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april is the cruelest month, is it not?

WidowReaper Week, day 1: Catalyst

a spark, something that gets things started.



When Talon first made use of his mercenary services, it was nothing more than petty robbery.

What Reaper hadn’t expected however, was that Talon had assigned Widowmaker to accompany him; she was already strapped in, sitting impassively on the metal bench in the hull of the drop ship. He seated himself opposite to her, back straight and arms crossed over his chest, and he didn’t exchange so much as a word with her during the flight.

When Reaper caught her watching him with her bright eyes, she seemed to regard him with the same kind cool curiosity of a cat looking down on an ant.

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Cat’s In Trouble

I had serious problems with deciding what kind of trouble Cat would get into.  I knew her mouth would get her into some kind of trouble because she has her Papi’s big mouth, but she also had her daddy’s warm and really sweet heart, so I was trying to widdle down the long list of trouble she could get herself into, so I bring you…

In other circumstances Samuel and Rafael would be happy to meet with the assistant principal, but today, was not one of those days.

Rafael was quite peeved he needed to leave his office and had snapped at Carmen when he’d left (He’d have to apologize later).  And Samuel had to leave his classroom at lunch to go to Catalina’s school.

The parents carried frowns as they met each other in the hallway.

“Did they tell you anything?” Rafael muttered as he greeted his Samuel.

“No, just that she had been a bit mouthy with a teacher.” Samuel eyed his husband as he tried to hide his smirk. “Rafael, I’m glad our daughter is knowledgeable and willing to speak her mind, but there is a time and place to mouth off. She needs to understand her boundaries.” Rafael stopped in his tracks and turned to face his husband.

“When I was sent to the principal’s office in high school,” Samuel sighed. “Listen.” Rafael spoke firmly. “The times I was sent to the principal’s office, everything I said was completely justifiable and within my rights to say. These students should be allowed to voice their opinions.”

“Honey, whoa, I’m not saying–” Samuel paused. “I happen to think students have a right to speak their mind and voice their opinions, freedom of speech is important for education purposes and a part of growing up and becoming better citizens. However, this can be done without disrupting the learning environment.”

“How do we know she was disrupting the learning environment?” Rafael challenged taking a step forward. “All the information we received was that she mouthed off to a teacher.” Samuel rolled his eyes.

“Can we just go.” He started walking.

They found Cat sitting on the bench in front of the office sporting an exaggerated pout one foot the bench the as her other leg hung off the side. She held a book in her hand, but it didn’t look as though she was reading. Her dads stood in front of her and she looked up when she noticed them.

“Hey!” She instantly perked up. “I’m sorry about all this.” She smirked. “I’m sure once you talk to them, everything will be A-Ok.”

“Why is that?” Rafael furrowed his eyebrows.

“Well, because you can probably fix this whole thing.” She watched as her dads faces shifted. “No! I don’t mean you will fix it like when all those rich kids who need something and their families just fix the problem…I mean, if a lawyer and a man who has worked in the profession of the persecutor walks into his office and those men were to listen completely objectively, of course, then you will see how unjust this whole situation has been.”

Rafael smirked softly at how lawyerly his daughter was being, Samuel however didn’t look as convinced.

“Cat what happened?” Samuel asked taking a seat next to her. Rafael sat on the other side.

“Well, you see, my history teacher completely grazed over Eleanor Roosevelt’s sexuality during our history lesson. I for one was completely offended, how could he do that? I mean, normally we always discuss details about historic figures, but not for Eleanor Roosevelt? What the hell?”

“Catalina!” Samuel scolded.

“No, but why wouldn’t he even just mention it in passing? It’s not hard to just mention that she could have been queer! It’s not hard, she’s this phenomenal women, so why is it so unbelievable that she was queer?”


“No, don’t tell me you wouldn’t have said something Papi!” She glared at Rafael.

“No one is saying, you were wrong in sticking up for the LGBT community,” Samuel smiled softly. “I happen to agree with you, I always include details like this when I teach.”

