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Omg your altean!lance pic reminded me of this post someone made where you can see in a flashback most alteans have dark blue/purple hair and they were like "if your altean!lances hair isnt white might i suggest blue instead of human brown" - what do you think?

hes really cute in blue,,, damn

ok heres a tldr abt how i feel abt twintelle

i like her but i dont like how the fandom is treating her (as all fandoms do with dark skinned characters) which is “mmmm crush me!!! step on me uwu beat me up!!!!!” + the sexualization and whitewashing of her really gets on my nerves.

im also really annoyed that you guys think “theres only a few whitewashed pictures dont grasp for straws” is some kind of checkmate reply and you apparently dont see the problem that they exist at all? lmao

coming from a black person im just really tired of seeing black characters be portrayed as both sexual and aggressive when no other character is treated like that in the fandom? its just pretty gross!!!!! and you cant defend the aggression part with “its a fighting game!” because i havent seen these “step on me ughhh crush me” reactions with anyone in ARMS but twintelle!

anyway, thats all, im just pissed, and personally id love input from other (nonwhite) people about this, thanks, thats all, pack up folks, shows over, leave

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help i really wanna watch the leaked trailer but im too afraid and cant bring myself to watch it

ooh i feel you, i’m not the kind of person who can Stop Myself so i watched it instantly but let me tell you it’s pretty damn painful and i have a lot of feelings. i would watch it if you’re ready to see a Very Dark trailer but it’s definitely gotten me, someone who was previously really critical of everything surrounding infinity war, to be super fucking pumped for it

Movie night with pack. After that you are so scared and you cant fall asleep so you spend whole night laying on couch with Isaac...

Author: Verr

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  866

Warnings: none, i think :)

Its my first oneshot and i wrote it when i was bored.. so peace with everyone :)

P.S.: pack=scott, stiles,lydia, alison, isaac and aiden

“Welcome Y/N.” said Lydia when you came to her house by the lake. You were with them friend for a long time and you will have this weekend birthday so some ideas ends by movie night and weekend in Lydia´s lake house.

“So… get dress up to pyjamas and come back here, we are waiting.” she smiled at you and you went upstairs. You had dark-purple big shirt and bottoms was white with black polka dots. You let youir hair fall on back in big loose waves.

“Heeeey!” yelled everyone in the room and their sight end up on your pyjamas.

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5sos preference;He has a nightmare (Requested)

5sos preference;He has a nightmare (Requested)

“Y/N."You heard a raspy voice say while poking your arm.
"Y/N are you still there?"You heard the same voice say again.
"Ash?"You said still in a state of sleep.
"What are you doing up at 3 in the morning?"You asked looking at the clock.
When you looked back at Ashton you saw he had dried tears on his face and his hair was a mess.
"Ash?What happened!Whats the matter?Are you-”
He shut you up by grabbing you in his arms holding you close.
“Just a nightmare is all."He said with his eyes closed just holding you tight making sure you weren’t going anywhere.
"Wanna talk about it?"You asked.
He nodded.
"You left.I left for tour then came back and you weren’t here."He said his voice thick with tears.
"Ashton I will never leave you..How could I with you holding me so tight."You joked.
"Well you ma lady worry to much."He replied laughing.

You woke up to the right side freezing cold with no Michael in sight.You heard noises downstairs.Nervously even though you knew it was Michael you made your way downstairs.
"Mike?"You whispered into the dark.
"Right here babe!"He called from the kitchen.
You walked in just to see him at the table eating all kinds of food with just the pale kitchen light on.
"Mr.Clifford.What are you doing up at this hour of the morning?"You asked sternly.
"Um hungry?"He said more as a question.
“No.Nightmare."He mumbled the last part.
"Huh?Cant hear ya.”
“God damnit Y/N!A nightmare!”
“Awe that’s not very punk rock of you!"You joked.
"Haha very funny."He said sarcastically.
"So what was this nightmare about?"You asked sitting down..
For the rest of the night you two talked and ate all the food he had out.

"Ouch."You mumbled when you felt a sharp blow to your leg.
Another came after that with a scream and Calum bolting up over ed in sweat.
"Cal?"You questioned sitting up.
"Y/N."He said as he was gasping for air but he also sounded relived that you were still there.
"Nightmare?"You questioned looking at him sympathetically.
"Yes."He said in a child-like voice.
"Want to talk about it?”
He shook his head no and made a disgusted face like just thinking about it was repulsing.
“Cuddle?"He questioned with puppy dog eyes and his lip out.
You didn’t say anything you just fell into his arms and you two states like that for the rest of the night.


"Luke!What time is it there?"You questioned over the FaceTime.Luke was currently on tour.Which meant you two were in two different times zones which sucked for both of you.
"4am."He said sheepishly.
"Lucas why are you face timing me when you should be sleeping!"You scolded.
"I had a nightmare."He said looking down blushing.
"Aww baby.”
“Stop!"He exclaimed laughing.
"I just want to talk to you !”
So that’s what you two did until he had to wake up to start the day.

They kinda followed the same pattern..
But I hope liked it!!!!

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