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I am also a sucker for your top 10 worldbuilding posts so here's another one: top 10 times the media got some TMI on Victor and Yuuri's relationship (and does it include Victor drunkenly revealing they switch to tabloids and Chris' speech at the wedding about where they've done the nasty?)

The wedding was strictly family and friends only so Chris’ speech never got made public (Yuuri would have died if it did!) but there have been several incidents where the media learned a lot more about Viktor and Yuuri than they ever expected.

Top 10 Times The Media Got Some TMI On Victor and Yuuri’s Relationship:

10) Once - when Yuuri was competing in the Four Continents and Viktor was on the side-lines to cheer him on - during the warm up Yuuri was practicing his quad flip over and over to make sure he got it right while Viktor was doing an interview at the side of the rink and the reporter sort of offhandedly mentioned ‘oh, Katsuki has been doing jumps for a while now and he doesn’t even look tired, I guess it must be true that he has really good stamina’ and Viktor just went really dreamy eyed and said ‘yes’ while completely ignoring the interviewer and gazing at Yuuri. And the reporter and the camera man just ended up looking at each other like ‘should we finish the interview or just let him keep daydreaming about his sex life?’

9) During the season after the end of chapter 14 Viktor’s exhibition skate was the Stay Close To Me duet and afterwards one of the reporters asked Yuuri ‘were you ever concerned about doing the lifts during the routine? Were you sure Nikiforov was going to be able to hold your weight or were you worried he might drop you?’. And Yuuri was just like ‘No, I had faith in him and we already knew he could lift me up pretty easily anyway’ which he probably would have gotten away with if he hadn’t proceeded to go bright red afterwards when he realised what he’d said and everyone who watched it was like ‘we kind of really want to know but at the same time we probably really don’t.’

8) After Viktor finally retired he was doing a joint interview with Yuuri and one of the reporters asked him if he was concerned about maintaining his physical condition now that he wasn’t competing anymore because lots of athletes have a hard time adjusting once they stop such vigorous training regimes. And Viktor was just like, ‘I’m sure it won’t be a problem, I’ll still be getting some pretty intense regular exercise even if I’m not training anymore’ and winked at Yuuri and Yuuri started blushing really badly while all the reporters went into minor meltdowns

7) Once they ended up being caught by reporters a few days after Viktor’s birthday when they were out taking the dogs for a walk and it was mostly fine but one of the reporters asked Yuuri what he had given Viktor as a birthday present and they both went bright red and Yuuri sort of mumbled a hurried and fake sounding answer that probably wasn’t even in English and practically sprinted off. No-one ever found out exactly what Viktor’s ‘present’ was but there was a lot of speculation and the general consensus became that Yuuri Katsuki was probably a lot kinkier than anyone ever expected and Viktor Nikiforov was a very lucky guy.  

6) This one came in a series of tweets from a fan who was in an upmarket hotel bar which basically consisted of, ‘oh my god Viktor Nikiforov is in the same bar as I am what should I do?’ ‘He’s sitting alone do you think I should go and talk to him? Would it be weird to ask for his autograph?’ ‘I wonder why Katsuki isn’t with him, it’s the off season I thought they’d be together’ ‘Oh my god I just noticed he isn’t wearing his ring what does this mean?’ ‘He just started to talk to a guy who sat down next to him and he’s being really flirty oh my god.’ ‘Is Viktor Nikiforov having an affair????’ ‘Help, red alert I’ve just seen Viktor Nikiforov in a bar chatting up some random guy without his ring on what do I do?’ ‘Oh wait a minute the guy he was talking to just turned around and it turns out it was actually Katsuki after all. Panic over.’ ‘Wait a minute Katsuki isn’t wearing his ring either, they can’t have both lost them at the same time can they?’ ‘They’re acting really weirdly though and they’re dressed differently too I’m confused but I don’t want to interrupt’ *several minutes pause* ‘Well something I definitely didn’t expect to happen tonight was finding out that Katsuki and Nikiforov are apparently into role play but you learn something new every day.’

5) After being apart for a long time during the skating season they finally reunited at an airport and it was all very dramatic and Viktor ended up kissing Yuuri really passionately for a really long time. And when they broke away Yuuri was like ‘that reminded me of our first kiss, after the competition in Saitama.’ And Viktor was like ‘I did a lot more than just kiss you then solnyshko’ being all sly and flirty and then they both sort of froze as they realised that A) they were in a very public airport which is not a good place to be heavily flirting even if you have been apart for several months and B ) Several people were not so discreetly filming them. And that was how the world learned exactly when and where Viktor and Yuuri got it on for the first time.

4) During the four continents after they first got together Viktor ended up doing the thing in he did in the anime where he tied Yuuri’s laces and kissed his skates while being there to support him. And at that point their public relationship was still only a few months old so while the reaction was mainly positive there were still some assholes who were salty about the whole thing including one trashy tabloid reporter who cornered Yuuri after his skate who was obviously a die-hard Viktor fan and didn’t like him or their relationship at all. And while Yuuri is usually quiet and shy and likes to keep as much about their relationship private as he can because he doesn’t want the world butting in, he also is absolutely savage when he wants to be and after going through so much to finally get together with Viktor he is not willing to take any shit from anyone. So the reporter was being really bitchy and asking questions like ‘don’t you think it’s a bit degrading to make Viktor Nikiforov get down on his knees for you?’ and Yuuri just really calmly said ‘not really, he likes it too much’, smiled and walked away. The video clip of it happening has several million views.

3) At one point Viktor and Yuuri were on the beach at Hasetsu and Viktor took a picture of Yuuri in his boxers (they had forgotten their swimming stuff but got too hot and went to cool off in the sea) and nothing else while laughing on the beach. And while 99.9% of the comments were all along the lines of ‘goddamn’, ‘please step on me’ and ‘Yuuri Katsuki with his shirt off is a gift to humanity’ there were a couple off assholes who were commenting on the stretch marks on Yuuri’s thighs. Because he was a naturally chubby kid with a lot of puppy fat and went from that to a lean athletic teenager in a very short space of time so he has them although they’re not that noticeable. And Viktor doesn’t usually care when people are rude to him online because there are always a few shitty people out there but it really pisses him off when someone insults Yuuri. So when someone tweeted him like ‘you’re really hot, why do you bother with someone with ugly stretch marks like Katsuki?’ he responds with ‘I love every part of my boyfriend including his marks. I especially like to kiss them every night when his thighs are wrapped round my head.’ which pretty much shut all the haters up there and then. Yuuri hit him with a pillow for it afterwards but he was secretly kind of pleased.

2) The day after one of the major competitions Yuuri was giving an interview and the interviewer asked ‘now that the competition is over has the tiredness set in yet and are you ready to go home or are you still riding high on the adrenaline from last night?’ and Chris, who happened to be walking past at that moment, was just like ‘well he was certainly riding something last night but it wasn’t the adrenaline.’ Yuuri’s expression after he said it became a popular reaction picture for when someone looks like they physically want to die of embarrassment.

1) The incident I mentioned in a previous ask where a tipsy Viktor ends up getting interviewed by a tabloid reporter when his tongue is looser than usual so when she asks ‘are you the top or the bottom in your relationship’ aka the question everyone else wanted to ask but was way too polite and respectful to, he just winked and said ‘why pick just one.’ And that was how the world found out that Viktor and Yuuri switch.

Davai! (Or why Otayuri actually wins the world)

(Tweets by @Aki_the_Geek)

I’ve been thinking a lot about this comment of Kubo-sensei’s. It’s just the most adorable thing I have read in a while. I am not the biggest Otayuri fan, but only mostly because they’re seriously too young for me at this point. I do like their tandem, however, and I am enjoying the attention they are getting recently with the official photos and everything.

This comment, though, just paints such a cute picture for me: Otabek as a god of victory, like a mystical butterfly who ignores and flits past everyone else but chooses to rest on one particular mortal’s shoulder and bless him with strength and victory.

Listen, this is what is great about what Kubo-sensei said. Yuuri Katsuki has the gold rings that connect him to Viktor as his lucky charm - we know this. BUT! Yuri Plisetsky’s lucky charm, on the other hand, is Otabek Altin.

Yuri’s a great character. He is an angry teenager, but also a talented one who has big dreams and the actual skills to achieve those dreams. From the very beginning, we know this. It was even a point he has above Yuuri Katsuki.

He aims to win and does not see what others might consider obstacles. So what if it will be his first Grand Prix? He’s awesome. He won the juniors series. He can win as a senior, too.

Yuri, however, is also very immature. He is pretty poor at expressing himself and seems to shortcut through having to process most personal encounters and interactions by just being angry all the time. Affection for others embarrasses him, which is why he gets so high-strung around Viktor and Yuuri.

(I can’t really blame the kid, though. Those two just have no chill. They’re embarrassing.)

Interestingly though, Yuri seemed to calm down after Otabek came in the picture. It’s a complete 180. Yuri still had that passion, but somehow it became more tempered, less angry and more focused - so much so that the moment Otabek came in, Yuri broke a world record and then proceeded to win his first Grand Prix Final.

I am not saying that it is Otabek’s doing, like an actual god of victory. That would be ridiculous, and it’s more an expression than anything else. The timing is just pretty neat, and isn’t that how people develop lucky charms in the first place? You happen to have them right at the moment of a great win. It is also not as if Otabek was completely useless. He did provide a friend to Yuri, who thus far had been going on without someone he can actually call a friend. Everyone around him were either older than him, a competitor, a mentor or a teacher. I think Otabek calmed Yuri down by reminding him that he can just be himself… well, a cool version of himself anyway. Yuri actually sort of acted his age with Otabek around. For instance, this?

I thought Yuri was kind of cool-guy-posing here - you know, acting chill, even looks kind of smug. Lol, this reminded me so much of my younger brother when he was about Yuri’s age. He was such a useless brat at home and was pissed off at everything and nothing 99% of the time, but the moment his friends came over or one of them called him on the phone, he sort of became this cool version of himself - wittier, sharper, less fidgety. Lmao, his voice even became deeper. Smh at these boys…

What I also love about Otabek’s character is that he reminds us of Yuri’s name. Names are a big deal, okay, and I thought that Yuri being Yurio was kind of like him being a secondary character to Yuuri Katsuki - Yuuri #2, if you will. Ever since episode 2, Yuri is Yurio, and for every episode hence, he is Yurio. It was actually a bit of a shock to me when Otabek yelled this out in episode 11:

I was literally, “Oh yeah, that’s Yurio’s name.” I know Yakov and Lilia call Yurio by his name, but somehow it was when Otabek was calling him by this did Yurio become Yuri to me again. My theory is that it is Otabek’s manner, this I-know-you-call-him-Yurio-and-I-don’t-care-because-his-name-is-Yuri attitude he has going, that is somehow more convincing than anyone else. It is as if no one else matters in his world than Yuri Plisetsky. It is ridiculous to call him by anything other than his name because to Otabek, Yuri is Yuri #1. He probably calls Yuuri “the other Yuri”, “the Japanese Yuri” or just plain “Katsuki”.

