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A/N: This piece is very long and has taken me a long time to write for several reasons. But I hope this is what these lovely people hoped for when they sent in their requests (x x x)! Love you all and I hope you have a great day :)

Harry had always been in awe of you.  

From the moment he had you in his life, his heart had been filled with your gentle compassion. He had admired your instinctive kindness, personally witnessing the way you’d give a piece of your heart to everyone in your life. “Being kind is all that I can give” he’d hear you say and it breaks him just a little when he watches your smile falter for a fraction of a second, before you arch your eyes and nod your head slightly towards him in reassurance. You’re doing it again, he gathers, putting up a front to satisfy the people around you. Making sure they remained lost in their pursuit of happiness while you’re left alone to pick up your own shattered pieces.

Harry had regretted that night the most. The first, of many, where your heart felt particularly heavy as you smiled and whispered “I’m fine” to his concerned eyes. The silk of your dress clumped at your shoulders as you walked away from him then, away from a night of celebrating your recent promotion at work and into a cab to nurse your friend that had gulped too much tequila to shove away his own misfortunate thoughts.

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Got7 as the Mafia + How He Met You

|||Anon asked:  Hi! I really liked your mafia monsta x post and was wondering if you could do something similar for got7 and bts?|||

BTS   Monsta X   Shinee

JB/Im Jaebum

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  • Built this whole gang from scratch 
  • Has this strong and scary presence around him but he’s actually an angel doesn’t like doing the dirty work himself and instead relies on his other gang members to clean up the mess
  • Even though he himself and his gang is well known around the city he prefers to stay in the shadows
  • Has a reputation of one of the fiercest mafia leaders 
  • And the rumors are true because no one who got on his bad side, got to live to see another day

Meeting you was a complete coincidence as you happened to work in the warehouses where his gang would make deals. You were always told finish up before 9 o’clock in the evening because you might lose your job otherwise and you always obeyed this rule until that day. It took you longer to sort things out than usual and when you were about to leave it was almost 10. You went out through the front exit and were caught up in the middle of two gangs.

“Who the fuck is she?” one man asked.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see anything, I’m not even supposed to be here, I will never tell anyone, so please-”

“Shut up! You talk to much.” Jaebum ordered. You looked at him frightened.

“It would be better if we just kill her.” the other man spoke again.

“No.” Jaebum said approaching you. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “She’s with me.”

Mark Tuan

Originally posted by nochuie

  • He’s not in the gang to do business but rather for the many opportunities to steal, especially cars
  • If he sets his eye on something, there is 110% guarantee that he will get in 24 hours
  • He thinks Jackson is shady and that he’s probably going to try to steal from him so he avoids him like the plague which almost never works
  • Because of people like him, he doesn’t go anywhere (not even to sleep) without his trusted revolver
  • He’s one of the richest among the gang members and likes to show off his precious cars but there will be no hesitation to kill if you as much as touch them

You made the stupid decision of trying to steal from him. You saw his obviously expensive car parked outside one of the clubs and thought that that’s a good catch. However when you drove away with it, expecting to sell it into the black market, Mark himself showed up to buy it from you.

“That’s not very nice.” he said pointing his gun at you. “I really like this one.”

You were surprised the owner of the car found you so fast and just wanted in anticipation to see what will happen.

“But I also find your courage and skills very impressive, not many people dare steal from me, so how about you give me back my car and then I will think what to do with you.”

Jackson Wang

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  • No one knows why he’s in the gang and how he got here
  • He just started hanging around and before everyone knew it he was already going on missions and making deals
  • Was very quick to gain everyones trust and respect
  • He doesn’t have a specific job at the gang as he’s pretty much good at anything
  • And he also annoys a lot people so they don’t want to take him with them but he shows up anywhere, anytime at the right moment

He met you when he broke into your house in the middle of the night to interrogate you. He woke you up and put his hand over your mouth to stop you from screaming.

“We need to discuss some things, if you behave I won’t hurt you.”

