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favourite klance fics? :Ddd

God, that’s so tough because there are so many good fics out there!! But here’s five that I like!!

nothing’s quite as sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts

Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street.

Agape (SERIES) by The_Awesome_Frost_Ninja (Incomplete)

Agape (Ancient Greek ἀγάπη, agápē) is “love: the highest form of love. Agape is a universal, unconditional love that transcends, that serves regardless of circumstances.

The Marks We Make by wittyy_name (Incomplete)

Lance McClain constantly dreams of the day he’ll finally meet his mysterious soulmate. They don’t say much, if anything at all, but they leave him with gorgeous paintings temporarily tattooing his skin. It’s not exactly the situation he hoped for, but when he feels the connection between them, he can’t bring himself to resent them. As much as he wishes his soulmate would just talk to him, he’s resigned himself to being patient. In the meantime, he has a loving family and good friends to help him get by.

Keith Kogane dreads the day he’ll finally meet his obnoxious soulmate. He’s just an art student who’s struggling to find his place in the world. There’s so much he hasn’t been able to control in his life, and the thought of having a soulmate, just another thing in his life which he also has no control over yet can’t do anything about, is a little terrifying. So he ignores the words that occasionally appear on his skin. He has other things to focus on: like being a new student at a big university where his childhood friend and step-brother go.

time out of mind by aknightley

Keith and Lance wake up married. In the future.

He lays there a moment, processing the faint throbbing in his head, a strange bitter taste like lemons in his mouth. When he opens his eyes, the room spins wildly into a kaleidoscope of colors, so he closes them again, breathing in and out until he feels less like he might throw up. He suddenly registers a warm weight over his waist, and lifts his head to see a brown arm thrown over him. It looks startlingly familiar, but different, bigger than he remembers, more toned.

Keith turns all the way around and comes face to face with Lance sleepily blinking his own eyes open.

You Stole A Pizza My Heart by KaSaPe (this is the only one of the list that’s extremely silly and fluffy lmao)

Keith just wanted a pizza. The cute delivery boy with the weird grin and stupid flirting (?) had other plans.

Or: Keith just doesn’t get Lance’s flirting. At all.

This agent gives @syntax6’s debut novel (which dropped today!) two thumbs up!👍🏻👍🏻

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Hiii do you have any fics where they're cheating? But like... Jungkook has a boyfriend but cheats on him with Jimin or the other way around? That kind of cheating

Hi there! No problem, here you go!

Always Getting What You Want
Author: prettyyoongi
Rating: Not Rated
Length: 15–20k words
Genre: Angst
Summary: After being married for six years to the person he thought he’d wanted to spend the rest of his life with, Jeon Jungkook meets Park Jimin and his entire world is flipped upside down.

Title: Better Give You Up
Author: Catfishy
Rating: Explicit
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Pining, Angst, Smut
Summary: In some situations, it does not matter how hard it is, it’s better to let go before you get even more hurt, or that is what Jungkook keeps telling himself.

Title: Not All That Glitters…
Author: chessyt
Rating: Mature
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Angst, Smut
Summary: On Jungkook’s his anniversary, another customer arrives at the restaurant as well. Park Jimin, the man Jungkook has been cheating on his boyfriend with for months.

Title: Pure
Author: Supermans_crib
Rating: Explicit
Length: 10–15k words
Genre: Angst, Drama, Smut
Summary: ‘Maybe if he had married Seokjin out of love, he might have felt guilty for sneaking off to be with Jimin behind his back. Fortunately, that is not the case.’
Note: Part of the “Naughty Readings for Naughty Readers” collection

Title: Take it Back
Author: leebaehwan
Rating: Teen
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Angst, Smut
Summary: Jimin used to love Hoseok’s adorable little jokes and puns. Nowadays though, it seems as if that’s all their relationship is, and Jimin can’t handle it. He just wants the romance back in his life.

Title: We’re Headed to Nowhere (But Nowhere is Somewhere to Me)
Author: soxfordcomma
Rating: Not Rated
Length: 1–5k words*
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst
Summary: in which jimin’s husband stopped loving him a long time ago, and the universe wants to bring the glow back to the young man’s cheeks.

Title: Worst Boyfriend
Author: jawlines make-or-break-me
Rating: Explicit
Length: 20–25k words
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut
Summary: Surely there’s a word for pining after your boyfriend’s best friend. Surely.

(some) kuroshitsuji characters and what tf2 class they'd main

(The last scenario should be done sometime between now and monday, there’s one more meme request, and I’m doing the character song request from a while ago, but here, take this)

Ciel: if he absolutely HAD to play, he’d play spy. And suck. Face stabs all over the place

Sebastian: plays spy and doesn’t suck, but he always plays it even if there’s three other spy’s

Bard: Soldier and Demo, pretty equally. Taunts after blowing people up on demo and dies a lot cause of it

Mey-rin: Sniper. Its sniper guys like what else would she play? She’s that one person on headshot servers who will destroy you. 

