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So, what ships do you think actually have a chance of becoming canon? This is SNK we're talking about so the only canon ship is likely going to remain YumiHisu, but whatever. I feel like JeanKasa, Springles, and maybe LeviHan have a good chance. I'd like to say EM or EA but, the split. I could see RB if Reiner confesses his undying love for Bert, but who knows? Maybe even EreAni has a chance, but that's my wishful thinking haha. :)

This is a good question, and a really tough one to answer, actually. Romance was never a big focus in SnK, and yet the relationships are so well-developed, which makes shipping really amazing in this fandom, because there’s enough canon material to back up the ships, and I think that’s already enough as it is.

For the most part, even though my personal OTPs are EreAni and RivaMika, the one ship I’ll actually be disappointed if it doesn’t happen would be Springles. I dunno, I feel like those two deserve it the most, and I would like for them to be an item, preferably after the timeskip. I just really need it to happen.

I do imagine that Mikasa will be one to get a happy ending, perhaps settle down with a family of her own, but with whom is she gonna have that family? We know that Eren might not live, so starting a family with someone who won’t be around in the near future isn’t exactly the brightest of ideas. Jean is an option, indeed. Isayama did say he’d have a chance with Mikasa if Eren ever died. Don’t get me wrong, I do ship Jeankasa. It’s easily my second favorite Mikasa ship, however, I would really like to see their relationship develop before anything happens between them. Right now, Jean’s feelings are as clear as the sun in a summer morning, but Mikasa, while she proved that she cares about and loves all of her friends and teammates, I’d like to actually see her form a stronger bond with Jean first if she’s going to end up with him.

As for any other pairs, I really don’t know. I’m not going to hope for anything, as far as romance goes (except for Springles), instead I would surely love to see some relationship development for RivaMika, EreAni, and EreMika!

Boyf Riends CisSwap AU: Getting Up

The sun peeking through the small ground window of Jeremy’s basement woke Jeremy up. Thankfully there was no pain in his sides anymore as he tried curling up against Michael when his boyfriend’s snorted awake.

“P-pizza?” Looking at Jeremy he smiled before making a face.

“What is it?”

“Can you get up for a second?” As Michael got off the couch Jeremy saw why he was making the face.

“So you are happy to see me?”

“Oh God Jeremy what do I do? It feels so weird, my underwear…” Michael’s voice trailed off as his face turned redder.

“Well you, uh-you-I er…you need to…” Using his hand Jeremy moved his arm up and down as Michael’s face was now a deep shade of scarlet. “Touch it.”

“There has to be another way, what else do you do?”

“Sometimes I think about naked old men and that can really kill it sometimes.” Michael closed his eyes for a moment in thought before they snapped open

“Not only did that not work but now I can’t get the image out of my head too, thanks for that.”

“Boys, I made breakfast!” Jeremy’s dad called from upstairs. “Who wants some cheese and bacon omelettes?” Both of their stomachs growled at this.

“Here,” Jeremy threw a pillow at Michael who caught it. “Just cover it until it goes away and you’ll be fine.” Jeremy walked up the stairs with Michael awkwardly shuffling behind. Suddenly Michael began to understand Jeremy’s masturbation problem is this was what he dealt with in a day to day basis in the morning. Or maybe he just he was just a horny teen that couldn’t control his addiction.

That was entirely plausible too.

I don’t trust very much people that don’t criticize SU I mean I don’t want everyone in the fandom to open a su critical blog and write down everything wrong with the show,  I just… believe it’s not completely ok to watch the show and pretend everything is perfect and good and well written when there’s issues with racism, ableism, fatphobia, butchphobia, abuser apologism, adults with crushes on teenagers, an actual human zoo seen as utopic and even more. If you like the show that’s perfectly fine, everyone has its reasons to enjoy it, and if you see and acknowledge these problems that’s cool. But the problem with SU is that it is so idealized and praised by everyone that people tend to close an eye on everything and just say “it’s a kids’ show” as an escuse for the fact that they are ok with aforementioned issues and don’t mind them at all. Which, to me, is… disturbing. Because it makes me think about how these people would react in real life in front of problems like indeed racism, ableism or abuse.
That’s why I NORMALLY wouldn’t trust people who just plainly enjoy SU ignoring all its problems.

how terrifying, to be aging and girl. at 18 i was told by men that i was “the perfect age,” and i still thought it was a compliment. is it because at 20 i figured out how sharp those words were. i felt old at 21, felt like if grey hairs came and my spine cracked i was done for. how scary. i am reminded constantly by “realistic” ideas in fantasy novels that i should have five kids.

my life feels short. like it is squeezed into my twenties. like at 30 i become ghost, just another mother or hard worker or both, just another background character. like if i am not settled and making a difference by 27 i should just give up already. is this something men feel? like a clock is painted on their back, one hand warning: your beauty is something you are valued for and it is something you cannot get back.

and why was i only beautiful, i wonder, at 18 on a riverbank. i’m told often my childish face is a blessing. that i shouldn’t want to look older. one told me i was a trap falling: “you look young but you’re not” he said to me, “it kind of led me on”. am i not young? 

maybe i am wrong. maybe it’s just how we all feel, getting old, like time is slipping from us. maybe men do worry that they will be alone forever if they don’t settle by thirty, maybe it’s even because they think they’ll turn ugly. maybe we all squish our lives into that incredibly young decade. what do i know. i’m still learning.