Pretending to fear for your life you just nodded but if he really thought you were afraid, that was a big mistake on his part. You knew this was going to happen someday sooner or later, so you were ready and as soon as he let go of you, you took the scissors from your night stand and stabbed him in the leg. You took off immediately after that and you have no idea how (with that kind of injury) but he managed to catch up and tackle you outside. He dragged you to the back of your apartment building and slammed you into the wall.

“Naughty girl, what did I just say about behaving? I really don’t want to hurt you but if you don’t tell me everything you know right now, I might have to take you with me.”

Park Jinyoung

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  • Doesn’t always look like it but will do anything for the gang
  • He’s one of the top and most respected assassins in the industry
  • Prefers to take out his targets silently, that’s why he’s more skilled with hand held weapons like knifes, daggers, axes and so on
  • Most of the time he’s very collected and calm until you make him angry or his emotions take over, then he uses anything he can find as a weapon and not a single person leaves the room alive
  • He has been in the business for so long that he already forgot the number of people he killed

Unfortunately it was your mission to kill him, as you were probably the only person crazy enough to try it. He noticed you even before you approached him but didn’t say anything yet. This situation was very amusing to him as there has been a long time since somebody tried to kill him. You were waiting all night to get the right opportunity when you lost track of him. You were about to go look for him when he appeared next to you.

“Looking for someone?” he asked handing you a drink. “Why do you look so shocked? Did you see a ghost or am I that sexy?”

You were still frozen in your tracks when he got closer and closer to you only to pull your gun from under your dress.

“What were you about to do with this?” he smirked pushing you down on the couch. “I think you should sit down because me and you are about to have a very serious talk.”

Choi Youngjae

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  • Specializes in making drug, weapons and other kind of deals
  • Deal making with him is very quick, as he doesn’t like talking with his business partners about anything else but the deal, so that if anything happens it wouldn’t be traced back to him
  • Even though he’s well known in the industry not many people know his real name
  • He’s also the best at smuggling anything in and out of the country
  • If the money is given to him in cash, he counts every single note as he doesn’t trust people that easily

You tried to cheat your way out of the deal by not giving him a couple of grands, thinking he wouldn’t notice but as you turned around to leave he grabbed you by the arm. 

“No so fast sweetie.” he said. “Do you know what this is?” he asked you and you could feel the coldness of the metal press at your waist.

“It’s a gun.”

“Correct! And I would really hate to use it on you.” he stated snatching your bag out of your hand.

“I will take this.” he smiled taking out a bundle of banknotes out of it. “But as you tried to trick me, I  can’t let you go that easily, so I think I will need something more than that.”


Originally posted by bamica

  • Any kind of location, a person, any piece of information - he has it
  • Is considered very valuable in this business and many gangs try to bribe him to work for them
  • He has no interest in helping them though and prefers to stick to one group at a time but he’s been in this gang for so long that nowadays he doesn’t even plan on leaving
  • Has many different methods to get the info he needs, the most infamous one of them being torture
  • Needless to say if he gets to use that method, you won’t be experiencing anything again. Ever.

You had no idea how it got to that. Seemingly one minute you were fighting alongside your members and now you were strapped to a chair in an unknown building. Someone pulled you up by the chin.

“I told you to look at me when I’m talking to you.” BamBam said. “Ahh such a pretty face!”

“Don’t touch me!” you told trying to smack his hand from your face.

“I think you don’t understand the situation you’re now in. You see, you don’t have many options. Or rather there is only two: you tell me everything you know and I kill you quickly or I torture the information out of you and kill you anyways.”

“How about neither, you fuck.”

“Ouch! You’re just making it worse for yourself but I admire your courage, how about, just for you, I come up with a third option.”

Kim Yugyeom

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  • Was very young when he was thrown into this whole mafia world, still in some sort of training to be a pro
  • But unexpectedly he’s crazy good with guns, his aim is great and his precision is no joke
  • Because of that all the members trust him with their lives and he’s taken on missions more often than anyone else
  • Favourite weapons of choice - long range sniper rifles
  • Often trains other even older than him gang members and can often be seen practicing till dusk

He was surprised to see he missed and only shot you in the leg. As you disappeared behind a building he decided to come finish you off. When he turned the corner you were nowhere to be seen.

