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I’m going on vacation! 🙌
I won’t be able to upload so much this week so here you have this today’s little sketch video 😊
I don’t usually show the process of my illustrations because I’m afraid to mess it up but if you like it I’ll try to do this kind of stuff more often 😄

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So I had an idea that went through my mind for a creature so I decided to do a drawing of it. 

The Kyilns are curious creatures, when they encounter something new that does not seems or feel dangerous to them, they’ll always approach to observe.

The Kyilns are social creatures, living in packs of two up to a hundred and more individuals. They developed a very complex communication system based on their ability to produce melodies but also on their antennaes and their three pair of eyes. The color of the eyes changes depending on what seems to be three general emotions : Neutral/Calm, Angry, Afraid (Blue/Light blue, Red, and Violet respectively). Then, the antennaes change colors to further clarify the emotion they want to convey, such as Curiosity, Empathy, Worry, Happiness, Annoyed, Hurting, Love and much more…

ryuuenx  asked:

You should do 9 and/or 32 for that art thing. Because reasons!

9. Draw yourself in your favorite outfit

I don’t really have a fav outfit right now. Body changed (LOL ADULTHOOD) and nothing I liked before 3 years ago looks good on me anymore.

Instead, I’m cheating. Here’s me cosplaying Iwamine Shuu because quite honestly, his style is my “regular work clothes” look - I owned all of the pieces with the exception of that specific purple for a shirt and the matching tie. Honestly. I wore this to class (bc Momocon is literally a 10 min walk from work…) and my students and coworkers were like “wow, you look slightly fancier than usual! Cute!”

I really didn’t have the confidence to be like “yeah, this is a character… >_>;”

So basically, I’m saying that I can get away with being a psychopathic killer on the daily.

32. Draw yourself drawing yourself drawing yourself


this was… not as bad as I thought it’d be lol

I realized I haven’t drawn Rose before and had to fix it immediately

28 days until Fates is out in Australia/Europe!

I fell in love with Setsuna mostly because of that little victory song she sings after killing an enemy

shes the best

“Jane, I love your shoes!!”

“………thanks, you’re pretty cool too.”

Blue Exorcist Strings of Fate AU where there are multiple strings (non-physical, most of the time, unless you’re actively interacting with them), different colours for whichever kind of relationship it is. And if one person has feelings coloured a certain way, it doesn’t always have to match up with the other person’s feelings; the string might start out with red romance feelings on one end, and be golden friendship feelings on the other. (Which is fine as long as it doesn’t rot the bond.)

When Rin awakens as a demon by pulling out the sword, all of his strings are burnt various shades of blue. They can still be told apart, but it’s like seeing things in greyscale, but blue. Most of the others just think it’s translating certain kinds of ‘blue’ feelings, until they see him draw the sword in the forest, and oh look, the strings attached to him went whoosh with blue fire for a moment again.

(They’d been able to ignore/not notice that before. This, though? This is pretty noticeable. Unmistakably so.)

Yukio first notices that he’s changing and awakening when he notices the strings attached to his fingers start to gain blue strands. And slowly the blue starts creeping in… by millimetres. Which is hardly useful. No wonder he’s getting aggravated and frustrated. This isn’t useful.

Space Mermaid !!!
Because I find the idea of mermaids living in space really cool. :)
This is the first on a series of four Space Mermaids. The next ones are Green, Blue and Red. \o\ (After that, I kind of want to draw Planets Mermaids !)
I’m having so much fun~~~

They will also eventually be fond on TeePublic as designs for T-shirts and other things. I’ll post the link when it’ll be done. :D


Bonus : Speedpaint !