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Why Robert E.O. Speedwagon deserves your love

So today I found myself writing a fucking essay on Speedwagon. Please enjoy.

I feel like people never really- and I mean really- talk about just how strong Speedwagon’s connection to the Joestars is. And it all started because Jonathan Joestar didn’t kick him as hard as he could have.

I’ve always gotten the impression that Jonathan was one of the first people to show Speedwagon genuine kindness; it’s even more meaningful when you realize that Speedwagon initially stereotyped Jonathan as a dumb rich kid. But Jonathan not only held back against Speedwagon when they fought, he stated that his reason for doing so was because he understood that Speedwagon had a family who would mourn his death. Jonathan didn’t want to put them through the same sadness that he himself was going through. In an era where classism was at its highest, a nobleman acknowledged that a street crook had loved ones and had just as much a right to live as he did.

I think that just completely blew Speedwagon’s fucking mind.

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Headcanon that Tim Drake has ADHD. ( Insomnia, sensitive to rejection, hyper-fixations (Batman and Robin when he was younger, for example), Obsessive behavior, just to name a few symptoms he possesses)

I like this a lot. Tim also has the kind of hyperthinking process in which he’s always focusing on a billion things at once, which lead him to a billion other things and connections, so he’s taking in everything around him at the same time to the point where it gets kind of overwhelming but at the same time it makes sense to him. And when he feels major emotions like anger, sadness, or joy, he throws himself into them completely, so his feelings always tend to be either extreme or none at all. I’m so here for ADHD Tim! 

the worst people of the signs
  • ARIES: extremely & utterly self-centered, delusional to reality & others, completely obsessed with some selfish, goal, closed-minded & thinks they are the only one who is ever right, purposely mean to make themselves feel powerful, simplifies everything out of laziness, avoids anything that bothers them, doesn’t know the meaning of caution, dangerously impulsive from lack of grounding
  • TAURUS: obsessively combative, uses arguments & disagreements as pleasure, never satisfied with anything, picks apart people’s lives to find their faults & strategically uses it against them to cover their own insecurities, extremely bitter w/ life probably from past traumas, revengeful like no other, just wants to be loved but is brutal to anyone they let close enough in order to test their loyalty
  • GEMINI: fucks with people for enjoyment, scheming, sees how much they can get away with, can be sociopathic, completely untrustable, obsessed with gossip, sadism is a game to them, the worst can be extremely hostile & cannot accept ever being wrong or the word no, loud & argumentative, can easily become irate, ruthless, revengeful, unfaithful, wishy-washy about the simplest things
  • CANCER: lives in a closed-minded shell their entire lives, extremely sensitive & fragile but acts like a fucking asshole to everyone to give the false illusion of a hard exterior, obsessed with exterior opinions & uses them to fill their lack of self esteem, soaks in their misery, extremely judgmental of others but ignorant of their own faults and refuses to face themselves out of weakness
  • LEO: the ultimate egotist, lives their life as a fame game collecting friends, goals, compliments etc to feed their ever-increasing lust, their selfish behavior is unstoppable & will never end, everyone hates them but they don’t care bc there’s always more people to get them off, takes showing off to another dimension, hates their lack of contentment w/ life so they fill themselves with constant false senses of accomplishment
  • VIRGO: bitter and cold, nothing is ever good enough for them bc one flaw is enough to throw it/them away, the bad side of a perfectionist, sees the dark in everything, the ultimate pessimist bc they’ll never fix the world or themselves, obsessive like a mad scientist that’ll never find the secret key to his mystery, pushes everyone away until he only has himself left to scrutinize into oblivion
  • LIBRA: the dictionary definition of volatility, the littlest thing will make them think the world is falling apart, can lose themselves very easily, everything has to go their way or they’ll throw a temper tantrum, acts like a spoiled preteen girl, serious self-esteem issues bc they know how fragile they are, runs away from commitment or clings to people for dear life, will worry about something they couldn’t fix for years
  • SCORPIO: the ultimate self-destructor, the worst will also destroy everything around them in the process, drowns in self pity & the emotions of their past, toys with suicide, thinks they’re better than absolutely everyone, locks themselves away from the world entirely, avoids human contact, can be obsessed with psychic magic & the illusion of dark evil only for the selfish power, thinks everyone is out to get them, the epitome of paranoia
  • SAGITTARIUS: flight-risk like no other, completely unloyal & lacks the slightest bit of empathy, reckless to the point of fatal catastrophe -no exaggeration, blunt and cold, hurts others while running away from their own problems, carelessly spends money looking for their next adventure, always dangerously looking for freedom but can never seem to find it, a trainwreck to everything in their path, many of these die young from careless behavior
  • CAPRICORN: dull & ignorant, obsessed with some kind of mundane thing like money, material acquisition, success, or physical achievement like fitness, rugged & inflexible on the outside to hide major inner insecurities, pushes themselves to the ultimate limit to try to be content inside, ego complex, uses people viciously to achieve their goals, extremely stubborn, can be violent and aggressive toward loved ones from psychological trauma
  • AQUARIUS: ice cold sociopaths, their entire sense of self-worth comes from other people’s opinions, nice to everyone but cares for no one, uses their loved ones to literally climb their backs to success, followers, blends into social stigmas & stereotypes to avoid being disliked, breaks at the slightest negative criticism, will act like nothing’s wrong as someone’s bleeding all over them, completely lacks warmth & humanity but acts like it’s their greatest traits
  • PISCES: extremely fragile, can break from being looked at wrong, avoids people to avoid disagreement & discomfort but constantly needs attention & affection, clingy & needy, complains about everything, passive aggressively rude even to loved ones to get out bottled emotions, cry babies, suicidal guilt trippers & guilt trippers in general, acts like the victim of everything to make you pity them, can’t handle normal human interactions or tasks, major anxiety, delusional about reality they can’t face