“What the heck, she couldn’t have gone that far off, at this point she should have lost a lot of blood.” he wondered when unexpectedly you attacked him from behind. You took your knife out trying to stab him when he rolled you over and now he was the one on top.

“Oh! I see we have a fighter. How were you even able to stand up?” he questioned you. 

“Stop struggling, will you?” he told you pressing his fingers into the open leg wound. You screamed in pain and passed out. He checked your pulse.

“Good. She’s still alive. If we can get her to behave, she will make a strong ally.” he thought picking you up.

A/N: Next up is BTS!! But I still have to finish it 😂 Anyhow, feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄

Looking Back

Wishing my absolutely adored @sugarplum-senpai the happiest of birthdays - again ;D I happen to actually be RIIIIGHT on time in my timezone, somehow. Thank you for being so loving, kind and inspiring everyday. This is for you~ 

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This was ridiculous.

The sun shone brightly above them, its light glistening across the dark waters crashing against the shores down below, and the air had absolutely no business being this cold.

The wind had been less aggressive back at the settlement. Seeing the clear skies so early in the morning, he’d thought – naively, in hindsight – that the temperatures would climb as they’d ride to the northern coast. Waiting under the sun should have been… Possibly not comfortable, but certainly not this ridiculously unbearable.

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I heard the voices of heaven through my car radio: this is what they told me // lj 

do not remove source. 

The other day I saw a girl in Barnes and Noble who was buying a guide to holistic medicine, a volume of Black Butler, and “In Trump We Trust” by Ann Coulter, and ever since I’ve been trying to piece together what kind of person she must be

I’m rewatching op from the beginning (because why not) and it’s honestly so interesting given what’s going on in the manga right now.

Like, I know Jinbei was upset when he found out about what Arlong and his lot did with Jinbei being none the wiser. But watching it, I wonder if Jinbei was ever told details about what they did. I’d honestly be so interested in seeing his reactions to the explicit details of what went down. 

Also, i’m on the episode where Snaj gets his ass handed to him by Fishman Karate and it’s just so funny to me that that same fighting style is helping him out at this “wedding”.  How the turns have tabled.

Also, also. I remember not having a single feeling of anything but dislike towards the fishman my first time through but now. I can’t stop laughing at Hachi. Bless his heart. I love this poor idiot. 

Yes,” said a voice and Tiffany realised that it was hers again. The anger rose up, joyfully. “Yes! I’m me! I am careful and logical and I look up things I don’t understand! When I hear people use the wrong words, I get edgy! I am good with cheese. I read books fast! I think! And I always have a piece of string! That’s the kind of person I am!
—  Terry Pratchett - The Wee Free Men

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What are your thoughts on Camilla?

Camilla is, without much doubt, the most controversial and infamous character in all of Fates, mostly because of her design lol. It’s clear that the creator’s intention for her was to make her the ultimate FE waifu fetish character. I mean she’s got it all, doesn’t she? Big boobs, long hair, curvaceous figure, goth aesthetic, extreme devotion to the MC (you), a cool battle class with axes and magic,  softcore familial implications for…… those kinds of people. As far as appealing to the consumer’s fetishes is concerned, she is the perfect storm. And because of this she garners quite lot of love and hate from both sides. And maybe it’s because of my natural impulse to want to stick up for something that gets hate on a lot, but…….. I love Camilla LOL.

This isn’t ALWAYS the case but generally when I see a character getting hate on a lot, it makes me want to defend them or like them (that impulse kicks in for Faye as well, who has a few of the characteristics that Camilla does). But of course this isn’t the only reason why I like Camilla. I just… do. And I have since she was first revealed.

And I actually like Camilla a lot more than her spiritual predecessor Tharja for a few reasons. One being Camilla is actually a good mom, and her devotion for MU makes sense considering she sees you as family, while Tharja just came off as a creepy child abusing stalker. lolbye.

