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(Dis for my Madara scenario if it doesn't get chosen lmao) So like the night Madara leaves Konoha, how do you think he'll react to his s/o trying to stop him? Like catching him at the village gates kinda thing in part 1. What would he do?

Madara Uchiha

•Madara will likely brush them off in attempt to get them out of the way. Leaving the village was difficult enough, and his s/o trying to stop him would make it all the worse

•His s/o might have anticipated something like this happening, since he was undoubtedly paranoid and infuriated with the tension that was slowly building between him and Hashirama anyway. So I imagine his s/o would have to know Madara would blow up at some point. Assuming so, they probably spent a significant amount of time trying to reassure him even before he left the village, and they probably know that words will do little to persuade him 

•Madara will likely have to resort to scorning them in some way. His goal will probably be to piss them off enough to where they leave him alone. If he has to convince them to hate him then so be it. It’s just going to be easier, even if it hurts him so say such harsh things

•It could be something like “There is nothing in this village that is worth my time anymore. Not even you.” 

•He has no problem getting physical either. If they actually try to get in his way he’ll push and shove them aside, he doesn’t care

•As a last resort he also has no problem putting them under a genjutsu

•Really, his goal is to not be sentimental. The last thing he needs is something to shake his conviction to leave and keep him tied to Konoha. Though by this point, I don’t imagine that even his s/o would prove to be a big enough reason for him to stay in the village

Netflix and Awkward

Prompt: Cas hears you crying while you’re watching Grey’s Anatomy and thinks you’re hurt. Things get a little awkward after he shows up.

Warnings:  None, that i can think of.

*gifs not mine*

“No, no, no!” You exclaim, upset that (Y/F/C) died. You were so saddened by their death you didn’t hear the familiar flutter of wings behind you.”(Y/N)? Are you OK?” you hear Cas’ deep voice behind you, making you jump in surprise. “what the hell, Cas?” you ask angrily. “I’m sorry. Did I startle you? I thought you where in danger.” he told you. “ oh no, sweetie. I was watching Grey’s Anatomy and (Y/F/C) died and I was upset about it.” you told him, kind of touched that he was worried you were in danger.  “ what does the Anatomy of the color Grey have to do with anyone dying?” he asks, doing that cute head tilt thing that makes him look like a puppy. “ no Cas. its a medical show and the main characters last name is Grey.” you inform the blue-eyed Angel. Who, even though you’d never tell him this, had stolen your heart the moment you saw his beautiful face.

    God, he was just so cute. Sometimes you couldn’t believe you actually knew him. Just being around him made your heart happy. you’d been sitting there, zoned out and probably staring, for a few minutes before you hear the Angels gruff voice again. “y-you do know that I can hear your thoughts, right?” he asks, looking nervous. he was about to say something else but, you were scared of what it would be and stopped him. “lets just forget about it. OK?” you ask him. A flash of sadness graced his beautiful features after that comment but, it was so quick you questioned if it was your mind playing tricks on you.

    After sitting in silence for a few minutes, you turn to Cas “do you wanna watch with me?” you ask him, patting the spot next to you on the couch that you were on.   Cas nodded before taking a seat opposite of you on the couch and sitting there awkwardly while you start the show again. The two of you sit there in awkward silence for a while before you visibly relax and sink into the cushions to enjoy the rest of the show. Your eyes light up as you watch Derek Shepherd preform a life saving surgery. It makes you happy that miracles still happen to people. Sam and Dean would probably laugh at you if you ever told them this but, to you, it was nice that in a world of such violence and destruction that good things could still happen, even if it was just on T.V.

*Cas POV*

(Y/N) doesn’t know how cute she is, sitting here watching this show. God, I could watch her all day. In fact, I did just that more times than I want to admit. I would never tell her this, of course. I’ve had endless conversations with both Sam and Dean about her. Dean’s advice was rather… provocative. Sam’s advice was to tell her how I fell and that maybe she might feel the same way. I’m just too scared to risk the friendship we have if she doesn’t like me in that way. Every time I think about it I start to freak out.

