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Royai reincarnation au!

In every life he lived, Roy was innately born with a deep-rooted fear that he wouldn’t find her in that lifetime. That the cycle would somehow be broken if he didn’t so much as lay eyes on her again. But every life that had passed, he found her again and the richness and love that forever bound their souls together would flourish. 

That is, until the cycle brought him into this lifetime.

His determination was strong, but his heart was weak. Roy had beaten the odds for far longer than his initial prognosis, but even then there was a point where that defiance would subside. That deep-rooted fear festered and proliferated inside of him with every failed procedure and disappointment met.  On the eve of his 25th birthday, he fell asleep praying that the heart they found would carry him to her.

When he woke up the ache in his chest he felt was physical, but the emotional burden he carried in the heart he had prior was gone. It wasn’t that simple, Roy knew; losing the ceaseless love he had for her. Instead, he recognized the sensation that pooled in his gut when he realized that fear was gone. He knew that at some point between the moment he had been induced and the moment he awoke, she had been there.

Every moment of his recovery from there on out was spent searching for her. Looking at every doctor, nurse, resident, patient. Looking for signs of Riza’s soul embedded into their eyes. But every day that passed and every face he searched brought nothing, and the elation that had settled in his new heart began to gradually ebb, though it never truly vanished.

It wasn’t until the name of the one who had given him life was uttered that he realized why. Her name in that life was foreign to him, but the soul behind it was not. 


“Rey… these are your first steps.”

obi-wan & rey parallels ( 1 / ? ) → a new hope & the force awakens