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What is one scene (Malec or only Magnus related) that would add to the past episodes? one scene that you think the show is missing?

I would love to see a scene of magnus and alec just talking and laughing together, you know? like not having a conversation about work or their relationship or anything like that, id just love to see them hang out and share stories and get to know each other. like give me a scene of them sitting at the hunters moon, magnus telling alec about the time he managed to convince catarina to sneak into queen victoria’s coronation in 1838 while alec just shakes his head and laughs at his boyfriend asking him how the hell he managed to get catarina to go. give me a scene of alec and magnus walking through central park while alec tells magnus about how he got the scar above his eyebrow “honestly magnus, izzy was just as lethal at 10 years old as she is now” and magnus can believe it, its not hard to picture a tiny izzy insisting on practising with a seraph blade too large for her to hold comfortably and crying when she accidentally let go of it causing the tip of it to cut alec’s skin. like imagine them sitting on the balcony, beneath the stars having a lighthearted debate about whether they should get chinese take out for dinner or order pizza and just stopping and looking at each other while saying “are we really having this conversation right now” and laughing about how domestic they were being. I just want to see them having casual conversations and listening intently to each other because let’s be honest they find each other the most interesting people in the world and god, they’d never want to stop talking to each other.

Be More Chill Mermaid AU Act.1

Jeremy Heere could not swim. At all. He was never taught how to and he couldn’t even keep himself afloat above water. So when his dad got the bright idea to go fishing at Sunset Beach Jeremy knew this was a trip doomed for disaster. They were renting a dingy and both were wearing inflatable lifejackets while Jeremy’s dad tried to hook his lure.
“Dad, why are we out here? You don’t even know how to fish.”
“Son, part of being a man is learning how to do this kind of stuff. Same thing when you learn how to fix cars.”
“The last time you tried to fix the car we had to get a new engine and cooling system. And that’s not even remotely the same as this. You know I can’t swim.”
“Don’t worry, you have your life preserver. Besides you wouldn’t be getting the full experience of fishing if we just sat on the edge of the dock.” His dad was still struggling to set the lure as Jeremy rolled his eyes and started dozing off. Sometime later after a long streak of nothing Jeremy was startled by thunderin the distance. 
“We should probably head back to shore dad. I remember the guy at the desk saying something about a storm coming in.”
“Just a few more minutes, right before the storm it’s one of the best times to catch fish!”
“Not if it’ll strand us! We really don’t-” The wind had started to pick up causing the boat to sway back and forth making Jeremy buckle down. “Dad!” The boat had tipped over, knocking Jeremy and his dad into the water. 
“Jeremy!” His dad tried calling out to him as he desperately tried pulling at his life jacket as he sank deeper and deeper into the water. His vision was getting blurry and he couldn’t hold his breath any longer when he finally opened his mouth. Before he passed out he thought he saw a shadow move in from the corner of his eye before unconsciousness took hold.
Jeremy’s head was still fuzzy as he started to wake up, trying to remember what happened. His eyes barely opened to a hazy figure that looked slightly human but by the time he had opened his eyes fully it was gone. Now he could see that he was alone on the edge of the beach with no one around. After a few minutes he headed back to the boat rental center where he saw his dad in the middle of a heated argument with the man behind the counter until he saw Jeremy come in.
He ran over to his son gripping him in a tight hug. 
“Oh my god, Jeremy! I was so worried, are you alright? Do you need a doctor? Let’s take you to the hospital just to be sure.”
“Dad I’m fine, just a few scrapes and bruises.”
“Don’t you ever worry me like that again!”
“I’ll try.” While relieved to be back with his dad Jeremy was still wondering how he ended up on the beach and what that figure he saw was.
Jeremy’s feet hung over the edge of the dock as he looked into the distance. His dad left to get them some ice cream and Jeremy was enjoying the view of the setting sun when he felt something hit his foot. Looking down he didn’t see anything and when he looked back up there was a boy around his age sitting next to him making Jeremy jump back in surprise.
“Jesus Christ! How did you get here?”
“I sat down, wanted to say you’re welcome.”
“What for?”
“Yesterday? At the beach?”
“Wait so you’re the one who saved me?”
“Yes, and I wanted to say you’re welcome. You can sit down.”
“Oh, uh right.” Jeremy sat down again as the other boy scooted closer to him. “Thanks for that, but if you saved me why’d you run off?”
“What can I say, I like a little mystery.”
“Alright Mr. Mystery what’s your name?”
“You first.”
“So do you live around here?”
“Kind of, my family lives a little farther out and I come here for the 7/11 slushies.” Jeremy made a slightly disgusted noise. “What’s that for?”
“Nothing, I just can’t stand slushies it’s like pure liquid sugar.”
“That’s what’s so great about them!”
“That can be argued, how’d you find me again?”
“I followed you.”
“That’s creepy.”
“Don’t worry, I only did it because I thought you were cute.”
“That’s still pretty creepy.”
“I mean it as a compliment.”
“It’s a good thing you’re cute too otherwise I would have run away by now.”
“Aw, you think I’m cute?”
“Jeremy!” The two turned around to see Jeremy’s dad approaching, holding two ice cream cones but when Jeremy turned back Michael was already gone.
“So your saying your saying he does that all the time?” Michael and Jeremy were walking on the beach, laughing as Jeremy explained how his dad never wears pants at home.
“The fact he’s wearing cargo shorts is just short of amazing. Unfortunately those cargo pants used to be mine.”
“Used to be?”
“Yeah, I’m not going to get those back.” Michael snorted before freezing up as he saw the sun setting.
“Oh wow, it’s later than I thought. I really need to go home. My parents will kill me if I’m not home before it’s dark out.”
“I’m sure they could understand a few minutes, we can call them and-”
