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could you please do a fic rec of your favourite fics that are like either unique/not well known or that you think are hidden gems? i need some good new stuff to read! 💜

do you have a favourite 1 chapter fic, nothing too long but detailed? <3 much love

okay so i’m gonna kind of mesh these two asks together bc i feel like a lot of the fics i would rec for either would cross over quite a bit so!!! this is definitely not gonna be a massive list of all my fave fics because there is wAy too many but these are the ones i usually go back to a lot!! here u go

hidden gems/unique fics/some fave oneshots:

  • ghosting by angelwarm: yall listen to me this author is in my opinion the most underrated fic writer in this whole fandom like,,,,,this fic truly knocks me on my ass every time with emotion and nostalgia and pain. unlike anything i’ve ever read before and probably will read. amazing characters, amazing story-telling and imagery, and the ending makes me sob. haven’t read this once without crying
  • rose and white dawn by angelwarm: again i’m just going to rec everything by angelwarm they are truly amazing. another beautifully written fic that makes me just want to cry, harry carves jewellery and louis is just,,,,,,,,,,,,,,jUST GO READ IT OKAY
  • devil in the bible belt by tinybeautifultales: this is a shameless au that will destroy you and put you back together again. louis is fiona and harry is jimmy (steve??? lmao) and it is sO gorgeously written. the way that louis opens up to harry and vice versa in this fic is sO real and raw and powerful. please read this fic and then come cry with me about it
  • your quietest voice by flimsy: this. fic. fucked. me. UP. flimsy is truly too good for us all. such a unique and captivating plot, they have this amazing ability to make things so vivid and i always read this when i don’t know what to go to. i’m also just a hoe for fics that mess with time and alternate dimensions
  • from the love to the lightning: this has been orphaned and i can’t remember who the og author is,,,but,,,,my gOD,,,,ya’ll,,,,,this left me screaming into my pillow in frustration and then crying into my pillow in frustration because the way that h+l fall in and out with each other in this fic is so painful and well done. i can’t even explain the feelings it gives me. one of my favourite fic harry’s and it just hUrts me and i love it
  • a red-dusted planet by onewasturning: i think i felt instantly connected to this fic because 1. it’s set in aus and 2. it’s beautifully done. it’s so hard to find fic that’s written with an australian setting/background and this is just. everything. this fic means so muCH to me?? the first time i read it i was breathless the whole way through. so sensual and vivid. h+l are absolute gems.
  • the fox you’ve been waiting for by feelsforbreakfast: i have never read this fic without crying and i’m pretty sure i’ve read it 300 times at this point??? it makes my chest achey and heavy and i just want to reach into my screen and pull louis into the tightest hug. harry is an absolute darling in this fic, one of my fave harry characterisations ever. so bittersweet and beautiful and in my opinion one of the best fics we have in this fandom go read it immediately
  • nothing’s gonna hurt you, baby by kingsoftheimpossible: this fic,,,,is,,,,so weird,,,,,,,,in the best fucking way,,,,,,truly incredible writing and such a unique plot !!!! read it !!!!! also check out devil town by the same author that fic just genuinely fucks me up hard i have nothing more to say
  • the lunatic, the lover, and the poet by juliusschmidt: thIS FIC IS SO CUTE AND HARRY MUST BE PROTECTED AND THEYRE BOTH ABSOLUTELY HOPELESS PLEASE READ (also it’s so lovely and the poem they write together while they’re in class,,,,,,,fuck me up)
  • want a scar that looks just like you by deadspy: this is zouis but i couldn’t not include it,,,,,,,,,,,read it and you’ll see why (then come sob w me in my inbox thanks)
  • the same ground by navigator: i genuinely love every navigator fic EVeR but i think this one might take the cake??? this and some things take root are both just life changing but for some reason the same ground just leaves me a hollow husk of a human before it fills me back up with warmth
  • and so far so good by checkthemargins: breaks you to pieces and puts you back together in tinier pieces. this made my chest ache so much,,,,,they are so ::::(((((((((((
  • rivers ‘til i reach you by embodied: uM anything liz writes fucks me up entirely??? this fic is absolutely stUnning???? please do yourselves a favour and read this masterpiece,,,,leaves me feeling fuzzy with nostalgia and i lovelovelove h+l in this fic so much
  • all the place you’ve got by glitteryandroid: dark and twisted and so intensely perfect. this fic is absolutely gripping and im truly obsessed with it, its the kind of fic that should have 60k hits and everyone talking about it. ive never read anything like it before and this type of style is genuinely my absolute favourite,,,i love to be challenged and played with and messed with as a reader and this fic does that so well. please check it out and then come talk to me about it because i have sO much to say omg

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I’m asking a bunch of Shakespeare people this because I’m curious to see if the fandom comes to any kind of consensus—what, in your opinion, are the most overrated and underrated Shakespeare plays?

this has nothing to do with how much i like these plays (because i love many of the ones that i think are overrated and really dislike some that are underrated and vice versa) but here are a few for each category in my very humble opinion:

overrated: hamlet, romeo and juliet, othello, macbeth, a midsummer night’s dream
underrated: the comedy of errors, troilus and cressida, two gentlemen of verona, cymbeline, coriolanus

you can also read my informal guide to (many of) the plays here!!