So yeah, Otabek enters Yuri’s life and now Yuri has that source of affirmation that is outside family, who is a peer and even a close contemporary. He is no longer fighting alone. Yuri’s a strong guy, but he is still a kid, and at that age people can be quite vulnerable. No 15-year-old is so self-sufficient and self-confident that they can stand on their own at all times - at least not to my knowledge. That is why I love this friendship and why I love that Otabek came along. I think his coming triggered something that Yuri has long been building throughout the series but has yet to stabilize - his strength, his growth, his maturity as a skater as well as a person.

And actually, Yuri did win in the end. I think the series did not celebrate Yuri’s win enough and admittedly, even I was on such a high during those last weeks of the show that I could not be happy for him all that much. Episode 11? I couldn’t get over Yuri’s world record; I did not want to see Viktor dethroned. By episode 12, I still couldn’t look Yuri in the face. I was bitter about his world record and I was bitter about Yuuri Katsuki not winning the Grand Prix.

BUT, it’s time to face it: Yuri Plisetsky is amazing. He won the GPF on his senior debut. He beat a world record. His coach is obviously grooming him to be the next Viktor Nikiforov, and actually, the series has been hinting at it before hitting us on the face with it in episode 11 - Yuuri Katsuki is not the next Viktor Nikiforov, but Yuri Plisetsky is. What is more amazing is that he might even surpass Viktor, especially with Yuuri Katsuki as his main rival. Viktor never really had that one rival to push him up further than he thinks he can. We are told that his wins had wide margins from his other competitors. Viktor only had himself to beat each and every time. Yuri, on the other hand, won by a hair’s width and he knows it. He is even more driven now. He will push himself harder than Viktor ever had pushed himself, and that just might tip the scale a little bit more to future Yuri’s favor.

As for Otabek? Nah, he actually does not need to do anything. He is a lucky charm; he just needs to exist. With him around, Yuri is stable, and that’s all that this talented monster skater needs really.

Lol, look at this guy just watching his favorite so proudly:

“I’m not really needed here, but fuck if I’m not staying put to watch and join the cheering.”

Otayuri actually has a lot more going for them, future-wise. They are young, they are talented, and where Viktor and Yuuri are still struggling and see-sawing between victories and losses, Otayuri actually kept a steady climb. We already know and mentioned Yuri’s wins, but Otabek was also actually that steady character from the very beginning who skated well without question and was even the first to qualify for the GPF.

So, yes. In case you are asking, Otayuri is, in fact, the real power couple of the show.

Lmao, TL;DR - Otayuri just trumped Viktuuri and ultimately even stole their gold. The secondary OTP lowkey just beat the main OTP and I, albeit a hardcore Viktuuri shipper and just an Otayuri bystander at best, still find that really hilarious.

Burned: Arrow 5x15 Review (Fighting Fire with Fire)

So sorry my friends! I have slept. I am medicated. Thus I can write.

Oh Episode 15. You have become the season nemesis. The pebble in our proverbial audience shoe. The yucky chocolate filling in the otherwise yummy chocolate box.

Arrow has begun a tradition over the past three seasons. The 15th episode is filled with a whole lot of suck. I’m excluding 1x15 and 2x15 because I happened to really enjoy those episodes, but 5x15 can go sit in the corner with 3x15 and 4x15. Now, is it Felicity banging Palmer level? 

Or Felicity breaking up with Oliver level? 

Eh. Depends on your perspective. Those were very low lows. Maybe I’ll just leave 5x15 on par with those episodes.

The good news is, 3x15 and 4x15 were a bottoming out of sorts. We said to ourselves, “Arrow can’t get much crappier that this!” and, for the most part, we were right. There was an upswing as Arrow headed into the back half of the season.

Why is it like this? I don’t know. Arrow hits this wall around the 11-15 range almost every single season. There’s a lull and we run into a series of episodes we could seriously do without. 

I don’t think Arrow intends to write a crappy episode. I think they try very hard to make excellent TV every week. The problem is the 23 episode season, and maybe this is why I’m a big “smeh.” I fully expect a third crap, a third good, and a third excellent every season. Typically, that’s what I get. So, I toss this episode into my one third crap pile, grab another bag of chips and write the review.

Cause we gots to talk about why "Fighting Fire with Fire” was a whole lotta suck. We shall address the suck with a copious amounts of gifs, because I’m in. I’m not changing the channel. I’m too invested. You jump I jump Arrow

So, when eps like these come along, I just have to laugh, vent, and have some fun with it. But never fear! I do see rainbows on the horizon. There’s yummy chocolate in this box somewhere. 

Let’s dig in…

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In honor of the100th episode of Supernatural Misha has worked on (He’s worked on 100, only acted in 99 though) - I decided to share with you guys, 100 reasons that I love @mishacollins as a sort of tribute/celebration to him. He’s done so much to change my life and I just wanted to put my love for him out into the universe. I also made this into a twitter thread which can be found HERE.

1.) He gives me strength to get up and get through my day whether he knows it or not.
2.) He cares about his fans & constantly strives to show just how much.
3.) He cares about minorities that the struggles we face daily.
4.) He cares about the LGBTQ+ community & has gone to far length to prove just how much.
5.) He cares about mental health & the issues that affect those of us who suffer because of our MH issues.
6.) He cares about disadvantaged youths and wants to give them an equal playing field (Free high school, etc)
7.) He cares about disadvantaged groups in general & proves it daily through his work with Random Acts.
8.) He cares about lonely Senior citizens & tried to brighten an otherwise lonely day for them (Valentines Day).
9.) He funded Random Acts - a registered 501©(3) charity on his own because he’s the change he wants to see.
10.) He constantly runs charity events throughout RA & gets his fans excited to donate & put good out into the world.
11.) He runs GISHWHES - the biggest scavenger hunt in the world and most of proceeds from that go to charity too.
12.) His scavenger hunt often encourages others to commit random acts of charity towards strangers.
13.) He cares about the state of our country and how the political turmoil affects the everyday citizen.
14.) He is extremely invested in politics and is not afraid to speak his voice on things that offend him.
15.) He fights for the people. Not just his people, or my people - but all people.
16.) When he makes mistakes, he owns up to them and apologizes even when he doesn’t have to.
17.) He is active on social media and gives us (his fans) peeks into his daily life, which he knows we always want more of.
18.) He is a general friendly person who goes out of his way to be an angel to everyone he meets.
19.) The money from his Castiel photo ops at conventions goes to charity.
20.) Growing up, he experienced the struggle of poverty & goes out of his way to level the playing field for others in that situation.
21.) He’s EXTREMELY humble about his accomplishments and doesn’t brag about his good deeds.
22.) To date, he’s still shocked and made to blush when fans express how he has changed their lives.
23.) He wears safety pins when he can, to let people know he is an ally and will protect people who need protection.
24.) He’s a published poet and has a way with words that speaks to millions.
25.) He is EXTREMELY intelligent and uses his ideas and intelligence for nothing but GOOD.
26.) He is an amazingly talented actor & with that talent has become one of the most loved characters on Supernatural.
27.) He plays himself on Supernatural (an angel)
28.) He engages his fans, even going as far as answering questions other actors refuse to.
29.) He’s selflessly shared extremely personal stories of his struggle at conventions in front of large crowds.
30.) He supports intersectional feminism.
31.) He supports nasty women and acknowledges the world needs us and has talked publicly about it
32.) Even though shippers are historically snubbed in the SPN fandom, he gives us a voice.
33.) He’s gone as far as to physically “Ship” Destiel and that warms the cockles of my heart.
34.) He married his high school sweetheart.
35.) His relationship with his wife is absolutely beautiful and a goal for anyone with a significant other.
36.) The love he has for his wife is visible whenever he talks about her, he softens up and smiles.
37.) He supports his wife’s business endeavors no matter what they may be & defends her accomplishments.
38.) He & Vicki renewed their vows dressed in drag at an Albertsons and that in itself is amazing.
39.) He takes the time to maintain his beautiful marriage & goes on spiritual retreats with his wife.
40.) His family in itself is pure and goals for anyone with a family.
41.) He’s a busy man but still takes time to be a great father to his kids and it shows.
42.) He gives us access to his time with his kids sometimes and it never fails to put a smile on my face.
43.) He brings his kids to conventions sometimes and it’s adorable - there’s NOBODY who doesn’t love it when he does that.
44.) There are tons of instances where he has been seen comforting distressed fans on his own free will.
45.) He encourages fans to say hi to him if we see him out and about.
46.) He takes fans out to do fun things during his meet n greets, something which no other actor does.
47.) He has publicly stated he appreciates fanworks whether it be art, fanfic, crafts etc.
48.) He built his own house, proving he loves to see the fruits of his effort.
49.) He built most of the furniture in his house further proving he’s a hard worker.
50.) He interned at the White House during the Clinton administration
51.) He made the engagement ring he proposed to Vicki with.
52.) He invited fans to join him during his bike ride for E4K this year.
53.) He teaches his kids about healthy eating while teaching them HOW to cook.
54.) He ran over 50 miles for charity & anyone who’s ever even ran 1 mile knows how brutal that must have been.
55.) In 2011, he was named TV’s “Best Non-Human” by TV Guide which proves he’s actually an angel.
56.) His smile is singlehandedly the most beautifully infectious smile I have ever laid eyes upon.
57.) He looks good in literally anything.
58.) When I’m feeling crappy about life, I just look at pictures of him and I instantly feel better.
59.) His charity is in partnership with a crisis support group that has helped thousands of people like me during hard times.
60.) He’s not afraid to be emotional publicly and has even publicly cried before over issues that matter to him.
61.) His hard work and dedication inspire me to want to reach MY own goals.
62.) Seeing everything he’s accomplished makes me not want to give up.
63.) His sense of humor is brilliant and truly funny.
64.) He’s not afraid to make himself the butt of a joke and that kind of humor is extremely attractive.
65.) His humility (that I touched on earlier) transcends into everything he does whether it be his job, family or charity.
66.) He directly helps his fans - ex of which can be helping w/homework, sending them autograph replacements etc.
67.) He has posted his phone number publicly with the sole purpose to have conversations with fans.
68.) He truly regrets working on a movie about sexual assault & openly discourages people from watching it so we don’t get triggered.
69.) He steps out of his comfort zone sometimes to face issues in the fandom that no other actor wants to.
70.) He takes the time away from his family to come to conventions for his fans even when he’s extremely tired.
71.) His smile lights up any room.
72.) He very clearly says “fuck you” to gender norms & constantly does things like paint his nails.
73.) He encourages people to vote, even if it’s not for his candidate.
74.) He acknowledges the importance of white people being allies to minorities.
75.) He is extremely humble about his incredible good looks.
76.) He takes the winning gishwhes team on a vacation with him every year.
77.) He has been known to talk about very personal issues that resonate with fans during his meet n greets.
78.) He is nice to literally everyone (I’m serious, even to the people he dislikes: note, trump)
79.) This is kind of unrelated toa lot of the other reasons but he’s THICC HAVE YOU SEEN HIS THIGHS? wow.
80.) He’s an anchor for a lot of people who constantly struggle with depression (such as myself) and he guides us back to a good state of mind.
81.) He’s interested in the environment and he proved that during E4K this yr by bringing a geologist to talk to us about the terrain.
82.) His interactive gishwhes competitions inspire people to think outside the box.
83.) He’s simply beautiful like have you SEEN a picture of him?
84.) Everything he does is to better this world and community.
85.) He is the purest person I have ever come across in my life and I’ve come across quite a few people.
86.) His smiles are always genuine, you can tell by the way his eyes crinkle.
87.) He has struggled so much in his life and even then, came out successful. He is GOALS for all of us.
88.) He understands the reality behind a lot of these online “challenges” such as the ALS challenge & truly cares about the causes.
89.) He is extremely work oriented and has been known to stay on set way beyond what he was supposed to to film & perfect his scenes.
90.) His voice is pretty much the single most incredibly beautiful thing I have ever been graced with the opportunity to hear.
91.) He cares about orphans, refugees & homelessness.
92.) I truly believe that he loves each and every single one of his fans.
93.) He’s an imaginative goofball & that shows through with the items he has for gishwhes every year.
94.) He was the best thing to ever happen to me.
95.) This man is the epitome is what one should strive to be when it comes to their attitude, life & personality
96.) Whenever there’s a tragedy in a foreign country, he tries to tweet his support in their native language.
97.) He continually shows he cares about the fans that go through struggles and need support.
98.) When I first found out about his past, I promised myself I’d stop self injuring & make something out of my life. I am now clean of self injury and have been for a while.
99.) He unknowingly helped save me from one of the worst depressive periods of my 26 yr old life where everything seemed bleak & hopeless.
100.) His love for life saved MY life when I was hellbent on ending it last year and I will be eternally grateful to him for that.