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I want one shot or multichaps without ot12 or just a few characters. i hate focusing on many characters. Chrissy I want bottom soo and smutty fics, nowadays it's too many topsoo. (I don't hate bottom kai but I prefer him to be manly, gentle, and funny) it's difficult to find the good fics of cutie soo.

OK, so I am just going to throw a ton at you and hope for the best. the amount of smut varies from a lot to a little. It was actually hard to not just do a list of pwp lol. 

Aside from his just a note that I am going to Disney for my 10 year wedding anniversary (as promised on year one) (super excited) so I will not be posting for a while. I’ll pick up in about 2 weeks. so here is a lot in the meantime. Enjoy

Love In Control: Ongoing. This is so my favorite thing right now. Kyungsoo’s boyfriends do go far enough so he takes to the internet to find someone who can do the things he wants

If You Allow Me: Complete 4 chapters-(vampire Jongin) Kyungsoo is living with his friend Chanyeol and a new roommate that has some peculiar habits

Kyungsoo’s Vitamin D: One shot. Kyungsoo is obsessed with Jongin’s dick and Jongin decides to try to keep it away for a little while

Pose For Me: One shot- a jealous Jongin fic I missed. Jongin is a model and Kyungsoo decides to become one too in order to spend more time with Jongin

Rookie Boy: Complete 4 chapters. Kyungsoo wants a little more from his boyfriend in the bedroom so he convinces him to try new things

Measure Up: One shot. Kyungsoo likes that his boyfriend is bigger than him and asks him to talk about it during sex

Velvet Dreams: one shot nonau Kyungsoo has a crush on Jongin but is worried Jongin wants girls because he is bisexual

INK: Ongoing. Kind of dark. Jongin is an incubus who is obsessed with Kyungsoo and now has started at his highschool

A Simple Life: one shot- Jongin and Kyungsoo have very different positions in life, but both share heartbreak over the same person and bond over that, but their jobs kind of make them unable to really be together

Need You Now: One shot Kyungsoo loses his virginity to Jongin (and gets embarrassed when they go buy condoms)

Provocative: one shot. Kyungsoo is graduating high school and loses his virginity to Jongin on a dare

Starboy: Complete 2 chapters. Kyungsoo is kind of a dork in school and is really into astronomy and he meets Jongin at a party

Drawing You: One shot. Jongin is an art student who is obsessed with drawing Kyungsoo

Spur of the Moment: One shot. On vacation Kyungsoo sees Jongin gets dumped and then they spend the rest of their time together

Come as you are: Complete 2 chapters Kyungsoo is the vampire Jongin is the wolf, they are in a secret relationship because some shit went down and their families hate each other, but they make it work

Hands On You: One shot. Jongin is a model and Kyungsoo is his stylist

Locked in Love: Complete 2 chapters. Kyungsoo works at a prison where people get locked up because love if forbidden and then he meets Jongin and joins the rebellion

Aurora: one shot (one of my favorite wolf stories) Kyungsoo is an omega who can’t stay with his pack since he heats started so he starts living with Jongin

Spellbound: Complete 2 chapters. Kyungsoo meets Jongin when he goes to a strip club with Baekhyun, and likes him. He keeps seeing Jongin in real life, who is kind of weary of him

Let Me Love You: one shot. Jongin helps Kyungsoo through his heat

Body Moves (Yeah, Just A Little Bit) : One shot Kyungsoo is a model and Jongin is his makeup artist (smut happens)

I’ll heal You When You’re Sick (Put A Sock In It!): One shot nonau fluff smut Kyungsoo tries to help Jongin when he is sick


See, at my college~ there are all kinds of old traditions, and superstitions. Cassie and I never really took them too seriously, that was until Cassie disappeared for a week and came back completely different. On this campus, it’s not abnormal for people to suddenly change. But we don’t talk about it, even if they know. So we don’t talk about Cassie anymore~

[[okay, so the cause of this was not my own idea or any of that and is the fastest of doodles because I’m obsessed. The idea belongs to @charminglyantiquated who started this whole elsewhere university thing. I just couldn’t get the idea of two people who went to this university together and one of them gets replaced leaving the other to deal with a changeling best friend/roommate. I might do more with this but I had to get it out of my head or I was going to explode]]

JB Imagine (College AU Part 4)

A/N - Part 4 to my little JB series! I’ve been enjoying writing this one since it is a college AU so I hope you have all been enjoying it as well! 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

