kind atheism

End ableist atheism.

You know the kind I mean. The kind that compares religion unfavourably to psychosis, as if psychosis is some kind of awful, disgusting thing that’s only for the weak-willed. The kind that uses ableist slurs to refer to religious people. The kind that suggests religious people should be institutionalized (as if Muslim people haven’t?).

That kind of atheism. End it, destroy it.

The fact that some religious people still make this proposition tells me that they are openly admitting that the only reason they are “good” is because of religion (even though many of them are causing more harm because of their religious extremism). If your religion is the reason you’re “good”, I have some interesting news for you, you’re not actually a good person, you’re admitting that you’re only doing it because your religion tells you to and hence if not for your religion you’d be a horrible person