So yeah, if you ever want to even begin to question my love for Misha Collins- don’t. I will love him fiercely until my dying breath.

Congrats on the milestone, Misha. We love you.

that time Caitriona Balfe is the nicest human ever

I need to preface this by saying: I think ECCC was a bit under-prepared and overwhelmed by how many Outlander fans were there today. The lines were INSANE. I waited, each time I met Sam and Cait, no less than 45 minutes and over an hour for the autographing. and by the time we had made it to the hotel after the panel, to attempt the first autograph session, it was already filled up. at like 12:15. the panel ended at noon so like….HARDCORE. I am not so hardcore. I left and came back hahahaha


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Qrow Is Ruby’s Father Theory

Ok, it’s fair to say that before the release of volume 4 the wide spread theory that Qrow is Ruby’s biological father had merit, but no real evidence to suggest it as canon. As of volume 4 however, I believe that the CRWBY have placed the seeds leading to a reveal of this theory becoming canon and I’ll list of why, In bullet-point form because I’m lazy :

  • In this volume all of the RWBY girls were seen with their fathers, all of whom became involved with the girls’ story arcs. Ruby would be the only exception, except if Qrow is her father, creating a thematic link between all of the girls this volume
  • It’s obvious that as seen in this this volume Yang got her fighting style from her father as well as her colour-scheme and aesthetic. Ruby states in-show that Qrow was the one who taught her to fight and he likely inspired her to become a sythe-weilder. Her colour -scheme also matches Qrows, and whilst her new outfit’s aesthetic doesn’t match up as nicely as her old one did, it certainly fits Qrow more than Tai. Not to mention Qrow and Ruby both incorporate matching crosses into their outfits

Speaking of which…………

  • Ghira’s colour’s also match Blake’s and it can be assumed that she learned how to fight from her parents. Weiss matches her whole family as shown through Winter in Volume 3 and her Father and Brother in Volume 4. Not to mention during Volume 3 episode 4 it can be inferred that Winter trained with and/or helped train Weiss. Both Weiss and Winter also wield swords. Fighting styles and colour scheme’s seem to be a big indicator as to who is related to whom
  • Going back to Yang, we can easily see how she is a combination of both of her parents. Her eyes are a literal combination of Tai and Raven (red+blue=purple), her hair is blonde like Tai’s but darker like Raven’s. When using her semblance her hair lights up to match Tai’s and her eyes become red to match Raven’s. I think it’s fair to say there is no disputing who Yang’s parents are. So why was Ruby left so ambiguous?Her hair. eyes and skin are identical to her mothers, and there is nothing about her physically that could suggest her other parent. Ruby’s father is a subject that seems too easy to speculate about.
  • This also rings true for Weiss and Yang, who both appear to have physical traits from both of their parents (Weiss’s hair=mother’s naturally and father due to age, eyes=father) (Blake’s hair and eyes=both of her parents)
  • If we compare another pair of siblings within the show, Winter and Weiss have the same hair, albeit with different styles and both have blue eyes, although Winter’s is darker. They both share the same fighting style and both wield silver swords. Looking at them it’s obvious they’re sisters. The same can’t be said for Ruby and Yang who have no physical or fighting style similarities, except for maybe their skin tone which we know they both inherited from their respective mothers.
  • Keep in mind if this theory is true Ruby and Yang will still be related, just as first cousins instead of half-sisters.
  • People mention that since Monty Oum tweeted in 2014 that Ruby and Yang were half-sisters that this theory can’t be true. Whose to say it wasn’t meant to fool us? And if wasn’t, well Blake was clearly set-up in show to be an orphan with a lonely past and no true home, but this volume turned our french alley-cat into a jungle princess with a wealthy home and loving, living parents in positions of power, absolutely nothing like the past set-up for Blake in volume 1. Ren is based on Mulan, a Chinese legend. Yet volume 4 gave us his backstory with him growing in a Japanese based town, with a Japanese name, and a father who is a reference to Hanzo from Over-Watch, a Japanese character. I think it’s fair to say the CRWBY are making some changes with these new volume’s, and that a lot can change in 3 freakin’ years.
  • This is a point I haven’t seen anyone else bring up. During episode 7 of volume 4 we see the colour of Qrow’s aura for the first time. And what colour is it?

RED. Just like Ruby’s. Literally the same colour. That’s gotta mean something.

  • Volume 4 gives us an actual reason as to why Qrow would not want Ruby to know he’s her father, his semblance. He’s following the cliche of ‘You have to leave me cause I’ll only bring you pain. My life is tragedy and you shouldn’t be near me, ANGST!!!!!!!’ . It’s quite obvious in the lyrics to his theme ‘Bad Luck Charm’ that his angst runs so deep he lets it define him. Qrow was hovering over Ruby this volume via crow form and was making everyone’s life more difficult by not simply travelling with her, something Ruby calls him out on. Since he did this out of fear of his semblance it’s fair to say this could represent how Qrow has chosen to life his life, taking care of Ruby in secret, never by her side in fear of hurting her.
  • To add to this, remember how in the very same episode Tyrion mentiones how he knew Qrow and that he’s significant enough to warent Salem being pleased by his death. Qrow is obviously tangled up with some really bad people, and if those kind of people caught wind that Qrow Branwen had a daughter then who knows what they would do to her
  • If we take a look at Qrow’s picture of his team we can notice some very interesting details

those watermarks that cover the photo look just like tear-stains, and there’s a ring around Summer’s face. The ring is presumably from a glass of liquor, but why around Summer? Qrow isn’t the type to carelessly stain a precious photo so it must’ve been intentional. As if Qrow couldn’t bear the grief he felt when he looked at her. Grief is fair assumption due to the tear marks by the by. Of course he would feel grief to losing a teammate, but what if she meant more to him than that? What if they had feelings for each other that led to something more? What if Qrow was somehow involved in her death and blames himself and his semblance? What if we are in desperate need of a prequel to explain everything? Seriously though, Qrow very well could have had something to do with Summer’s death. When Qrow is poisoned during Volume 4 episode 9 he ends up saying a very cryptic line during a hallucination :  

Now he could possibly be talking about his sister Raven since he would’ve figured out when she left for good, OR he could be talking about Summer’s last mission, and he know’s she’s ‘not coming’ because he was there. If this is the case believing you were the cause of your lover’s death would leave some heavy guilt and a believe that history will repeat itself if you don’t keep your distance from your daughter. This could be the cause of Qrow’s severe drinking problem, or one of them at least

  • Obviously Ruby has always shared a kinship with Qrow that he does not share with his biological niece Yang. Perhaps the same can be said for Tai, who is shown to share a strong kinship with Yang this volume that we haven’t seen with Ruby. The closer Tai and Yang are shown to mimic each other the further Ruby is pushed out of the picture. Symbolically this could mean that, biologically at least Ruby is not in the picture. Not that Tai and Ruby don’t love each other or shouldn’t love each other, but perhaps Ruby and Yang simply have similar personality’s to their father’s and were thus drawn more to them than to the other male. Keep in mind that this point is the most speculatory so take it more with a grain of salt
  • There was a big tonal shift during this new volume. Death is an ever-present fear that is real and ready to strike, betrayal has become natural and sometimes the heroes lose BIG. There is no safe haven anymore, no school to protect them anymore. The world of remnant has become more adult, including a proper swear word for the first time ever. The show has changed from what it used to be, and with that change comes a light on a darker past. Things will be revealed that our protagonists were too young and naive to know before, and even more secrets are going to be revealed. I had always liked the Qrow is Ruby’s father theory, but this volume made me believe it.

I’ll be editing this post as we receive the next few volume’s of RWBY until the theory is confirmed or completely denied, so feel free to message me with things I missed or things I got wrong. I’ll be sure to give credit!