As time past, you found herself drawn ever closer to JB, or Jaebum as he had told her to call him. The two of you had been for a coffee a few times after a lecture or seminar and had become quite good friends but there was always some kind of tension there between them. You couldn’t help but just want to spend more and more time alone with him. He still mesmerised you and had you completely intrigued in him. What you didn’t know was that JB was just as obsessed with you. He thought you were so beautiful and could barely cope with the way he felt.The tension he felt whenever you were alone together was undeniable but he could never tell if you felt it too. He so desperately wanted to know if you needed him as much as he needed you. But as the weeks passed, JB was no closer to finding out if you returned his feelings. Luckily for the two of you, there was a chance for you to tell the other of your feelings. Jackson and Mark had planned a little bonfire for a group of friends to spend the Saturday night. As well as you, Mark, Jackson and JB, Jinyoung was going to be there and your friend Mina too. Jackson had also invited a girl from his physics lectures called Sarah. You’d never met Sarah before but had heard less than pleasant rumours about her. Not wanting to judge a girl you’d never met, you tried to forget about the whispers you had heard. 

When Saturday came about, the seven of you had to walk to a large field off campus where the bonfire was to be held. Everyone had chipped in with some money for food and drinks meaning they were all in high spirits because even if the bonfire didn’t go to plan, at least they had alcohol to keep themselves happy. You walked with Jackson and Mark, watching Mina and Jinyoung together while JB and Sarah walked together. You couldn’t help but feel a slight pang of jealousy towards Sarah, half wishing it was you that JB was walking with. Not wanting to spoil the mood, you kept your feelings to yourself and joined in with Jackson and Mark’s teasing towards Mina and Jinyoung. Neither of the two had confessed yet but their feelings for each other were so very obvious. Anyone could see from a mile off that they liked each other.

As everyone arrived at the field, the excitement of the night really began to set in. All of you were itching to get the bonfire going and to eat some food. The atmosphere was great and you constantly had a smile on your face. The only downside to it all was that Sarah was constantly next to JB. She would always react dramatically to whatever he said and seemed to be trying very hard to get him to notice her. It made your blood boil seeing how touchy she would get, feeling up his arm and not so subtly squeezing his muscles. While you wouldn’t have complained about being in her position, you were also livid that she thought that was a normal thing for her to do, considering she barely knew the guy. Some of the others had noticed her attempts at getting JB to flirt back and seemed rather uncomfortable too but no one said anything. Poor Jackson as there trying to distract everyone from her inappropriate comments. You felt sorry for him to have to put up with her during seminars. Sarah’s actions aside, you were all having a good night and thoroughly enjoying the company with friends.

As the night continued and people started to drink more, that’s when Sarah’s actions got the best of you. She had flirted with JB one too many times that you had had enough of it. He wasn’t responding in the same flirty way and clearly had some kind of issue with her that she just wasn’t realising. Before you could say anything to her, she leaned in to JB and tried to kiss him. Her actions caught JB off guard and he didn’t have enough time to move away from her. Their lips met in a sloppy one-sided kiss. As soon as he could, JB pushed her away and stood up, anger over his face. 
“JB, why did you move away? I just wanted to kiss you.”
“But I didn’t want to kiss you. So I moved.”
“Come on, you’re hot, I’m hot. We go well together.”
“Sorry, Sarah. But I don’t like you like that.”
“Well who do you like then? Because I bet I’m prettier than her.”
“So what if you were? Not that it’s possible anyway.”
“So you’re saying I’m ugly? Ugh well screw you, JB. I didn’t want to hook up with you anyway!” She said, storming off to go and complain to Jackson about being rejected. Part of you felt bad for smiling at JB’s refusal but another part was just happy that she was no longer interfering where she wasn’t wanted. JB walked up to you, smiling shyly. 
“Sorry about having to see that. I was hoping she’d get the message but evidently not.”
“Don’t worry about it. You did what you had to do. I could see she wasn’t exactly getting the hint.”
“Yeah, a persistent one, she is.”
“I could tell. She didn’t like hearing about that other girl you like though.”
“I’m glad. Because it means I can talk to her without worrying about Sarah interfering.”
“Yeah? Well let’s hope she likes you as much as Sarah does. Or did.”
“And do you, (Y/N)?”

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Do you believe in soulmates

I don’t believe in the (one person for everyone) thing, I think you can have more than 1 soulmate (friends too!) but…
I think that every once in a while, you can fall in love with someone in a way that’s unexplainable. You know almost right away that its different & important, no hesitation or second guessing, no games - Because it’s not just emotional (although strong feelings (obsession lol) is there) or physical. It’s an immediate sense of rightness, belonging, a deep connection to that person. Someone who fits your life and compliments you completely (ie: they somehow know how to calm you down when you’re upset, you’re not shy/holding back just comfy and free, they understand you better than anyone (even the embarrassing dumb parts of you & still love you), you can talk to them naturally and about everything, you make each other better, your strengths balance each other’s weaknesses, they can make you laugh like nobody else, etc).
The kind that makes ya forget about everything else and think “this is who I was waiting for”.
Passionate yet steady,
Your hearts feel attached,
Rare kind of chemistry & love.

IMPORTANT: Love still takes effort and intention- nothing is perfect or easy!!! Soulmates make it really worth it tho.

Mazes: How do they work?