Alois: Scout or Medic. Starts out the match on Medic, gets mad, and switches to Scout. 

Claude: Demo. Garbage pipe aim, god-tier with stickies. Stickie traps all the time. Pisses people off (for unrelated reasons)

Hannah: Medic. God-tier Medic. Salty God-tier Medic. 

Grell: really bad at Medic, but she has fun. That one terrible player with amazing cosmetics for some reason.

Undertaker: that one Engineer who’s teleporter will 100% of the time take you to the worst possible position. Or the guy who mic spams sonic fanfic

you are walking in a forest and it is dark
and the sky is raining stars upon you;
you are walking in a forest and the wolves
are howling a symphony of storms;

you are walking in a forest and you are alone
and stones are cutting into your feet,
you think you swallowed the scent of sun-and-ash
because it is lingering in your mouth like a forgotten
i love you that you never did manage to say

you are wondering if maybe red riding hood loved
the wolf in another world, or maybe the wolf
loved her so much he would tear apart her world
and you wonder if that is truly love or if it is
another beast entirely; you wonder if love is supposed
to taste the way rain does in the afterglow of a storm

and you are walking in a forest and wishing you could
turn back time and live again and live better and love
more than you ever did in the days when you
were still alive.

—  post mortem [maliahaling]
I normally don't make posts but

Y'all are taking this too far.

Yes it was cheating, technically. But it wasn’t the “oh i don’t have anyone to fuck rn and you’re here why don’t we fuck” kind of cheating for whatever you think it is. Waverly was at a very low point in this episode, she was drunk and broken and all around a mess. Rosita was the only one comforting her at the time. As soon as she kissed Rosita you saw the “oh fuck” look on her face. During the live tweet Emily even vaguely said this scene was Waverly realizing how much she actually loves Nicole. This is cheating, but it’s justifiable due to the circumstances.


You don’t have to worry about any “love triangle” bullshit because Waverly realized that kissing Rosita was a mistake. She fucked up.

//Edit: After reading some replies, yes it wasn’t justifiable and i now realize that. As said, understandable is a better word that i should’ve used. It was cheating and you can’t justify it, but the kiss was out of confusion and hurt, it wasn’t based on any romantic feeling. My apologies, xx
Gilded Butterfly: a JB fic

Previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Chapter 8

“Did you think I wouldn’t find out?”

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LHAW- Days 1&2

Cheating, because this kind of counts for both days, but here it is:

I don’t have a full-on fic here, but in honor of Laura Hale appreciation week, here’s the bones of an AU I’ve been turning around in my head.

I had just seen an AU post about Laura being alive the other day… And I didn’t Like it, and I wasn’t sure why. I poked at the idea for a bit, and then it came to me: Derek. Derek’s emotional state at the beginning of the series is a big influencing factor both on his relationships and actions, and on his character as a whole. It’s that Desperate exposed wound feeling you get from him, a raw nerve with nothing to dampen in, all his defenses burned away, save for anger.

He’s so fucked up, and so desperate… And not that we want him to be miserable all the time, but I think that final blow of losing Laura is a really intrinsic part of keeping him the Derek we see in canon. So, how to preserve Derek’s situation, but also keep our favorite badass alpha big sis?

Okay, so. So Peter attacks her in the woods, but she doesn’t die. He gets interrupted or she gets away… Like, what if Stiles pulls Scott into the woods early? There have been animal attacks and the like… and Stiles is curious and suspicious and has some crazy private theories about fictional monsters… like, he knows they are nuts but he just… really really wants to check it out. And he drags Scott along.

And they interrupt Peter. Peter doesn’t have the alpha power yet, and he isn’t quite as clever yet, and he runs, rather than engage the unknown variables. But they see some crazy supernatural shit, and there’s Laura and she’s a mess, but she insists they don’t take her to the hospital.

She keeps insisting that all the y need to do is keep her alive long enough so that she can heal. That’s it. … So they split up. Scott hits the clinic, liberates some supplies (the whole time going “why do I let stiles get me into these things??? Holy shit that dog thing was huge!!! Holy shit I’m going to get fired!!! And later in the fic, that would come up, Deaton Suspending him at least, maybe not outright firing him, making it suuuuuuper clear what an inappropriate, unprofessional, and illegal move that was, but understanding that it was a complex emergency and knowing that part of the reason Scott et all didn’t come to him outright was because he was keeping them in the dark… And yeah, Scott probably would not have done it that way, had he been given all the information. Also, Deaton surely takes into account the fact that had he himself been a little more on the ball, he might have known where Laura was, what was going on, that things were swinging rapidly out of balance… but just the same, needing to make it clear to Scott that is he one day wants to be a professional in this field, certain things are just plain not permissible. And so this is his one strike.) and Stiles drives Laura to his place.