“They don’t have phones, so I should really go.”
“That’s cool, maybe I can walk you home.”
“Nah, that’s alright. Don’t need them thinking you’re my boyfriend or something.” Michael saw Jeremy’s hurt look. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just their weird about anybody I bring home.”
“Oh, yeah…see you tomorrow I guess?” Michael responded with a kiss on Jeremy’s cheek before jumping on the cement path and taking off on what looked to be…heelies? Only Michael. After meeting his rescuer at the dock Jeremy had been going out to the beach a lot more to visit him. Michael never came over to his house, something about his parents? Jeremy was picking up his bag and was walking forward when his foot hit a bottle. Picking it up and shaking it, there were a few small blue pills with the name Mell, Michael.
‘Oh shit, he must of dropped these, I should go return them.’ Or maybe he just wanted to see Michael again, either way it was important. Following Michael’s path he finally spotted him at the edge of a sandbank, his legs half way in the water.
“Michael!” He was surprised by Jeremy, literally jumping out of the water.
“Jeremy? What are you doing here?”
“You forgot this!” Jeremy pulled out the pill bottle and Michael’s eyes widened slightly. “Figured they were pretty important since you took like three today already. I thought you said you needed to go home.”
“I was, just you know stopped to sit down and-OW FUCK!” Michael fell down and as Jeremy rushed over to help him when he noticed something. Michael’s shorts were gone and now instead of legs there was a tail.
“You’re a mer-?”
“Man, not maid. I am a dude.”
“I was totally going to say that.”
“No you weren’t.”
“I guess you’re going to want an explanation for…this.” Jeremy had helped Michael get back in the water and was now currently staring at the new appendage.
“You’re a mermaid…”
“Why didn’t you tell me?” 
“I don’t think you would have believed me if I had. That and I’m not exactly supposed to have legs…”
“Supposed to?”
“Those pills, they let me walk on land and their also kind of illegal.”
“So they’re like…drugs?”
“Kind of…while there’s like no official rule against the pills, you’re not supposed to let humans see you. If anyone else knew about these I’d be in major trouble.”
“Wait, there’s others? Like towns and stuff?”
“Kind of? We’re a lot more, scattered. Like we live with our families but we don’t really settle down. We didn’t come here till a few weeks ago. I hate it, life is so boring. We do nothing all day except hide from everything. The human world is so much more interesting, that day I saved you I knew I wanted to be a part of it!” Jeremy laughed. “What’s so funny?”
“Nothing, you just sounded like the girl from The Little Mermaid for a second.” Michael groaned.
“Don’t ever say that again, that movie was awful and inaccurate!”
“So how’d you get those pills?”
“A guy, I don’t know his name but he has all kinds of things like this. These work a few hours at a time and I’m running out.”
“Well can’t you just get more? What did you pay for them anyway?”
“That’s the thing, they were free the first time but he won’t tell me what I have to do for another bottle and I don’t have anything. And I really don’t want to go back to my life before this. I’ve just found out what slushies are! Those heelies are awesome, but what’s the point of you don’t have legs to use them anymore?”
“Where did you get those anyway?” 
“The trash, can believe somebody threw these out?” 
“No way…” Yes. Yes he could.
“But besides all the cool food and videogames, you’re here too! And if I don’t have legs I can’t see you. I don’t want to have to go back to being in the middle of nowhere Rainbow Lake with my paranoid parents!” 
“There had to be something you can do, why don’t you ask that guy about the pills? I mean whatever he wants can’t be that bad right?” 
“You don’t get it, this is like some crazy magic stuff! There’s always a huge price…what are you smiling at?”
“I thought you said The Little Mermaid was terrible and inaccurate.”
“If you start calling me Ariel I will physically harm you.”
“Sure thing princess.”
Jeremy sat on the sand bank with his feet half in the water messing around on his phone before he looked at the time. They agreed to meet at three last night but it was now three forty-five and Jeremy still saw no sign of Michael.
‘Five more minutes and then I’m leaving.’ Putting his phone back in his pocket Jeremy was surprised to see Michael emerge from the water seconds later holding something with a pair of human legs. Michael was not wearing any clothes causing Jeremy to blush as he came over.
“Jer, you would not believe what I just did!”
“Could you tell me after you put on a pair of pants?”
“Come on, there’s nobody around. Look at this!” Trying to keep his eyes above Michael’s waist he saw him holding what looked like a weird a plant.
“It’s a plant.”
“Not just a plant, it’s the plant!” 
“Oh right, that plant…” Jeremy nodded his head as Michael made a face.
“Jeremy, as long as I have this thing on me I have legs! No more pills, no need to worry about running out. I’m human!”
“What? That’s awesome! But how did you get it?”
“That’s the thing…I kind of stole it.” 
“Stole it!” 
“Shh, don’t scream it out to the whole world!”
“You stole it?! From who?”
“The guy who was giving me the pills I told him I wanted to make a deal and when we went back to his cave I stole it.”
“Why would you do that?!”
“Jer, he was going to have me sign on contract for those pills and in exchange I’d be forced to do whatever he wanted. I couldn’t do something like that so I just stole the plant that makes the stuff.” Jeremy stood there trying to comprehend what his boyfriend was saying to him. “Jeremy are you okay?”
“What if he catches you?”
“As long as I don’t go back into the ocean again I’m fine! He can’t come on land and I’ll be human forever! Come on this is exciting!”
“But what about your parents? Aren’t they going to miss you?”
“My parents? They barely notice me when I’m there. Besides most mermen my age leave their family around now anyway! Now let’s go to Burger King I am starving.” Jeremy tried feeling happy but he couldn’t stop the growing pit in his stomach. 
“If you’re sure…oh right,” digging through his bag Jeremy brought out the clothes for Michael who eagerly changed into them as Jeremy looked away, trying to hide his scarlet face until Michael grabbed his hand. 
“Come on, there is a cherry slushie calling my name.”
“So…where are you going to stay now?” Michael looked up from his slushie to see Jeremy’s worried face.

