kind of classy


And all I can imagine is Victor taking Yuuri to pick some new attires, and of course he mostly knows these kind of classy-expensive stores so he takes him there like is the most normal thing, while the other boy just looks at the prices and is like “Wait, Victor maybe we should check some oth-”, he’s cut by Victor’s smile, and of course Yuuri has no other choice but to pick something, he wants to make the other dork happy, so he goes along with it.

And of course these Dads, can’t forget their son, so they make sure to buy him what they know he loves most.

Sorry, this is just too domestic and I love it. The whole family going out shopping. (x).

You want to know what’s truly painful? It’s the knowledge that you can spend all your time dedicated to helping someone you care about, devoting effort and emotions to make them feel better. You push them to the height of their ambitions; a step-up ladder for all their dreams. But as soon as you fall off, or trip up, you don’t deserve the same kindness.
—  Classy

Americans about the french: Pretty classy. They smoke all the time… Wine.. Also they might be gay?
Europeans about the french: GIANT assholes. Eat baguettes for every single meal, like an asshole. If you pronounce “croissant” correctly fuck you

SLBP men and the way they strip MC san

My buddies and I were discussing about this during our girls’ talk earlier after work. So, this is what it is about… Here goes. 

Nobunaga (All: Rip it off!!!) 

Mitsuhide (Yohane: Shouldn’t Mitsu be a tad bit more agressive? The rest: He is more of a balanced mix…) 

Hideyoshi (Buddy 1: This monkey is quite a devious one. The rest: Sexy it is.) 

Mitsunari (Yohane: The classy kind. Buddy 4: Waiting for him to bed me The rest: You pedo, he is younger than MC and look how old are you?! Buddy 4: Damn you all, I am not THAT old!) 

Toshiie (All: Shy boyyyyy! Buddy 3: His will probably a little sexy. Buddy 5: Just a little?!) 

Ieyasu (All: Okay, his will be pretty sensual. Buddy 4: Why do people call him a brat?! Yohane: Yasu is a sensual one living in the body of a brat. The rest: Sounds wrong, but nah, we don’t mind!) 

Shingen (Buddy 1 and Buddy 3: This is aggressive! The rest: Shingen is a tiger, remember? Buddy 4: Eat me, Shingen! Buddy 2: Someone give her a d***o please.) 

Saizo (All: Dayumnnnnnnnn…) 

Yukimura (Yohane: World’s No. 1 Most Desired Male Virgin, fresh for consumption. Buddy 4: I can eat him. The rest: Get this woman out of here!) 

Masamune (Yohane: My man. Buddy 2: Too tame? Buddy 5: Another shy boy. But Yukimura is not even half way here! The rest: Nah, its fine, he is handsome! You will drown in his loving gaze! *incoherent squeals*) 

Shigezane (Buddy 2: He is direct and not too aggressive, me likey. Buddy 3: Fella is going to crack stupid jokes in the middle of the deed! Buddy 5: He better not!) 

Kojuro (All: PICK ME, MY LORD!!!!) 

Gif credits to: smut 101 @ tumblr, and other sources from google search. Feel free to notify me via pm if any of the gifs belongs to you, I will give proper credit for them (: 

The Mass Effect LI's and where they'd want to marry Shepard
  • Ashley: Nice church wedding, dress blues instead of tux and dress. There's rifles involved somewhere.
  • Kaiden: Somewhere on Earth (coughCanadaprobablycough)
  • Liara: Somewhere on Thessia. In one of the pretty garden pavilions, probably. That or a library...
  • Tali: "Rannoch, obviously, let's get on this shit so we're the first!"
  • Jack: "Is Vegas stil standing, because that's where we're fucking going".
  • Miranda: Somewhere classy, like maybe on Illium or some ish like that.
  • Traynor: Also a classy kind of girl. Maybe somewhere in London (if its rebuilt, of course).
  • Cortez: Doesn't matter. Something small and nice is fine.
  • ...
  • Garrus: "Let's get married on the fucking Normandy."

Allow me to take this opportunity to explain old-fashioned Japanese proposals. In classical Japanese, being as indirect as possible while remaining understandable was considered eloquent and a sign of sincerity. Ambiguity was valuable, and saying something out-right seemed boorish. “Will you marry me?” was far too direct - Instead, the proposal should be an implication. “Will you make me miso soup every morning?” is the most famous old-fashioned proposal. “Let me lay in the same grave with you,” is another famous one. Todoroki was aiming for that kind of cheesy classy, traditional vibe, but…  Yeah.

Source: RRR

Despite it’s shoddy script and questionable design choices, I WILL concede that DmC: Devil May Cry DOES look gorgeous from a graphical standpoint and is a blast to play.

It’s just tied down a horrible turd of a script and pitifully bad character re-designs that shit all over the creators intent for Dante to be a mature and classy kind of badass instead of an edgy punk.

How does this

became this wannable British Punk

Also, screw the way the butchered the look of the weapons

Ebony and Ivory went from being beautiful custom 1911s with compensators to make them look beefy

To this garbled mess 



Wing Dings Gaster

- Government scientist 

- Has two sons; Sans and Papyrus and adores his wife Gigi

- Good parent/husband; attentive when he could/can be

- Highly intelligent, respectful, kind, classy

- Treats employees/coworkers with respect

- Loves to discuss science topics with Sans

- Knows Luna, thinks she is lovely 

- Doesn’t know about/hasn’t met Alice and Echo


GiGi Gaster

- Fun, supportive, hardworking

- Likes to dress casually 

- Loves to dance; can dance well

- Taught Sans how to dance

- Really good cook

- Likes Nice Cream a lot

- Devoted to husband and sons