Cupcakke being bullied off of twitter + Insta

Ok so this is what we have come to, fandoms attacking artists and making them leave their accounts.

Wow, great job.

Cupcakke is one of the best artists I have ever had the luck to stumble across, she is kind, beautiful and underrated. All she does is give, she gives to her fans more than most artists and is a really respectable person despite the general idea that she is “sex obsessed and gross.”

So when she gets bullied off of Twitter, I am gonna put my opinion out there. Yes, I may be insignificant in her career but she deserves support where she can get it.

Kpop fans have begun to attack her, telling her to kill herself, saying they’re gonna close her account, calling her a dog and just a bunch of absolutely vile crap.

They have no right to do this, sure she may have an interest in Jungkook but that doesn’t allow you to be possessive over a man you aren’t even close to. You pretend to know these idols without realising they’re personas a lot of the time and are guided by a company. They have their own personal lives and they do what they want. You can’t dictate their lives so don’t attack others like you’re protecting this person.

Cupcakke did nothing against Jungkook; from what I have heard all she said is that she wanted to fuck him, and even if she does so do a lot of people (most likely you too) but you don’t attack them; you don’t need to attack them or anyone at all, the reason you are is because Cupcakke is famous in her own right and she is easy to target because she is a solo artist and has controversial content, also probably because they don’t like being sexualised but you could’ve just told her politely or left it to them but you are probably guilty of sexualising him too anyways; so stop being hypocritical and attempting to make yourselves look good to your idols because honestly you’re just making yourselves look racist and stupid.

Honestly y’all can be real toxic, shitty people sometimes and I know that a lot of BTS fans love Cupcakke but for the select stans who have attacked her: get a life and leave good people alone.

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I totally agree with the whole L thing from Death Note. I'm sorry, but I just can't connect with his character. I see people raving about his acting, which is superb, of course, but I just can't see past the fact that he replaced the role of a Japanese character. I'm all about better representation in film for POCs, but at this point there are more black characters in important roles than there are Asian. Yes both groups are underrated, but Asians especially, and replacing one (1/2)

(2/2) with the other is still unacceptable. I’m severely disappointed in Netflix. This whole film was a disaster, and no, L being POC does not make up for any of it.

I definitely agree with most of what you said. However, there are a few things to address here.

There is a “hypervisibility” of Black people in the media where they are in a constant state of criticism because of who they are. Hypervisibility might sound like a kind of privilege but it’s not and is actually harmful. In my opinion, it IS okay to criticize someone for what they’ve done or said but saying “there are more Black characters” in comparison to another group is almost like implying they have some kind of privilege over the other. Black people have fought long and hard for their representation so it is important to remember this. I know you probably didn’t mean anything which is why I took the time to address it for next time.

Anyhow, I am fine with a Black person playing as L but at the same time, L is a mixed-raced person. The writer himself thought of L as being “a quarter Japanese, a quarter English, a quarter Russian, a quarter French or Italian.” So this would have been the perfect opportunity for a mixed-Japanese American.

If you know about Asian Americans in the media, there is a casting trend of mixed-Asian Americans for roles that are monoracially Asian. L here was thee opportunity for an actual mixed-Asian American for once. I don’t know how many Black-Japanese actors there are out there but a Black-Japanese L would’ve been really cool. It would’ve also given some representation for Black-Asian folks while still being accurate to L being racially mixed. But to solve the issue with Stanfield as being L, Light should’ve just been Japanese American.

