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James Potter is the guy who was kind of a dick when he got to high school but cleaned up his act by junior year and went on to become a human rights lawyer with the ACLU because he knew he could make more of a difference fighting for what’s right instead of getting into schoolyard brawls

Severus Snape is the guy who thinks that just because you’ve been friends for years you’ll eventually have sex with him and then after you drop him like a hot potato because hes been spending too much time on 4chan and reddit and started hanging out with guys who make racist and sexist remarks and then say “it’s just a joke!!” only for him to call you a slur in front of the whole school he joins a white supremacist group with his new buds and starts harassing women and minorities online and then in public and then is arrested for planning to shoot up a women’s college only to get off because he’s a white guy and now he teaches at your old high school

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Hi, I just want to tell you have I nice day, I admire you so much :3 ♡


This is just adorable, seriously! ;u;
It’s sure that I’ll have a nice one if I start it being showered by your lovely words. Thank you so much for your message Catyuffie! I hope you’ll have a wonderful day too! *hugs tighter*

*whispers* I feel the luckiest by being admired by such a kind person as you! ♥ 
*throws more love on Catyuffie*

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How would the brothers react to the heroine sleeping a lot on her free time, but not technically lazy and would still do something if asked. (Would they slide in for the cuddles B))?)

Admin Mawile: (*・~・*)

Shuu: If you’re going to sleep all the time too, then he might as well use you as his personal, heated body pillow. 

Reiji: The constant napping reminds him far too much of the good for nothing, and you will be severely punished for the laziness. 

Ayato: If all you ever do is sleep, then you’re more boring than his brother. It’s no fun if you never move. 

Kanato: While he does appreciate that you’re quiet like a doll, he also tends to take the sleeping as ignoring him. 

Laito: Sleeping all the time is fine, as long as you don’t complain when he turns it into another kind of sleeping. 

Subaru: At least you’re quiet and out of the way. Napping all the time is still better than if you were loud and annoying. 

Ruki: Laziness is unacceptable, no matter how you may try to make exudes. You must behave like proper, industrious livestock. 

Kou: You’re boring asleep all the time, and he’ll either start finding creative ways to wake you, or leave you to find some other prey. 

Yuuma: He’ll force you awake whenever he feels like it, and put you to work in his garden since you obviously don’t have anything else to do. 

Azusa: He has trouble sleeping most of the time, but, if you let him, it looks like it would be very nice to curl up near you warmth. 

Carla: Idleness is unbecoming, and you must show some motivation if you are to be a partner he can show off. 

Shin: It’s no fun if you sleep all the time, and he’ll frequently force you to get up and entertain him instead of wasting time. 

I recently learned that when someone with ADHD has to work or focus on a task, they use a different part of their brain than neurotypical people.

So it would be like cleaning a kitchen floor with a toothbrush. It’s not that you can’t clean a floor with a toothbrush, because you can, technically, it’s just that a toothbrush was never designed to clean a floor. So by the time you’re done, it took longer, it was harder, and you’re exhausted. You may or may not have skipped over some parts and just said “F*ck it” because you were just too tired to put that much energy into it.

That’s kind of why people with ADHD have so much trouble with work and chores and it wears them out so much.

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I could put aside the PR nature of Chiam and accept they're just the kind of couple where one side enjoys the publicity a little too much if it weren't for the backwards way in which the whole thing started- beginning with the shady Sophiam breakup, foreshadowing via matching hand and ass tattoos, the fact that there were pregnancy rumors from the second they made their public debut (and the strange RBB connection lmao). This baby is not made of silicone though so I guess that's progress

Same, I just can’t forget any of it. And considering the very early and purposeful pregnancy rumours, I can’t really give credit to the “ooh, it was a regular stunt but they randomly fell in love/fell in bed and boom” excuse. Not sure where that leaves me, though. 

This baby might actually move and make sounds and open his eyes in the first three months of his life, I know! At this rate, Niall will be given an almost normal/believable baby stunt next year, yay!

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If Kiibo had the digestive system like real gastro bot, what do you think he'd eat first? ( Note: meat has too much fat to be turned into biofuel so be careful what you choose. O^O this is for science!)

He’d probably go for the best first, aka sweets. 

He’d get really eager about trying out all kind of sweets and he’d even bake some muffins and cookies himself. Ouma would make jokes about Kiibo’s robooty gaining weight, but can a robot’s weight even change? 

Kiibo would be passionate about cooking but being really terrible at it… which means the cast has to suffer cause they don’t want to burst the bubble.