Character wise, well, much like the other royal sisters on both sides, Camilla gets hardcore side lined and disregarded generally in favor of development for the male characters. And this is honestly a shame because I see Camilla as a character with a lot of interesting potential that is never really attempted to be reached. Especially in Birthright (since all the royal fam members got their most shocking or interesting development in their opposite route. Like Xander gets his good end in Conquest but his most memorable character stuff is in Birthright. The same is true with Leo, and Ryoma and Takumi in Conquest (while they didnt do much of anything in BR)).

And the same can also be said for Camilla in Birthright, where the worst possible thing that could happen to her, happens to her. She loses Corrin (and the rest of her family (sans Leo)).

I actually would have liked to know more about Camilla’s past, even in just supports you know. (When in reality it’s only very vaguely touched on in a few unsatisfying ways. We just know the incredibly vague and unhelpful “it wasn’t gud lol” yeah but like HOW) I kind of want to know more about why she’s so obsessive and what her life was like before the game started (sure the implications are there but I kind of want it to be actually talked about so when you say stuff about her past it’s more than just REACHING). 

Because we know so little about where she’s coming from, when any sort of character development or arc is attempted with her in BR it falls kinda flat. Now of course this isn’t the only reason why her “character arc” doesn’t work out. The other one being, of course, bad writing. Now I think all of us know by now that the reason why Fates ultimately fell apart in the end was because the creators bit off WAYYYY more than they could chew. I think they thought a three route game sounded much better on paper than it did when they were actually making the thing (at least we got good gameplay). When you play Fates, the corner cutting littered throughout all three routes in varying measures is APPARENT. And character development for our female characters is one of those instances.

Now, this is japan. When the question is posed “hey we dont have enough time to give all eight of these characters decent arcs and development” and you can only give it to either the brothers or the sisters, the sisters unfortunately are going to get the short end of the stick here. Camilla and Elise are only a few steps above Hinoka and Sakura in terms of story involvement or their own personal character arcs. They don’t have a lot, but there’s something at least. (Or at least where you compared it to Hinoka and Sakura who got, like, NOTHING).

Camilla’s arc in Birthright is hardly anything to talk about. It had interesting potential if you think about it a bit, but the second it tries to take a step it just falls flat on its face. Camilla’s initial reaction to Corrin defecting to Hoshido makes sense. Because if you think about it a little bit, the Nohr family’s situation in Birthright is kind of really tragic. The Nohr family have become used to Corrin being a part of their family after all of these years. The Hoshifam lost Corrin YEARS ago, and while the wound of that loss is still there of course, when you see them in game in Conquest you can tell that they’re still holding it together. They’ve spent years feeling that loss, coping with it, and moving on from it. Sure they still want Corrin to be part of their family, but if Corrin is gone again its not going to destroy them (Takumi is kind of an exception, and it was more than just the loss of Corrin which sent him off the deep end). The Nohr family is a bit of a different case here because Corrin has become a kind of linchpin for them. Keeping in mind Nohr is a shitplace with a shitking who abuses his children and such, we know full well Xander and the others have not had much of a good time growing up. I think their one small light in that darkness WAS Corrin for them. And in Birthright when that light disappears it makes their family fall apart. Elise even says so, and we get to see the full effects of it when running in to each Nohr family member in turn.

NOW ABOUT CAMILLA, of course, since she’s so obsessed with Corrin, she’s going to be feeling this loss hard too. So her acting a little crazy, looney and malicious in Birthright is uh… to be expected. Chapter 13 in BR is kind of a good chapter for her actually. I don’t mind her craziness, and having her attempt to slaughter you all makes for an interesting battle set up if anything. The main problem with this chapter I have is how it ends. Because it ends kind of well. After you beat Camilla, Corrin tries to talk to her and explain Garon tried to kill you in Hoshido and has set all this shit up. And uh Camilla seems for a moment like she’s willing to listen to you. And we get the impression she WOULD have maybe listened to you and maybe even become your ally in some way if Leo and Ryoma hadn’t shown up.

Which is why Camilla’s utter refusal to listen to you or Elise in her return in chapter 23 is just eye rolling to me. I know she’s regressed further into her crazy, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense for her to do that when she seemed totally willing to listen and compromise with me at the end of chapter 13. Just reeks of bad writing for a character they didnt have the time or effort to devote any work into. Because of this (and her throwing meteors in my face) chapter 23 just ends up being really eye rolling and annoying to me, and I don’t feel much of anything when Camilla just passes out at the end of the fight to remain subsequently sidelined and uninvolved in what’s going on for the rest of the route. 

