kind of a genre swap


Genre Swap: Crime AU (Skyeward Version)
    »Requested by @lexidexi

         Skye and Grant Ward are at the very top of SHIELD’s most wanted list. Dangerous, resourceful, and completely unpredictable, they’re enough of a threat to rate a team dedicated solely to tracking them down. If only they’d start taking SHIELD as seriously as SHIELD takes them.

Everybody knows that everybody dies, but no one likes to think about it. Death is cunning and comes in many forms and not always at the most convenient time. We can’t run from who we are, for our destiny chooses us. Everyone has a motive, a reason, a dark urge inside them. It swells in your soul, blinded reason and wilting logic. Consuming and exhuming the darkness, that singular sinister thought until there is absolutely nothing that can stop you…but doesn’t everyone have a little darkness inside them? Maybe it was him; angry and jilted by my rejection of his love? Or her; confused that if she can’t have me, no one can? Or an old friend; finally getting her revenge for everything I put her through? Or him; the one who finally snapped? Your guess is as good as mine, because what can I do?

I’m dead.

Who do you think is next?

Written by Anna