Sean C. Jackson, a New York–based broadcast designer and art director, has been illustrating and exploring mazes for his own enjoyment for more than 30 years. Inspired by art, architecture, and the natural world, his colorfully detailed mazes offer imaginative and meditative journeys through village streets, garden vistas, island habitats, castle grounds, scenic towns, and gravity-defying surreal situations—each encouraging the mind to wander while following the paths.

In his new book, From Here to There: A Book of Mazes to Wander and Explore, there are 50 hand drawn single-page and full-spread mazes, sequenced with increasing complexity.

We asked Jackson a few questions about his maze-drawing expertise, so read on to learn how the mighty maze is made.

Oh, and side node: he highly recommends following the paths of the mazes with your finger, or the non-writing end of a pencil or pen used as a stylus—that way you can follow the paths again and again.

Q: How long have you been drawing mazes? What began the obsession?

A: I’ve been drawing mazes since I was very young, when I discovered the 3-Dimensional Mazes books by Larry Evans, published by Troubadour in 1976/77. I also had access an Escher book or two, so early on I began mimicking the wild architecture and intricate puzzles of their work.

Everyone doodles. The obsession is my desire to take my doodles—this language of stairs, buildings and plants—and complete them. Give them a purpose. There is joy from creating the puzzles, and a different kind of joy running them, solving them. I continue to run them long after I make them.

Q: How do you go about drawing a maze? Where do you begin the illustration?

A: I will have an idea of the type of structures or texture I want the maze to have—I may have an idea of a theme as well. Instinct takes over once the drawing starts. One form fits to the next, and the growth of the maze is very organic across the page. Once enough path branches have formed, I select the path and forks that will eventually become the solution path, but still allow the remainder of the maze grow in an organic fashion.

I always start at the beginning, but make sure to have a few false paths leading from the end to keep things interesting.

The beginnings of a maze

Planning paths

Although the mazes are often free-form and doodle-like, I need to keep track of the paths. Here is an example of my notations tracking paths alongside the final pencil drawing. Arrows are typically the “hero” path that will lead to the end. O’s are paths open on both ends that I will eventually attach to a hero or false path. Letters or numbers refer to a specific fork, usually close to the start, so I know where to reconnect looping false paths or eventual solution paths

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a little bit of magic.

fandom: girl meets world
ship: riley matthews x lucas friar 
word count: 1,652
summary: riley matthews thinks that lucas friar’s lips are their own special kind of magic and she’s completely under their spell // or riley just really loves lucas’ lips 
notes: this is just a lil drabble that i was inspired to write, 99.9% of the inspiration came from this amazing drabble by my girl @friarlucas who also was the major encouragement for me in writing this. not much happens plot wise, but there are feelings. enjoy! 

At the tender age of twelve, Riley Matthews has yet to have her first kiss.

She knows that it isn’t that big of a deal, there are plenty of other girls her age that haven’t locked lips yet, but she’s waiting and the wants the moment to be perfect. Her only problem is that none of the boys in her class have lips that she wants to kiss. Dave’s are too chapped, constantly cracked and look unpleasant to touch. Wyatt’s are too wet, due to his constant lick lipping and smacking. Farkle’s are always moving too fast, she’s never able to get a good look at them as he’s always spewing words from them at a mile a minute, far too fast for her to keep up with it.

It isn’t until she meets Lucas Friar that she knows what perfect lips look like, and she wants nothing more than to kiss them.


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I think one of my favorite things I’ve learned about Dear Evan Hansen is how it did a complete 180 degree rotation from when Pasek and Paul set out to write it.

From a couple of interviews I’ve read and seen, it seems like when they first started writing, it was going to be more of a satire piece on how teenagers react to a tragedy. You know the kind, we’ve all seen them, the kind of thing that was written by people over thirty who for some reason has come up with the inexplicable idea that anyone more than ten years younger than them is a self obsessed vapid parasite who has had their phone surgically attached to their hand. The original driving force was going to be poking fun at teens who spin a crisis that had nothing to do with them into a story that required everyone to pay attention to them.

But as Pasek and Paul wrote, they realized that jesus christ we’ve had this all wrong the whole time. Through research and putting themselves in their character’s shoes, they realized that the reactions to teen suicides they’d observed only at first glance look like “ME ME ME! Make this about me!”. They realized those were really “Everyone’s in pain, and maybe I can help before the pain makes someone do this again.” That is how we got the musical we love. That is how the characters become so well-rounded and real.

Just, I really like it when people learn after getting things wrong.

Ghost in the Shell 2017

Ghost in the Shell 2017 is a patchwork of ransacked imagery used to tell yet another story where Scarlett Johansen gets used by the powers that be.

Understand that I’m not just talking about the stuff it lifts from the 1995 anime, the 2004 sequel, Ghost in the Shell: Innocence, or even the stuff it takes from the second series of Stand Alone Complex and GitS: Arise, although that is certainly present. The imagery it co-opts is broader, taking a story that is deeply, fundamentally about the rise of Japan as a consumer electronics superpower, about the modernisation and global identity of East Asia. It twists the core philosophy at the heart of Ghost in the Shell, a story about connectedness, society and finding one’s identity within it and turns it into a story about revenge, isolation and taking ones identity away from society, by force if necessary.