So Laura is at the Stilinski’s, safe enough for now, but Derek felt all the shit go down through the pack bond and flies in as fast as fucking possible, finds a shitton of blood and just. Knows. Spends a while panicking, and pissed, and desperately grieving, and terrified. She’s not answering, and there’s all that blood and fear sweat and he just… he just can’t. He’s too freaked to track her well, or he panics, or something… maybe it has rained as well? But Stiles comes back later looking for Scott’s inhaler and finds Derek in the woods. He knows who he is, is suprised to see him? But pretty immediately tells him where Laura is, and offer to take him. Derek has to fight the instinct to just take off running, but better sense prevails and he allows Stiles to get him most of the way there before he bolts out of the car and to his Alpha’s (this goofy kid’s?) bedside and buries his face in her (by now kinda greasy and gross) hair, trying not to whimper.

So then it’s season 1, trying to figure out who the feral werewolf is, but without all the accidental new wolves because Peter is not an alpha. Without the werewolf fix to his asthma, Scott doesn’t make first line… But I like to think that Alison is into him anyway. And that they start their quiet little puppy romance because she appreciates his tenacity on the field, not necessarily his werewolf skills. That this is the first point where Allison sets herself apart from Lydia. And the first time Lydia sees someone who should be in the popular crowd behaving that way, starting Lydia down the road to being comfortable with the fact that she’s smart and that everybody knows it.

But yeah, so I like the idea that Stiles would start assisting Laura and Derek in tracking down the feral werewolf, without their consent mostly… That Derek would get shot when he was out hunting the alpha, but be unable to get to Laura in time… Or, just realizing that Stiles is closer… And we could talk about there being that kind of instantaneous connection there, but mostly Derek just wants Stiles to get him to his sister, and once they’ve got him to his sister they then have to figure out how to get Scott to steal bullets from the argents… And I cannot figure out how to work Laura into that plot line, if she’s there and pulling Derek’s pain (and entertaining the idea of the alpha-power sc\sacrifice if it comes down to it), or if she is trying to find their old Vault in hopes that there are strains of wolfsbane there…  is she quizzing Deaton… Do they even know if Deaton is in on the supernatural at this point? I would think that Laura would… Especially if we’d assume that Talia was grooming her to be Alpha after Talia died. But, if we don’t assume that, if we assume there were other siblings… That makes that interesting.

Anyway, maybe Laura is even actually away from the territory, perhaps making overtures with Satomi’s pack, or other packs in the area, trying to figure out if anybody is missing a werewolf, and whose f****** problem it is that this werewolf has come into her territory and f*** s*** up. And so that’s when the Argents roll into town, and all this shit goes down. And I will be very curious, once all this starts happening, when Derek’s going to have to come clean about his relationship to the Argent’s craziest member. That’ll be interesting. Because, I imagine it’s a subject he avoided coming clean to Laura about  for probably the entire time they were in New York. But Kate being here, capturing him, Kate torturing him… That’s going to be a hard one. It’d also be fun to rewrite that scene without the dynamic that Kate is suspected of having killed Laura…

So yeah, that’s what I want: Stiles shoe-horning his way in, Scott a little more distant (maybe one day having to make a choice between his girlfriend and her family, and his best friend and the family he has forcibly adopted as his own. Derek, still fucked up, still scared a lot, but with this last little piece of his heart and soul and sanity returned to him. His Alpha, his big sister. Having to finally share all the shit in his head with her, all the guilt and shit, and… getting absolution, a little bit.

God, all those fics where she lingers as a ghost, wanting desperately to be able to hug him and tell him she doesn’t blame him… To be able to have her  ther, alive, fierce and beautiful and determined even when she herself is always scared too.

God, to see her take on Kate Argent, not just standing for her family, but with full knowledge of what was done to her baby brother, what he’s done to himself after wards.

I feel like Stiles is going to go through a “10-year-plan to win Laura Hale” phase.

And she will be amused. And Derek will be grumpy and jealous, and grumpy about being Jealous.

But it’ll all be better, and they will be 900% less broken, because Laura Fucking Hale.


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Disney 30 Challenge

Day 3: Favorite Prince

Can I use a character from descendants? Yeah I can. It’s Disney. So here he is

Prince/King Ben

Yeah I know kind of cheating, but he did start out as a prince so I’ll count him

Originally posted by kiethskoganes

Originally posted by softaristotles

Now why him? Well other than him being a cute little guy, he actually is an interesting guy. He has the idea to trying  to bring in the villain kids to Auradon because he knows that people deserve a second change even if their parents were villains. He even learns for about the many problems on the Isle in the second movie when he gets kidnapped by Uma. I feel like he learned more in Descendants 2 which I liked

Also this

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my mum knows your mum and they’re trying to set us up but all i can remember of you is that time you stuck gum in my hair when we were seven so i automatically don’t like you au ;)

As soon as Katniss shuts the front door, her mother swoops down on her like a hawk. “Where have you been? Were you out with Gale again?” she doesn’t even give her a chance to respond, shaking her head. “He’s not good for you, Katniss.”