So this is harley speaking, the only mod of this blog. I don’t really talk about this a lot on this blog since that’s not what this is about, but I don’t have a great home life or mental health state at all, ever really. It’s gotten to be much more than I can handle. I’m really really sorry to all of you. Running this blog has been amazing and I can’t thank you enough, it’s helped me and made me incredibly happy at times to be involved in the online Jewish community. I’ve read every kind message that has been sent to me and I love each and every one, and I love each and every one of you. I hope you all don’t miss me too much, but killing myself will be what’s best for everyone in my life right now. Shalom all, and g-d bless all of you.

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I've been following you for a while and at first I didn't want to say anything,but I love you so much!! You're so nice and kind, and talented I want to be just like you! Can u let me be in your squad? Plz?

And everyone can be in my squad bc ily all dkjdksks


i had never envisioned that this little solo OC would ever get to one hundred let out five hundred!! but he has, and you were all so kind and so open to embracing him and letting him (and me) be a part of your world too for the last year. i just love all of you and this means so much to me!!


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 (i definitely forgot people but pls know that i love you so much)

March 27th - Hanahaki Disease / Osoro

[Hanahaki Disease explanation and Ayano’s picture] / [Budo’s picture] / [Oka’s picture (+Process)] / [Pippi and Ryuto’s picture] / [Riku and Kokona’s picture] / [Kuu Dere’s picture]

“Wh-what…What the hell is this thing that I feel?! I shouldn’t be feeling like this..! T-to be in… love… Dammit!!”

If there is something important that I had in mind about Osoro, is that she is kind of a tsundere, not as extreme as Osana, but Osoro probably is tough and blunt on the outside but also has a soft side (considering that she does fall for senpai). At being the leader of the other delinquents in the school but also aware that she is judged too much because of her reputation, she always tries to look strong and cold, so when she starts to fall in love for senpai and also cough flowers, she would feel really humiliated for have the disease and those “weak” feelings.

The flower was kinda hard to decide, but I ended up choosing the Carnation, which symbolizes pride and beauty, which I think fits her, but with the color yellow it also represents disdain, rejection or disappointment, part that would be related to her delinquent life.

Ship for @writing-obrien:

Hey, so I don’t know what kinda facts to give but I guess I’ll just start. I’m Chloe, I love love love Star Wars, MARVEL/DC, those kinda films. I’m always on my phone or laptop or iPad, always listening to music. I’d say I actually have quite a large social group, I’m not ‘typically popular’ but I’m friends with everyone and for some reason I’m some kind of Pandora’s box he uses everyone tell me everything?? I guess I’m trust worthy then. I prefer to relax and hang out and I’m super lazy, I love sweats and vests and flannels but I also love getting all dressed up every once in a while. I love to sleep, cuddle, bake, read, write and draw. Is this enough?? I hope it’s not too much lol

I ship you with:


The two of you were a perfect match. You were able to not only understand every single one of his bitter movie references, no, you had a witty reply ready as well. It had the pack laughing and Stiles blushing but he adored you for your sass and that little smirk you’d give afterwards to show him you had won this round.

Whenever there was something the pack needed to find out in order to save everyone’s ass again, you had your iPad right with you, loaded with the information you needed because contrary to Stiles, you didn’t wait for someone to die to start your research. 

It wasn’t even just that that had him grumble incoherently about you at night. How could he not fall for you? With your pretty eyes and the fact that you were the best baker in the world, or that even though you must’ve been exhausted from all the secrets your friends indulged you in, you’d never dare to tell them anyone or that you probably owned more sweats than the rest of your friends together.

Yup, the two of you were a perfect match. Stiles was sure of it. And you’d be too once he told you about that. The way you actually had gotten together might not have been as romantic as he imagined it to be but he sure as hell wouldn’t complain…

He always had the idea of you thinking about him while getting off, because, well, because he certainly did think of you while getting off. But to actually hear you fucking moan his name followed by a noise he’d probably never forget was more than he ever could’ve asked for. Let’s just say you didn’t mind him finding you like this, and he didn’t mind joining you. You actually were a pretty damn good match after all.

Stiles just wished he would’ve come around sooner to borrow that Deadpool DVD from you.

