Japril the Sequel One-shot

A look at post-sex happy Japril: In bed, in love, the way it is supposed to be.  

They had hardly gotten any sleep last night, but neither cared. Jackson’s hand traveled up and down her back, sending shivers everywhere. April still fit perfectly in the nook of his arm. Jackson was resting his eyes, but April could see the outline of a grin. She took the opportunity to study his face, it had been so long since she had been this close. She studies his strong jaw, his freckled nose, the crinkle between his eyes. God, she had missed this side of him. Last night felt like a dream. It felt familiar and new all at the same time. He knew that kissing her neck made her toes curl. She knew that it drove him crazy when she gripped his shoulders and called out for more. At times, it felt like the year and a half separation never happened, and other times, it glared them right in the face.

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And Then There Were Two

((OOC: PSA - this thread is an example of why you don’t let Kate and Shan get carried away - aka - this thread be looooooong  and we love it ))

Malfoy Mansion, September 1998

Andromeda walks into Malfoy Manor drawing room, placing Teddy on one of the ornate sofas.  It is much grander than anything she’s been used to for a long time.  

Andromeda: You didn’t have to go to the trouble.

Narcissa: You are a guest, after all.  Please, sit.

Andromeda does, beside Teddy, who is sleeping.

Andromeda: It’s taking him a while to take to the milk supplement.

Narcissa: I see.

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Sorry for not really posting. I mainly just run around and test things while binge watching netflix shows (must watch all the things!). But: Yay, getting closer to settings I’d want to play the game with. That’s something. TLDR; I don’t know what I’m doing.

last night i dreamed that i had deeply disappointed bowie with my creative work and he had written it off as childish and without promise and i couldn’t get back to sleep for like 2 hours i was so distressed! hahaha i love it when your subconscious tips its hand so heavily–it’s funny and it makes things easier to confront. <3

(i rarely dream of bowie but when i do it is usually in a context like this like i have failed him in some way–it makes me think of an old friend who whenever she would dream of a god/authority figure he was always captain picard)

do y’all have any figures/signs that appear constantly a certain way? like your own personal subconscious semiotic system?

haha well i have no idea what i’m doing in my future and my dreams are dying in my hands and my chest hurts and i never sleep and my mouth tastes like sand and my entire body is filled with a silent scream but yeah i’m doing fine thanks for asking

As if the perfection of this anime wasn’t killing me enough already, HEY LOOK IT GETS WORSE.

Note that in the screencap above, Yuuri doesn’t hug Victor back at the beginning of Episode 9. That was 100% Victor doing the hugging and Yuuri just standing there with his arms at his side.

Guess who makes up for it the first chance he gets?

Yuuri hugs Victor first at the airport. All Victor did was open his arms and…
༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ


@fgtmgt I have seen quite a few very sweet and very cute things for 100% Love, but for me personally my mind definitely is stuck on the idea that it would really be 100% Awkward instead so viola! I’ve drawn them around the ages I draw them for And Nearly Letting Go because I’ll be damned if this doesn’t take them years. I finally did a kiss hahaha

Mob doesn’t actually know how he managed to teleport, he’s going to have a long way home. In the meantime, Teruki will be having a complete meltdown because obviously the experience was so bad Mob felt the need to r u n a w a y


*phone ringing*
Reigen: Mob? It’s rare for you to call me, what’s wrong?
Mob: I think I’m lost.
Reigen: What do you mean “lost”?
Mob: I don’t recognise where I am.
Reigen:… Okay. What can you see around you?
Mob: Cows.
Reigen: Cows?
Mob: Yes.
Reigen:What… Do you see anything else?
Mob:… Grass. And more cows.
Reigen: Mob, how pray tell did you get to be surrounded by cows in the middle of nowhere?
Mob: I… may have teleported here. But I don’t know how I did it. So I can’t get back.
Reigen: *wtfffffffffffff*

Happy early Valentine’s Day~ Kiss kiss

can you believe how many canon pick up lines lance has?

  • “you’re out of this world”
  • “what do you know mullet”
  • “it’s meow or never”
  • “you know lance n keith neck n neck”
  • “you are looking feline!”
  • “oooh are you scared?”
  • “i think you’re clawsome!”
  • “shut your quiznak”
  • “you’re the most beautiful girl in the world….i ain’t lyin’ (lion!)”
  • “we did it. we are a good team”
  • “i better use my ice blast…because my heart is on fire”
  • “keith, buddy, my man?”
  • “you’re outta this world, and i would know!”
  • “sharp work samurai”
  • “i’m homesick for earth, but lovesick for you”
  • “jealousy thy name is keith”
  • “keith the other one”
  • “sorry shiro, i was trying to hit keith”
  • “i think you’re purr-fect”
  • “i’d recognize that mullet anywhere!”
  • “i’d be blue without you”
  • “and keith is always doing things like flying into asteroid fields and cool junk like that”

he has so many :///