Covetous (Part One)

Prompt: @ruth-hamilton-delrio requested “You can’t be jealous if we aren’t even dating! man up and ask me out if you’re going to act like that.” I wanna see your take on that, for Lin x reader” and I happily turned it into a slow burn, multiple part series fic. 

Author’s Note: I have not yet written an angst or slow burn fic, so this is quite different from my usual fluffy fics. It’s been fun to write so far and I’m looking forward to writing the rest of it. I know I said yesterday that I wouldn’t be posting for a bit, but this prompt was too good to ignore so… here we are. 

Words: 2,766 

Warnings: Angst, mentions of surgery/hospital 

Also, for this, it’s modern and Lin has Hamilton and Moana done, but he’s obviously not married and doesn’t have his son for sakes of the fic. 

Enjoy!! (don’t hesitate to tell me how you like it through asks, messages, comments, or reblogs!) 

“I’m just saying… why would Rassilon say that Time Lords would stand as monuments such as the Weeping Angels if it wasn’t true? And it’s the perfect bit for the immortality thing – they’re immortal as statues.” You continued your ages old debate with your best friend as you pushed open the door to your favorite spot – the hole-in-the-wall tea shop you had frequented since your freshman year of college. Greeted with the sugar and spice notes of the over one-hundred different kinds of tea brewed here and a “hello” from your favorite worker, you nodded before Lin countered your opinion.

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Cole Sprouse Opens Up About Growing Up in the Public Eye.

Cole Sprouse once left his Disney mouse ears behind for a cap and gown, but he’s recently pulled on another famous hat—or, should we say, crown beanie? Sprouse returned to the small screen this year as the lovably brooding Jughead Jones on Riverdale, the CW’s twisted take on the beloved Archie comics.

If you haven’t heard of the Gossip Girl–meets–Twin Peaks hit, you’re probably the only one. Since its premiere in January, it’s become a cult favorite. If he were any other member of the cast, Sprouse might be overwhelmed with the fame and recognition. But he’s been here before.

We talked to the 24-year-old about life as a child star with his twin brother, Dylan, weird fan interactions, feminism, and those divisive Riverdale ships.

A lot of the Disney cohort went on to major acting careers and projects right away—what made you choose to go to college and take a different route?

I think regardless of success, all those kids were dealing with a similar dilemma when it came to their maturity and their publicity and fame, and how they were viewed in the public eye. Some people choose sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll to come to terms with it. Some people find religion. [College] seemed like the most productive way to prove to people we were coming into ourselves. I was finding out my identity and growing by going to an institution where I could evolve and become more adept at understanding why I was thinking certain things, and how society viewed me.

Acting requires a great amount of empathy for real lived human experiences. I hadn’t lived any real human experiences outside of homeschool and being in a sound stage, and there was really no other option. I couldn’t continue to live in a bubble and hope to be an empathic actor. It doesn’t work. I was really sick of the entertainment industry and wanted to step away. Dylan and I were nonstop—we were being recognized and it was overbearing, and I figured it would be nice to let that dissolve. I didn’t know if I was going to return, and then this project sort of crept up.

Are you enjoying it now that you’re back?

Yeah, it’s fulfilling, and I think that’s the only currency I am looking for right now. As long as it stays fulfilling, I will continue doing it, but the second it stops being fulfilling I’ll leave.

What does your brother think of 'Riverdale’?

He supports the show…. I don’t know if he enjoys it. This kind of programming has never really been our flavor of choice. I don’t really want him to watch anything I do and I don’t really watch anything he’ll do. We have a very easy time separating work and play and I wouldn’t really care less if he watched or if he enjoyed it. I don’t really have an easy time watching myself, so I guess I sort of imprint that upon my friends and family.

Originally, you you argued to keep Jughead asexual and aromantic, as he is in the comics. What did those conversations sound like?

When we got the parts, the creative team sat down with the actors and asked how they saw each character. I had argued for a super faithful representation of Jughead as he lives in the comics, which inherently was also me arguing for the aromantic, asexual Jughead. But [they] are two very different versions of the same character in two very different universes.

It’s very strange to me how much attention this [has received]. I am an actor. I have an idea of what I see for the character and I can express that idea and that opinion, but ultimately it is out of my hands. If this were a different kind of programming or it were my show, it would probably look a little bit different, but the commercial success of Riverdale and how people are talking and liking it shows that we’ve gone in a direction that makes a lot of sense and works.

It’s one of those things that needs representation but has not been properly represented. It’s something I still fight for and it’s something I fought for about the second season, but ultimately it’s not in my court. I guess we will see where the narrative takes us.

On a lighter note, once and for all, because the internet can’t agree, is the Jughead/Betty ship called Jetty or Bughead?

[Laughs] I think it’s Bughead. It’s the single strangest name for a coupling ever, but it works.

There seem to be two main Riverdale fan ships: Bughead and Beronica (Betty/Veronica). Which one are you behind?

I actually really ship Betty and Archie. When I would read the Archie comics when I was younger I was rooting for Betty and Archie way over any alternative. [I think I would have seen] that long-lived, childlike romance from two people knowing each other since youth as probably quite romantic. I am a sucker for that childhood romance narrative.

I know our fans take very specific camps with who they ship and who they want and all those camps are at huge war with one another. Riverdale is about to ignite into flames considering how the camps are at war with each other. I try not to involve myself too much.

I am sorry I just brought you into it.

[Laughs] Well, the question we get all the time as a cast is, 'Are you a Betty or Veronica person?’ I don’t like that. I think it’s hard and it also puts the cast members against one another in a strange and competitive way that makes me a little uncomfortable. So most of our cast don’t even answer it.

How did your fan-catcher Instagram account @Camera_Duels get started? Are you ever going to bring it back?

I was younger and just about to go to college, and very discontented with the way people were treating me in the public sphere. Sometimes you can read someone’s aura and actions—they’re shifting and fidgeting, and they’re fumbling for the phone. It’s a dehumanizing, very obvious kind of thing.

I would always be dissatisfied that people wouldn’t just ask, because I always say yes. So @camera_duels was born. It was a way of coping or trying to turn it around in my favor and give me more agency in a situation. I felt sort of like a man behind a glass wall. It ended up really helping me, so much that I stopped. I found the whole thing not to really disturb me anymore.

I am sure with Riverdale increasing ever so slowly in prestige, it will only increase in intensity and I’ll bring it back. But I think it deserves something a little bit more now. I’ve been thinking about getting a film camera with a quick auto focus and a nice flash to make it into something that could be found in a gallery space, which I think would be more enjoyable to me.

You recently subtweeted yourself, over a comment you made as an 11-year-old, where you said you like girls who don’t wear too much makeup. Do you consider yourself a feminist?

There is no question I consider myself a feminist, but I also think the term 'feminist’ has become a topical thing to say without backing it up with any real action. My satirical tweet about my old opinion doesn’t solidify me as a figure within a conversation that’s so much greater than my straight, white male opinion. My Twitter is a joke toilet and I filter all these old, cringe-y parts of my brother and my childhood through that, in an attempt to flush it down the drain forever. When you grow older, you unpack the way masculinity teaches you to view women.

Going back to the question of whether I am a feminist or not: Yes. I think the core of that question is do you support equality for women, and of course. It’s funny that it even becomes a touchy or sensitive thing for people to announce formally, it’s kind of fucking ludicrous. There is not a question in my mind. There are, of course, places and spheres where I wish I would have done more to make those actions back up the title, but I think that’s something that as I grow and I age and I get a little more agency within my society, I’ll always try and work towards that.

dead chicken jokes are old and unfunny now, pls drop it. don’t send me any more asks about it. it was funny at first to joke about shoma having no fashion sense but it’s gotten to the point where there’s more focus on his costumes than his skating. i honestly don’t care what he wears at worlds, i just want him to skate well. i don’t agree with all his decisions but at least i can recognize he’s his own person and can make his own decisions.

also this twitter thread sums up my feelings about the skating fandom’s recent tendency to treat shoma like a little kid. it’s a good read and i recommend it for everyone. i have personally called myself his “mom” before and i think this has exacerbated the problem, and i will try to avoid this kind of vocabulary in the future. in my case, i feel protective of him because i have literally watched him since he was 12, and have followed his journey for the past 6 years. i am also some years older than him. it may be hard sometimes for me to believe he’s grown up, but the fact is that he is 19 now, a legal adult in most of the world, and should be treated as such. the fact that he looks young is no excuse to still talk about him like he’s 10 (and tbh, even if he WERE 10, that’s still no excuse to be creepy). basically just…stop infantilizing shoma. watch how you speak. remember skaters are actual people and not a collection of tropes to blow out of proportion.

this has been a PSA

ETA: i feel like i need to clarify this, it’s not that calling shoma or other skaters a “bb” or “my child” is terrible on its own, but especially in shoma’s case it feeds into this perception of him as an actual child who doesn’t know what he’s doing and can’t make his own decisions. calling him “smol” and focusing on his height also feeds into it. take the costume thing for example, i thought loco 2 was ugly to the point it was distracting from his program, and since there was a feedback option on his website i decided to send him a polite message to consider keeping the old costume. somehow “dead chicken” got blown so out of proportion that as late as last week i was deleting asks about it from my inbox. like half the periscope comments on shoma’s CDP videos were about his damn costumes. the joke turned from “lol shoma has no fashion sense” to “LOL SHOMA IS DUMB AND CAN’T MAKE DECISIONS”. there’s been a rather alarming shift from appreciating shoma as both a dedicated athlete and dorky guy off-ice to simply talking about him as a “smol confused child”. i’ve seen tweets and posts that go way too far.

i am guilty of starting some of this/unintentionally making it worse. but i feel like this kind of behavior is starting to cross the line and i’m tired of seeing it for the past few months. i am not accusing everyone, i would just like people to examine what they say and do. i will examine and check my own words as well. it should not be that hard to know when you’re just being affectionate and when you cross the line into creepy and offensive.

and ftr, none of us actually know shoma. we don’t get to see inside his head or know what happens in his day-to-day training or why exactly he makes the decisions he does. we can speculate all we want but the fact is that we don’t know him and all we can really see of his personality is from interviews. he can indeed be spacey and a little weird. he’s also extremely mature and self-aware when it comes to many things, including his skating. it’d be really nice if we could focus on the latter point, as well.

So I finally went into my list of bookmarks and tried to find the fave fics i’ve read so far.. and i think this is it :)) Please read the tags and stay safe!! Enjoy x

Autumn Leaves by suspendrs (28k)

“Brave?” Harry frowns, caught off guard. “No, not particularly.”