Let’s start with the easy part, the imagery it directly borrows from the animated franchise before it. GitS 2017 is wall to wall visual references, almost to the point where it feels like the storyboards for the movie were just stills taken from the animated franchise with a few scenes of Johansen’s Black Widow thrown in when choreographed violence was needed. Iconic scenes from the 1995 movie are lifted wholesale, although in such a way as to remove the context of the original. The stunning cyborg creation scene from the opening credits of GitS 1995 is here, although it is not assumed to be a routine process. In the original the scene exists to illustrate how such precision, impossible engineering is commonplace now, like watching footage of an automobile assembly line. In the new film it exists to show something exceptional, one of a kind. In GitS 1995, in SAC, indeed, in every other iteration the idea of a fully cyberised body is normal. High end perhaps, maybe not commonplace, but normal. A neat analogy for the increasing effect technology has on our daily lives.  Throughout the new movie Johansen’s Major is constantly told how special she is, how remarkable her body is and how, one day, everyone will be like her. Thats a theme that kind of runs through this new release. It doesn’t seek to normalise its technology, but instead pushes it to the fringes, so it’s either the preserve of criminals, corporations or military organisations, or indeed a combination of the three.

The hacked sanitation worker/ market shootout/ alleyway chase scene from the first film is also recreated, lovingly crafted whilst missing the original point entirely. In the original the sanitation worker and the assassin were two distinct characters, both co-opted by the Puppet Master to carry out brain hacks of key individuals. They are both revealed to have had their memories hacked and replaced with a surface level ruse designed to fool them just enough so that they believe this false reality. The 2017 movie also uses this idea, though it casts the two patsies as the same person, (which is admittedly understandable for the sake of brevity). What it does differently is that it treats their memory hack as a remarkable, never-before-seen intrusion. It’s evidence of a definite, malevolent and specific agency rather than just another aspect of a reality where people have had their own brains and thoughts digitised and interconnected. Not a natural societal outcome, but the will of an individual. Its that Eastern collectivism vs Western individualism played out.

While we’re on the subject of the remake’s approach to how it speculates on this futuristic technological scenario I was reminded of a particular episode of Stand Alone Complex. In the new movie the Major is revealed to actually be a young woman with an anti-technology political leaning forced against her will to inhabit this new, cyborg body (more on THAT later). It intrinsically casts technology as this malevolent force that is imposed upon people, that the forward thinking amongst us would reject this sort of thing. By contrast, the second episode of season one of Stand Alone Complex, Runaway Evidence, paints the idea of taking an artificial body as a thing to be desired, as something that can help people. In the episode, Section 9 tracks a multi-pedal battle tank that has run amok. At the end of the episode it is revealed that the tank is actually being controlled by a the brain of a revenge-seeking young man who, dying of a wasting disease, was refused an artificial body by his parents on religious grounds even though it would save his life. The central message is that technology can be helpful and that to deny it to those who could benefit from it on, shall we say, less empirical grounds is cruel, wrong even.

There are so many other visual and narrative references. Innocence gets plentiful nods, from the Yakuza shootout, murder geishas, the doctor, Aramaki’s office, even Batou’s love for dogs (they had a basset hound in there too, but they got the bloody sub-breed wrong). The major’s red jumpsuit in the night club shootout is an Arise reference. The film’s tragic and misunderstood antagonist is a rough mash up of the Puppet Master from the 1995 movie and the bad guy, Kuze, from the second series of Stand Alone Complex. It’s messy, and raises the inevitable question; who is this movie for?

Despite all the references, its hard to make the argument that the film was aimed at fans of the original release. Simply put, the philosophy GitS 2017 espouses is so nascent, so entry-level, it doesn’t add anything to the narrative. Loose pondering about identity and the immateriality of memory is a far cry from the original, indeed the franchise as a whole’s, discussion of the nature of humanity and the nature of society in an ever-changing technological landscape. It’s perhaps old hat now, but at the time GitS was thought provoking and special, the message it conveyed perhaps more important than the story it was attached to. The remake is the opposite, a story that has some desultory meanderings applied almost as an homage to what came before. It’s a small, personal and insular revenge story, and it’s a real shame to see Scarlett Johansen falling back into the same role of the hyper-competent but completely owned soldier again and again.

To top it all off the new film is, ultimately, kind of sloppy. It doesn’t justify its design decisions. Everything is painted with a broad brush, concerned with what looks surface-level cool rather than what would actually fit or trying to explain things. The original movie and its sequels, much like the manga that preceded them, were obsessed with detail. Things like the major ejecting and replacing the overheated barrel of her rifle because she was firing HV ammo. Making a point of showing the major swimming with a float tank because her cyber body is too heavy to swim, or in Innocence Togusa asking why Batou chooses such a high-maintainance dog (the basset hound) considering his busy lifestyle. Even the expository bureaucratic dialogue helps us to comprehend how complex and nested the various political factions are. None of these things are really necessary to the story but they help build on the world and the characters in it. GitS 2017 relies too much on leaning on what came before it rather than building something it can itself stand on, assuming the audience knows enough already. I remember commenting on how nice the city looked before acknowledging that it had better, considering Future Shanghai is such a well worn and established visual trope at this point. When everything from movies to games to anime to music videos have nailed that aesthetic a decade or more previous you’d best believe you need to get it right. In the original franchise Togusa is this well developed character who shows up in every element of the franchise, he exists to provide an essential human element to a story about cyborgs who are increasingly detached from their humanity. In the 2017 film he’s a no-nonsense ballbuster. All he retains is his shitty mullet and his mateba pistol (speaking of guns, and attention to detail, how do you make a live action remake of GitS and NOT make replicas of Shirow’s Seburo guns? Do you know how hard it is to get an airsoft kit of one of those? Girl’s been wanting one of those for a damn while).