“I don’t know, probably the beach or something.”

“What about your dealer?”

“He can only find me if I’m in the water, not the beach.”

“I know but you’re like permeantely human now, you need a more permanent place to stay.”

“And where would I go?”

“Well, maybe you could stay with me.”

“Okay,” Michael went back to drinking his slushie as Jeremy stared.

‘How is he so nonchalant about this? I mean he’s just become human forever and now we’re going to live together…’

“O…oh, but we’re going to need to be careful with my dad and school…”

“You don’t need to worry so much Jeremy. Now we can do everything together.”

“Well not everything…”

“No I mean everything. We are mates.” This made Jeremy spit out his drink in surprise.

“What?” The rest of the Burger King directed their attention at him wondering what he was yelling about.

“Don’t be so loud Jeremy, people are staring.” With a embarrassed grin Jeremy sunk down slightly in his chair.

“What do you mean, mates?”

“We are compatible with each other in more ways than one and the day I met you on land at the dock I imprinted on you.”

“What?! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I thought you knew, can’t you smell i…oh…your senses aren’t as enhanced as mine.”

“Can you stop the mates thing?”

“Are you saying you don’t like me?”

“I like you! A lot! But the whole mates thing is forever and-and, I’m just really confused.”

“Dude I’m sorry, but when mermaids mate it’s for life. No take backsies.”

“It’s okay, I mean the whole mate thing doesn’t really do anything anyway. Right?”

“Only if you break my heart.”

“What happens then?”

“I’d die.” An awkward silence filled the table as Jeremy tried understanding.

“You’re joking, right?”

“No, I’m very serious. If a mermaid’s heart is broken they die and dissolve into seafoam.” Jeremy’s eyes widened as Michael took another sip. “But I don’t have to worry about that. You’d never do something like that to me.”