“You seem brave,” Louis decides, pushing off the wall and stepping on the butt of his cigarette. “You are strong, and you are not mean. That’s good,” he assures, touching Harry’s arm gently.

“Thank you, but that’s not true,” Harry smiles ruefully. “I’m really not anything special.”

Or, Harry is an American soldier in France during World War II, and Louis is a French waiter that doesn’t mean to fall in love with him.

Mute by TroubledPro (123k)

How is love supposed to speak, when one can’t even choke out the words?
Louis’ life was a joke through his witty words.
Harry’s life was a joke through his lack of words.
Louis was classed as a normal child; mentally and physically.
Harry was classed as an abnormal child; mentally and physically.
Louis could speak.
Harry could not.
Harry had progressive mutism.
Louis did not.

Escapade by dolce_piccante (146k)

In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. 

He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.

As You Are by zarah5 (139k)

AU. Five years after The X Factor launched his career as a radio host and songwriter, Louis Tomlinson returns as a judge. Falling for a contestant is the last thing he needs. It’s also against his contract.

The only reason Harry auditions for The X Factor is because his best mate signed the two of them up as some kind of joke. Harry doesn’t get the big deal—not until he’s faced with this season’s judges and realises that one of them used to be his desperate, impossible teenage crush.

And down the long and silent street by whimsicule (86k)

The year is 1881 and if you’re alone in this world you might as well be dead, because starving dogs have no mercy.

Or: Wherein Louis and Harry are on the opposite ends of the social ladder, but their paths still cross on the filthy streets Louis calls his home. The odds are staked against them from the beginning, and even more when Louis’ past finally catches up with him.

With All My Heart, And More by littlelady (32k)

“A young John Doe, probably in his mid-twenties. He was found out on the street, lying in the snow completely beaten up, covered in blood. Internal bleeding, collapsed lung, the bones in his leg completely shattered, sprained wrist, dislocated shoulder, severe concussion, cut and bruised all over. He had more broken ribs than whole.”

“Is he in the ICU? Room 405?”

“Is he one of yours?”

“Yeah, looks like it.”

When Harry is left to die after having gotten abused and seriously injured by his ex-boyfriend, he is brought into the hospital where Louis works as a nurse. Louis instantly feels the need to take care of him, maybe a bit more than he usually does with his other patients. But only because Harry survived the abuse, it doesn’t mean that they are out of the woods yet. They still have a long and hard journey ahead of them filled with cries, fear and pain, but also with joy, laughter and lots of love.

domestic monsters series by g_uttertrash (234k)  

(this is the summary of chapter 1: come on, jump out at me)

Harry is a witch from a long line of power, an ancient line that’s one of the strongest left alive in their hemisphere. He can cast spells without a word if need be, fly on a broomstick, and has a black cat (a kitten, really) named Felix that is his animal familiar. He can shape galaxies in his cupped hands and can destroy them just as easily. He can choose exactly how to use his power, for encouragement and support, or for more nefarious causes if he wishes to.

And as fate would have it, he’s scared of haunted houses.

(Harry is a witch who carries around a stuffed pumpkin, Louis is a vampire with too much time on his hands, and their best mates Zayn & Niall aren’t exactly what they seem…)

Shake Me Down by AGreatPerhaps12 (209k)

Harry’s new to college, fresh out of Catholic school and conversion therapy camp, and Louis runs the campus LGBTQIA organization.

Bring Your Body Baby (I Could Bring You Fame) by theboyfriendstagram (84k)

Eighteen year old Harry Styles just graduated high school and landed a summer job as a waterboy for his favorite football team. His job description is simple: be ready to hand water and towels to players if needed. That didn’t seem to include Louis Tomlinson though, a twenty-three year old, recently transferred Paris Saint-German player, who seems to like making Harry’s job much more difficult than it has to be.


A self-indulgent AU that takes place over the summer of 2015. 18 year old Harry hates pining after people he can’t have, and 23 year old footballer Louis loves flirting with people even though it never means anything.

we’re still going, eight in the morning by nooelgallagher & yoursongonmyheart (32k)

Harry washes his hands quickly before grabbing his phone. His screen lights up to 3 notifications.

DJTommo is now following you!

@DJTommo mentioned you in a tweet!

Direct Message from @DJTommo!

Harry yelps, throwing his phone to Niall who just barely catches it.

Niall looks down at the phone, seeing first the tweet, then the DM. He tosses the phone back to Harry, who nearly drops it. “What are ya doing, mate! Answer him!”

Harry thinks for a moment about what he wants to say. This is his chance to actually talk to Louis Tomlinson. Louis Tomlinson messaged him directly. He can say anything he wants. He begins typing, his fingers shaky.

Niall comes over to stand next to Harry and peers down, looking to see what he wrote. When he does, he lets out a groan.

…Or, the one where Harry owns a bakery, Louis is a radio DJ, and Niall and Liam roll their eyes at their incessant flirting.

hold onto you stars by vashtaneradas (16k)

au; harry’s in the army, louis’ back home, and ninety days is a lifetime.

mega fluff + that adoption au kinda thing + inspired by this tweet though i tweaked it a little bit and made it seem like yoongi knew it from the very start :((( i did ask for permission though there wasn’t any response yet but i thought i’d post this anyway i’m sorry :((((

yoongi’s priorities are really not that complicated. the following goes like this:

1. jimin
2. relationship with said boy
3. career
4. rent and bills, daily necessities 
5. the future - aka a real family and kids (it’s really not that important right now)

really, it’s not that complicated. 

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Hello, I decided to join in with the “if you see this, post an excerpt from your WIP” thingy. Here’s a bit of my canon-ish HL fic that has been slowly killing me for months (hopefully this will motivate me to actually finish it):


Harry takes a deep breath, gearing himself up, and opens the app, going straight into his mentions.

There are people telling him that they’re proud of him for coming out, that they’re happy for him and will love and support him no matter what. He wants to jokingly respond that he hopes there are some instances in which they wouldn’t keep supporting him, but when he actually types it out, if falls a bit flat and too serious, and he ends up just simply thanking them. There are others who thank him, who tell him their stories and how much hope he gives them, that if someone they look up to is gay and open about it, then maybe it’s okay for them, too, that maybe it means their parents would understand and wouldn’t hate them for it. It breaks his heart and makes his throat feel tight, as he tells them how important they are and that he loves them.

He thinks about his own insecurities and fears, how scared he’s been for so fucking long. Louis called him a coward once, spat it in his face in the middle of a fight, and Harry doesn’t think he was wrong. He’s been scared for such a long time, of so many things — he never forgot the look on Louis’ face, how angry and hurt he sounded, and he tried to use it to better himself, to grow. He hopes he has. He hopes that maybe now he can give something back, help someone else, ease someone’s struggles, even if only a little.

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Use The Spare Bedroom

Summary: Phil starts bringing boys home. Dan starts tweeting song lyrics. 

Word Count: 3436

A/N: List of songs referenced at the end. 

It started one Friday night. Dan was sprawled out on the couch. Laptop up and open to tumblr. He was settled for the night.

Then Phil came out of his room. He was in black jeans and a button up shirt.

‘I’m going out with some friends from uni.’ He announced.

'Oh.’ Dan took a few moments to process the information. 'Since when?’

'About forty-five minutes ago. I got a message and I thought why not?’

'Why not.’ Dan echoed.

'So… I’m not sure how late we’ll be out. Don’t wait up for me.’


Dan didn’t normally get to bed until about 2am on a normal night. He sort of thought he would see Phil come in before he headed off to retire for the night. But at 1.30am when he was heading off there was still no sign of Phil whatsoever.

He was woken up at 3am to the sound of a door slamming.

'Sshh.’ Followed by a giggle. 'My roommate is asleep.’

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Dear young girls that are fans of Onision, he isn’t logical and he’s not honest.

Onision cuck isn’t a logical being. Listen to me rn all you onion fans before you start arguing against me.

True logic and true intelligens lays in the understanding of context, the understanding of a situation and all it’s contributing factors. Onision’s thinking is black and white, either something is illegal or it’s legal there’s no middle ground for him where there are exceptions, grey grounds, uncertainty and morality. And you know why he doesn’t see those things? Why he can’t truly grasp major concepts and why his logic will always be flawed? Because he’s uneducated (reading definitions doesn’t make you educated, there’s a reason why you study details and little shit that seems unnecessary in certain subjects in school, it gives you a proper and broad understanding of a subject) and to that he’s not a smart person. 

My proof:

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Happy you’re here (3/?)

Summary: You didn’t actually know who you were, rescued from H.Y.D.R.A, you suffered Dissociative Amnesia. The Avangers helped you, now was time for you to help Bucky.  

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,385 (Yeah)

Warnings: Cursing, FLUFF. violence, blood mention, torture mention, angst(??????)

A/N: LOOK AT THAT, ALREADY???? Yep, i’m truly bored, people seemed to have liked the last chapter, dunno, but the truth is that I just really wanted to write this part and some angst YEs HAtE mE, well I also got so carried away that I had to cut this part in two - maybe three -, or otherwise would’ve been like +3300 words, and i’m still writing! So yeah, there’s that. Oh fuck it, i’ll post it all. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Originally posted by spacesebby

Bucky couldn’t believe that you were able to fall asleep with your head on his shoulder. He couldn’t believe that you felt comfortable enough around him to grab his hand and place it on your tight so it was better for you to take a nap. He just… could not believe.

“Don’t look so scared, soldier.” Natasha said, sitting on his other side, making him place his metal arm closer to his chest. Her trained eyes didn’t lose that movement, she smirked at him before whispering “Steve called you, but since you’re busy… He was just going to tell you to watch over Y/N while we are in there, she’ll be staying with you.”

He just nodded with his head, feeling uncomfortable being around Natasha, but – weirdly – relaxed with you touching him.

Nat got up, strolling a piece of your hair out of your face and smiling gently at you, even though you were sleeping

“She’s a precious thing, isn’t she?” That was the first time he saw that true side of Natasha, the one with emotions and not calculated to be perfect and to analyze everyone and everything.

“She is.” Natasha straighten her shoulders, putting her mask again and going to talk with Steve about the mission and where they were landing.

His hand tighten in your tight when you frowned your brows, gripping hard into his uniform and mumbled something he couldn’t understand in a different language

He wasn’t able to tell if it was in German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, he knew that at least it wasn’t Russian. However, even though he didn’t understand exactly what you were saying, he knew you were denying something.