 My mind began to race with all kinds of thoughts, she didn’t know what I was gonna tell her. It hurt just a little bit when she just wanted me to forget what she said. I just hoped that (Y/N) couldn’t notice I was starting to freak out. I couldn’t take it anymore. my nerves had gotten the best of me.

  I popped in to the motel room Sam and Dean were sharing. I probably looked like I was sweating bullets. “Cas? are you Ok? is some one hurt?” Dean asks. “no, every one’s fine.” I inform them. “ i do need some advice.” they both look at me curiously, so i continue “its about (Y/N)” I reveal, hoping they get the hint. “OK Cas, um what do you need?” Dean asks. “I-I don’t know, I was sitting on the couch watching Netflix -” “haha Netflix and Chill? Cas! get in there!” Dean praises “what am I supposed to get in? I don’t understand.” i tell him tilting my head to the side to convey my confusion. “no, Cas he means- uh never mind. Whats your question about (Y/N)? “ Sam asks “ every time I start thinking about her, my palms get sweaty and my heart rate increases rapidly. I think I’m getting sick or some thing” i tell them, exasperated. “ no, Cas. They call that love. I think you’re in love with her.”  Sam tells me. I ponder the information for a few minutes before I pop bock out again.

*Your POV*

  I stare at the place where the blue-eyed Angel sat a few moments ago in astonishment. He just… left. He didn’t tell me he was leaving or anything. I shrug and get back to my show. Sam and Dean where out it was just a simple Salt ‘N Burn, so you’d decided you’d just stay home. To my hands in the pot and such, you didn’t want to be in the way. You need to catch up on your binge watching anyway.

After a few minutes of watching in peace you hear the familiar flutter of wings again. You look over to see Cas sitting in the spot he was in before he left except now, he looked more nervous than he did when he left. “(Y/N), we need to talk.” he says reaching for the remote which sat between you and him on the couch, pausing Grey’s Anatomy. “ sure Cas, what’s bothering you?” you ask him, concerned, He never just ‘wants to talk’. He sits there for a moment, with a look of thought on his face as if he is thinking about what he’s going to say. “iminlovewithyou” he rushed out so fast you couldn’t even hear anything he said. “what?” Cas, slow down.” “I’m. In. Love. With. You.”  he says, pausing after every word to emphasize what you had told him.

  “wh-what?”  you say looking into his electric blue eyes with your (E/C) ones before scooting down the couch, grabbing his face and pulling it towards yours, connecting his soft, pink lips to yours in a passionate kiss. Eventually, you pull away because you have to breath. “I could do that again, and again, forever.” you tell him dreamily, being completely serious. He looks at you, mesmerized by your beaut. ‘’’forever?’ he asks, staring deeply into his eyes. “forever” you nod, pulling him into another passionate kiss.

( Hey, I’m so sorry this wasn’t up sooner and I totally hate myself for it but, I’ve had to re-write this like 3 times because my dumbass deleted it twice. Again, I’m so sorry.)

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*just before the clock struck twelve she entered into the atrium hooded and cloaked and prepared for her initiation. She stood in silence ready and waiting*

Sister Imperator stood across the room from her, hood pulled up to cast a shadow across half her face. A group of figures, similar in attire, surrounded her, heads bowed, as she lit a candelabra. Built-up wax drippings, seemingly frozen in time, covered the pillar it rested on. 

She looked up when she entered, before taking her time to blow out her match and make her way to the center of the room. In one hand she carried a tarnished brass candle holder, bearing a single black candle. 

Sister pressed her mouth into a thin line as she approached, either out of anticipation or doubt. Her eyes darted between her and the candle once before she finally spoke. 

“There is no turning back after this. You may return to your home, but you can never truly leave,”  Sister said. She offered her a hand before continuing, “You are certain this is what you want?” 

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listen. im new to this fandom and i already can feel my future regret but. who tops

Sportacus tops because Robbie is a lazy bitch who acts like he’s the dominant one when really he melts the second Sport merely kisses and nibbles on his neck or collarbone.

We hit 1000 followers!!

And to celebrate, we’re doing a Q and A!!