“So Michael, how long did your parents would be out of town?” Michael, Jeremy and his dad sat around the dinner table as Michael shovelled the macoroni and cheese in his mouth. He smiled through a full mouth at Mr.Heere.

“Prpvly a yeer er sumfin.” His attention went back to the food as Jeremy looked nervously at his dad. The explanation had been that he promised a friend he could stay at his house while his parents were out of town for a few months and he forgot to tell his dad about it. In a matter of three minutes Michael had cleared his plate before letting out a loud burp. “That was delicious Mr.Heere, you’re an amazing cook!”

Jeremy’s dad beamed as he got up and took Michael’s plate. “Thank you Michael, at least there’s someone in this house now who appreciates my cooking. Please call me Paul.”

“Alright Mr.Paul.” Jeremy tried avoiding eye contact with his father as Michael stared at the remains of Jeremy’s plate. “Hey are you going to eat that?”

“Er, no, here. He pushed the plate across to Michael who similarly scarfed the food down.

“I love this! What do you call it?”

“Ugh, Mac and cheese? You’ve never had it before?”

“The only human food I’ve eaten is burgers.”

“Human food?”

“He meant American food! His family is originally from the…Philippines!” Michael nodded his head as Jeremy’s dad’s eyes lit up.

“Really? Can you say something in Filipino?”

“Dad it’s called Tag Along.”

“I’m sorry, so can you-” Before Mr.Heere could finish the two boys were already halfway you the stairs. “Alright then. Night boys!”

“Night dad!”

“Good night Mr.Paul!”


“How does it feel?”

“Weird, is there water in this?”

“No it’s called an air mattress because-” Michael jumped on the float up bed causing both it and him to flip over.

“Jeremy help.” Flipping the mattress back over Michael tried crawling on it again but found he couldn’t get comfortable. “Can I sleep with you?”

“What?! Oh you mean on my bed.”

“What else would I have meant?”

“You, ugh, er I mean-ya wanna watch something?” Jeremy’s flustered face confused Michael who jumped off the bed.

“Sure, what do you have?”

“Two students this year Paul? I thought you only had one.” The school secretary looked up from the papers at Mr.Heere with a raised eyebrow.

“A friend’s kid, he’s staying at my house for a while and I figured he should go to the same school as Jeremy.”

“Why is it every year you wait the day before school starts to turn in the papers?”

“What can I say, I don’t really plan ahead.” Michael and Jeremy watched as Mr.Heere chatted with the secretary.

“If he didn’t need to be here is sign them myself.”

“What’s so bad about your dad coming out here?”

“He’s not wearing pants!” Looking over Michael saw he was right, only wearing guys boxers with a heart pattern.

“It looks just like his swim trunks,” Michael said confused,“What’s the problem?”

“Unless you’re at the beach it’s not normal to wear nothing but swim trunks. And even then trunks and underwear are two very different things.”

“They look the same to me.” The man handed over the last paper before heading over to the pair.

“Well Michael, starting tomorrow you’re a Middleborough Wonderhawk!”

“What’s a Wonderhawk?”

“Uh, psh, fuf, um did you just ask what a Wonderhawk is?”


“I’ll tell you what a Wonderhawk is.”

“Oh God dad, please no.”

“What? What’s he going to do?”

“The song…” Jeremy groaned trying to turn away as his dad began to sing and dance. “…please stop…” The secretary watched bemused before turning to Michael.

“You’re not our only new student this year, we just had someone sign up your age come in yesterday. I think he said his name was Simon or something like that. Tomorrow you two will have a guide showing you around school. Hopefully you’ll have something in common other than transferring in Junior Year.” By this time Mr.Heere had finished his song and dance as Jeremy grabbed Michael’s hand ducking out of the office.


“You can read right?” Jeremy asked Michael as they sat on his bed watching Friday the 13th.

“Duh, how else could I have ordered of the menu?”

“What about math?”

“A little, but come on how hard can it be?”

“Give it a few days, you’re going to be eating those words.”

“How do you eat words?”

“It’s a metaphor.”

“Sounds pretty dumb.” Jeremy not wanting to get any further into the metaphor conversation directed his attention back to the movie. “Why’s she running to the dock? That’s so stupid!”

“Hi, I’m Jenna Rolan! I’ll be your guide around school today!” A girl around Michael’s age with long brown hair stuck her hand out. Shaking it Michael was surprised by how strong her grip was. “Alright, you must be Michael! Simon already got here, on time, and we’ve been waiting for the last few minutes!” Her voice sounded a little harsher as she said this. Following her into the office he saw a boy with longer black hair and a tan sitting in one of the chairs. He was still wearing sunglasses that obscured most of his face.