“Y/N?” He whispered, afraid of waking you too suddenly, since he knew that it would be a pain in the ass to calm yourself down, especially when you were about to enter into a mission. You didn’t answer, just gasped and frowned your brows even more, leaving him with no choice but to use his metal hand to poke you lightly in your cheek “Hey, Doll…”

“Huh?” You groaned, stopping the nonsense words and soften your grip in his uniform, sliding your hand down to stroke his arm, as if he was the one that needed comfort. Obviously, you were still half-asleep, your eyes were still closed and your head still on his shoulder.

“I think we are almost there.” He said – for his own surprised – softly to you, even if you didn’t ask him to wake you up before they got there, to give you time to recover from your nap

“Thanks, Buck.” You mumbled, yawning right after slipping away from him. Bucky even tried to slip his hand off of you, but you thought it was quite pleasant his big hand in you thigh, heating it. So, you slid your hand on top of his – as if you didn’t –, while with the other you itched your eyes. Buck hell sure felt surprised by your boldness, by how you did it as if you didn’t actually done, neither cared about keeping his hand on your thigh.

“Look if it isn’t Sleep Beauty awake! What, the prince charming here kissed you, already?” Sam mocked, making you giggle and tease back

“Prince Charming is Cinderella’s prince. Phillip is Sleep Beauty’s prince; go watch the movies before so you’re sure about the nickname, Tweet.”

“Are you inviting me to a cinema night, hottie?” You just laughed at the usual flirty Sam, you knew he was only messing around and you did indeed always – jokely – flirt back

“You tell me, handsome.” Bucky slowly slid his hand off of yours, while you and Sam glanced at each other, controlling your laughs.

Natasha, noticing Bucky’s weird gaze, interfered with a surprised smirk, her mind already planning a way to get you to tell her that you at least thought Buck was cute.

“Y/N, stop your games with Sam. Steve wants to talk with you, now that you’re awake.”

“All right, Nat. You don’t have to be jealous; you know my heart is only yours.” You mocked, passing by her and hugging her by her waist and almost singing the last part.

“I knew that you turned me down for some reason!” Pietro’s voice was heard somewhere on the jet, making you all – Buck included – laugh. He liked the atmosphere, how you made him interact with the others, even though he stayed away.

“Just go already, you little flirty thing. And you, Sam, stop teaching her these kind of stuff.” Natasha laughed slightly while you entered more the jet, searching for your “old man”.

“If you’re going to tell me to hide behind someone I’ll use you as a shield to the bullets.” Clint and Steve giggled at your groan, but Captain just denied with his head and pointed at the table, showing you the plant of the base

“Is not that. Well, since you didn’t accept staying in the jet, I went through the plan and decided that you and Bucky would be better together, you’re good at looking at others back and since Natasha and I will be the ones to search your files, I thought you two would make a good pair.” I kept looking to the plant, trying to memorize everything I could about there.

“Okay, where will my sister and Pietro be?” You ask, Wanda smiled at the back of the jet, hearing you talk about her with her powers.

“They’ll be the ones covering me and Nat’s back, you and Buck will cover theirs and ours while you clear this and the others floors.” Steve pointed at the floor you were supposed to be “So we’ll make our way up to you two and help to clear the rest of the facility. Tony, Vision and Sam will clear the upper floors, Clint will be flying here and helping occasionally.” You sighed in relief; you hated to see Clint of all people entering dangerous missions, because you had met his kids and wife.

“Ok. But what if we found prisoners?”

“We don’t think that they have any in there, Natasha tried to hack them, and she didn’t found anything about new victims before they shut her down.” You agreed, reviewing the entire plan again in your head “Y/N?”


“Don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger again and please follow my orders.” Steve almost begged at you, probably remembering your last mission with him and Clint.

“Oh c’mon! It was just one time, and I didn’t even harm myself that much!”

“You broke your hand, lost more blood than possible, broke three ribs and almost fell from a 39’4 foot tall building!” You chuckled and shrugged your shoulders

“But at least Clint got in time, and with no bruises, to his’s son birthday party.”

“You mean the one you were invited to and that I had to explain to Cooper that “Auntie Y/N” didn’t show to his birthday party just so I could look good at the family’s photo?” You chuckled again, hearing Steve huff

“But you can’t say I didn’t give him a hell of a present.” Steve crossed his arms in front of his chest, glancing sharply at you “I gave him his father to his birthday.”

“Okay, show off, we get it. You’ll do anything to protect everyone; just don’t get yourself killed on the process, all right?” Clint said, and you nodded with your head, turning again to the base draw, a weird feeling filling your chest.

“I’ll talk to Buck; see if he’s really okay with entering an H.Y.D.R.A facility.” Steve murmured when seeing you weren’t going to leave there until you recorded every corner of the place, even though he knew it wouldn’t take you long to.

“Hey, guess who will be waiting for us when we get back?” Clint asked

“Sorry, Katniss. I forgot to bring my crystal ball.” He chuckled at the sassy you, knowing it was a way for you to hide how nervous you were and also because he interrupted your “recording process”.

“Your boyfriend.”

“Which one of them?” He laughed loudly while you were still with your eyes pierced at the map in front of you.

“Parker. He’ll spend a week with you guys; Tony thinks that Peter might be the one to beat you at a training.”

“Really? What makes he think that?”

“The fact that the boy has super strength, spider things and shit.”

“He also has a nice ass.” You murmured, smiling when finished your study

“You are a little pervert thing, you know that, right? Please, don’t harass Peter.”

“Can’t promise that, you know how I feel about cute, shy, awkward people.” He chuckled while you left with a smirk in your face, being surprised when Buck’s face appeared in your mind.

You smiled at yourself when remembered the face he did when you kept his hand where it comfortably was, you thought that he looked cute looking shocked.

When you all arrived at the facility, you took a deep breath, trying to control yourself and be there. Your family’s life was also in your hands, focus and attention.

“Buck, Y/N, you two enter first, than Wanda and Pietro, than me and Natasha.” You heard from the speaker in your ear, nodding and making your way to the place with The Winter Soldier by your side.

You didn’t want to cause too much attention when at first there was just you and Bucky in there, so you just silently brought down each person there with the help of your teammate.

“Nat is bringing down the security system alarm. Y/N, Wanda and Pietro are coming in as soon as you two are able to tell how safe it is.” You heard as your hand grabbed a men’s face, tapping his mouth to stop him from screaming and shit, while you kicked behind his knee and made him pass out with a single strike.

Your eyes met an amazed blue ones, but you just pointed at the two last men on the floor before a door that leaned to where the others were going to enter. Buck nodded with his head and was head to fight one while you took other, quietly, but the loud screams and gunshots at the upper rooms made you sighed.

“Thanks fucking a lot, Tony.” You Sam giggle while the both men turned screaming something when they saw that theirs partners were all down. They started shooting when Bucky and you protected yourselves, you moved fast, shooting at both men and running with light steps at the door. “soră mai mică, your turn.”

“Coming.” Buck stayed at the other side of the door, still amazed by how you were fast on the trigger and with your body. He knew you had powers, since he asked Steve about you, but you didn’t like using them.

A few seconds later, the door was ripped from it’s place and Bucky and you entered the place, cleaning what you could for the siblings. They began fight too, Pietro knocking down whom he could with his speed and Wanda throwing men to all sides.

A bullet passed right in front of Pietro’s face to a man that was going to shoot him in the head, he glanced at your angry face.

I’ll pay more attention, sorry, Y/N” He said while continuing to clean the floor.

What happened?” Steve voice was a little tense, but you just ignored and sticked to the plan, making your way to where you were supposed to.

Nothing new, just my beloved future wife saving my ass.” Natasha giggled at Pietro’s voice, she knew that you wouldn’t give him a chance, since you could only see him as a little brother, as someone that needs to be taken care of.

“You wish, shithead.” You used your elbow to hit one of them in the face, lowering your arm to lock his, grabbing his gun and kicking him to the floor. “Steve, Nat.” You warned, continuing to make your way with Bucky.

Captain was right; you two did make a good pair. You protected his back, he protected yours, and you both moved synchronized, as if you two had been partners before.

Maybe was the training that H.Y.D.R.A provided, but Steve was still surprised that you both made to where he said in less time that he expected.

“We are coming in. Y/N, Bucky, change of plan. Y/N, remember the entry you saw that give to the labs?”

You even ask?” A giggle came out between heavy breaths, well you were fighting at that very moment. You broke the men’s wrist to make him drop the knife and made him kneel while he screamed “What about it?”

I need you two to go there and destroy what you can while you search for files about others victims, see if there is anyone that need saving.”

“Can you two go without our help?” You asked, dodging kicks and punches just so you can come closer to Bucky.

Yes, mom.” You laughed at his ironic voice and finished with another one, pointing with your head to where Bucky should go. You didn’t touch him, knowing that if you did, he would punch you because of his “fight” state.

“Buttercup, let’s go!” You called, finally getting his attention. He walked to you, but he didn’t see one of the men lift a gun and shoot.

You were fast in kicking, with all your strength, Buck’s chest. Making him get out of your way and lose his balance a little confused, you felt a sharp, blazing pain in your shoulder when you lowered your gun after shooting the men.

A groan left your mouth when you pressed the injure to stop the blood from coming out

“Fuck!” The second Bucky understood what happened, he got close to you again, checking you with a worried gaze in his eyes.

What happened?” Bruce voice was heard, when The Winter Soldier opened his mouth to say ‘Y/N got shot’, you were quicker.

“Nothing, I hit my ass on a balcony.” You continued your walk with Buck at your side, looking for more threats while glancing constantly at you.

You felt the shoulder of your black suit soak with blood, but ignored when entered the labs, paralyzing with the vision of a familiarity. The scars on your back started to burn as you looked at one point of the lab, the cells.

Luckily, they were empty. So you just shaked your head and started to search what you needed, Buck stood behind you, trying to pull the fabric of your suit so he could see the wound, but by reflex, you grabbed his hand and turned pointing the gun at his face.

He didn’t hesitate in ignore the gun to pull the fabric while you apologized and turned again to continue your chase, allowing him to take a look.

“Is it too bad?” You asked, ignoring the pain to do your work

“No, the bullet passed right through.”

“Yay.” He chuckled at your cheered impression, deciding to help you “Steve, the labs are empty and there is nothing here. What do you want us to do?”

“Remember when I said we could do without you guys? Well…” You two laughed at his tone

“We are coming to rescue you, Steve.” Bucky liked the way you said ‘we’, but obviously he ignored the warm feeling in his chest, thinking that it was caused by the adrenaline

Oh, we are good. Wanda is taking care of everything, but Sam, Tony and Vision might use a little help.”

“Sir, yes, sir.” And Steve was out, you didn’t know that he and Natasha were painfully watching a video of you in there, when you were still just a kid. 