The last thing I need to touch on is the film’s whitewashing. It’s practically impossible NOT to talk about it, considering it’s likely what killed it the most at the box office. Scarlett Johansen plays the Major as a caucasian-looking cyborg who, spoilers, is actually a Japanese girl (named Motoko Kusanagi, surprising no one) who has been forced into it against her will and, to begin with, her knowledge. It doesn’t matter that Mamoru Oshii okey’d it, or that the plot ‘justifies’ it to an extent. It’s no secret that East Asia, Japan and South Korea especially, have a problem with perceived beauty standards, with ‘western’ looks and body types being seen as increasingly desirable and preferable. Casting Johansen as this iconic character just exacerbates that, pushing and reinforcing an already damaging standard. Its what I identified earlier, doing things for looks rather than for a purpose. At the end of the movie Johansen is looking down at the grave of ‘herself’, the grave of Motoko Kusanagi. We know its her grave not from inference, or because someone says something, but because its written on the headstone. In English. Not in Japanese. Even though that would make more sense. But the whitewashing isn’t just in the casting; it’s the warping and twisting of the story, forcing this big picture story about Japanese technological advancement, the complexities of society and progress into a small, individualist narrative about revenge and fighting a system that can be represented by one overly simplistic baddy.

I didn’t like Ghost in the Shell 2017. Now, I’ll freely acknowledge that I may be too close to the franchise, I wrote my undergrad dissertation on it for goodness sake. And the fantasy of a world where someone can change their body like they’re buying a car is absolutely fascinating for someone who has real problems with their own body image and wishes they could change it right here, right now, as I type this. But I don’t think it’s unfair to discuss the film in relation to the media that came before it. In that regard it’s overly simplistic, derivative and strangely technophobic. Even taken by itself it’s relatively uninspired, not making nearly enough of the ideas and the space it works in and serving as another rote tale of a hard done by individual fighting against an oppressive and remarkably simplistic oppressor. GitS is better than that, its bigger than that and I hope beyond hope that this film’s lacklustre performance at the box office will deter the Akira remake, the Battle Angel Alita film adaptation that James Cameron has been threatening and any other needless anime adaptations that Hollywood has on the back burner.

Also, I can’t tell if Takeshi Kitano was well cast as Chief Aramaki or whether they cast him because no one in the West knows of any other older Japanese dudes to fill the role. 

So I’m sure this has been pointed out before, but what the FUCK kind of game were these two playing? Does “interdimensional chess” have different rules than normal chess? And if so, why the heck did Stanford already know them?? Becasue if you know anything about Chess, you know that both Bill’s and Stanford’s first moves here were completely illegal and absolute bullshit. NEITHER of those pieces move like that.

 And yes, yes I know it’s just a cartoon, but Gravity falls has proven time and time again to actually be obsessed with little details, so I’m not going to just let this go.

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Villains in the OP!Danny au/headcanon world though... Ghosts are known as evil in the DP universe right? (The Fentons insist so anyway.) What if the villains only know that ghosts are evil and then they hear about this super powerful ghost (back before he was a hero, Inviso-Bill was known as a MENACE) and they try to recruit him to help them thinking he would because "fellow evil doer!" (either before/after Danny meets the supers) but then they learn the hard way he's a good guy

hahahaaaa that would be spectacular

like bad guys assuming he’s just an average ghost with a weird territorial obsession with this one town that he probably died in or whatever and they’re like, “hey boy, if you help us out with some shit (nothing big just killing Superman or something) we can like, help you gain total control of this town you seem to really like, what up, you in?”

a variety of shenanigans could then take place, one of my favourite choices being Danny playing along and feeding inside info to the Justice League or Avengers or whoever and taking complete advantage of these bad guys trying to suck up to him

but I mean, bad guys don’t trust other bad guys, that’s pretty much the villain code, everyone expects everyone to double cross them, so there’s no way in hell these guys are gonna blindly put their faith into what they believe to be an unstable obsessive spirit that could kick their asses and fuck up their shit at the slightest provocation, surely those devious motherfuckers have some kind of backup ghost gear in place in case this alliance went sour, or maybe even have a kind of threat in place in regards to Danny’s town

so things could get just a little bit heated if they figured out Danny was selling them out to the superheroes, don’t you think?

What are Intrusive Thoughts?

I wanted to make this post because, I’ve seen some good hearted people who misunderstand what either of these terms means, so I thought I’d spread some information.  Please feel free to reblog this post, since it’s for educating people with and people without OCD.