Angry Asian Guy

Cuddling with Taeil
  • yo, hello everyone
  • so, I wanted to write this while watching one of my Netflix series but I decided to watch 72 cutest animals and I just couldn’t take my eyes off the tv screen
  • gorillas and penguins and any kind of bears have my heart
  • apparently so does elephants, jfc 
  • shall we start with this right away?? fgdshj I’m quite excited
  • I just love tail so much, please love him, he’s the cutest baby
  • and, in my opinion, one of the most underrated members???? whY
  • aNyways
  • so,,,,
  • we all know that taeil a small baby who gets easily flustered by eVeRYtHing
  • so when it comes to cuddling,,,,, or just any kind of skinship tbh,,,, he’s really really shy
  • he’s not into pda at all, whenever the members are around he would treat you like anyone else but w lil differences like idk maybe always sitting by your side or following you everywhere
  • so when he gets to cuddle you he takes advantage of every second that he gets by your side
  • you may think that he’s not too into it because he’s silent all the time, listening to you and just caressing your skin a bit here and there
  • but the truth is that he gets quite thoughtful in moments like that
  • he loves looking at your face, admiring each one of your features and enjoying the sound of your voice and the feeling of your warm skin in the tip of his fingers
  • he loves silent sessions the most, not necessarily “boring” ones where you two end up sleeping but those really meanful and deep ones in which you tell each other everything in long and sweet gazes
  • it’s not the typical stupid and silly taeil who looks high 24/7, lmao, it’s a different side of him that only you can make it appear
  • aw, but enough of this, it’s too cheesy
  • let’s go to the story now!!!
  • okay so, I don’t think y’all cuddle too often either??
  • maybe, idk, y’all have lots of lazy dates in which you end up watching movies or series and wEll, some cuddles here and some cuddles there
  • but serious cuddles in which is only the two of you, face to face don’t happen too often,,, if we’re not counting the times you two feel tired and simply go straight to bed after work or the lil cuddles before sleeping
  • now that I think about it,,, y’all may actually cuddle a lot 🤔
  • wow, but still, there’s different meaning in each one of his cuddles, lmao
  • but rn we’re talking about serious!taeil so,,,,,!!
  • he was probably not feeling his best that day,,, o, actually, he just wasn’t having the best week
  • he’s really strong and understands that anyone can have a and day but, you know, when having a routine starts stressing you and being a burden your way of seeing things change
  • he was feeling homesick, stressed, he couldn’t find any inspiration… it was a mess and you could tell
  • I mean, he’s an angel so whenever he is in front of his members, family or his fans he would hide all of that in those deadly beautiful smiles of his
  • also, we can agree that he’s that person who always try to make the younger members laugh with his silliness to avoid them to feel stressed too, right?
  • aka an angel
  • he’s just precious, we don’t deserve him
  • but,,, with you things are different, he trust you with his life and he has always hated keeping stupid secrets like this from you
  • sooner or later he would feel the need to talk about it with you, he just loves listening to your opinions and advices
  • being the oldest in nct can be quite difficult some times, you know? probably even the leader of the group would try to find comfort on him since he’s his hyung
  • but he still loves being cherished and receiving love and, you are perfect for that
  • he would sit in his bed for quite some time, thinking about all that was been happening and wait for you to notice and ask him about it
  • and once you do he would look at you in the eyes and pat the space by his side in the bed, asking you to cuddle in a silent way
  • “this… ah.. i-i don’t even know how to start… lot’s of things have ben happening-”
  • it’s hard for him to open up but he would try to go straight to the point as soon as possible so he can concentrate only in cuddling you later
  • his hands would move a lOt
  • from caressing your cheeks to running his fingers through your hair to put his hands under your t-shirt and move his hands from side to side, feeling your curves
  • if you two finished talking, he would also put his lips to work
  • you’d receive in the most random moments kisses in the corner of your mouth, cheeks and your forehead
  • sometimes he even left kisses in your lips and you get so surprised like ???!
  • in those moments he would whisper the most romantic things into your ear, always followed with more kisses <3
  • “I love you so much, princess”
  • “thanks for caring so much about me”
  • “I know I’m not good at showing you my feelings but the truth is that I’m a mess without you”
  • “never leave me”
  • after he makes your heart melt and he feels satisfied at having a flustered you in his arms, he would maybe take some seriousness out of the moment
  • like he would invite you to take a nap with him in the moment or start talking about something else
  • but mostly is the nap, lmao
  • he prefers to be the big spoon when it comes to napping with you, he loves holding you close to him and,,, hey you’re not complaining ;)
  • you feel so safe in his arms, so comfortable,, is like if you belong there and aw <3
  • this is getting so cheesy jfc
  • since when I am this soft????
  • since my birth, lmao
  • oKay, the end I guess???
  • srsly, I suddenly got extra soft and well 
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • lmao, have a good night/day babies!!

For a while now I’ve been wanting to make a list of “my favorite anime, some of which are underrated and/or not talked about very much at all.”

So here have a random list of anime recommendations!

You all know that I love Free! and Haikyuu!! and Yuri!!! on Ice. But here are some more anime that I love but don’t reblog about very often.