Katniss’ spine stiffens defensively, and she scowls at her mother. “Jesus, mom, give me a chance to put my backpack down before you start on the lecture,” she gripes, heading for the stairs. She doesn’t bother answering her mother’s question because her mother knows, anyway. Of course she was hanging out with Gale. He’s the only person she can stand in this town.

Her mother sighs. “I just worry about you. I know guys like him, okay? You shouldn’t get too attached to him,” she says softly, but sternly. Katniss rolls her eyes. She’s not dating Gale, though admittedly, if he asked, she would probably jump at the chance. Gale’s two years older than her, college-age, and he’s much cooler than the kids her age. But he’s too free, too loose for a girlfriend, or so he tells her. She’s trying to play it cool, like it doesn’t matter to her; she doesn’t want to come off too needy.

“You should hang out with guys your own age, someone you have more in common with,” her mother continues.

At that, Katniss snorts. “Like who?”

Her mother smiles, just a small one, as if she’s pleased with herself, and Katniss realizes she just walked into a setup. “I invited some of our new neighbors over for dinner tonight,” she declares.

Katniss narrows her eyes suspiciously. “New? I don’t remember seeing anyone move in–”

“They actually used to live here, years ago. They opened a bakery and moved away, but they had to sell it and come back. The Mellarks. You remember them.”

She rolls the name around in her head, nothing immediately jumping to mind. “No–”

Her mother waves her hand dismissively. “You were young, maybe 5 or so when they moved away. But you were the same age as their youngest son, Peeta. Little blonde boy, kind of short–”

Suddenly, it clicks. Peeta Mellark. Katniss’ mouth drops open in horror. “The fat kid?”

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What Isn’t Mine (Sam Winchester)

A/N: Gah this is my very first attempt at writing a smut fic so please let me know whether I did okay guys and whether I should keep writing it or not *blushes*
Kind of nervous here…

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, cheating, crying, unprotected sex (please always be safe), swearing 

Word Count: 2978

Summary: Sam Winchester is dating your best friend Jess but does that mean his completely off limits?


Leaving the lecture hall I shoved my textbooks into my bag mercilessly; jumping slightly when I suddenly felt an arm wrap around my own. I lifted my head to look up at my best friend, Jess. Her light blonde curls bouncing around her face as she laughed.
“Little jumpy today are we?”
“Just tired” I mumbled back, “It was a long class”
“Well it’s good that we have lunch now isn’t it?”
We continued down the hallway, Jess talking without breath about her day, moaning about the teachers and the amount of work they were handing out. I was only partially listening; her voice washing over me with only a few words sticking out in my mind. I just wasn’t focusing.

We walked out into the courtyard, heading towards our usual table when the reason for my lack of attention called out to us. Sam Winchester.
I wet my bottom lip with my tongue as I watched him jog over towards the spot we were standing, his brown hair hanging in front of his face, dimples on display as he smiled at us.
I untangled my arm from Jess as Sam wrapped his arm around her waist, kissing her tenderly against the lips. I looked away, feeling the bile reach the back of my throat, an uncomfortable wrenching feeling in my stomach.
“Hey y/n” Sam said after he pulled away from Jess, “How were your classes?”
“Long and boring” I groaned, flashing him a wide smile.
He nodded his head in agreement, huffing out a laugh; my insides twisting again at the sound.
“Come on baby lets go get some lunch” Jess whined, “I’m hungry”
“Alright, alright I’m coming” Sam replied, “You coming y/n?”
“Yeah of course, you guys go I’ll catch up”
They both shrugged their shoulders, walking off hand in hand. I stood there for a second, trying to squash down the bitter taste on my tongue.
Being in love with your best friends boyfriend made everything more difficult; lying to Jess about my feelings was difficult, that girl could read me like a book at the best of times; lying to all our friends about why I didn’t want to go out on dates was difficult. Everything became harder after I fell in love with him.
After standing there for more than five minutes debating with myself I trudged off to find them, my hands shaking slightly by my sides.