The Captain locked his jaw with the vision of you being whiped with something that had metal, sharp points 

“What do we do with it? Do we destroy?” Nat asked to Steve, making sure nobody else listened to it

“No” he sighed, knowing that you would punch him if he didn’t give you the choice to watch it or not “save it on the flash drive and then, destroy it.” She nodded and saved everything they were there for, Bucky and you already helping your teammates.

We are done here, we got everything we need. Everyone to the jet now! Tony, you know what to do.” You smiled at Bucky and made your way to the closest way out, that in that case was a window.

You jumped, seeing that it wasn’t a big height from the floor you were to the ground. But obviously, you forgot about your injured shoulder, so when you rolled to cushion the fall, you let out a painfully groan and stood on your knees, waiting for Buck to jump. He did the same as you, the exact movements but without the groan part.

“Are you too hurt?” He asked, helping you to get up while you denied with your head, smiling gently at him.

“No, but Steve will make me be.” He let a relieved laugh come out and you were the one breathless, that time. His expression was relaxed and even a little tired, but wasn’t grumpy.

You two went to the jet waiting, but dodging Pietro’s quick hand. He tried to use his fast speed to carry you in the arms when he saw you were bleeding

“What happened?” Wanda asked worried, helping you sit down while Bruce were already starting to work on your injury.

“I got shot, but don’t worry. The bullet came out and it doesn’t hurt that much.” She sighed and kissed your forehead, siting on your other side, since Pietro was already stroking your hand from the sit next to you.

“I was the one supposed to take the bullet.” Bucky said shortly, giving space so Bruce could take care of the wound.

“Yep. But it was going to hit your spine, and even if you’re a super soldier, I think it would make a big mess.” He still didn’t understand why you took the shot for him, he never experienced that before. Beside Steve, he wasn’t used to that kind of affection and with somebody taking care of him. “That reminds me, sorry for kicking you. But I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be able to push you.” He smirked with your flirty tone; even he was able to tell.

“Jesus Christ, Y/N. Calm your hormones down, Woman!” Sam said, making you giggle and wink at Bucky before he went back to his previous sit.

“You’re luck it didn’t hit anything important, Y/N.” Bruce said serious, giving you a harsh – but worried – glance. “Did something happened there? You seem more off than usual.”

“No, not at all.” You forced a smile, not wanting to give Steve the word. You would never admit that the labs made you remember something, and hell sure you weren’t going to sleep that night.

“Do you want something for pain?” He asked, not wanting to pressure you, knowing that when you were ready you would tell him.

“No, thank you, Bruce.” He stroked your head before you got up and kiss both Pietro and Wanda cheeks, seeing that they were worried. “I’m ok, don’t worry.”

You smiled before going to sit next to Bucky, giving him time to get used to your sudden approach.

“Thank you.” He finally said, for your surprise.

“I told you, any time, love.” He grinned and you grabbed his arm gently “Is it ok if I use you as a pillow again?” Bucky studied you for a while before nodding with his head and looking straight to the jet’s sit in front of him.

You weren’t going to sleep, just pretend so no one would bother you. He didn’t know that, so he got surprised when in the middle of the travel back you stroked slightly his arm again. You couldn’t help, you were a clingy person. You liked human contact and hugs, kisses, touches, the warm and soft feeling of someone’s body… Maybe it was because your whole life you hadn’t be able to feel those things.

You crossed your legs and tried to find a more comfortable position, Bucky sighed and with all his courage, he moved his hand so it stayed on your thigh again. A smirked formed in your lips as you slid your hand to his, kind of hugging his arm, and hell, if that wasn’t the most comfortable thing ever, you didn’t know what was.

dan and phil play the sims 4 #39: a summary


impression of the iconic woman from the simpsons

dan has no care for children and i relate

“… not that you’re children” dan says whilst phil is trying to speak

dig yourself into a hole in your own time stop interrupting him you curly haired lumberjack wannabe

i sound mocking but he actually looks bomb i love it

they both do

“don’t talk about the words. the words just come, they mean nothing… like our lives” also just like the rebrand apparently

briefing on the toddler stage

the lack of skills is going to make me cringe

phil watched the video back just to call dan out, what a guy

they feign surprise that we’re so observant

the parp debate

“… and other things i’m not particularly comfortable with you saying”

“he’s just dead in the bed” // “he’s fine”

phil recalls being in daycare and crushing trucks in sand with his friend owen…. okay boy

can’t wait for the abundance of original characters called owen in fics now

dan just remembers a sandpit

what kind of fancy ass daycares did you two go to i didn’t have any of that shit i just remember all the girls except for me used to fight over the doll pram whilst i sat alone in the corner of the room attempting to read and being sad that i was there

both their daycares were inside and they stank because ‘everyone peed’ …. again what kind of daycare did you two go to

“even though we were three hundred miles and a couple of years apart… we had the same experience” // “essentially that sand came from the same place” i’m so done with these two and it’s not even three minutes in

“fill the bath with fruit loops”

the toddler food glitch is so fucking annoying and seeing it in let’s plays only annoys me more

phil thinks the final bedtime story will be about a dragon

“party miami dad with abs”

“hey dan it’s your ripped jeans, you just need to cut them off as shorts” // “oh my god, yes, and when i have abs i will wear a top like that”

please stop talking over each other we’re not even four minutes in yet this is going to be painful

“that’s kind of dragon, come on, give that to me” the latter of this sentence immediately triggered the 'it’s not the first time he’s said those words’ sensor in my brain

phil wants to change the miami dad outfit whereas dan literally screeched his argument to keep it

phil feels pain in his own stomach watching a simulation on a screen do ab crunches

the excitement over transformation of the day is cute what a cute thirty year old man you are

“that reminds me, you should do transformation of the day, come on, i’ve been waiting” very contradictory but sure okay phil

“time to sacrifice one of our children” the youtube comments are going to have a field day with that one aren’t they

“party dil’s whacking out…”

the draw phil naked music :((((

dan the materialistic man resurfaces

the first singing interlude of the video

“is it dab or usain bolt, scientists can’t tell”

“happy famalamies”

“how does one cake” me on a regular basis honestly

they both agree that blue confetti cake sounds 'birthday-ish’

the artistic prodigy aspiration and the cheerful trait were chosen

“dab - a ray of sunshine running through everyone’s lives”

“i’m like who is this thing in the house” phil lester english university degree holder

lame science jokes from dan there

supportive bf phil is back with a vengeance though don’t you worry

the game spawned him with bunny slippers nice

“he’s growing up before our eyes, dan” fanfic writers have fun

“i’m gonna punch. and i’m gonna punch you, phil. because you’re the only one here” // *phil leans away* “don’t punch ME!”

“amphibians need representation”

cue the 'de-toddling’ decor section

“dinosaurs are still valid”

phil was scared of space print bedding he had as a kid

apparently it included the molester moon so i mean that’s a thing he said

and here’s the creepy speaking in sync thing again. add it to the compilation videos

“easy beans”

a creativity table for children gave phil tingles

the debate over whether or not to give him a tablet is really proving who will be the easygoing parent and who will be the disciplinarian (the majority of the fics were right)

“you-you’re gonna not give someone at school access to youtube? how can they make it through life without minecraft youtubers?” he was speaking from personal experience minus those last three words

i see u howell

phil wants him to draw a vehicle so dan chooses shapes

domestics are on the horizon

“yes this is danandphilcrafts, who’s gonna be sacrificed to satan?”

phil take that reference back before i shove it where the sun doesn’t shine

time to age up evan

quick sidenote have you seen how many dabxevan fics there are bc wow there are a ton, not that i’ve read any but they’re out there

“see i went to cheese and you went to trapeziums… what does that mean, psychologically?” that dan needs to get his well-educated stick out of his ass and realise a block of cheese when he sees it

“all this cake is making me so hungry, dan..”

this whole cake talk is so domestic what the fuck is happening you just moved how are you still providing domesticity

they’re going to get deliveroo cake

i’m surprised we didn’t get a tweet about that crazy night

apparently eliza is a milf according to dan even though phil says he isn’t allowed to say it (make of that what you will, demons)

daddy pancakes

they’re literally providing more weird fic prompts pls stop

“tumblr’s gonna go nuts. they have matching trackies” so we now know what tags dan stalks on tumblr

red apparently reflects evan

the science set is reminding phil of fallout yes i relate what a quality game

this video took so long to summarise what the actual fuck but okay it’s over it’s just the buildup to the outro now

“don’t explode the universe with a chemistry set” wise words from phil there

Daniel Howell - i guess these puns have to be daniel themed now


So...another post....because....i feel it needs to be said just one more time....with more understanding.

*sighs deeply* why do people assume because i write x reader fics i don’t care about lin? Or any one i would write about, be it rami malek, or dan and phil when i was younger, or norman reedus when i was a big ol whore for the walking dead.

Look, i have made many an angry post, many a post trying to defend what we write about.

Here is the thing. In any fandom, for any human, fictional character, inanimate object anything! There are fans who will be crazy obsessed, hell in the kpop world, fans have sent bloody letters and shit. Those are obsessive people. That being said, that is out of line, that is crazy, and should not be tolerated. Breaking personal boundaries or stalking is not ever okay.

If i wouldn’t like it to happen to me, i wouldn’t do that to another human being.

Us who write x readers, well known blogs, we respect lin and his family, we have set tags for our own needs. So others don’t see our i guess internal fantasies.

Now, because i write fics about real people, it in no way, means i am
A) going to send it to that person
B) stalk said person
C) call them daddy in real life.
People who do that in periscopes or instalive or what have you, are either being funny, to themselves​ or friends they are with, or have mind vomit and that happens. To everyone, word and brain vomit just happen.

We write because its nice to place ourselves into a fake world, note i said Fake, not real, not ever going to be real, world. I do not ever think anything i am saying, or writing, is real, so if i have a head cannon of lin thats
- lin is the type to let you sit in his lap even when you complain that you are too heavy.
Thats just me observing him in interviews or listening to him on a podcast and making an idea of maybe he would be like that.

Head cannons and fics are based on our own ideas of what we think lin or any one we wrote about would be like. They could be true or so far from the truth its insane. But we will never know because we do bot no lin in real life, and never will, just the fact of life. So we all have to make our own, guesses of how we think said person would be like.