Also in the BR ending she seems a bit too okay with everything that happened. She’s like “ohoho congrats on the coronation lolol corrin u are so happi with ur hoshido fambil lol” and everything BUT YO. YOU KNOW SHE IS NOT OK. SHE JUST LOST LIKE HER ENTIRE GD FAMILY. YOU KNOW SHE’S GOING TO GO HOME AND KERMIT. SHE’S NOT OKAY

I’ve also seen a few people bring up the hypothetical of Camilla becoming Queen of Nohr at the end of BR instead of Leo. This is a nice idea in theory, but considering Camilla’s character, it just doesnt hold any water to me. Don’t get me wrong, I get the appeal, but Camilla never wanted to be involved in royal affairs and the like in the first place. In fact I get the impression she only stayed in Nohr with the others bc she loved her family so much. She just doesn’t have the makings of a queen in her. She’s a maternal figure. (Besides Leo is the perfect set up for king of nohr after Xander)

SO while any character arc or development she had was kind of swept aside, I actually do like what character she has. I like her air of maturity, her maternal side, her capable big sister vibes, and YA I even like her sadistic, cold blooded ruthless side (I kind of have a thing for female yanderes somehow LOL). Honestly I hope she kills me. TBH, I welcome it.

She’s really fun to read about in her supports tbh, how she seems professional and in control of almost every situation and never really loses hold of her emotions or composure. I just really like the way she is. Which I guess is why all of her fetish stuff doesnt bother me at all. I hardly even notice it. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey I have a question I've kinda wanted to ask for a long time to a lot of people but you in particular. Is it okay that I don't understand a lot of things? Like, I'm a trans girl, and I feel like I should understand stuff to do with gender, but no matter how much I try, it's just... Impossible for me to understand it. Even stuff that you post on here, I look stuff up, I read as best I can, and I still just... Can't understand any of it.

listen, kid.

it’s okay to have a body and not Theorize it. even if i can’t really imagine what that’s like anymore, i’m told it’s how most people go about their daily lives.

a lot of young trans women turn to Theory, whatever shape it takes, for a few reasons. it helps some of us who have the intestinal fortitude and spoon-power to actually get through all that shit understand what the fuck happened to us, at least in that it helps us piece together some kind of personal narrative that makes Sense.

beyond that, trans women are kind of seen as Discursive Objects, you know? like we’re not generally allowed to be actual people with actual lives and actual experiences and actual needs–liberals see us as a piece of ethical meat to be debated or as token objects to prove the purity and correctness of their personal politics, reactionaries see us as threats to the social order, most radical feminists see us as anathema to womanhood, like some kind of horrible monster that mutilates itself to sexually prey on the Real Females–to the extent that we need to be “morally mandated out of existence”. i think that’s from the transsexual empire, which is a hell of a book. yikes.

but the takeaway is that, like, no matter where you turn, someone is always asking you to Account for yourself. it’s fucking exhausting. and it’s especially true anymore, now that transness is so much in the public eye. even people who ten years ago did not have the first clue what a trans person was will now come up to you–online or even in person–and ask you a bunch of invasive shit about your body. it helps to have an answer prepared.

when a lot of us take up theory, we take it up as a defense mechanism. it’s like armor, or maybe more like camouflage–we find words that other people have thrown out and yank them over ourselves, even if they don’t really fit, because maybe–just maybe–it will make us harder to see. harder to squish. harder to eat. we mimic language that wasn’t ever meant to talk about us because that’s what everyone demands we do–it’s one way we can justify our existence in the face of all this bullshit.

and for you to go out living your life as a trans woman without that armor, without that barricade between yourself and everyone who wants to Get At The Heart of you–that’s one of the bravest fucking things you can do. you’re braver than me, you’re braver than a lot of us, and honestly i envy you a little. not marinating yourself in a vat of Discourse, either by choice or because you’re just too spent to invest time and energy into it, is in no way something to be ashamed of, and no one better tell you otherwise.


