Thank you everyone who supported and came to KINCON 2013 - it was a great success and because of this, there will definitely be another KINCON.
There are so so so many people I’d like to thank for making this event a little less chaotic, I’ll stick with thanking the main people for now.

For one, I’d like to thank Paula Olivia Ferreira and AI-Fest for helping me out with all the technical stuff - Just Dance was an absolute success!!

Next I’d like to thank Naomi Brandt and her staff from Butcher’s Block for doing an absolutely amazing job of feeding my hungry con-goers.

Next I’d like to thank ALL my wonderful helpers!! You guys were amazing and dealt well with my flimsy organising of you all: Gareth DuffJacques Gork de JagerStorme PatonBrenton Zakeroph McPhee, Michalen Payayachee, Jeffrey Lu, My Family >__< (I feel Like I’ve forgotten someone O__O)

Thank you so much to my “designers” Kim Bussiahn (Mascot design - so awesome!!), Chanel Rossouw (Flyers and Banners etc) and Jeffery Lu (KINCON original logo) - You guys made KINCON look freaking awesome!!!

Also, thank you to my awesome Cosplay Judges: Chanel RossouwKat Li, and Joannah Christine Stewart. You guys did an amazing job! 

I’d also like to thank everyone who gave me advice on how to do this thing (Dina Steyn, you are one of those people) I went into the planning of this thing full steam and determined without any knowledge on how to actually do it. 

Oh, did I mention the photographers? No? You guys are awesome! Two Guys With Glasses, Jeffery Lu, Tanya Brown and Rockin’ Pix.

You guys don’t understand how unbelievably happy I am that this gig wasn’t a complete flop - I had no idea what I was doing to be honest. There were a couple of hiccups (Some of which you might not have even noticed - I did O__O) which I have noted down and am working on improving for next time.
I will need a team for the next KINCON - people who can help me organise this thing, because I can tell you now, my body is not happy with me right now; my tiny body cannot take all this stress again >__< 

I’ve probably forgotten to mention a ton of people - Just know that I appreciated everyone who helped out at KINCON - It was great ^___^ 

I’d like for people to give me constructive criticism of KINCON - let me know what you thought. I don’t like complaints without solutions ;) What would you guys like to see in future events? 

This is Morgue Chan, signing out ^__^

Photo by: Jeffery Lu