“Where were you?” Jess questioned as I walked up towards the table; dropping my bag down on the ground.
“Taking my time” I lied, “Enjoying the scenery”
My voice came out snarkier than I intended but it didn’t seem to effect Jess; however Sam looked over towards me with a cocked eyebrow, his smile turning down into a slight frown. I pursed my lips, sitting across from him and grabbing the third soft drink can off the table, popping the top and taking a large mouthful.
“So y/n, the girls and I are heading out tonight, wanna come? Maybe you’ll meet some handsome man you can have your way with”
I looked at Sam to see if he would react…nothing.
“Ah no thanks, got heaps of studying I need to catch up on”
“Come on, you haven’t been out in ages!” She groaned, “Is there some secret man in your life I don’t know about?” I choked on my drink.
“What? No! No one”
“Whatever y/n but you’ll have to leave your dorm room eventually” She sighed, spooning another mouthful of salad into her mouth.
Before I had the chance to reply another person joined us at the table; a heavy sigh escaping her lips.
“God I’m so ready for the day to be over!”
Claire turned towards Jess, falling into easy conversation quickly. I fished my phone out of my pocket while they were distracted, noticing the new text message; from Sam, one minute ago.

I need you so bad

I gulped the lump down in my throat, locking my phone and shoving it back into my pocket. Was he mad?! What if someone had seen that? Just as I was about to look up and glare at him I felt his hand wrap around my leg, his fingers pressing into the skin just above my knee.
“What are you doing” I hissed quietly, shoving his hand off my body.
His eyes were full of lust as he looked at me, his cheeks coloured lightly pink.
Just that look on his face brought back a thousand memories of our time together; the heat, the sweat, the pure friction that spread between our bodies as we connected.
The heat pooled in the pit of my stomach, my thighs pressing together and my cheeks flushed. Damn him.
Jumping up off my seat I looked around for my bag, startling both Jess and Claire.
“Are you okay y/n?” Jess asked with concern.
“I’m fine…I just remembered I have so much I need to do…I…I’ll see you later okay?”
I walked away at a fast pace, not caring which direction I was walking, anywhere away from here would do.
Why did Sam have to affect me so much? I couldn’t understand how he got under my skin like that; all I wanted was to forget about my feelings for him, forget about the way he made me feel. Was that too much to ask for?
However nothing I did could remove his image from the back of my mind; the way his hair stuck to his face while he was sweating and panting, his chest heaving from the pure pleasure coursing through his body, the way his arms felt as they wrapped around my thighs, hands squeezing my ass… No! Stop y/n, pull yourself together!

I had almost made it completely out of the courtyard when someone wrapped their hand around the top of my arm, leading me around the corner. I looked up into Sam’s hazel eyes, the breath freezing in my throat; he pushed my body against the brick wall, trapping my hand above my head and forcing his knee between my legs.
“I. Need. You.” He whispered, his hot breath fanning over my collarbone.
“Sam we can’t…someone will see”
“I don’t care”
“I do! What if Jess finds out?”
“Is that what you’re worried about? Honestly?” Sam groaned, rubbing his leg against my thigh.
“Sam I said this was over”
“Come on baby” He cooed, touching his lips against my jaw line, “If  you want me to stop then say so right now”
“Sam…” I moaned, bringing my free hand up to tangle in his hair as he kissed down the side of my neck, sucking a bruise just under my ear.
“Sam?” I heard Jess yell, her voice coming closer towards us with every second.
I shoved Sam off of me, straightening my shirt and combing my fingers through my hair, brushing it over my shoulder to hide Sam’s marking.
Jess came round the corner a second later, halting slightly when she saw the two of us.
“Oh there you are…y/n I didn’t think you were still here”
“Oh uh ah” I stammered, looking for the right words.
“Y/n forgot her phone at lunch, I was just catching up to her to give it back”
The lie slipped off his tongue with ease, his voice normal and smooth, giving nothing away. I was jealous of his ability to act so calm in a situation like this; we were so close to getting caught. This was why I ended it in the first place, so neither of us got hurt…so Jess didn’t get hurt.
We had been best friends since middle school, sharing our first crushes, sharing secrets; the last thing I wanted to do was hurt her but I couldn’t stay away from Sam, we were connected in so many other ways than just sex.
He understood me; understood what it was like coming from a messed up family life, understood what it was like to be the new kid in school, to be the freak nobody wanted to be friends with. We were best friends the minute we met, I would do anything for him and he would for me.
The first time we were ever together was one weekend Jess was away; she was visiting her family up state and I had come around to their apartment for a study session. Three bottles of wine later, one hot make out session and we were under the sheets, waking up in each other’s arms.
“Y/n?” Jess knocked me out of my thoughts.
“Are you coming with us or do you still have things to do?”
I looked down at their intertwined hands, Jess leaning against his side.
“No thanks…I’ll catch up with you guys later”
I turned away, trudging up the sidewalk with my hands stuffed into my jacket pocket, my eyes stinging slightly. Jess really didn’t know how lucky she had it with Sam.


Seven o’clock rolled around with me sitting on my couch, a bottle of wine tucked between my legs with only the dregs left. There was a slight buzz working its way through my system but it wasn’t enough, I needed more.
Huffing out a breath I reached over to the coffee table, grabbing my phone and unlocking the screen. I opened a new message and scrolled through until I found Sam’s name.

