Confusing mom x(

Yesterday, me and my mom talked about trans people, and then she said something about homosexuality. “It’s totally ok if you are a homosexual, as long as you are happy”
And I replied with “well, i’m not but thanks for being so kind :)”

BUT when I stim, or just being my autistic self, she gives me weird looks and comment really rude things. Why isn’t she accepting about that? It’s so confusing. And like she said “as long as you are happy” YEAH RIGHT, if you let me be myself, I’LL BE HAPPY AS FUCK OK?!. What is she thinking?

The signs as types of Girlfriends/Boyfriends (Requested)
  • Aries:The one that is always mad at you for something.
  • Taurus:The one who has a heart of gold
  • Gemini:The one who makes you laugh
  • Cancer:The one who's like your best friend
  • Leo:The one who wants to have adventures with you
  • Virgo:The innocent looking but super jealous one
  • Libra:The one who makes you spend all your time with them
  • Scorpio:The one who always wants to have sex with you
  • Sagittarius:The clingy one
  • Capricorn:The one who's always trying to get you to commit
  • Aquarius:The one that get's on great with your family
  • Pisces:The one who constantly cooks for you

danisnotonfire amazingphil

I hope you know the Phandom know you need rest.

The Phandom know you need to live a kind of normal and happy life.

The Phandom know you guys have to rest, and the only Phans worth paying attention to are the ones that don’t expect so much from you.

If you didn’t want to go do a live show, you didn’t have to. You could’ve rested.

If you didn’t want to go to New York, we wouldn’t have forced you. You were allowed to stay home and get comfortable.

danisnotonfire amazingphil

We know you want to make us happy, but we want you to be happy and healthy too.