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Can you maybe write one where harry and you have been distant for a while until one day you come home crying from a bad day and just lay on him without asking

Wow this tugs at my heartstrings because I can relate to it so much (honestly I’ve had this exact thought one day when I was crying so hard) … okay so I’m definitely combining it with this request, but I know I’m pretty shit at keeping my promises of posting my writing, so here’s a sneak peek to get me to finish the damn thing :)

Harry had always been in awe of you.  

From the moment he had you in his life, his heart had been filled with your gentle compassion. He had admired your instinctive kindness, personally witnessing the way you’d give a piece of your heart to everyone in your life. “Being kind is all that I can give” he’d hear you say and it breaks him just a little when he watches your smile falter for a fraction of a second, before you arch your eyes and nod your head slightly towards him in reassurance. You’re doing it again, he gathers, putting up a front to satisfy the people around you. Making sure they remained lost in their pursuit of happiness while you’re left alone to pick up your own shattered pieces.

Look in 100% positive that Eren would punch a titan for Armin or Sasha or Levi but that fact is Eren didn’t punch a titan for them he did for Mikasa. And didn’t just punch a titan to save her but he declared he’d forever wrap the scarf around her as long as she wants forever. That and Hajime Isayama decided to show Eren punch a titan for mikasa not someone else. He could have chosen anyone else but he didn’t he chose Mikasa.

Another thing while I’m at it. Erens deceleration to wrap mikasa up in her scarf forever is him saying that he will be by her side forever until they die(unfortunately it won’t be long ;-;). Romantic or not he is saying his future will have Mikasa in it.

So all these haters that say Eren doesn’t give a shit about Mikasa can shove it. Here he’s talking about forever with Mikasa. Again romantic or not Eren sees her in his future. He’s not like some like to say going to abandon her once he reaches his goal. She’s important to him period.

Even if Eren does have romantic feeling for someone else he’s not going to leave Mikasa or get rid of her. She’s his family, his friend, a precious person to him.

What kind of piece of shit do you people think Eren is? Do you truly believe hed just say fuck you mikasa I’m with Armin now so fuck off and go die in a ditch I don’t have to keep you around anymore.

Eren can be a jerk but that’s some next level shit.

If you truly believe that Eren would be that cruel to mikasa then I’d have to question your understanding of Eren. Everyone is free to interpret Eren however but Eren had trouble dealing with Annie, Bert and Reiner being traitors so I have a hell of hard time believing he’d get rid of mikasa without remorse because he has a romantic partner now or defeaded the marly.

Tbh I just fell out of Hamilton a bit bc the characterization the fandom just has for all these characters is.. idk man.

It’s another Xellos the Mysterious Priest!! (Still literally one of the dumbest ways to introduce yourself.) I’m really happy how this picture turned out, this sketch had been abandoned on my computer for a while before I finally decided to paint it lol. I really wanted to have two kinds of lighting in the piece in order to capture his two-faced personality. (I need to sketch some funnier ones, I’m so dramatic all the time!) I love the The Slayers anime, it’s possibly my favorite of all time! I think I’ll be working on Lina Inverse and the rest of the gang next~

Stay In Your Lane ; 5

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: fluff, angst, trackstar!jungkook

Summary: Coming from a small neighborhood in Busan, you attend your dream school, Myungsoo University, in Seoul. As a lost first year, you underestimate yourself with the school’s track team. It’s more rigorous and painstaking than it seems, especially with the intimidating team captain, Jeon Jungkook.

Word Count: 8.0k

Parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

Practice feels different now. Besides the thick wall between you and Jungkook, the atmosphere has become more grave. The head coach for the distance team has taken over, making Jungkook participate in the workouts as well. The very first track meet is soon approaching, and the team has a short amount of time to try to beat their personal records.You dread every morning, struggling to get out of bed with your sore legs and exhausted mind.  The inner devil tempts you to come up with some measle excuse to try to get out of practice, but you don’t want to risk your chances. Just bite down on the bullet and force yourself to do it, you convince yourself.

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