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As a really nice anon suggested, I joined in the fun that is the Virus!Phan AU created by amazing @maddox-rider *^* I LOVE THIS KIND FO STORIES. I love junkie!Dan and virus!phil so freaking much!!! 

The funny thing is that glitches are a phobia of mine XD don’t ask me why, but thing like virus form computer taking control of people, glitches, static, artificial AI…they freaking terrorize me, and at the same time I find them extremely fascinating *^* 

discourse causes me anxiety BUT i don’t understand why lets/vol/tron is saying lance is 19 when there is an interview w/ jeremy on their youtube channel in which he’s asked about the paladins age and he says, and i quote (min 1:05):

“They’re teenagers for the most part. Lance is supposed to be when we start…. like 16.. mostly around that age.. they’re definitely teenagers they go through some of that kind fo stuff […]”

so….? jeremy himself indirectly confirms the ages but no one believes it??


Oh, I  l i k e  her 

You see, I easily fall in love. I fall for the people that show me their bare soul. I fall for those kind-hearted beings who are not afraid to show how they truly feel. Because this kind of people will say “look, I’m an imperfect human being like you so show me your scars. I will still love you nonetheless.
—  lm // 12 am thoughts

anonymous asked:

i think i might have at least mild autism and im taking adhd medication, elvanse, soon to go from 50mg to 70mg. ive heard people with autism are sensitive to stimulants but never an explanation on that. id say im very senstive but i dont have the proper pointers to see what im sensitive too and why is usual? its difficult for me to identify these kind fo things especially when its physical, i acknowledge but theres no thinking around it or ability to engage

It is common for autistics to have odd reactions to medications. This varies greatly from one autistic to another. Some are more sensitive to medications while others are less sensitive than the general public. Some are very sensitive to side effects while others have almost no side effects. Many of us react in ways that are counter intuitive, such as getting wired from a medication that makes most people sleepy. 

As far as I’m aware, no one really knows why this is a thing. I don’t think it’s really been researched thoroughly. We just know from collective experience that it is a thing.


P.S. There is no “mild autism”. You are either autistic or you are not. We are each a unique mix of autistic traits and functioning labels are very problematic. See this post for more info.

this is just dead ass offensive

@god is this payback for all those times i said i didn’t believe in you

@god if you stop this i will convert right fucking now i will join the priesthood if necessary

imagine karkat sitting in a little cafe reading romance books off of his kindle and sipping his coffee and he glances up when someone particularly hot goes to walk past the window. he pauses and seemingly looks right at karkat for a long few seconds.

dave, meanwhile, was actually just passing by a particularly reflective window and stopped to preen himself up a it; fixing his hair and straightening his headphones a bit. 

a truck drive spast and casts a shadow over the window and for a second or two dave can see past the glass to the troll whos looking right back at him w wide eyes and a bit of red to his cheeks. then the trucks gone and th esunlight is glinting off the surface again and dave has the option to either keep walking or maybe hang a left and head inside- if only to explain his apparent staring.

imagine those dummies tripping over their tongues for the entire duration of the impromptu little date bc dave is flustered by the cute boy and karkat is struck kind fo dumb with how cliche it seems. 

they totally trade numbers and dave walks out then comes back in bc he left his phone sitting on the table and hes bright fkn red when he scurries back out and leaves karkat kinda grinning @ the table.