 Are you alone?

It only took a second before his reply came through, my phone lighting up with a loud bing.

Yeah, Jess is already out…why?

I’m coming over


I knocked on his front door about fifteen minutes later, the anticipation of what was about to come sending shock waves through my body, a shiver running down my spine. I felt my breath hitch in my throat when Sam opened the door; only in a pair of grey sweats, his chest on full display. I couldn’t stop my eyes from roaming down his figure, biting my lip softly and groaning.
As soon as I was inside and the front door was shut Sam was pushing me up against it. His body pressing deliciously against mine; lips crashing against my own in lustful hunger. His hands held onto my hips, brushing the exposed skin as he pushed my singlet further up my body.
“Sam” I moaned against his neck, gasping when the fabric of my shirt rubbed against the hard nubs on my breasts.
“Need you” He replied, bringing his lips back up to mine and grazing his teeth against my bottom lip.
I parted my mouth to let his tongue in, my eyes fluttering shut as it massaged the roof of my mouth, our saliva mixing together.
When he wrapped his hands around my ass, squeezing slightly I jumped, wrapping my legs around his waist as he held me up.

We made it to the couch in a tangle of limbs, Sam with his back to the cushions, my legs clamped around either side of his hips, hands tugging at his hair. He moaned into my mouth, his erection throbbing against the inside of my thigh. Detaching our lips I shimmied down the couch until I was level with the apex of his legs, my fingers working swiftly as I pulled at the waist band of his sweats, removing him of both them and his boxers in one movement, my mouth salivating at the sight of his hard member springing free, the wetness of his pre cum beading at his slit.
I pumped him slowly in my hand at first, taking the time to admire him in this position; eyes closed, lips parted and a slow whine escaping his throat.
“Ungh y/n” He groaned, “Need…need”
“I know what you need baby” I cooed, leaning down and licking a strip up the underside of his cock. When I reached the top I took his tip into my mouth, spreading the stickiness over my tongue, moaning around him at the taste. Sam bucked his hips up, grabbing a hold of my hair as he fought to control his actions. Hollowing my cheeks I took in more of him, using my hand to stroke what my mouth couldn’t reach.
Sam watched my ministrations through lidded eyes, the flush on his face only spurring me on further; my actions slowly picking up speed.
I could tell that he was getting close to his end, his chest now rising rapidly, his words coming out as strangled moans and groans.
“y/n baby…I can…can’t…wanna be in…in you”
I let him go with a wet pop, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. After catching his breath slightly he shifted so he was hovering over me, pushing my shoulder back gently until my shoulders touched the cushions.

Sam brought his hands up to cup my breasts, his tongue flicking out over the sensitive bud, rolling it through his teeth gently. I closed my eyes and let the sensation of Sam take over, a rush of heat shooting straight to my core.
He moved his lips to my collarbone the same time he snaked one of his hands down across my stomach; his fingers disappearing under the band of my leggings as his mouth left another mark on my skin. A moan left the back of my throat as his fingers ghosted over the one place I needed him.
“Sam please” I groaned, grinding my core down onto his hand.
He pulled my pants from my legs, throwing them over his shoulder, licking his lips as he looked at my most vulnerable area.
“You ready for me baby?” He whispered as he pumped himself a few times, lining himself up along my entrance; dragging his cock along my folds. I nodded my head, reaching up to grab his shoulders, pulling him down until our lips connected again. I gasped as he pushed into me, stopping once he had buried himself completely in my heat, letting me adjust to his size.
A squeeze to the shoulder let him know that I was ready to move, the roll of his hips causing my eyes to close.
“Faster Sammy please” I begged, bringing my hips up to meet each of his thrusts.
His breath was cooling on my hot skin, a thin layer of sweat covering us both. Sam began to pound harder, his skin slapping against mine, each thrust inwards hitting my sweet spot at just the right angle.
“I…I’m not gonna las…last y/n”
“Ugh I know Sam…Sammy me too”
He moved his hand down until he reached my clit, rubbing his thumb in harsh circles; the coil in my stomach winding tighter. I could feel myself reaching my edge, my fingers curling against Sam’s shoulder blades, nails digging into his skin. I came with a cry of his name on my lips, my body shuddering and convulsing as my orgasm shook me, white spots appearing in front of my vision.
After a few more sloppy thrusts Sam reached his high, shooting his load along my walls; the slick stickiness running warm down the insides of my thighs.
I held him tight as he came down, his face buried in the crook of my neck, leaving lazy kisses along my skin.