“Exactly!” Cat sat back exasperated.

“Hello,” the assistant principal greeted the family. “Why don’t you come through.” She lead them into her office and gestured to the seats in front of her desk.

“Well, how wonderful to meet the both of you. I’m Maria De Mara,”

“Yes, I only wish it were in better circumstances,” Samuel nodded shaking her hand. Rafael shook her hand next before they all took their seats. Catalina still sat sporting a deep pout.

“Nice to meet you.”

“So, I see Catalina, had an argument with Mr. Baker?” Catalina scoffed meeting both Rafael and Samuel’s glare.

De Mara smiled lightly at the pouting girl across from her.

“I can’t help, but agree with the topic of conversation.” Cat looked up at the woman in surprise.

“You agree?” Samuel asked.

“Oh, yes,” she smirked. “However, your approach to the situation was a bit abrasive Miss Barba-Wilson.” Cat rolled her eyes. “If you’re going to argue with someone about concerns you need to know how to approach the situation.” Cat crossed her arms.

“We’re trying to teach her the time and place to voice her opinions.” Rafael spoke out.

“Having a DA as a father is probably where this desire of wanting her voice heard comes from.” She raised an eyebrow. “Am I correct in that line of inquiry.”

“You’d be right.” Samuel chuckled.

“Am I still in trouble?” Cat leaned forward.

“Unfortunately,” De Mara sighed. “We can’t let you speak to a teacher in the way you did.”

“He was disregarding the idea that Eleanor Roosevelt could possibly be queer! He didn’t even let us see the letters or give us any resources to explore the idea!”

“Catalina!” De Mara cut her off before Rafael had the chance. “I completely agree, but you need to learn when to voice your opinions and in front of a classroom of students in this case was not time and place.  You can approach him after class or after school.” She nodded folding her hands on her desk.

“What kind of discipline will she be receiving?” Rafael inquired.

“I don’t intend on giving her some kind of detention because this is her first reported offense,” she chuckled, knowing this situation had happened in the past, but Mr. Baker was the first to report it. “She will have to apologize to Mr. Baker.”

“No way!”

“Cat!” Rafael glared.

“Papi! Come on, like you would have let what happened slide!”

“Cat!” Samuel sighed.

“And dad, you always talking about how representation matters and how we should embrace all people with a warm heart.”

“Your papi, would apologize when seen the light of the situation and you will too.” Samuel finalized.


“Catalina, I do think I have something in mind for you, if you apologize.” De Mara defused the situation.

“What like some kind of deal?” Cat asked with smile.

“Yes,” she smirked.  “I want to create a social justice group here and you’d be perfect to help make it happen, but I need you to be accountable for your actions, so are you in?”


“Alright then,” She nodded. “You will write a letter, with the help of your parents,” they nodded. “And then you’ll be a part of this great new student group.”

“Wow!” Catalina jumped excitedly.

“Wait,” she laughed. “Sit for one more moment Catalina.” Cat sat down obediently.

“I have seen you stick up for different people in the hallways, you almost always carry a smile, you have a huge heart, and you also have a big mouth.” Cat smiled softly. “You are truly a wonderful and stand out individual, so I hope I can count on you.”

“You can!” Cat smiled.

“Alright Catalina,” she handed Cat a late slip. “On to your next class.” Cat hugged her dads and left the office.

“You are raising a great kid there,” De Mara stood up and shook hands with the two men in front of her.

“Thank you.” Samuel smiled. “We love her.”

“That we do.” Rafael nodded. “Well, if you’ll excuse me I am needed in court soon and Samuel is needed in the classroom.”

“Of course, Mr. Barba.” She nodded.

“Have a wonderful day.”

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What are some of your favorite pet portraits that you've drawn?

Gosh I’ve done 300 pet portraits by now so there’s definitely A FEW. Here are some of my best recent ones (not including this round’s commissions).

au where Mari and Adrien are astronauts just because I wanted to draw them in space suits

@powerdragonmoon I redrew them better and in half the time B)

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