Lovely Complex

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Love Com is a romantic comedy about a tall girl and a short boy. I haven’t watched this anime in years, but I remember it cracked me up, it’s hilarious! It’s pretty cute too, the romance made me smile~


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If you like angst and sadness, this anime is for you. It made me cry very hard, so if you easily cry, have tissues with you. It’s about a group of young friends who drift apart after one of them dies in a tragic accident. Years later, the old friends have to come back together to help their friend’s spirit move on.


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Hyouka is one of my all-time favorite anime. Very underrated, in my opinion. It’s based on a mystery novel. The main character joins his high school’s Classic Literature Club at his older sister’s request, to keep the club from shutting down from lack of members. He and the other club members begin to look into the history of the club and the school. Sounds boring and it is kind of slow moving, but this anime is a little different than others I’ve seen and I really enjoyed it!


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Just watch it. This anime is so colorful and bright, I absolutely adored it. The music is fun and relaxing too. I can’t even begin to explain the plot, it’s wonderfully absurd. Just watch it.

Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji)

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Another one of my favorites! The main character is a city kid who goes to an agricultural high school to get away from his family, and learns that life in the agriculture industry is not easy. Also from the creator of FMA, so if you’re a fan of that writer, you might like this! (Just a warning though that the farming in this is pretty realistic. I happened to watch this anime the same semester I was taking an Animal Science class, and there were points where I learned something new in lecture and I was like “oh they talked about that in an episode of Silver Spoon.” So if you’re a vegetarian or just have a weak stomach when it comes to the idea of eating animals/meat, you may want to skip this.)

Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!)

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Just about the cutest anime ever, it’s so sweet. The plot is on the tin, it’s a love story of two very adorable characters!


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Great animation and a really interesting premise! The story had me hooked week-after-week. This one’s pretty popular so I don’t need to explain the plot, but I do love it and wanted to include it!


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One of the best anime I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. It’s so cute and funny. It’s just… pure. It is the definition of pure. The main character is a professional calligrapher who is sent to a small village on an island by his father to cool his attitude down a bit and to gain inspiration. There, he meets the local kids and hilarity and cuteness ensue.

Terror in Resonance (Zankyou no Terror)

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Incredibly engaging story and beautiful animation! Another one you will need tissues for though if you’re easy to cry like me. The plot is just… too complex for me to summarize.

Tamako Market

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Cute cute cute! About a girl whose family owns and runs a mochi shop. One day, she finds a talking bird, and it’s just a comedy/slice-of-life about her life living in a market place. If you watch this, be sure to watch the sequel film “Tamako Love Story” as well!

Prince of Stride Alternative

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If I’m honest, this isn’t the most memorable anime ever. But they get creativity points for the fictional sport of Stride. It was fun to watch! Also the ED song is very catchy.

Sweetness & Lightning (Amaama to Inazuma)

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A very sweet, touching story about a single father who is just trying his best for his young daughter, with the help of one of his students. This anime about cooking, so it may make you hungry for delicious food~

Monty Green Deserves The World

You know what I don’t understand? How Monty is so underrated! He has been struggling and going through so much since the first episode!!

Exhibit A: Having to see his best friend stabbed and then being forced to leave him, on their first day on Earth.
Exhibit B: Having to shoot his mom.

He’s gone through some of the most and yet no one pays attention to him. Yet he’s so underrated, yet he doesn’t get the love and support that in my opinion he deserves. He’s so sweet and kind, and he’s just such a great person, yet he’s pushed to the back of everyone’s thoughts, when people think about The 100.

It wasn’t until I started writing this that I really realized, Monty has been hurt and going through so much, since the first freaking episode, when he practically saw his best friend dying before him (btw Jasper was supposed to die in the pilot, so keep that in mind too.)

He better get a good ass ending, he deserves it.


I REALLY wanted to post this because Gwen from Camp Camp is one of my favorite characters ever and i feel she’s kinds underrated besides the fact that wasted 4 years of her life on useless degrees she’s actually pretty cool and nice (if you don’t get her upset) and in my opinion is one of the best character she’s basically a girl from this millennial riding out her time at this camp avoiding the reality she may never get a job and have to move back in with her parents and spends a lot of time investing her emotions into reality tv shows and trashy magazines and even though we really only get to see the tired fed up side of Gwen she’s actually really sweet in the first episode before she’s interrupted she actually tries to comfort Neil because he’s upset about the “Science Camp”

and in Episode 8 of season 1 she tells David to take the day off and that she can take over camp while he’s gone

she is actually really responsible and takes charge when needed so no one gets killed 

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its just that sometimes she has her own steam to blow

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but when it does count she’s pretty cool

and in the episode Journey to Spooky Island when Max says “Its scary how much i want to kill myself right know”

her face is just kinda like oh fuck and immediately starts her own story which i suppose she was doing to lighten the mood

and even though she gets shot down by Max after he calls her out on her vampire romance she tried and the thing i love about Gwen is she always tries she may most likely fail but she tries and i just really admire that

Sorry for the long post just Really love Gwen and wanted to talk about her because she’s the best and i just started watching Camp Camp and i love it!! BYE BITCHES!!!!!!