Reaching around me he grabbed a blanket off the back of the couch, throwing it over our bodies before snuggling back against me.
“Please don’t do this again y/n” He whispered back, his arms tightening around me.
“Sam you know we can’t…it…it’s supposed to be just sex”
“Bullshit y/n I know you don’t believe that”
“It doesn’t matter if I believe it or not Sammy…that’s the way it has to be”
“Because you love Jess”
This was always the hardest part; the harsh reality of our situation being the only thing left after the intimacy had dissipated.
“I love you too y/n”
“Don’t say that Sam”
I shifted myself out from under him, looking around the room for my clothes, keeping my gaze away from Sam. I knew that if I looked at him I wouldn’t want to leave, wouldn’t be able to leave.
“It’s true y/n” He muttered, “And I know you love me too”
“I can’t love you Sam don’t you get it?! I can’t let myself love you because it hurts too much…you don’t know how much it hurts seeing you every day with Jess and not being able to have you…I…I just can’t please don’t make this harder”
I pulled on my pants, grabbing my singlet off the floor and yanking it over my head, ignoring the way Sam was looking at me; his eyes watering slightly, jaw locked tight.
“I can’t let you go though”
“We have to stop Sam”
“I can’t! You mean to much to me”
His arms wrapped around my waist, tugging me back against his body, head resting on the back of my neck, his nose nuzzling against my hair. I was about to argue with him more, pull myself from his grasp when his phone rang from the coffee table, Jess’s name appearing on the screen. Sam looked at it before turning back to me, at war with himself.
“You should get that” I muttered.
Sam sighed, running a hand through his hair as he answered the phone.
“Hey baby…your coming back now?…”
My heart felt like it was tearing itself in two, my stomach churning horribly, just like it did every time I left. Before Sam had the chance to get off the phone I slipped through the front door, making it down the first flight of stairs before the sobs racked through my chest, my eyes blurring with the sudden appearance of tears.
I covered my mouth with my hand, making it down the stairs as fast as I could; the quaking sobs loud and ugly.
Being in love with your best friends boyfriend made everything more difficult…

Klaroline Hades/Persephone Fanfiction

We’ve got a whole week of Klaroline creativity inspired by this myth, so it’s hardly a surprise that the fandom’s talented writers have been inspired by this couple before. Here are some of the brilliant, creative stories that have already been published, enjoy!

Nameless Grace – talking to Tulips

This is a delight; Persephone (going by the human name of Caroline) is fresh young and full of promise. Snatched away by a somewhat remote Hades, she contemplates her life in the modern world as well as her assumptions about him and his realm.  Her eyes are well and truly open in this one shot and it’s incredibly refreshing. When she’s offered the pomegranate what will she choose to do?

The kidnapping of the Light – scifichristian

A great complete, multi chaptered Hades and Persephone inspired fic. It opens in the style of a myth read by a narrator and is full of creative use of the TVD characters. Mystic Falls is a land where the Mikaelsons are gods and mythological creatures are commonplace. It’s clear the author enjoys the trope and uses it brilliantly.

Child of the underworld – scifichristian

A sequel to “The kidnapping of the light”, pretty much what you’d expect from the title. It’s 3 chapters of pure fluff, and it’s wonderful!

Underworld Love – scifichristian

Hades kidnaps Persephone of course, that’s how the story goes. But did he drag her kicking and screaming to the underworld? Or was his goddess of spring willing, and the act nothing more than the desperation of a couple who long to be together? It’s fabulously fluffy and well worth a read

Pandemonium –  lovelylynn92

Klaus as Hades is joined by Elijah and Rebekah in the underworld, with the rest of the TVD cast playing supporting roles in this mythology version of klaroline. Klaus has been waiting for his future queen to appear and meets her on her 5thbirthday but he vows to let her grow up normally before staking his claim. When the time comes he begins to seduce her with some very interesting dreams and Caroline is powerless to resist. The mythology/TVD blending here is really well written and the characterisation is lovely. It’s incomplete and left at something of a cliffhanger but it’s a lovely read nevertheless. 

The Dark Light-  onlyklarolinefeels

Klaus is a hybrid in this and Caroline the human who fascinates him. He sees in her the queen who will rule New Orleans by his side forming the link between him and his people that he has struggled to make on his own. Of course being Klaus he attempts to persuade her into this position by kidnapping her and chaining her in a dungeon. It’s not a winning strategy. He is left scrabbling to make up lost ground in this fun, interesting fic.  

They’ll name a city after us – GrayDoll

I wish I could express how well written this one shot is. It is spare and haunting and is one of those pieces that just stays with you. Klaus feels damaged and Caroline is not perfect. The underworld is harsh and dreary rather than opulent and seductive. It is angsty, but like that other Greek myth, Pandora’s box, at the end there is the flutter of hope and that is a beautiful thing. 

Teach me to stay –  devotedtoanideal the least directly related to the original myth of all the fics on this list, this one shot uses it as a parallel canon only. It is deftly written and has a lovely ambiguity, which I find hard to resist. It’s a quick but beautiful read. 