If Lin was still on tumblr, which he isn’t, not because shipping, or x reader fanfics. But because people in a whole different section of the fandom, were asking for the bootleg link to hamilton that someone who went, filmed against lins wishes, and people were making gifs and asking for the link, it made him very upset, because like he has said
The video of the OBC is coming, we just have to wait for it. Simple. That is why he is no longer on tumblr. And he’s a goddamn 37 year old man with a family and a 2 and a half year old, an actor filming a movie and so much more, he has twitter and that’s all he has got time for. Meanwhile daveed is so privet with his life he has twitter and insta…and he barley uses those. He is just very focused on clipping and his projects. So yes we write about them.

But we respect them, we keep to our side of the web, and we act respectful to lin by not sharing our stories and ship things with him, we retweet his tweets or make mood boards or other non shippy or x reader things and show those to him. Because he is not a fictional character to us. He is a role model, an idol, a hero, a human with a heart bigger then this world can hold. He is a loving father, husband, and son. He is an award winning genius. Who i have looked up to since i discovered hamilton.

You wanna know why?
Because as the only half POC in my entire family, i saw hispanic/latinx representation on broadway, in a place i loved, i saw a passionate latino man unafraid of who he is. I saw a real human, not a talking dog, or the things people say we are on the news. I saw myself, because since i was young me being half mexican was the joke in my family
“Haha did you run jump or swim here?”
“Shit cheynne get down the police are coming”
“So i guess we have to change your last name, don’t want the patrol to chuck you across the wall”
Me being half mexican, was a joke, and i never realized until i was old enough and i saw how fucked up it was.

Lin made me so proud to see a latino man, a latino in general be praised for breaking the wall, and most of the time no one commented on his race, why? Because it didn’t matter. He wrote a beautiful story, he told a forgotten persons life, he made me cry, and laugh.

Lin will always be my idol, my true role model on how to live, on how to treat people, to show that kindness is the key, to not fight back with harsh words, i have done that i know, i have been rude and snarky, yes. And that was not okay. I am sorry.

To me, i am able and have been for years, i have been able to separate the fantasy lin, in my mind, the ‘Daddy AF, plow me, etc.’ Lin, from the very real in my heart idol and role model, father type figure lin. I can have my own world and write it out for fun, for my own sort of writing things, but always knowing, always, ALWAYS, knowing he is a real human, with emotions and feelings and a family.

But people who call us creepy and gross and weird and obsessive and fucking disgusting. You don’t seem to see we are also humans, real people, with feelings and emotions and take what you say to heart.

A person wrote to me after i made a post and said, because of what people said in such a post as this, that they felt so guilty and had a full blown panic attack, and were going to delete all of there social media because of that. How is that okay, how is that fair, we respect everyone we write about, but people can’t understand words they say or type can be just as hurtful as ours are to you.

Now, we stay away from the main tags, or try to, its tumblr its gonna happen, we write we tag, if it gets a lot of notes, that is not in our control, block us so you don’t see our fics…or scroll past it or select photo or gif. It is so much easier to scroll past us, then to be hateful or hurtful.

As aaron burr once said in a marvelous musical.
“Talk less. Smile more”
In this i mean, scroll past, smile more.

Cause guys
“Love is love is love is love” kindness is what the world needs, lin said it himself.

Remember, write what you want. Sing what you want. Dance how you want. Because we only have a grain of sands worth of time to do what we love, so don’t waste it.

“We only have a grain of sands worth of time on this earth….”

I Miss You- Luke Hemmings

Got this request awhile back…will do the other guys. Almost done with Mikey…To the anon, sorry it took so long but hope you like it!!! 

“Where are you and I’m so sorry I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight….  Don’t waste your time on me you’re already, The voice inside my head…I miss you miss you” - I Miss You, Blink-182

Two years. It has been two years since you last saw Luke. Back then, it was like a different life time. You first met him when his band was starting to take off. Back then, things were so simple. You had started dating early 2015, and you both were inseparable. You thought you and Luke would have this incredible future together. How naive could you be?

You were sitting in some fancy hotel room, waiting for the boy who once was the love of your life. Well him and his managers. Ugh. How you hated them. No hate wasn’t quite the right word, more like loathed.

Some lady in a pantsuit walked in, followed by some guy in a fancy tux. They each held folders, and came in and sat on the couch across from you. Then Luke walked in. Even though two years changed Luke a lot, you’d recognize him anywhere. The scruff, the messy hair, the broad shoulders, all new features that blended in with those same baby blue eyes and tall stature. The changes in him, and the time spent away from him, did absolutely nothing to prevent your heart from pounding the second you set your eyes on him. As his eyes met yours, you saw a small smile on his face and his eyes shined. So many memories flashed through your head, and from his expression his too.

Then his face fell, he looked sad…and he gave you a look that could only be described as apologetic. He sat down on the other side of the couch you were sitting on, refusing to look at you any longer.

“So, Y/n, you’re probably wondering what you’re doing here today” The lady said in a overly cheerful voice.

“Yeah…what’s going on? What possible reason would you guys need me?”

“Well we know about your previous relationship with Luke, terrible way for you guys to break up before the band could reach the level it is now, so sad. The fans still talk about it today…”

“Sad?” You said, anger beginning to bubble up within you.

“Yes very terrible…” The lady agreed

“It was your fault! I had no choice but to leave! All you fucking management demanded it, and refused to work with Luke if we didn’t end it! Because…what was it? Wasn’t good for the new hot lead singer to be in a committed relationship otherwise the band wouldn’t seem so appealing?”

“Well that was a different management, that wasn’t us…” The lady said calmly.

“I don’t care! You’re all the same!” You screamed. “I don’t even know what I’m doing here if all you wanted was to bring up bad memories then I guess we’re done here. I’m leaving” You said, standing up and heading for the door.

That’s when Luke stood up, and grabbed your arm.

“Y/n…just hear them out ok?” He said, still not quite being able to meet your eye.

“Yes I think what we’re going to say may interest you” The man said.

“What?” You said, standing by the couch, refusing to sit down.

“We want you and Luke to date again”

“You what?!” This news stunned you. Why? What on earth…

“As a PR move, of course, not in reality. We don’t expect that” The lady clarified.

“PR stunt?”

“Yes, as in fake date. The band needs more attention, something to draw the fans back in, and hopefully capture the eyes of new ones. We think if news got out that you and Luke were together again, then it would do just that”

You gave a harsh laugh. “Why on earth would I do that?”

“Because you’ll be monetarily compensated of course.” The man said. “You are starting your graduate program soon yes? We will cover a year’s tuition, provided you cooperate. A few dates, some pictures, and some tweets. That is all we are asking for.”

You turned to look at Luke, who was sitting on the couch looking at the floor. He looked like he’d rather be anywhere but here.

“Luke? What do you think about this?” You asked him

He didn’t move for a moment, but then looked at you. “I think this would benefit you Y/n, something you shouldn’t refuse just because of me. You’re working towards your dream, halfway done in school. This would make it so much easier for you….and management thinks we need to be in the tabloids some more to stay relevant”

You sat back down on the couch, leaning your head against the back of it, completely giving up.

“Fine” you sighed


The next thing you knew you were waiting in front of a movie theater for Luke to get some tickets to whatever new rom-com was the current hit. You looked around you, nowhere did you see creeps with their cameras taking pictures of your every move, but according to management they were there.

“Alright ready to go inside?” Luke asked, giving you his best smile. Scratch that, giving the cameras his best smile.

“All set!” You smiled. You felt like you were going to barf but you made it seem as though you were the happiest person in the world. At least you hoped so.

You walked into the move theater. Luke being the perfect gentlemen, buying you popcorn and some candy, holding open the door for you, and being the sweet boyfriend you knew he was. Luke always treated his girl right, always treated you right…

You guys sat watching the movie. As time went on you both relaxed more. Him stealing your popcorn, you making jokes about the movie the whole time, you both making up your own script of what you think the characters should say and laughing at the crazy stuff you guys came up with. You both were having a great time, and it brought you back to old times…memories from a different place it seemed. Now, it was like you were both right where you left off.

After the movie, you guys left, the smiles on your faces genuine this time. You even held onto his arm as you left the theater and got into the black SUV designated to take you both home.

As you sat next to him in the backseat, his phone beeped. You raised your eyebrows.

“Management. Says they want us to post a few pictures” Luke explained.

“Sure” You smiled.

You then pulled out your phone, holding it up to take a quick selfie of the two of you. When you were satisfied with the picture, you posted it on twitter with the caption: “@Luke5sos needs better taste in movies, I can’t do anymore rom-coms”

He saw your post of course and laughed. He then held out his phone to take a picture of you both, you deciding to kiss his cheek in this photo. He stiffened when you did this, as if in shock. He shook it off though and posted the really cute picture of you both with the caption “@Y/n what kind of girl hates rom-coms?”

Once you saw his response you laughed.

“I don’t hate them…I just find them super cheesy okay?”

“That’s the whole point!”

“Oh Luke…you’ve always been a sucker for cheesy love stories”

“What can I say? I have a problem”

“I wouldn’t call it a problem” you laughed

“No? What would it be then?”

“A part of you that makes you super cute” You said, biting your lip and refusing to look at him

“Oh so you think I’m cute?” Luke laughed, leaning down closer to you, knowing you couldn’t resist looking at him.

As soon as you looked up, he surprised you by pulling your face to his, smashing your lips together in the most passionate kiss you’d ever had. So many things had happened since the last time you had kissed, so much time had passed, but if anything all of that just added to your kiss. From the way he kissed you, you knew he missed you just as much as you missed him. Despite everything, he still loved you, just the way you loved him.

When the kiss ended, he placed his forehead on yours, closing his eyes.

“I love you Y/n, I never stopped. I regretted leaving you the second after I did, and I’m sorry. But I will never let that happen again. Y/n I don’t want you to ever leave my side” Luke said, confirming what was expressed without words.

“Luke…I still love you too…and I never want to be anywhere but right next to you” You whispered

He opened his eyes, and smiled down at you, eyes sparkling with joy, and he kissed you yet again.


As always thanks for reading! I love you guys…. -Lydia

Dating Dylan O’Brien

Request: So I loved your dating stiles stilinski imagine where you added circumstances to the list could you do one for Dylan?

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: Language.

Word count: 2,119

A/N: I really loved writing this! A huge thanks to @imaginesxteenwolf for helping me come up with most of these scenarios, cuz I honestly suck at that.

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Dating Dylan O’Brien

Meeting him on the red carpet

Dylan talked into the interviewer’s microphone as he answered a question about Teen Wolf whilst on the red carpet of the Teen Choice Awards.

He shifted his weight onto either foot, starting to get antsy for the awards to begin, wanting to know if they’d won anything. Tyler Posey stood next to him, checking his watch every so often, probably waiting for the show to start too.

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