Intrusive Thoughts are unwanted thoughts that come into your mind without you willing it.  Some people explain this as “you have a sudden thought that you want to do something violent to someone you love”, and while that is true, that example leaves a lot out and oversimplifies it.

These thoughts can come in different forms, they can be images in your head or thoughts in the form of an inner monologue.  When I walk down the sidewalk and imagine a car hitting me, that is an intrusive thought.  They usually cause anxiety, and in extreme cases, panic attacks, etc. There is no limit to their form or content.

They are irrational, and not things that you actually want to happen.  They are often also not things that are likely to happen.

Please also read the information under the cut if you want to learn more details.

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10 Things Potterheads will never get over:

1.- “Harry, DID YAH PUT YAR NAME IN DA GOBLET OF FIYAH?!” he asked calmly.

2.- Albus Severus Potter. The world’s weirdest name for your mini-me, Potter

3.- “Always”

4.- The ‘Severus Snape was a hero or a real douchebag’ debate.

5.- Not being able to go to Hogwarts every September 1st.

6.- Draco Malfoy is a kind but greatly misunderstood soul.

7.- Hedwig’s theme

8.- Not being able to summon that lost-something, no matter how many times you use Accio!.

9.- Being completely obsessed with reaching your House’s goals, and feeling so offended when people don’t recognize you Slytherin/Ravenclaw/Gryffindor/Hufflepuff value.

10.- Flipping out whenever someone as mentions anything Harry Potter related, and being quick to correct them when they get their facts wrong.


Have any others? I can sure as hell think of a hundred more. Thanks, J.K. Rowling for filling our lives with magic.

Okay but all I can imagine

Is Even and Isak sitting somewhere at school, preferably on that windowsill that the girls were always sitting at in season 2 and Jonas and Eva used to make out at all the time in season 1. And basically they are just being their usual dorky selves and goofing off about something super silly. Like they are arguing about pineapple on pizza or something. Is it a necessity or an abomination. At one point the argument gets so ‘heated’ that Even takes Isaks precious red SnapBack off his head and places it on his own (the right way around of course. Right after he does this Even raises his eyebrows at Isak and purses his lips as a way of saying “yep I just went there. What ya gonna do about it huh?” Isak responds to this by rolling his eyes in annoyance but you know he’s not really annoyed, by the massive, goofy, crooked smile on his face. He then shakes his head and leans towards Even as he exclaims “you are such a loser” Even grins and leans forward quickly to peck Isak on the nose. “But I’m your loser” Isak quickly grabs the back of Evens head before he can move his head back and pulls him back forward. He rolls his eyes again “oh don’t remind me” he says before letting their lips meet and crash together. Soon of course they will get interrupted by Jonas or Sana or someone and just look up at them with these totally silly goofy grins on their faces. You know the kind of smile of two people completely, insanely, and intensely in love.

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How does a student yandere!hanzo and student yandere!genji would act toward their crush? (We can say that their crush is pretty popular so many persons have a crush on them)



  • He would simply act as normal, though in that mind of his he’s secretly planning on how to get rid of anyone who may seem like that they have a chance with them. They’re his for the taking, no one else.

  • Hanzo would look at them from afar, and if they see him staring, he’d hold their gaze just for a little while as he gives them a charming smile before turning away from them, indifferent from what just happened.

  • Eventually, one by one, anyone who may have seem fond of Hanzo’s crush, would mysteriously disappear the next day. People say that they randomly decided to move, or they dropped out of school, and sometimes people would say that they were kidnapped.

  • What really happened, was that the older Shimada had done such horrid things to prevent them from getting his crush’s heart. He drove them to insanity, to the point where they won’t even feel a thing. Sometimes he would just straight up murder them, if they’re that big of a threat to him.

  • When the time is right, the archer would approach them and confess to them before anyone else could have the chance to. When they accept his feelings, he’ll vow to please them and do whatever they wanted him to. Only if they knew the things he had to do to get their attention and affection…


  • It’s a little bit more obvious for the younger Shimada, and he’s more obsessed than his older counterpart. No one can have them except for him, and if he can’t have them… Then no one can.

  • It’s kind of obvious to others that he’s crushing on them, some say that you could even see hearts in his eyes whenever he glances at them. Yeah, it’s that obvious.

  • Violent confrontations are his thing. He’ll stalk his rival until they’re completely alone, and once they are, he’ll do whatever it takes for them to never talk, look, or think about his crush ever again.

  • No witnesses as well, if someone sees him doing such deeds… They won’t see the next sunrise, just like his recently eliminated rival. No one must know what this ninja does for the one he loves.

  • One day after school, the younger Shimada finds his crush and confesses to them, his sickly sweet and charming behavior present. When they say yes to his confession, he’ll make sure that they’ll be safe from anyone else, and he can’t possibly let them leave him now, right? They love him.
MBTI types at their worst

ESTJ- You become so absorbed with creating structure you become inflexible and unable to change or see things from other peoples view, you think of all the terrible outcomes as well. This includes becoming obsessive about finding ways to avoid problems, never focusing on your on happiness.

ESFJ- You end up trying to control other people and you may not even realize you are controlling people. you hold onto them for too long and are always fearful you will lose them, you become clingy and over-invested in other people.

