kind of a movie poster i guess

So in terms of Season 2 marketing we’ve had our main poster already

Now followed by the character poster

Now, if the marketing so far is any indication, I guess we’ll follow the same schedule as season 1 meaning the 2nd arc will get its own cover like the female titan one

I’m really curious what that’s gonna look like, any thoughts? I’d love a focus on Levi versus Kenny, and maybe Rod kind of in the background?

And while we’re on the subject, we’ll probably get two recap movies this time around too

I’ve always adored the Trost poster, and I’m really looking forward for the season 2 edition^^ any design thoughts?

…I might have forgotten to mention I’m a huge fan of both WALL-E and Big Hero 6.
For some reason I relate my experience watching BH6 last year with my experience watching WALL-E in third grade? I’m not sure what it is, but they’re kind of in the same “category” for me.
Anyway, I’m a big sucker for art-deco style posters, especially the ones used to promote this movie (and in-universe, to promote this company), so I just HAD to do something with it.
I used to have a t-shirt with ”The New Sensation in Health Evaluation” WALL-E on it. Wonder what happened to that…
Baymax’s eyes are a little off I guess??? Eh, I drew this a while ago.
The WALL-E posters are not mine (I didn’t even bother to vector them - I should though they would come in handy), but the Baymax ones are.
Also, H-B instead of BnL, because Hamada Brothers. They might have created a company that took over the earth one day. *gross sobs because of sibling bonds being destroyed by early deaths*
Plus it was the only thing I could think of that made at least a little sense!
Can I please tag @t-adash-i and @bigherosixfeels? They’re actually the original reason I got a Tumblr in the first place, and they’re both really nice ^_^

Agua Mala - Episode 130. The tone of this episode is kind of all over the place - a mix of mystery, horror, and over-the-top comedy - really what The X-Files is all about I guess. For the poster, I went with a playful aesthetic but with a sense of menace.

Stranger Things

I’m about three episodes in and here are some general thoughts: 

  • The whole movie seems to be a combination of E.T., Poltergeist, and every 80′s high school movie. And, as if this even needs to be said, in a good way.
  • There’s all kinds of good posters and stuff on the walls. I guess they call them Easter Eggs now - we used to just call them props.
  • It’s a bit weird seeing Winona Ryder play an adult in a movie set in the 80′s - I keep waiting for an Edward Scissorhands or Beetlejuice poster to show up on one of the walls