Sometimes I would hear people say things like “one picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, maybe that’s true, but words as a kind of art are always pushed down and, in my opinion, underrated. If one knows how to use words properly, he can use just a few words to paint thousands of pictures. If the words are used in a right way, the author just walks trough minds of people who observe those words, and each mind is a canvas in that case. Same words produce different picture on every canvas there is.

In my case, everything is just a thought in the very beginning, just a tiny idea, which envolves into a word, and this word keeps envolving. Now, the result is that photograph and this text you’re reading. And my idea behind this photograph was, well, traces.

The meaning of this are traces people left on me, people who are still here with me, and also people who left me or people I left behind. This photograph and the story behind it is meant for all of you, and even if you feel like it sometimes, belive me, you are not forgotten. You left traces on me, and this means that little part of you is living inside me. Because you helped me become who I am today. Even if our experience wasn’t a good one, thank you, thank you for making me who I am. Thank you for leaving your trace on me.

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I need to know your opinion on Primus

They’re underrated and although i don’t listen to them all the time its always a pleasure listening to some Primus every once in a while. They did the theme to my favourite show which gives them extra cool points and Les Claypool is a one of a kind. Favourite song would probably be Electric Uncle Sam 

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🔥 (ur fav topic, just knock u self out my salty friend)

OH BOY. Free shooting range. Well, here’s a bunch of random unpopular opinions of mine!

  1. I freaking love pineapple on pizza. o_o
  2. I didn’t think much of, and even straight up disliked some aspects of Castle In The Sky. Also, I think Porco Rosso is underrated.
  3. This one’s a bit risky to say out loud on Tumblr, but I find a certain kind of rape jokes absolutely hilarious. Not the kind that makes fun of rape, but the kind that makes fun of the way rape is presented in media and culture. They’re one in a million, but it’s brilliant and wonderfully meta.
  4. I really, truly think the hyperindividualist branch of the social justice movement should take a chill pill. Breaking the gender binary is absolutely necessary, but a lot of people seem to have forgotten that the main function of an identity is to bring likeminded people together, not put your individuality on a pedestal. How each and everyone experiences their gender is indeed a spectrum, but when it comes to identities, three main orientations - male, female and enby (nonbinary) - should be enough. At least for now, while the discussion culture is still at a critical turning point.
  5. I do actually like and respect myself to a healthy extent! That seems to be out of style these days. ^^;

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Can we talk about how kind Rose is though? Because we talk about her bravery and her loyalty and her determination but her kindness is something I feel is underrated.

Rose’s kindness is one of her defining traits, in my opinion. We see her choose to be kind over and over again. Yes, there are times when she isn’t, when she’s selfish or thoughtless, but she’s human and she makes mistakes.

But her choosing to be kind to strangers is something we see all the time. She’s kind to Clive in the first episode. She thinks he’s a nut case but she hears him out anyways, doesn’t laugh at him like it’s implied everyone else does. She’s kind to Raffalo on Platform One, taking the time to talk to her. She’s kind to Gwenyth and Elton and the Ood on Krop Tor. She’s kind to Toby on Krop Tor. She’s kind to Mrs. Connolly and then encourages Tommy to be kind to his dad. She’s kind to the family in Fear Her and to Reinette.

Rose Tyler showed kindness to a dalek.

She reaches out and talks to people and tries to make a connection and tries to defend people and help them. She is determined in her kindness, loyal in it, brave in it. (It takes courage to be kind after all.)

She’s not perfect at it, not by a long shot. She makes mistakes, can be carelessly cruel sometimes (and times when she’s knowingly cutting). She’s human though. She’s selfish.

But she’s all of those things mixed up and baked into a beautiful pie and she’s kind along with it and it’s such an important part of her character.


.:。❀✿•*¨**゚Happy Birthday Madeline Kahn ¨**¨*•・✿❀.。.:

Today, September 29th, would of been Madeline’s 72nd Birthday.

“She was and still is, in my personal opinion. One of the very few, most rare, unique, inspirational, sincerely kind, beautiful, deeply underrated and extraordinarily talented actresses. That we have ever had in the history of film, TV and Theatre.”