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okay but imagine:

the team captains (kuroo, bokuto, oikawa, and ushijima) were going to hang out, but daichi doesn’t show up.  he sends a quick text saying that he’s bailing, which of course seems very odd to his buddies, who know him to be the most reliable of the group (with ushijima at a close second, but he has too much of a tendency to get hopelessly lost to really compete).  so bokuto and kuroo have the brilliant shared idea (”are you thinking what i’m thinking” kind of thing) that they should go take care of him.  of course the other two jump right on bored.

this is sweet and all, but they were not prepared to actually deal with super-pukey and feverish daichi who cries about how suga is on vacation and how he doesn’t deserve suga and is literally just crying for no reason more often than not.  to make things worse, oikawa will be fighting ushijima the whole time, and ushijima only infuriates him more by being completely oblivious to his taunts, despite the fact that his comebacks are on point.  bokuto panics and because oikawa is in a bad mood he insults poor bo, who ends up crying along with daichi, maybe snuggling with him despite kuroo’s alarmed shout that “you are so going to get sick if you do that, bo!”  ushijima is trying to help, but he’s somehow just adding to the chaos: trying to make soup but making a mess instead, stuff like that.  meanwhile, kuroo is the only sane one, but he’s losing it pretty quickly, too, because daichi is really sick and still throwing up and glares at kuroo whenever he tries to take care of him and everyone else is just falling apart and oikawa keeps insulting kuroo’s hair.  as if that weren’t enough, ushijima keeps agreeing with him, and now they’re forming some sort of anti-kuroo alliance and he has no idea what he did to deserve this.

@thehallowedangel check it out, i typed up our first scenario while procrastinating X’D  hope you enjoy!

- cas  =v=

As much as I don’t care for Lena kissing anyone but Kara, my bisexual ass also thinks that Lena kissing Jack in the promo is kind of hot? Pls don’t murder me.
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Yuzuru Hanyu - Helsinki 2017, Day 2

This interview was held after his morning practice:

I’ve really been able to be carefree going into this competition, and also I think I’ve been able to go through practice whilst concentrating on my skating.* So in that sense there isn’t any kind of strange pressure and I think probably I can stay calm, be confident and make adjustments (to my program) for the actual event.

*this sentence has been cut. It’s actually “whilst concentrating on my skating - cut - well, I’ve been able to go through practice”. He probably talked too much again :)

A second news clip also quoted him:

(I want to take) the limits of what I can do and, no matter what, just stretch those boundaries to their absolute limit and in that condition make a challenge for the championship - I think that’s the most important thing to do.

The linked second news clips has footage of his practice session, but the interview starts off from the “so in that sense” bit. The new sentence is way at the end.

Courtesy of yuzu_figure

we did another figure drawing session today with a model in my drawing class, and id consider this 30 minute rough sketch an improvement from the last session? the arms are still eh since i didn’t spend too much time on them…but i kind of liked how how the upper body came out ;v;

(also i wasnt using charcoal this time…graphite is a lot easier for me to just doodle and do my own thing. and its easier to erase ;u;)

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A question that has interested me for a long time...How would you describe the relationship between a Cityspeaker and their Titan ? Parent/child, mentor/mentee, employer/employee, deity/priest, teammates etc. ? Is there a comparable meaning at all ?

Well it obviously depends on the titan and the CitySpeaker. I would say that CitySpeakers are trained in general to think of themselves as caretakers, advocates and translators for titans. I originally kind of thought of it as the idealized relationship between the Medieval Pope and God (in which the Pope is his earthly voice and representative), because the titans are sacred to CitySpeakers. But obviously it’s not a direct translation.

Remember one of Windblade’s issues as a CitySpeaker early on is that she puts too much of herself in the conversation. I think more conservative CitySpeakers see their job as strictly translating and relaying a titan’s wisdom and instructions whereas Windblade has clearly developed a more personal relationship with Metroplex. She would advocate things for him she thought would help him, even if he himself didn’t necessarily ask. I think Metroplex views Windblade in a very paternal fashion, but that’s only their particular relationship.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

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On the topic of depression ppl were attacking you about earlier: I wonder if they're not familiar with the classic nature/nurture debate because that's essentially what they're getting upset about. Being aware that people's situations/ behaviors can be damaging to their mental health is not the same thing as blaming them for being depressed. And getting so upset at this idea as if it's new is a overreaction. I get the impression they're just not understanding what you're saying...

It also seems to me that many people respond to the posts I make as if those ideas are my ideas rather than the majority opinion of the clinical psych field, and that they are new ideas. (Those people are giving me way too much credit). Many people do seem to be unfamiliar with the nature/nurture debate- which makes sense if they haven’t studied psych or related fields, I’m not sure how much the media focuses on those kinds of theories. There also seems to be a subset of current thought- mostly in the public sphere vs. professional -that any discussion of non-biological causes (aside from perhaps trauma causes) is “blaming” people with mental health issues for those issues.