This is What Happens: You come Home – sevenisles is a fic that describes Caroline coming home to Klaus, I’m kind of cheating here because it just contains references to the hades/Persephone myth, but it’s smutty and lyrical and I love it so in it goes! 

Match Made in Hell – Jennifer Vo

Look no further than this fic for a more direct retelling of the myth. All the TVD characters have roles to play from Finn as Zeus to Alaric as Dionysus. It’s fun, fast paced and engaging.

I’m kind of cheating here because I did this years ago, buuuut Julie Dillon is holding a mermaid art challenge and, loving mermaids and also being a Pisces, I can’t ignore the call! The challenge goes till March 10, so I’ll try to do something new before then.

This design’s based on the Caribbean Monk Seal - the only Caribbean seal species that I’m aware of - which sadly has been missing for more than fifty years, and was declared extinct in 2008.

The field of dreams // insp

Fanfiction Writer's Appreciation Day

I remember doing this last year (over here) and feel like there are some things I wanna say (or repeat) to you:

@airbender-dacyon - Dan, I discovered your fanfiction by reading “A Future (and Past) Unwritten”, which was a very surreal story that somehow captivated me. I’ve read the beginning of “To Win Her Hand” and a lot of other amazing stories you’ve written.

@amiraelizabeth - You’re one of the most passionate fangirls defending Lin Beifong (and you draw beautiful fanart of her too!). I love reading those tiny headcanons you come up with for Lin and Tai.

@avatarwindboy - Natalie, I honestly enjoy reading Aang’s thoughts as well as your beautifully written Kataang fics! You’re my one and only fave Aang RP blog.

@cassidy-alice - Cassidy, your writing has such a cheerful/positive aura, so whenever I see another one of your Kataang stories, I already know what I’m getting myself into and I look forward to reading.

@chelberno1 - You write the sweetest Kataang fics! I’m so sorry for not following, but my dash is quite full and you deserve all the love!

@eskalations - Kayla, if you see this, I hope everything’s going well and know that I love your fics so much! They never leave me without emotion. You’re one of the first among my favourite writers (and gif-makers).

@hailkuvira - Those few long stories you wrote for Kataang Week 2016 really touched me and were some of my favourites this year!

@ilarual - Laura Li, I remember when you were still known as ’themelonlordapproves’ and going through your blog back when I didn’t have a blog of my own. I don’t think I’ve found as much interesting Avatar meta anywhere else as I did on your blog. And I also managed to read a few of your Kataang fics, which were great!

@jinoras-light - Madeline, my fellow Kya fan, I really miss seeing you here! I still remember your heartbreaking and utterly adorable fanfics. Wishing you all the best!

@kataracy - Isis, I loved “Doctor/Patient Confidentiality” and the trilogy (?) you wrote about Katara dealing with her friends Nutha and Niyok while Aang supported her (when “The Rift” came out). You’ve written so many stories, which differ in theme.

@letthepickaxedothetalking - James, I’ve seen your progress from the very beginning and I’m so happy for how far you’ve come! From your first story to participating in Kataang Week 2016.

@lg2124 - Your Kataang fics are original, quite funny, short and sweet!

@mindatworkk - Atarah.. where do I even begin? There’s a lot I get to enjoy by following you. Just a few days ago, I felt like something was missing from my dash when you didn’t have anything queued. I believe you’re one of my fave people on Tumblr. And I’m pretty sure I’ve read every single one of your fics, which usually give me a warm, happy feeling inside.

@obbsessedturtle - Ana, I’m aware that you’ve moved to the ML fandom (I’ve yet to take that important step because so much to do, so little time..). And when I join you there, I’ll hopefully find enough time to read those new long fics of yours. But I can’t stress enough how much I love your modern Avatar AUs, too!

@secretsecrettunnel - Marie, The Supreme, I’ve gone through your masterlist, read most of your fics-written-for-asks and Kataang Week is one of my favourite things I love about this fandom.

@spirit-koi - Katie, if you see this, I hope you’re doing well. You’re still one of my favourite writers, among one of the first I discovered here and whose stories I could follow from the beginning. Your fics never left me without emotion, either - I laughed, I smiled, I sobbed, my heart melted.

@spiritxofxkuroshio - Those short ficlets you wrote for Kataang Week 2016 were all so sweet and I absolutely adored them! I just discovered how much you’ve written besides that and I wanna read everything!

@sweetavidyajones - I enjoy those modern AUs and love the (nsfw) Kataang fics!

@tashiandnima - I’m kind of cheating here, cause you’re actually drawing the story as a comic, but I think you guys deserve all the promoting you get. The airbenders’ story is something I haven’t seen documented so well and realistically before. Everybody should definitely check out “The Tale of Tashi and Nima”!