ESFP- You overindulge in sensual activates and wonder why you feel so empty  afterwards so you keep coming back for more, this can lead to overthinking your behavior and analyzing your purpose but not understanding how it affects you in a person way. So you don’t understand why you aren’t happy. 

ESTP- You become ignorant of the people who are close to you and you push them away while they try to help. You isolate yourself and wonder why you feel like you cant connect with people. you can also be insensitive and destructive to other people in your life.

ISTJ- You internalize everything creating a world of your own made of all the horrible memories you have, suppressing your emotions and beginning a process of self hatred that if left unchecked can cause huge damage to your personality. More so you may internalize everything to the point you become fixated on the past wishing it would go back to the things it had or never letting go. 

ISFJ- You notice so much and you carry it around with you, you question everything and begin to fear you will lose people that you care for. You may overanalyze everything and begin to push some people away and lock yourself out of their lives. In a way you become more intellectual but lose your ability to love other or yourself. 

ISTP- Your philosophies lead you to the conclusion that nothing matters and you become extremely apathetic towards everyone and everything, boredom takes over your life and you push away your friends and decide love is pointless as well as human nature. This drives you into isolation that is very hard to escape from.

ISFP- You get so lost in self exploration and creating your one personal philosophies that you can’t escape your own head. You forget how to reach out to others and may wish you could just love or be something or someone else, you just don’t want to be you, because you think you aren’t good enough, or that you are too much for other people to care for.

ENFJ- You completely lose yourself and over indulge in all kinds of behaviors that are unhealthy including other people and manipulating them. Self harm is very common and abusive households harbor many ENFJ children as they learn to cope with this. This leads to a lack of self understanding and often times depression. All of this moves around the idea they wish to please others and feel like they have failed to do so and now hate themselves. 

ENTJ- This type becomes obsessive about their environment controlling everything and everyone, and if they can’t they usually turn on themselves and begin acting almost introverted, looking for validation in other people. suddenly the Entj may realize they have moral flaws and this too will cause further behavior that is immoral as they refuse to accept and change their incorrect views.

ENFP- You see so many things you could do but you can’t followthrough, you begin to become skittish and unable to change your environment, always becoming stuck on a new path that you don’t like because you don’t know how to feel and have very little moral guidance. Or you blindly accept what people tell you is true, which you may find later on does not fit what you actually think is morally correct. (Read Esfp also)

INFP- Much like the Isfp, you build an enormous world inside your head and you get stuck there, focused on memories and how you felt and you can’t escape, depression is common and you may decide people are not worth it or that all humans are intrinsically flawed and should never be trusted. Even worse you become unable to express any of your inner thoughts and feel that nobody is interested in you or how you think and you also lose other people because you feel they actually want to understand you, worse yet you bottle everything up and don’t know how to express it, causing stoicism. 

ENTP- You begin doing whatever you want whenever and become extremely narcissistic. you disregard other peoples feelings and destroy anyone who disagrees with you even though your opinion is horribly flawed and not openminded. Over-drinking is very common and dangerous behavior is also expected. 

INTP- This is difficult to understand for most as Intps are least likely to really fall apart and become unhealthy. Intps will analyze their environment and pick up on flawed data deciding they simple aren’t worth what they really are and begin to hate their own existence. This leads to you believing you are not as good as other people or that other people are so stupid that you can’t handle their behavior anymore. 

INFJ- You decide your purpose in the universe is not worth it. You see everything as pointless and lose hope, becoming trapped in your own mind unable to escape your logical conclusions as to how everything will fall apart. You may be right on how things are going to go or that people will always disappoint you, but this becomes your existence and suddenly you trust nobody and hate yourself and your existence. 

INTJ- You become quietly emotionally unstable to the point you are ready to destroy everything that is considered inadequate in your eyes. This could even be yourself, self hatred is very common for unhealthy Intjs. Another place where Intjs can go wrong is deciding that everything is pointless and that therefore they don’t matter. Once he or she has decided this they stop taking care of themselves and look to others for validation, acting much like the Isfp.  Lastly the Intj can spot that their views are flawed and suddenly their world is upside-down and don’t know where to go. Leaving the intj stuck in anxiety or depression. The intj may try desperately to try to control their future and become obsessed with that single idea, even when it may be unattainable and cause large amounts of anxiety for said Intj.

Sorry for the darker post, i will do types at their best next and keep in mind these may not apply to you and that is perfectly fine. Have a wonderful day :)


cute + good notebooks can be really expensive so i just decided to buy a couple that were good quality but the cheap regular kind and design them myself! just used searched through magazines and cut out cute pics + printed a couple quotes + glued them + painted the spiral borders white so these are the results! [front + back] i’m quite proud tbh

also the quote from the bottom pic is from the all for the game series which i’m completely obsessed with… it’s so good someone talk to me abt it

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[JAMIE DORNAN, CISMALE , HE/HIM ] — did you see ADAM DENVER near the gazebo last night ? they’re that TWENTY NINE year old that i’ve heard is a DOCTOR. i’ve definitey heard them called CHARMING, which contradicts how they’re also called WORK OBSESSED. mostly i hear HE IS HOOKING UP WITH HIS EX’S SISTER , but i think we all know better than to believe that !

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