed lately so I thought I’d surprise her, make her smile.

“Hi Julie, is my mom available right now?”

I asked the woman sitting behind the front desk.

“You’re so sweet y/n, I’ll go let her know you’re here.”

“Thank you!” I propped my arm up on the counter and faced the other direction only to see Stiles sitting around the corner from Lydia, who was probably here with Jackson about his shoulder.

Stiles pretended to be reading a magazine whilst actually staring at her, which is how I witnessed probably the most embarrassing situation I’ve ever seen Stiles caught in.

“Hey, Lydia. You probably don’t remember me. Um, I sit behind you in Biology. Uh, anyway, I always thought that we just had this kind of connection. Unspoken, of course. Maybe it’d be kind of cool to, get to know each other a little better.”

“Hold on, give me a second. Yeah, I didn’t get any of what you just said. Is it worth repeating?”

I literally wanted to walk over there and slap her so bad for being so rude to him, he deserved so much better.

“ No. Sorry. I’ll just sit. You don’t care.”

After that Jackson came out and all her attention was focused on him, so I walked over and sat down next to Stiles.

“What’re you doing here?” I asked looking at him as he looked down at his hands in his lap. He looked up at me then,

“Nothing. Why are you here?”

I held up the coffee in my hand, “thought my mom could use some caffeine.”

He laughed, he looked so happy and almost childish when he laughed. I loved it. The moment was ruined by his phone singing in his pocket. He read it quickly and his facial expression made it seem urgent.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, fine,” he stood up and faced me, “look I gotta go.”

He started to walk away but before he got too far I shouted, “Bye Stiles!”

“Bye Lydia!” He shouted back, “I mean, y/n.”
I couldn’t really be mad or hurt, but I gotta say that really sucked. Nothing better than talking to your crush only to realize he wanted to be talking to someone else the entire time. Oh well, im here for my mom anyways, not him.
- - -
I came home that night after practice at around 6:30, mom had the night shift again so I knew I was making dinner for Scott and I. I decided ordering pizza was a good idea, so I called in the order.

“Scott?” I called throughout the house once I hung up on the pizza place, “Scott you home?”

The silence that followed after what I said answered my question for me. Of course he’s not home, he’s got the lacrosse game! And so do I. Although to don’t know why he’d be there already, it starts at 8.

I called him, and then Stiles. No answer from either. I ate my pizza by myself and then changed into my uniform.

I admired myself in the mirror a little bit, I really did look good in maroon. I tied my straight hair up into a pony tail, and headed towards to lacrosse field.

When I got there, there were a lot of people. Which I guess is to be expected for the first game of the season. I spotted Allison and Lydia making their way to a seat on the bleachers with an old man, I assumed he was Allison’s dad since he obviously wasn’t Lydia’s.

I then glanced around the rest of the field, I then saw Scott and Stiles sitting on the bleachers secretly discussing something, and I didn’t really feel like getting blown off again so I decided I would talk to them later, even though I really wanted to wish my brother… And Stiles good luck, it would have to wait.

I saw my squad across the field individually stretching and preparing and started to walk towards them only to be cut off by Stiles himself.

“Hey Stiles, are you ready for the game?” I asked nonchalantly.

“I mean, not really, but I don’t really have to be. It’s not like im gonna play anyway.”

“That’s the spirit!” I said sarcastic making him laugh. Then we just kinda stood there awkwardly for a few seconds before he spoke again.

“Actually y/n, I wanted to apologize.”

“Stiles you didn’t do anything, apologize for what?”

“Calling you Lydia, earlier. I don’t really-”

I cut him off not really wanting to talk about this at the moment, “it’s totally fine, you were just in a conversation with her before me. It’s not a big deal, you don’t need to apologize.” I gave him a weak smile and tried to walk away but his arm caught mine.

“I do need to though.”

We just stared at each for a little bit before he finally let go. Without saying anything I continued walking to join my squad in the grass by the bleachers.

*she didn’t know, but Stiles watched her walk away, sadly. He really did feel bad, and he really needed to apologize. Although he didn’t quite understand it himself, he never wants to hurt her. And with everything with Scott he’s been kind of shitty to her lately, they both have. But he shrugged it off for now, he had Scott to worry about for the time being.
- - -
The game was going good, we were winning already. Scott was doing great! I’ve never seen him play this good, or, at all honestly.
Also cheering was going great, I didn’t forget a single step of any routine, I was good at this, and I liked that.

Although the more closely I watched, the more Scott looked really angry, nobody was passing to him and I didn’t understand why. But he started to play more aggressively. He didn’t wait for the lacrosse ball to be passed to him, he just took it. I looked over to Stiles sitting on the bench and he was chewing on his glove, watching Scott’s every move. Something more was definitely going on. I moved my attention back to Scott on the field, but he wasn’t even paying attention. I followed his gaze up to the bleachers were Allison was assisting Lydia in holding a sign that read out, ‘go Jackson.’
That’s gotta be rough.

Once the game was over I ran on the field to greet Scott but he was nowhere to be found, instead I ran into Allison.

“Hey, did you see where your brother went?” She asked.

“No clue, I was looking him myself. Sorry I could be much help.”

She just smiled and waved, I decided if I couldn’t find Scott I would look for Stiles. I spotted him not too far from. I started to walk to him but not even two steps later he took off running towards the school not far behind Allison. It’s whatever though.

I guess I’ll just go home and congratulate Scott when he decides to show up.

*please feel free to send me a message to let me know how I’m or if you have any suggestions. Or just to say hi(:*