‘He looks kind of like Neo from the Matrix.’ Michael thought as he got up heading over to the two.

“And now that both of you are here we can finally get started on the tour. Follow me.” She began giving short descriptions of all the areas they were visiting but Michael wasn’t paying attention to her. Instead he focused on the boy next to him trying to figure out the weird feeling he was getting from Simon.

Jenna’s phone beeped making all three come to a stop. “Oh My God, she did not!” She texted back before turning to the new students. “Listen I’ll be right back but I have something I need to take care of…” She walked in the other direction leaving Michael and Simon alone. The silence grew thick before the Keanu Reeves look a like turned to Michael.

“It’s not nice you know.”


“Stealing things that don’t belong to you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The plant Michael, I know you have it. And I want it back.” His hand grabbed Michael’s wrist pushing him against the wall as he began to dig through Michael’s pockets. Michael was too scared to fight back. After minutes of this he finally gave up, grabbing some of Michael’s jacket and shoving him into the wall again. “Where the hell is it? I know you have it.”

“I-it’s not here! I took a pill today.”

“Then tell me where it is.” He glared at Michael who found enough courage to shove him back.

“Fuck you.” Simon responded by hitting Michael in the face hard enough to give him a bloody nose.

“I did not come this far for some little shit stain minnow like you to come along and steal my product.”

“So you enrolled in the same school as me to get the plant back?”

“No, that would be stupid. I plan on getting by plant back and breaking your heart.” Michael froze at that. “I know about your mate, this…Jeremy I think it was?”

“Don’t hurt him.”

“Oh I’m not going to hurt him. I’m going to win him.” Michael looked confused at him. “We’re going to make a little deal, three weeks. That’s all it’s going to take for me to seduce him…why are you laughing?”

“Jeremy, seduced? You’re kidding right? As if you could-” Simon hit Michael again silencing his laughter.

“I’m many things, and luckily for you magnanimous it’s one of them. If Jeremy stays faithful to you by the last day I’ll go away and never come back. You’re human forever. You already knows what happens if I manage to steal Jeremy.” Simon smirked as it slowly set in that Michael would die if he won.

“What if I don’t want to make the deal?”

“Then I could just kill you right now, and steal the plant from Jeremy’s house. If I have to do that I’m not going to be happy and who’s to say what could happen if he walked in.” Michael stared at him. “Also you can’t tell Jeremy about this or warn him about me. This will make sure you don’t.” He muttered something when Michael felt a burning sensation in his neck that quickly evaporated.

“What the fuck was that?”

“If you try to tell Jeremy about any part of the deal you’re going to feel that twice over. I mean sure you could tell him the whole thing but by the time you got it out you’d be a little…what’s the word? Oh right, dead. So do we have a deal?”

“I don’t exactly have much of a choice.”

“You don’t. Now get up, she’s coming back.” Leaning against the wall Michael lifted himself up as Jenna came back over.

“Sorry, just heard that Madeline was caught-hey Michael are you alright? Your nose is bleeding.”

“Yeah Michael, maybe you should go to the nurse.” Michael glared at “Simon’s” smug face.

“I’m fine, can we just hurry?”

“If you’re sure.” Jenna began leading the two again with Michael following farther behind.

how terrifying, to be aging and girl. at 18 i was told by men that i was “the perfect age,” and i still thought it was a compliment. is it because at 20 i figured out how sharp those words were. i felt old at 21, felt like if grey hairs came and my spine cracked i was done for. how scary. i am reminded constantly by “realistic” ideas in fantasy novels that i should have five kids.

my life feels short. like it is squeezed into my twenties. like at 30 i become ghost, just another mother or hard worker or both, just another background character. like if i am not settled and making a difference by 27 i should just give up already. is this something men feel? like a clock is painted on their back, one hand warning: your beauty is something you are valued for and it is something you cannot get back.

and why was i only beautiful, i wonder, at 18 on a riverbank. i’m told often my childish face is a blessing. that i shouldn’t want to look older. one told me i was a trap falling: “you look young but you’re not” he said to me, “it kind of led me on”. am i not young? 

maybe i am wrong. maybe it’s just how we all feel, getting old, like time is slipping from us. maybe men do worry that they will be alone forever if they don’t settle by thirty, maybe it’s even because they think they’ll turn ugly. maybe we all squish our lives into that incredibly young decade. what do i know. i’m still learning.