So you guys submit questions (like about The Kingkiller Chronicle or our lives in general) to us and then once we get a whole bunch, we’ll answer them!! There may be some we don’t answer, as they may be too personal for us (seriously, please don’t ask anything you yourself wouldn’t want to answer). Hopefully, it will be about a week until we get around to answering (believe it or not, we actually have lives outside of tumblr).

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could you give us a tease of what's happening in the Steroline still you posted, and in the kitchen with everyone one? I'd appreaciate it a lot

The first scene’s a WIP and the second scene’s not written at all, but I can give super tiny teasers in the meantime: 

Caroline nodded her head at the bundle of papers in his hand. “Read it.”

He thumbed through it briefly. “It’s seventeen pages long.”

“Fifteen,” she corrected, clearing her throat a bit. “The last two are just footnotes.” He felt his lips twitching at the corners, struggling against an ill-advised urge to laugh—footnotes, though—and her stare thinned a bit. “Thought lawyers were supposed to appreciate detail.” 

“Oh, trust me,” he began, squinting at an ‘acceptable noise-level clause’ with a glint of humor. “I’m thoroughly appreciating this.”

And for the second scene, it’s basically just bringing all four characters back together over the one thing they can always agree on: Stefan’s glory coffee. 

shit i learned working for mcdonalds

-everyone over the age of fifty is definitely out for meticulously-ordered-do-not-get-this-even-slightly-wrong-or-i-will-sue-blood

-the security cameras are not aimed at the fry holder so as long as the assistant manager isn’t a complete ass, go wild

-you can sneak any drink you want as long as you put it in a coffee cup

-sweet tea is probably just as bad for you as a coca cola. for real. we put a literal entire bag of sugar in that shit. 

-a mcflurry is literally just ice cream plus some toppings mixed up with a spoon. just order a sundae and ask for oreo crumbs on it

-unless its dinner rush and we are shit out of fries and there are seven orders waiting, no fries have been basting in the fry holder for longer than ten minutes. they’re all fresh, i swear.

-you’re not slick if you order fries with no salt just to ensure ‘freshness’. just straight up say you want fresh fries. its okay.

-you can add big mac sauce to anything if you ask for it.

-if youre getting a drink and you don’t want to have 25% drink and 75% ice, make sure you ask for no/light ice.

-if youre gonna order off the mcpick two menu, tell your cashier you want a mcpick two. if you don’t there’s a 50% chance they will not do it and you’ll pay an extra few dollars.

-also mcpick two is probably the best deal you’re going to get tbh. you can get the same shit as a meal for less. (ex: if you get a mcpick 2 big mac and large fry + a drink, it’ll ring you up for less than if you got a large big mac meal which includes the same stuff)

-also while we’re on the topic of saving cash: always order to-go. always. there’s an eat-in tax if you say your food’s “for here” that can range from a few cents to a few dollars depending on what you’re ordering. 

-all day breakfast is fresher than if you order breakfast at the right time because it’s not a ‘default’ menu option so we have to refry eggs and sausage.

-if you order hash browns after breakfast you’re going to have to wait up to three minutes.

-employees who have been at mcdonalds for a long time have black hats. anyone with a brightly colored blue hat is a newer employee who probably doesn’t have their shit together quite yet. please refrain from yelling at them.

-if it’s not busy and you realllllyyyy want to, you can order whatever specific toy you want and make someone go into the back for it. doesn’t guarantee that it’s there, but it might be. 

-if you order hot coffee, it’s been brewed within the last two hours. don’t worry. it’s not going to go cold. 

yoongi starved selling his tracks. 

namjoon threw away a secure future (with his iq, universities would have been eating out of the palm of his hand to enroll him).

don’t ever tell me bts is just idol rappers. when i see people in the khiphop scene especially refuse to acknowledge them, rage boils inside of me. because they give a shit. about the culture. about the actual art. and it fucking hurts from them. (since they’re hyungs and they respect them and struggled with what they’d become (awakening - rm) until they finally reached acceptance of their path out of love for their other members.) they’re not where they are just because they wanted fame and couldn’t sing. they live and breathe rap, and wanted to do it ever since they left high-school. 

they’ve struggled. and were so fucking brave. don’t ever have the audacity to disrespect that.